Ask your MP to sign Trickett’s EDM for 15% pay rise for NHS workers – so far only 13 Labour MPs have

Not a single Starmerite has signed motion for NHS staff to be paid properly

Labour MP Jon Trickett’s EDM

Labour MP Jon Trickett has launched a parliamentary ‘Early Day Motion’ (EDM) expressing dismay at the slap in the face to health workers of the Tories’ ‘derisory’ 1% pay increase – and demanding a 15% pay rise to undo some of the worst effects of years of below-inflation pay rises.

Only fourteen MPs – 13 Labour left, one SDLP and not a Starmerite in sight – have signed so far:

Further left MPs are expected to sign in the next 24 hours, but if you want to tell your MP that you expect him/her to sign, you can do so by entering your details here.

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  1. Mine (Leeds NW) will just point out that as a shadow minister he is not allowed to sign EDMs. I despair (but he is a Biden-suporting liberal).

    Starmer should instruct every one of them to sign it – In fact, it should be Labour party policy.

    1. Starmer would never in a million years do that, a Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory signing such Centre Left Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party filth demanding More Money for Workers and Public Workers at that! “No Way! That’s Looney Left Talk That!”

      1. skellyknelly – How many EDMs did Jeremy Corbyn sign when he was in office as leader of the party?

      2. qwertboi 5h ago
        Starmer should instruct every one of them to sign it – In fact, it should be Labour party

        skellyknelly > qwertboi 4h ago

        Starmer would never in a million years do that

        do that refers to Starmer should instruct every one of them to sign it

        PS. FYI, There are a total of 71 either Tabled or Signed by Jeremy Corbyn when he was in office as leader of the party?.

      3. “How many EDMs did Jeremy Corbyn sign when he was in office as leader of the party?”

        None. The convention is LOTO doesn’t sign any – but Jeremy, who has signed ore EDMs than any other MP, ever – would simply propose the motion to Conference for inclusion in the party’s Manifesto, i.e.
        For The Many Not The Few

    2. Yes, the EDM ban seems pretty silly to me. I can understand that it should be the convention for Shadow Cabinet members to not sign EDMs, but why should a shadow junior minister for flower arranging be similarly constrained? [I’m not having a go at your MP in Leeds NW, I have no idea what he is shadow minister for. It’s the principle that I question.]
      P.S. Let’s not turn such a lot of debates into a means of having a go at young (from my perspective) Mr Corbyn.

      1. Sorry about the inadvertent sexism. I should have said “…… what s/he is shadow …..”

      2. Actually, Jeremy Corbyn signed EDMs when leader of the opposition. If you look this up, you will see that to be the case.

  2. Just emailed my 3 councillors and my MP, I’m not holding my breath as even though part of the constituency is a huge social housing estate in Manchester,every last one of them are centrists as we found out 3 years ago when the Corbyn smears started,when the CLP was made up of centrists and when they supported Nandy for leader last April and we weren’t shown the voting papers!
    They all profess to live in the area,we know they don’t!

    1. Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party are not Centrist, ‘Centrist’ exists in the Pages of the New Statesman and Guardian to confuse, just as Neoliberalism has nothing to with Liberal Politics, Liberalism or Liberal Mindedness. You’ll also note all their Wiki Pages features Left Leaning, Social Democrat and Socialist, it’s no more than a catchy jingle to sell you the latest XYZ Car in Red, Blue or Green.
      But Yeah! Call them what they may, they are all Tory Bastards so they certainly wont sign, Mine are all Conservative Tories, so I might have better luck even than you, with your Neolabour Party Tories! 🙂

      1. MMmm, thuoght-provoking Skellyknelly! So you’re putting-forward the idea that some ‘centrist-like’ Labour MPs are not genuine ‘centrists’ like Guardian or New Statesman pretend journalists, but instead the genuine, capitalism-loving tories?

        Very subtle – but u know, I think you might be onto something…

        FWIW I’m the age when as a young man many older people I respected and admired still used the phrase “class enemy” as a non-evaluative rejection of something or someone’s ideas. I find myself using the put-down (not verbally, you understand 😜😜) more of (some) Labour MPs than of the real McCoy tory-types.

      2. Here is my view on The Labour Party as it is, There has always been issues with Anti-Socialists and Right Wing Members, Hardie knew this from the beginning, he knew he had to be soft if the Party was to flourish, not enough Working Class would command the support an MP required to fill a seat, I believe he was wrong and I believe it was a mistake.
        Forward to 1983 Blair gnaws his way into the Party winning a seat, with him he dragged in Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberalism infecting MP after MP soon he ended up with plenty enough Infected Tory Parasite MPs. He became the Leader and Neoliberalism Flourished he ripped the Socialist Heart out of The UK Labour Party and established Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party and with a Sprinkling of Neoconservativism Blew The Middle East to Dust and Rubble.
        So you see since Blair’s Entrance as Leader the One Party did not split Left and Right, He created a Whole New Party, a Parasite Party, within the Host Party The UK Labour Party, as the Perfect disguise
        Just like America, there is no difference in the two Parties, the one is more crass and hard talking and the other is more diplomatic in tone but the Democrats probably leads in the devastation caused all over the world, Just look at Obama alone!
        *back to our conundrum*
        So Blair created the Anti-Socialist Thatcherite Neolabour Tory Party, he sells his soul to the devil in return of the Creation of The People of The Sun, with Murdoch and The two Spinmeisters Mandelson and Campbell took on the “Intelectuals” with The People of The Sun in Sheepskin and the likes of New Statesman. Keeping in Mind these are all “Working/Middle Class” Centre Left Right Socialists Anti-Tories and The Job of Blair, Mandelson, Campbell was to get them from Centre Right/Left to Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberalism without them noticing it,
        *long story short*
        Here we are at the Final Stages of The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, by now as good as wholly consumed by the Parasite Neolabour Tory Party. It will emerge as a beautiful Rose Red butterfly with a titanium wasp stinger.
        Neoliberalism was reborn by Thatcher and Reagan it is Socialismphobic and that much is visible in All the Neoliberal Tory Speech and MSM reporting, it is not Liberal, it is not Centre or Centrist, It’s not on the left side of Toryism.
        So gradually The People of the Sun and The People of the Sun in Lambskin got dragged from their Centre Left/Right spot over to the spot that Thatcher Occupied,
        Jeremy Corbyn has never in his life been far/extreme left, he and the Corbynistas are all where The People of the Sun and The People of the Sun in Lambskin also once resided so unlike the nonsense the MSM, Blair, Campbell, Mandelson, Starmer and the Starmerists are trying to sell that “The Labour Party has been infiltrated by fer left extremists” the actual truth is that those who were dragged so deep into Torydom believe that the Centre Left are looking Far Left and Radical!
        Easy way to test that theory Name me the one Extreme/Radical Left/Far Left thing Corbyn has ever done or did in his Leadership or the Policy that reflects Far Left Radical ideologies!
        The MSM in the hands of the Spinmeisters can make your first morning stool look like a Radical Leftist Terrorist Act against all of Humanity, given half a chance.
        Yes absolutely there is only one kind of Neoliberalism and that is Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberalism it is Conservative, it is Tory and it has dragged elements of Neoconservatism into it they are Bona Fide Tories, Capitalists in Hermes Casual Indie Look Wear,
        “As the other animals watch through the window, they find they are unable to tell pigs and humans apart. The pigs have started to dress and behave exactly like humans.”

      3. ‘MMmm, thought provoking’ says qwertboi in response to what skellyknelly said, something that skelly has repeated dozens and dozens and dozens of times since he started posting on here a few months ago AND does so practically every single day in practically every single thread!

        Reminds me of signpost, who ALSO used to endlessly post the same ‘narrative’ day after day after day, week after week, month after month, albeit a DIFFERENT narrative to skelly. AND long and rambling posts just like signpost!

      4. “since he started posting on here a few months ago”
        * since he started posting on here again*

        Yes I do say it a lot don’t I!? It is extremely important to me, I will continue to do so as I have said to you Howard dozens and dozens and dozens of times in the past, your petty insults my dear are water off a ducks back!
        You also remind me of something specific, Mmm, now let me see, ahh yes, a certain shade of Magnolia!
        As I have said to you before my dear, if my posts trouble you so, don’t read them! 😉

      5. Since when did ONCE (about three weeks ago) amount to dozens and dozens and dozens of times skelly?! And you never did say where you were screaming and shouting for the past five years – ie what platform(s) – and who you were screaming and shouting at. I wonder why not.

        Oh right, because it was complete and utter B/S drivel!

      6. My Dear Alan! As I have said to you dozens and dozens and dozens of times, you are an utter bore and I have no interest in your mind numbing pointless, dull and repetitive comments and insults. If the CIA had a Bore them to death interrogation unit you would be it! Goodbye Alan Howard Have a Nice Life!
        PS Feel free to Read/Comment, I might even reply if I feel like it!

  3. I find this Article and EDM extremely Sad! It sums up the state of The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, bar 1or2 plus/minus, that is your Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party as it stands!
    That is The remainder of ‘Socialism’ in The House of Commons, Democratic Socialism that represents the People most in need, in these Should’ve been Great Nations of ours!
    When all the 15/20 ‘Socialists’ are purged from The House of Commons ‘Socialism’ will never set, not peacefully, a foot in The House of Commons again!

    I LOVE this Howard Becket RT ‘that he keeps popping up’
    “Corbyn was right all along.”
    I surely have to be my updated Understatement of The Year!

    Wasn’t he just! Is there a single ‘Catastrophe’ to date, that Jeremy did not cover in either speeches or policies, I know he did not have much to do with CV19, but he did predict how catastrophe handling would fail without all the right measures in place, NHS, Well rested and paid Workers, etc, etc and yet The People if The Sun and The People of The Sun in Lambskin under the spell of The Witches Blair/Campbell/Mandelson at their Black Masses gathered around the Cauldron of High Priestess Thatcher of Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories!

  4. I just did a search to see if this is being reported by any of the MSM, and it doesn’t appear to be. But then THAT’s no surprise of course. But one of the results that came was a Metro article from last September (prior to Johnson and Co giving them a 1% pay rise), and what’s particularly interesting about it is the Comments section AND how many Likes and Dislikes a comment gets depending on whether they are in favour of a significant pay rise for health workers or against.


    And in a Sun article regarding the 1% pay rise that I checked out, it says that: ‘The total funding for the Department of Health and Social Care is set to fall from £199.2bn in 2020/21 to £169.1bn.’

    Now what was it Boris Johnson was saying – promising – repeatedly about the NHS benefitting if we were to leave the EU?!!

    NB Just this second came across the following in a Sky News article from September 2017:

    Vote Leave strategist Dominic Cummings reflected after the result: “Would we have won without £350m/NHS? All our research and the close result strongly suggests no.”

    1. Off topic, but the following is a MUST read. It’s pretty long, and probably about a twenty/twenty-five minute read, but please do so when you have the time:

      J’accuse! Spycops defendant speaks out

      My memories of those times involve attending and organising branch and public meetings and endless discussion and debate. We were open and welcoming and we certainly had nothing to hide. We sold the weekly Socialist Worker newspaper and leafleted on the High Street, on housing estates, on pickets and on demonstrations .Vince Miller first made contact with our branch at the regular Saturday paper sale at the top of Walthamstow Market.

      Week after week we fly posted, supported pickets, collected money for strike funds and slowly forged relationships as we sought to build the movement. In other words we operated within the law in a perfectly peaceful and democratic fashion…..

      However I now know that the Vince Miller I thought I knew doesn’t actually exist. He is a wholly constructed fiction, a fake identity used as a tool for the purposes of political surveillance sanctioned by the state which infiltrated the most intimate parts of my body and my life…..

      The initial revelation of the true identity of a man with whom I had enjoyed an intimate sexual relationship and shared thoughts and feelings of a deeply private nature left me feeling nauseous and revolted. I felt degraded and abused and continue to feel a real sense of violation.


      1. PS Yet ANOTHER state sanctioned serial rapist! And I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s STILL going on.

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