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LOTO launches ‘coordinated’ attack on left figures over Hartlepool

Former senior LOTO staffer and front-bench MP attack working-class Labour MP, while two right-wing MPs pair up on CWU leader Dave Ward

Jon Trickett MP, left, and CWU general secretary Dave Ward

Two leading left figures have been targeted in what Labour insiders say is a ‘coordinated’ attack by Keir Starmer’s ‘LOTO’ (leader of the opposition) office as the Labour leader’s insecurity over his prospects in the Hartlepool by-election spill over into a Stalinist attack on free speech.

A poll by the CWU union found that Hartlepool voters prefer the Tories over Labour by a considerable margin – hardly surprising when Hartlepool voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU and Labour has imposed an ardently pro-EU candidate on the local party, not to mention Keir Starmer’s almost total lack of policy and vision on offer to win voters’ hearts and minds.

But the poll triggered an almost immediate attack by two right-wing MPs on the union’s general secretary Dave Ward, with Bradshaw tweeting snidely to Ward to accuse him of undermining Starmer and Labour (Bradshaw compounded his anti-union record by also appearing in Sky’s smears against Unite’s Len McCluskey):

Perkins, who has recently been in trouble for vile anti-Gypsy comments and for praising police violence against free speech protesters, took an almost identical line, tweeting:

Instead of spending his members’ money running tiny polls to undermine @UKLabour campaign, @DaveWardGS could more usefully get himself up to Hartlepool. A lot more than 42% of voters I’ve met are voting for @PaulWilliamsLAB.

The obviously briefed and noxious line led to pushback from the union’s members and others:

But the most galling to Starmer’s minders will have been the contempt and humour with which Ward himself responded, tweeting a picture of the two right-wing MPs he claimed jjokingly was of his grandfather and grandfather’s brother in 1921 as they founded a results-on-demand polling company:

So angered by this were Starmer and his minions that they have today escalated their attack on Ward, briefing the centrist press that:

It’s mind-boggling that one of the trade unions represented on Labour’s NEC would work hand in hand with the Murdoch press to undermine the Labour party during a crucial set of elections

Keir Starmer’s allies are, of course, on good terms with ‘the Murdoch press’, frequently briefing to journalists who were deeply hostile to Labour during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

“They’re irrelevant and still blind” – watch Dave Ward’s response today to Bradshaw’s and Perkins’s feeble and coordinated attacks

Left-wing back-bencher Jon Trickett was the target of an almost identical attack after Trickett wrote an article in the Guardian that the paper’s headline – not chosen by Trickett – focused on the Hartlepool by-election.

In reality, Trickett was writing about Labour’s general need to connect effectively with working-class voters, with Hartlepool only peripherally involved, but such details don’t appear to have come into the equation in the paranoia of Keir Starmer’s office.

Trickett’s article pointed out that:

  • ‘New Labour’ politics were, by Blair aide Peter Mandelson’s own admission, an embrace of and accommodation with Margaret Thatcher’s right-wing policies
  • that anyone who wanted to return to New Labour needed to face up to the massive loss of votes and working-class communities and
  • that the Corbyn surge of 2017 was the closest Labour has come to reconnecting with those lost voters and their communities

But Trickett also said that he believed that Starmer’s Labour can win the Hartlepool by-election – the only time in the entire article that Starmer was mentioned.

Despite this, front-bench Labour MP Steph Peacock rapidly tweeted a snide attack on Trickett that was almost identical to the swipes at Ward:

Trickett, of course, may well have been planning to campaign in Hartlepool – and was not one of the Labour MPs who last week refused to do so because of the well-known issues with the imposed candidate Paul Williams.

But within moments of Peacock’s tweet being posted, the attack on a senior Labour MP was ‘liked’ by a former senior staffer of Keir Starmer’s LOTO (leader of the opposition’s office) who now works for acting general secretary David Evans – and by another front-bench MP. More details of those figures will be published in an article later today, once they have had chance to respond to requests for comment.

One Labour MP told Skwawkbox:

These attacks are clearly coordinated by LOTO and entirely unmerited. Survation ran the poll, not Dave Ward – and it’s not as if Jon’s article was an attack on Keir. Steph Peacock’s own record on by-elections is hardly spotless, by the way. She didn’t even tweet about Copeland [the vital 2017 by-election].

The Copeland point appears to be accurate and was also picked up by others on social media in their responses to Peacock’s tweet – and Unite’s Howard Beckett, like many others, backed Trickett’s verdict that policies and clear thinking are vital if the people of Hartlepool are to have any faith in Labour:

In sharp contrast to the attack, Trickett has maintained a disciplined silence throughout today, focusing instead on attacking the Tories and on highlighting class divisions.


From the details of those who retweeted and liked the attacks, it’s clear that a number of senior right-wingers piled in to amplify the smears, suggesting that the assessment of Labour insiders is correct that the attacks were coordinated.

Policies, vision and authenticity are essential to Labour’s fortunes and not just in Hartlepool. Tragically, the leadership’s response to Trickett’s honest and constructive criticism and Ward’s union’s honest and disturbing poll suggests those features are still deeply lacking in Starmer’s Labour – and that bodes ill for the party in Hartlepool and everywhere else.

Instead of engaging constructively with critical friends, ‘LOTO’ is waging a totalitarian smear campaign that is achieving the opposite what any sensible leader would hope.

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  1. Clearly the left isn’t wanted in Hartlepool so why bother with helping there? Better to follow the advice of the Black Socialist Group and withdraw our help from right wing candidates.

    1. We’d do better to withdraw entirely and form a Democratic Socialist Party, so that we can have Democratic Socialist Candidates to vote for in all constituencies at the next GE, rather than just Thatcherite Neolabour Tory MPs/Candidates, with their Hijacked “Labour” Brand in Flashing Neon Sign!
      Once we’re gone they have nothing to hide behind, no matter what they call themselves on Wikipedia!
      A whole lot of people woke up since 2019! Those so called “Working Class” screecher were never in their lives Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Members.
      They’re ALL Thatcher & Murdoch’s Boi Blair’s ‘Sun’ People, 100% Thatcherite Neoliberal, Neolabour Party Tories! Red Wall My Arse!
      There was 2 ONLY Choices: Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Government OR Conservative Party Tory Government, no matter how they voted to “avoid voting Tory”, there was only 1 of 2 Possible GE17/GE19 winners it did not take any more than The Sun People IQ to work that out!
      As far as I am concerned anyone who did not vote UK Labour Party in GE17/GE19 for whatever reason, when we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to end 41 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal and Neoconservative Hell, can all go to Hell, after the next 41 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal and Neoconservative Hell. I have no time for them be it Brexit, be it Leave, be it Remain whatever you could possibly imagine up reason, anyone who thinks a Conservative Tory Government will deal with it better than a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Government for whatever possible reason is absolutely crazy and probably needs another 41 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal and Neoconservative Hell to wake up.
      I hope that Democratic Socialists will answer them back by voting out EVERY Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tory MP/Candidate with whoever their strongest opponent is, even if that is Tory both are Tory in any case no difference.
      Wherever there are a Democratic Socialist MP/Candidate Vote them in, no matter what Party, they will unite again once we get the Neolabour Party Tories Out and only then will we be able to see Democratic Socialist Party Candidates, those Thatcherite Neoliberals will do all they can to prevent Democratic Socialist Candidates from standing, we must vote them out of our Democratic Socialist Party.
      A short term suffering for having to vote them out will be worth the ‘payout’ of a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party without ANY internal sabotage, coups, lies, spin, smears, vote them out for the long term Rewards and bite the bullet for the short term suffering!
      For The People!

      1. skellyknelly – Are you hoping to build on CW’s success?

      2. I am hoping the last remaining Democratic Socialist MPs leave The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party before they are Tarnished and Purged!
        The People vote out every Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory MP/against any of their Candidates.
        And vote for any Democratic Socialist MP/Candidate if they were so lucky to have one!

      3. skellyknelly – Under FPTP you don’t stand a cat in hells chance.

      4. Just because there are 10/15 MPs sitting does not mean every constituency won’t have a standing candidate. No Party even of 1 will go into a GE without a lot of hot seats ready to be filled, but look I can not bear this nit pick conversing of yours, that will be my final reply to you, you’re welcome to continue commenting on my posts, I don’t mind, but I’ll not reply.
        Good Luck,
        Stay Strong!

      5. skellyknelly – Hiding away from reality won’t help your cause much.

      6. Their is clearly no longer any excuse to support the establishment Labour party and the electorate feel the same in Hartlepool and all around the UK.ITs a habit difficult to break,but we must learn that you cheat the electorate and insult their intelligence then you end up with a Labour party that has no hope of forming a government.To insult the electorate once again in Hartlepool by foisting a remainer on them again in another democratic stitch up is a step too far.The country doesn’t trust Labour and thats a huge statement when you consider that the only option is another establishment knight of the libs and a overgrown Public schoolboy whos a known liar and a cheat…..just ask mrs Boris Johnson what she thinks everytime he walks out the door?…Err forgot hes living overt brush with his latest squeeze.?

      7. Joseph – “The country doesn’t trust Labour”

        Yes, as was all too starkly illustrated by the 19GE when we lost 60 seats and for the first time ever more of the working class voted for Tories and BJ than voted for Labour and JC (by a whopping 15% margin). Labour would have been sunk without a trace without the ABC1 vote. It will take time to rebuild the trust that was lost during those years.

      8. You’re right Joseph it is a Habit, a bad habit like smoking *he says with pipe lit in mouth puffing away*, but it has become a blind habit, unlike ‘smoking’ we know all the risks and the chances that we take, but blindly voting ‘Labour’ for the namesake ‘Labour’ is nothing short of brand worshipping.
        Since the beginning Labour had two factions Socialists and Anti-Socialists, Hardie knew this from the beginning, but he also knew to get the politics of ‘The People’ into the HoC he had to lenient to a degree. Sadly The People never paid enough attention to who they were voting into and out of the party just as long as it said Labour, they were it. Seems similar today.
        It is difficult to define Working Class these days, I prefer to stick to The People, all The People who are fighting in the struggle against inequality, injustice and for all our Human Rights.
        Since Thatcher & Murdoch’s Boi Blair the Party was split into 2 clearly defined Parties, with Opposing Political ideologies/factions:
        The Neolabour Party = Anti-Socialist = Thatcherite Neoliberalism and Neoconservativism = The Elites/Establishment/Machine.
        The UK Labour Party = Socialist = Hardieist Democratic Socialism = The People.
        That has to be our, ‘The People’s’, voting strategy if we want to save The UK Labour Party, research the candidate afresh two questions, are they Democratic Socialist/Socialist are they Working For The Common Good of The People, not just one or two media stunts the whole package.
        If the answer is NO to either, vote for their strongest opponent whoever that is, because we will take the seat back, with a Bona Fide UK Labour Party MP once The UK Labour Party restructures and reforms no matter how few Sitting MPs we have. That will be the bite the Bullet phase. Then we have to bust all our balls to get Legitimate Standing Candidates Canvassed all over the nation. As One People Once Again!
        This is just me saying my thoughts and hoping enough people take notice and agrees with me. I am no Guru, just a man who would love nothing more than to see The People take out The Thatcherite Neoliberal Parasite from The UK Labour Party, before the end of my days.
        It is becoming clear however that we are heading in the directions of another 41 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Hell, so I probably wont see this one out! Jaasis! I Bloody Hope NOT!

      9. SteveH: How can you think that any of what Starmer has done over the last year can POSSIBLY rebuild trust with any of those voters by waging a relentless war against left activists and making his predecessor into a pariah? Those voters want policies that will help them- not collective punishment for everyone who doesn’t hate Corbyn.

        Is there any way you can still possibly argue that Starmer’s approach has any chance at all of resulting in a Labour victory? Or that there would be any reason to think that Starmer won’t simply lower the party to the useless and irrelevant 1997 policies-the ones nobody wants Labour to go back to?

        When does it end, Steve? When are you finally going to say that Starmer needs to be FOR something and not just against Corbyn? That it’s finally time for Starmer to focus solely on attacking the Tories- which means attacking capitalism, an economic system that can never incorporate Labour vaues- and leave the socialists alone?

    2. ✴️Everyone, please be alert for bad news being buried✴️

      1. Signpost…ITs all part of “normal life in Britain today and the country has finaly gone to the banana republic,and weve still got the Royals,knights,Lords,barrons ,Dukes(R I P)to prove it.I only wish I had another twenty nine years of living,but then again I would sooner go quickly than hang around living off the backs of the public whilst showing contempt for the working-class people especially those with a tinge or slitty eyes and asking for help from the country t they gave their lives for.Now wait for the Royal pantomine.The one we will all pay for whilst being told what t a jolly good chappy,phil the Greek was…!instead of the truth of a evil old bigot with a evil old royalty he spawned even more.This is one bit of bad news we will be grateful to bury..RIP phil..!

  2. “Hartlepool voters prefer the Tories over Labour by a considerable margin – hardly surprising when Hartlepool voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU”

    So much for it being one of the ‘Labour Heartlands’ which is a nonsense.

    I supported Remain but I wouldn’t vote for any of Starmer’s fan boys and I certainly would NOT vote Tory under ANY circumstances!

      1. Not with Caroline Lucas in charge who supports the victimisation of Professor David Miller!

      2. Caroline Lucas is a Thatcherite Neoliberal, we must remember what people did and said 2015 to 2019 to blow The People’s once in a life time opportunity to end 41 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal and Neoconservative Hell!
        I already see many of the likes of Lucas and TV Celebrity Types being quoted in other Indie Media, Never Forget!

      3. patrob428 – You can believe what you want but the reality is that these pointless gestures will be recorded as spoilt ballots.

  3. I know Skwawk can’t recommend this but anyone who knows anyone in Hartlepool (and I do) will be asking their mates to vote for Thelma Walker and the Northern Independence Party (Dave Ward refers to Paul Proudfoot in his interview with Michael Walker on Tysky Sour).

    Already in 3rd place ahead of LibDems and Greens before having really launched their campaign, £1 in every 3 spent at the bookies on this election is backing them.

    Choosing a candidate who is a right wing doctor backed by Progress, supported remaining in the EU and is relaxed about privatisation of the NHS wasn’t exactly a class act by Starmer and his stooges in the Hartlepool party.

  4. Isn’t it ironic that Bradshaw and Perkins are unable to recognise their doublespeak regrading them whinging about Dave Wards lack of support for the Starmer leadership.
    It’s rumoured Bradshaw was so enthusiastic to rid the party of Corbyn him and the rest waited for the outcome of the referendum result to use it as an excuse to launch the chicken coup.
    If only LOTO had allowed the local democracy to take place instead of parachuting in a remain voting candidate in a Brexit majority constituency.
    Alas that’s what happens when you run the party like your own private fiefdom.

  5. labrebisgalloise Your claim about Williams’ attitude towards the NHS appears to be at odds with what he said in the HofC when he was and MP. Do you have a credible link that supports your claim that Dr Paul Williams is ‘relaxed about NHS privatisation’.

    1. Steve H Aka centrist Dad …bot sentinel comments “Labour can be a honest broker now on the Palestinian Israeli government issue” ..This is the same honest broker that claims to have voted for Corbyn twice….Youve got to admire the “neck “of this centrist Dad to spout porkys whilst practicing the distraction politics on the commentators here.

      1. Joseph okeefe….“Labour can be a honest broker now on the Palestinian Israeli government issue”

        I do wish you’d stop telling lies. I have never said that. You are of course welcome to try and prove me wrong.

  6. So the moron brigade in the new Labour 2.0 cult can’t understand why people are not interested in their sub-Tory BS. SO they try and deflect there inadacies by attacking any socialist still in Labour and unions. How stupid do you have to be alienating unions FFS!

    The people can see through their stupid lies and deceptions and this rehashed Blair BS doesn’t work any more they want socialism and hope not slogans and BS.

    But carry on destroying Labour you right-wing cult fools and wonder why no one supports you or wants to help or especially vote for you!!!

    1. Any Democratic Socialist Party with sitting MPs will do at this stage!

      1. skellyknelly – Apart from Labour which party would that be?

      2. Do you enjoy Science fiction….Then support the walking dead the Neo Labour party…whilst our Zombies in the socialist Labour mps do a good impression of maintaining a “Disciplined Silence” ..?

      3. I grapple with that often Joseph, the same with Unite! The only Democratic Socialist MPs who are still all out to a point of not getting expelled are the new stars, Zara, Claudia, Bel, Apsana I hope they are still with us, not seen anything since my last break/holiday’ from politics.
        Not that I dislike them, but hat is one of the issues I have with Trickett and Lavery, their silence when we needed to hear them is almost telling.
        We can make The Neolabour Tory Party the walking dead, IF we all work together to vote them out, with a MASSIVELY reduced Neolabour Tory PLP the Democratic Socialists will have more power and say, but we will have to be ruthless just as they were at GE2019. there are ~172 to wipe out and only their strongest opponent can take their seat and as I said before, for the short term, that means bite the bullet, but in the long term and for our Grandchildren it is the only way.
        We will end up with a HoC filled with Thatcherite Neoliberals for 5 years or end up with a HoC filled with Thatcherite Neoliberals for another 41 years, only this time no Democratic Socialists to oppose, and quite possibly never to enter The HoC again!
        Even a handful of Democratic Socialists to at least ‘make some noise’ to go on Record like this, look at the Democratic Socialists on ‘They Work for Us’, it’s quite interesting, JC basically said all this: , however in a PLP dominated Neolabour Tory Party, Democratic Socialism is doomed, their only function will once again be to dangle like bauble decorations on the outside for the desired corporate brand image, but silent they must be!

      4. Claudia is currently suspended pending the outcome of her court case for harassment.

  7. We need to get the last few remaining Democratic Socialists UK Labour Party MPs/Members/etc OUT of that Thatcherite Neoliberal Cesspool of Neolabour Party Bottom Dwellers, before they are Purged!
    If we stand and fight, and even if we win with 95% Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party PLPs vs just 5% Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party PLPs what is the Point!? JC Had 20% vs 80%,

    Neolabour Party Tories smashed up NEC, Unions, +++++ There is nothing more for us to do, but to walk away and start fresh, clean and open. It will hurt them more than it will hurt us.
    I’d bet there is not one Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Candidate ready to stand for GE and Canvassing. We will have enough time to organise Democratic Socialist Candidates for all Constituencies for GE.
    Delay and Democratic Socialism and the Politics for The People is dead in The HoP!
    Dead as a DoDo and THEN see us try and get a Socialist footing in through the doors!

    PS Solidarity with our Traveller Comrades, Brothers and Sisters! Please Share!

    1. skellynelly “There is nothing more for us to do, but to walk away and start fresh, clean and open.”

      The question is, will you ever progress beyond the talking about it stage. What’s stopping you?

      1. Nothing is stopping many of us Mr Hamster. I cancelled my DD a year ago when Starmer announced the worst Shadow Cabinet one could imagine. I wont be voting for this Labour crew. The LP has passed away.

      2. I cancelled my DD on the morning of 13 December 2019, I simply could not believe how stupid people can be, Positive and Long Lasting Change with Garnish on a Silver Platter and they chose a Pile of Tory Shit with Blairite Flies all about it!
        That was also the morning that I realised The British can NEVER call the Americans Stupid Again!

      3. skellyknelly – As did many others apparently, like you they denied themselves the opportunity to vote in the leadership elections.

      4. Let us see what happens, these are desperate times for many of us, they were desperate times when JC won the Leadership, who did that? Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Socialists or Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tories!?
        Losing a Once in a Lifetime opportunity to finally end 41 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Hell, for sheer stupidity and ignorance, knowing that there was only 1/2 possible GE winners The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party or The Neoliberal Conservative Tory Party.
        Who caused that GE19 result!? Blair’s Sun People (The Red Wall), Campbell/Mandelson’s Guardian People aka The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories or The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Socialists!?
        Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories for The Elites/Establishment.
        Democratic Socialist [UK Labour MOVEMENT] Party for The People.
        In these desperate times how do you think The People will swing, with the knowledge of past history of Unity and Support at desperate times, The Democratic Socialists or the Bastards who bought them another 41 years of Neoliberal Hell!?
        It will be interesting to see let’s hope we do.

      5. skellylnelly – “Let us see what happens”,
        Not much is the answer,
        That is unless you and your cohorts stop sulking and instead of blaming everyone else you acknowledge the mistakes made by the team in charge prior to the 19GE and the mistakes of the guy who appointed them.

      6. We need sitting mps just a few and a hundred thousand members will inevitably flock to a new home.Mps and councillors sly that they are will add credibility with the public and the membership is laid on a plate for a few socialist mps to use in a “good sense” for once after years of playing useful idiot for the corrupt immoral creature the neo Labour party.

    1. And I’m done with them – and your own mealy mouthed nonsense. (What did you think I meant?).

      1. Paul – My apologies for not making myself clearer. I was passing comment on your lack of action as in – Is that it, is that all you’ve done.

      2. You are a prize silly arse. I’m going to follow the guy who says he won’t bother replying to you because of your childish responses. So goodnight to you!

    2. …….. and?

      He’s not alone. A gang of Avon ladies or Tupperware party organisers will perform better than the Starmer-led former Labour party on 6 May.

      1. I’ll look forward to you telling me all about it in May.

  8. Yes, the attacks and smears are certainly coordinated. The labour right can smell the massive and iminent rejection of themt that the electorate will show on May 6. It’s a shame that so many good well-intended Labour candidates will also be the victims of Starmer’s destructiveness And will Starmer, Evans, Rayner and their billionaire bosses apologise for this?

    Of course not.

  9. And SteveH, 56.2% of 72.64% (starmer\s vote-share from party members) hardly makes Sir Keir a “popular” leader. The labour right have an easy job on their hands getting rid of Sir Numbskull of the Bilionaires (‘Forensic’ to his friends).

    1. qwertboi – Or you could have put it another way and pointed out that Jeremy got less than 50% of the members vote in 2015. Which would be just as pointless an exercise. It was a different time, witha different set of candidates and a different electorate.
      The overall turnout (I can’t find a breakdown of the figures, can you?) for the 2015 election was 76.3%, a difference of only 3.66% points and as these figures were heavily skewed by 35% of the vote being from Registered Supporters I’m struggling to see what your point is.

      1. correction heavily skewed by 35% of the Corbyn’s vote (25% of the overall vote)

    2. quertboi……IT does say though that you are flogging a dead horse in the neo Labour party though..And the “disciplined silence” from the so called socialist mps is deafening…!

    3. qwertboi, ffs DON’T go into numbers with that imbecile; you’d be better off teaching a slug how to use your Tv remote.

      And DON’T mention the fact Corbyn saw off three contenders, not two.

      And if he wants to make out that less contenders equals more vote share then DON’T remind him that Corbyn got 313k+, or 62% the next year against the ice cream kid. on a 77% turnout, because that will mean the +/-23% that didn’t vote were all smith voters…probably.

      Just tlike the 37% didn’t vote in the referendum were all remain. Every. Last.One.Of.Them.

      Not only (like bradshaw and the other idiot) does wee fella have a problem with polls that don’t favour stammerism, he has a MAJOR problem with results and how they’re arrived at – unless he doesn’t get his vote and the result goes his way., or some op-ed in a right wing issue concocts a powder-puff piece about the object his disturbed obsession.

      You see, he’s forever been squealing about OMOV, but had NO problem with the right of the party stitching up the delegation process to ensure they were (grotesquely) disporportionately represented at conference when they ‘voted’ to pass stammer’s, 2nd referendum shithousery, thereby stymieing any chance of forming the next government in late 2019…Even though he never got to vote on the matter himself, like.

      So no matter how many times and ways you demonstrate his infuriating hypocritical fuckwittery, the imbecile is too far gone to change his stance. Black is white, up is down, cat says woof etc etc.

      *Awaits the old, exhausted and perpetually abused retort of: ‘prove it’, followed by ‘you haven’t proved it, it’s not my fault…..


      1. Toffee – Unlike you I voted for Jeremy in both his leadership elections. I also spoke out strongly on these pages against the coup plotters at the tome.
        Is the rather confused set of accusations above just a cover for you talking bollocks again.

  10. Reading the article above, left me wondering – when did hypocrisy and a total lack of self-awareness become official Labour Policy?

    Bradshaw, Peacock and Perkins seem to be on a merry-go-round they can’t get of. One they’ve been on since 2015.

    How is any of that attractive or helpful to The Electorate, they were elected to help out of austerity and penury?

    Hypocrites to a man and woman!

  11. I am more worried about the “disciplined silence” that the left wing have been hiding behind in the PLP.Do they not realise that they are out on their backsides the first chance that lotto get to dump them?Why dont they get together this handful of mps and make a “disciplined shout for everyone in the Labour party and they are many and leave and form a “Disciplined” and forensic “alternative to this Zombie Labour party.Stand up and fight ,but not with this neo Labour party tribute band for the Conservative and unionist party….Show some guts and common sense…you’re finished in the Labour party.!

    1. Disciplined silence – Pythagoras believed that the most difficult thing for people to control is their tongues. This part of our bodies is often the main cause of the problems and personal tragedies that bring people suffering.

    2. That is why we have 2 options a mass effort to vote out ~172 Neolabour Tories, or for the Democtatic Socialists to Leave Labour and create a new Democratic Socialist Party and Union. The trouble is that they are all on the planks, bound and blind folded. Neolabour Tories are just waiting for them to say anything where their words can be mangled into an expulsion!
      We’re not dealing with the “nice” Blairites any more! These Starmerists come with all sorts of OTHER evil forces, like the Trilateral Commission for example! They make The Blairites look like Mickey Mouse, even if they are Goofy on Testosterone Steroids!
      For me it will always come back to “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!” I don’t even need to hear any of his other evils, that did it for me, says everything I need to know!

      1. skellyknelly – Is there a reason why not one person challenged Keir about this throughout the leadership campaign and nobody appears to have published bugger all about the Trilateral Commission for well over 30 years?

    1. I don’t post often on here, but I do follow the conversations and I came to the conclusion some time ago that Steve H has nothing of interest to say. So I just scroll past and leave the his wit and wisdom unread.

      Life’s too short to engage with Starmers paid trolls. Or if they are don’t get paid, Starmers unpaid morons.

      1. Nemtona – ….. and here’s a kiss for you, 😘. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.

      2. Nemtona – “I came to the conclusion some time ago that Steve H has nothing of interest to say. So I just scroll past”

        ….. and yet you responded to one of my comments just 14 days ago.

      3. Skwawky, this is the THIRD demonstration/admission – in this thread alone – that the godawful little shithawk’s out to deliberately get a rise out of people.

        Here’s the first example

        Paul08/04/2021 AT 9:51 PM
        You are a prize silly arse. I’m going to follow the guy who says he won’t bother replying to you because of your childish responses. So goodnight to you!

        SteveH08/04/2021 AT 10:03 PM
        Paul – We’ll see how long that lasts.

        The other two can be found above. Ban the fucker for the sake of decent people’s blood pressure.


        Soft shite stevie does it because he has a depraved obsession with brown-nosing the greasy one. I doubt even stammer’s stupid enough to pay for the ceaseless tripe the wee fella inflicts on normality…But stammer is narcissism itself, so I guess it’s an outside possibility

      4. Toffee – So says the numpty whose whole persona on this site relies on pretending to be an uncouth playground bully. I do wish your persona would grow up a bit.

      5. And AGAIN with the ‘playground bully’ crap. From someone who’s already admitted they’re ‘exhilarated’ when they deliberately seek to get a rise outta me..

        Give your head a wobble…. Although, on second thoughts – Your behaviour’s down to you doing an awful lot of that.

  12. I see he’s responded twice to my comment, both of which are the level of a fourth form student, trying desperately to be relevant. . Bless.

    1. Try centrist Dad nemtona @boxcartrend.He also goes under the name of Steve Hall from Bristol..aka steve h …small milltown in?..Must be up Norf Caribbean island.because thats were he has got a bolt hole.!

  13. I disagree, Toffee. Let him continue to make a prat of himself.

    We have the choice to read, or not to read his ‘dead cat’ postings, and we have a choice to respond, or not to respond, to them.

    Personally, I read them and don’t respond. I find it, very, easy. I’ve read nothing worth responding to, for a long time.

    Conversely, he hasn’t responded to any of my comments, in any meaningful way, for a long time, either. I suspect I know why that is.

    1. George – My apologies but I can’t recollect anything that you’ve ever written, perhaps you could provide a link to a recent post where you feel that I have unjustly ignored you and I’ll do my best to rectify it.

  14. Somehow I missed this conversation. Nothing to add really. Just seems like it’s another conversation between StevH and friends.
    However, here’s something to lighten the gloom. About 40 years ago Jake Thackray, that wonderful songwriter, wrote a song called The Bull. It could have been written for Starmer, or Johnson, or both, or the great majority of those who frequent the corridors of power (?) in Westminster. The video sticks a bit in the middle, but persevere and enjoy it.

  15. ✴️ ALL of the establishment including Johnson, & Starmer have always abused every distraction as “A GOOD WAY TO BURY BAD NEWS”.

    Keep watch✴️✴️✴️

  16. SteveH09/04/2021 AT 10:40 AM
    Toffee – Unlike you I voted for Jeremy in both his leadership elections. I also spoke out strongly on these pages against the coup plotters at the tome.

    Did you, indeed? And I suppose everyone else on this site only landed on earth during the last rain shower, did they?

    You know what’s coming next, don’t you? That’s right – Prove it. I want to see evidence of your ‘strongly spoken’ criticism of stammer.

    I expect I’m not alone in that regard. So, away and back yourself up, or continue making a complete knobend of yourself…As per.

    1. Toffee who gave that clown a red biro,hes graffiti ing..every comment for Black opps Kaplin to identify our traditional colours…!You would have thought he would be content with the Rat motif,but you just cant satisfy the greed and averice of centerist Dads.Rodney the ginger tinge kids got out .

    1. My apologies Toffee my comment above should have been addressed to you. Are you managing to come to terms with the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, according to the BBC the whole country is struggling.

      1. Again… There’s that many people ridiculing you, you can’t even address the right person … That’s if you’re on the correct thread!

        ‘But I spoke out strongly against the coup plotters’ you wailed, like some Vichy collaborator caught bang to rights.

        Or, are you absolving sir keith of slime regis of his complicity, too?

        It certainly looks like it. Helmet.

      2. Toffee – If JC could manage to absolve him I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t.

      3. That’s Corbyn for you. Gracious to the point he’d even scrub the detritus from his own assassination.

        However, the consensus of those from consequent exodus would suggest otherwise. In fact even through a large amount of disgruntled members who have chosen to remain… Like on here.

        We’re not all Corbyn. You are all stammer though; and always were despite your thoroughly laughable claims to have both voted for him, supported him, and only voted stammer as best of a bad bunch while denigrating Corbyns far superior achievements and extolling stammer’s continual failures of ever-increasing intensity.

        And you won’t even answer THE most basic and innocuous questions of stammer and his methods.

        Because you’re a gobshite.

      4. Yes, all over the front page – First 99 year old to die of old age since the covid narrative fearmongering and misreporting of everything covid stated.

        I hope you’ve had your two experiemental mRNA drg therap jabs to GET COVID DONE my arse!

      5. Well, little fella, you’ve had plenty of time to think of a criticism of stammer you’ve made, or failing that, one of your usual risible excuses why you won’t come up with one. (Except the rest of us are all too well aware of the REAL reason why)

        Therefore, we can gather from your silence that you didn’t, in fact, ‘Speak out strongly against the coup plotters like you claimed.

        At least not perhaps THE main protagonist, anyway (Obviously keith was too shit scared to actually front Corbyn in the same hostile manner the others did – a true measure of the rodent)

        Yet again you’ve been collared bang to rights, sunshine. There’s obviously something lacking with you, steven. Seriously – for your own good – seek help. Self-recognition is the first step to recovery, I’m led to believe.

        Try starting with this link; you should recognise plenty about yourself in there.

  17. I’ve travelled to work for Labour in the past two general elections – Both times in marginal seats.
    Also in a number of by-elections.
    Hartlepool – What have we got ? – – – A flawed right-wing candidate – – – imposed over the heads of the local party members – – – a short-list of one – – – a looming car-crash caused by the pig-headed stupidity of Starm-Trooper and his right-wing cabal – – – YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP !
    I certainly won’t be travelling to Hartlepool to embarrass myself.
    … and – When the car crash comes – We’ll know who to blame.

    1. No doubt he died of CV19 variant…How unusual for a century old man to die despite living off the best we could afford for nearly a century.Come on Lizzie get a move on weve another geriatric parasite waiting to live off us Charlie farleys chomping at the bit.

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