Starmer spanked by Tory MP for stealing Boris Johnson’s ‘credit’

Labour leader not so ‘forensic’ on dates of office

Labour leader Keir Starmer has been corrected by Tory MP Kit Malthouse over Starmer’s claim to have been ‘prosecuting terrorists and serious criminals’ ‘while Boris Johnson was writing columns for newspapers’.

Malthouse pointed out that Johnson had become London mayor six months before Starmer’s tenure began as Director of Public Prosecutions:

The ‘forensic’ claims of Starmer’s supporters become ever more tarnished.

Johnson did, of course, have a career writing indefensible racist nonsense in newspapers and books long before he was elected as the capital’s mayor. But Starmer’s inability to oppose or criticise without blundering shows how alien it is to him to stand up to the Establishment, even when he is boasting about his own career as part of it.

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  1. Please someone, let this nightmare of utter incompetence end, ands that includes both tories I No. 10 and starmeroid’s tenure, I cannot call it leadership…….

    1. Isn’t it just! To think we had a once in a lifetime opportunity for long lasting change both for Britain and The UK Labour Party, but The People threw it away. Those of us who tried to scream and shout for nearly 5 years, when everyone got split into their pointless MSM created factions can keep our saddened heads held high. Even if it is for another 41 years of Tory and Neolabour White Nationalist Party Hell. Lets hope some Democratic Socialists wake up before that long!

      1. Given that you’ve only recently started posting on this site skelly, where were you ‘screaming and shouting’ exactly for nearly five years?

      2. Are you quite sure if that Harrold Arnold?
        Every and Anywhere we could.

      3. And what is it precisely you’re hoping these Democratic Socialists will do when they ‘wake up’ Skelly?

        What is it they’re NOT doing that you think they COULD do (if only they ‘woke up’)?

        Could you elaborate.

      4. To stop worshipping the Brand “Labour”, accept then The Neolabour Tory Party Killed The UK Labour Party, home of the Democratic Socialists and not wait another 41 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Hell to get out of the infested, sabotaging Neolabour Tory Party and Unions!
        I think my text is quite self-explanatory, it’s not hard Alan, unless you have issues with IRONY, satire or humour.

  2. …I was prosecuting terrorists and serious criminals.

    ,,,But not tories, or coppers who were killing innocent civilians, or high-profile nonces.

    …And nor would I. They’re not serious enough crimes, are they?

    FFS, just what load of bollocks will he come out with next?

    1. Or the Nr 1 Terrorist of them all, who started the ME shit in the first place Blair & Co, the Founding Fathers of The Neolabour White Nationalist Party. For whom he put ‘The Most Dangerous “Terrorist” of All’ Julian Assange behind Bars!

    2. Maybe we should collect these statements and make them into a book, a record for all times especially before an election to serve as a warning…. You know wine gets better when it matures, I don’t think that Starmeroid ever will.

  3. Based on the this post, the previous Anti-Traveler post, The ALL White ignore the Black, Muslim, Arab, Asian etc Racism, Full Blown Pro Zionist Apartheid Fascism, Anti “Left”/Democratic Socialism, etc, etc I would like to sincerely apologise to all Tories for equating The Neolabour Party with The Tories when it is clear that The Neolabour Party are more like a British Nationalist Party without their forensic edge and completely incompetent!

    1. Agreed Smelly. Seems the only forensic is foren sic…

      We have more in common than what divides us, but it seems the folks (fools?) are determined to drive wedges wherever they can.

      1. Smelly? :):):) I like it! :):):)
        Every Label is a Wedge waiting to be used by The Establishment, Elites, MSM, be it Race, Gender, Religion, Political Ideology/Faction. However we are all the same, the only thing that divides us is the Top 3% vs the ‘Bottom’ 97% on the wealth inequality scale, for that we need to unite and work out our shit!
        The shame is that the Human is a very Stupid Ape, it is volatile, vicious, dangerous, blood thirsty, hateful, vengeful, much like the Chimpanzee, only Chimpanzees are not stupid!
        Division is all generated by MSM, all of it, take UK Labour Party 2015 to 2017 we were united against The Neolabour White Nationalist Party and we fought our nails off to protect Democratic Socialism and we came so close.
        Then the MSM started and by 2019 we were split and still are into so many factions that some even voted bloody Tory! And others ensured people vote anything but Democratic Socialism! That is pretty wild if you ask me, everyone knew that, that was our last chance of a Democratic Socialist Government, The first one in 41 Years, yet we fucked it up, for stupid MSM generated wedges! Stupid Fucking Apes!
        So Easily led!
        Everyone complains about Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, yet everyone keeps using them and keeps buying the latest gadget as it is released and no one is prepared to leave and use the many open source and decentralised alternatives.
        Everyone complains about MSM, few are prepared to quit it entirely, send back the Digi-Boxes, cancel the contract and only have internet in your house. Oh, but the kids………..NO! They don’t need it!, Putting a child in front of a TV is as bloody cruel as teaching them that they will burn in an eternal hell if they “sin” (are bad) or giving them a loaded 9mm to play with as a toy. The internet is far more educational and facts are so easily found. Plenty of Child Friendly entertainment and mostly educational in some way or another.
        We boycott Israel’s sale of Palestinian produce ie dates, we need dates, the Supermarket only has “Israeli” dates, how many of us will walk that extra mile to the little green grocer who sells someone else’s dates? Very few, we must be prepared to take the pain if we want the freedom.
        Stinky. :):):)

      2. Glad you didn’t get upset about my lousy autocorrect. Should have double checked. Could be worse…

        The Wife’s best friend has a Husband called Aaran. Both our phones autocorrect to Satan…

        We also boycott the Israhellis. Bought some outdoor toys for the grandkids, they went straight back when I saw the made in tag…

        Stay safe:)

      3. Bah! No Way, what is life if not a laugh, yes, I think Autocorrect is from the “devil” :):):)
        There is a fantastic App BuycottApp, sniffs out the unmarked and unlabelled, and many other really good causes. ASDA is getting naughty with not putting country of origin, as an example of screwed up Neoliberalism, ASDA Cous Cous had no origin, I phoned them, they phoned back 2 days later Canada, REALLY!? I said, where did Canada buy it from as I am not sure Canada is well known for their Cous Cous production, ended up coming from Palestine, shipped by the “Israeli” Terrorist Regime sold and shipped to Canada, then sold and shipped to the UK, then to ASDA, What a deplorable state of affairs. When I phoned they knew exactly what I did not want to hear! We need to start Boycotting the Entire Supermarket when we find The Terror Regime products in our Supermarkets not just the product itself! People have the Power, time we use it!

      4. ‘Stupid fucking apes! So easily led!’ So the millions of people – and billions worldwide – who are duped and manipulated by the propagandists are ‘stupid fucking apes’ are they skelly? Well instead of wasting your time on here where just about everyone who reads and posts on the site is aware of the Establishment’s black propaganda machine and the lies and falsehoods they disseminate, why don’t you spend your time enlightening as many of these ‘stupid fucking apes’ as you can. I mean you obviously regard yourself as a highly superior to the people you regard as ‘stupid fucking apes, so why don’t you invest your time and energy in opening their eyes to the lies and falsehoods AND those who dupe and deceive and manipulate them?

        As for your assertion that ‘everyone complains about the MSM’, who exactly do you mean by ‘everyone?

        And who is the ‘we’ you refer to when you say that ‘we fucked it up’, and precisely HOW did this ‘we’ you refer to ‘fuck it up’?

      5. Yes! We do seem to make all the right decisions to free us from the Establishment’s black propaganda machine, MSM, MSSM and oh boy! Politically! Just look at the freedoms the masses have achieved! A free world you keep telling yourself we are not stupid apes Alan you just go ahead, dear!

      6. And I don’t recognise your portrayal of the past six-and-a-half years skelly….. What are these ‘so many factions’ you say the MSM created and the ‘wedges’ that they used? As for the MSM only getting started after 2017, they got started on smearing Jeremy (and the left membership) almost immediately he was elected leader. Or did you miss it all somehow? There was only ONE division that was being exploited and manipulated, and THAT was by Jeremy’s enemies within the LP – ie Brexit policy – and THAT along with all the smearing – and especially the A/S black op smear campaign – were the reasons for the GE result in 2019. And it’s precisely because Jeremy and the LP came so close to winning in 2017 that his enemies trebled down on their smearing and character assassination and demonisation afterwards.

        It is rather odd that you don’t mention all the smearing and vilification and demonisation and faux outrage in your post. I mean it was going on on an almost daily basis practically the whole time Jeremy was leader!

      7. Alan, you need to relax a bit, “pal”, your hostility is toxic!
        I just generalised, our battle started 2015 it is not fast approaching half of 2021, I just think life is too short to be anal about a date on no real significance.

      8. Brilliant post skelly. Absolutely riveting (yur ‘reply to NVLA, that is)! And it’s so nice that auto-correct should bring the two of you together…….

      9. Alan, from history I recall you are a very toxic individual with many issues, find someone else to help you deal with your pettiness, this will be the last reply from me Alan. I really do not have time for this misery, try Twitter, I believe the misery is still rife on there! Feel free to comment, but please do not expect a reply. Have Fun 😉

      10. So where were you doing all your screaming and shouting for nearly five years skelly? And what were you screaming and shouting about? And who to?

        If only you’d screamed and shouted a bit louder! What could have been!! Oh well, you tried, and at least you can keep your saddened heads held high. But do please give some serious consideration to trying to enlighten the stupid fucking apes about the Wedgers and the ALL White ignorers. And the 3% of course! And p’raps you could even wake up the Democratic Socialists if you scream and shout hard enough. It’s worth a Try!


  4. Didn’t Boris continue writing his column for the Torygraph up until 2 years ago

      1. goldbach – Johnson continued to write for the Telegraph during his tenure as Mayor (salary £140,000). At the time he infamously described his £250.000 salary from the Torygraph as “chicken feed”
        He continued to write for the Torygraph until at least April 2019

    1. “The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has dismissed the £250,000-a-year he earns from a controversial second job as “chicken feed”.

      Johnson also insisted it was “wholly reasonable” for him to write newspaper columns on the side because he did them “very fast”.

      The comments risk infuriating millions of Londoners struggling to make ends meet amid the economic downturn.” Written in 2009, an article in The Guardian.

  5. Malthouse is a horrible shithouse and was an awful deputy to Mr picaninni-watermelon-smiles. However, Starmer needs to account for his actions relating to the persecution of Julian Assange on behalf of the American deep state. And the only ‘terrorists’ we prosecute are ex MI5/6 assets.

  6. The knight was paid off by the DPP with a knighthood and a not so fond farwell. Should I ouote a former school friend of his who like the knight went into the Law.and lived near him.Keir was always a loner and didnt mix very well with the rest of us.He didn’t show any interest in our Rugby club at Reigate Indy school and often refused to discuss is family.or ambitions.erm? Teddy later told me he used to see him on the train into London bridge,but he pointedly ignored me .Well from what I was told the DPP were relieved when keir got the message that he was becoming increasingly a embarrassment for the DPP.IF only his colleagues in the Labour party realised just how dangerous this “loner” is and offered him a Lordship to get rid quickly….IT could actually influence his decision being obsessed with titles to cover up a deep ingrained inferiority complex ,gained at Reigate independent grammar school for posh kids..I think that in many ways his life at the school must have been a living hell for the lonely little boy 👦 from Oxted green Surrey.

    1. Joseph – Your description seems to be at odds with someone who meets up with his mates every weekend for a game of football.

      1. He’s got mates? Now I KNOW you’re bullshitting. That gobshite’s that wooden, he’s only there to act as a goalpost.

      2. Even a soulless nominalist needs to stay fit…

      3. goldbach – No eight, apparently there is an 8 a side football league in London.

      4. 8 a side? Well, a whoopie-doodle-do!

        Stammers got that many sides he could be s one-man league.

      5. Seems desperate to prove his working class creds and that f’ing rag just as desperate to promote him. Expect he was there on the terraces leading the gooners in antisemitic chants at Spurs supporters.

      6. You clearly mr Hall have no understanding of football or rugby or old men like Starmer playing a young mans game…Starmer is neither fit for football ⚽ or fit to be the leader of the Labour party.And your knowledge of the beautiful game is about as good as the knights understanding of the working-class and the democratic socialist Labour party.

      7. lundiel – If your question was directed at me, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. Could you try rephrasing it?

      8. From your link: “The Arsenal season ticket holder said that he had played football every week since his youth.”

      9. lundiel – I would have thought that was obvious like thousands and thousands of others he enjoys getting together with his mates for a kick about in the Sunday league but also enjoys going to support ‘his team’. I understand he also takes his children with him to watch Arsenal. I am struggling to see any conflict here.

      10. When I mentioned his support for the gooners, you said “the only problem with that theory is that he has bee regularly playing football on a weekend since he was 10 years old.”
        Don’t you even remember what you wrote? I’m fucking sick of you trying to always have the last word, you appear to have mental health issues.

      11. lundiel – You asked a question and I did my best to answer it (even though I thought that the question was inane and the answer was obvious).
        What is your issue here?

      12. 8 a side. They were always odd in London.
        Can’t understand this stuff about whether people came from “working class”, “middle class”, Jubilee Class backgrounds. Surely what’s important is whether they represent the working class or not.

      13. goldbach – I agree, I wasn’t the one who brought ‘class’ into the conversation. I posted the pictures of Keir and Jeremy’s childhood homes to try and illustrate how silly and pointless all the obsessions about class are.

      14. @centriat dad

        If there was ever a thread that proved you’re an arse licking toady lickspittle, this is it.

        Your background is irrelevant. It what you do with your adult life.

        Irk Streamer talks pig shit whereas his predecessor shovelled pig shit. Who has a more grounded reality? Who is away with fairies? Which one of the two helped to screw Assange? Are you also a fawning yank toady lickspittle?

        You’re a very sad old tugger…Do you lick arse because you want to perceive yourself better? Or simply because you like the taste?

      15. NVLA – Well thanks for your revealing contribution, I love you too. 😘

      16. Are you sure this superman from Oxted on the green Surrey is not a android.?Football with his friends every week and super working class genes that can have him sprinting through London on his trusty steed.. This working class man at 12 months short of sixty years old plays a tough game of football competitively against younger men?I am afraid that those little men from Delhi who rewrite a history and a profile have slipped up badly on this lie.Superman Sir Rodney Starmer the million dollar man…!

      17. Oh yes. That will account for his ridiculous posture. Sports injuries. He sometimes interviews giving viewers the impression of a long time spent as a prop forward.

    2. Eight a side? Do you mean to say that he doesn’t even have eleven mates who want play football with him?

      1. How did he tapeworm into the side. He’ll have to use the long ball game so as to maintain social distancing. Perhaps seven of the team practice forensic distancing.

      2. The 8-a-side may be a new concept for many, but for those who are familiar with today’s elite youth programmes, many countries have already adopted 8v8 as a means of developing ball mastery, positional awareness and confidence in our young.

    3. Just reading a peice in Tatler about this “feircly private man” and his wife Lady Starmer.They have two young children but Will not give their names or ages?T Lady Starmer a glamourous former solicitor is rigorous in bringing the children up in the Jewish faith.Now I know Sir keir Starmer must be nearly sixty years old and doesn’t need a pension,but I am intrigued that he’s not a grandad at sixty and competitive football ⚽ a thing of the past..Fearcly private Sir Rodney Starmer and his background like his leadership and funding are looking fearcely dodgy.??

  7. AFAIC most of the reason the ‘rags are getting away with blue fucking murder today, is down to the greasy coiffured one refusing to prosectue damien grope, and resigning on the very day the Met made a public announcement that Michael Green/ Seb Fox/ grant shapps’ actions ‘May have constitued fraud’.

    stammer set the standard for his DPP predecessors in that respect; He sowed the wind – And the nation is reaping the whirlwind.

    He should’ve nipped the rags current corrupt ideas (that they’ve put into practice ever more so since) in the bud.

  8. Sod, Starmer! I, really, couldn’t care less about him or his tattered reputation.

    That guy Malthouse – what a comedian, eh? The guy who came up with a ‘solution’ to the British Border in Ireland – the Malthouse somethingorother and pushed and pushed, for it, simply because he wanted it associated with his name, in history. Sank without trace, of course. Had not the first idea what he was talking about. Just, one more fat, mouthy, Tory bully-boy.

    As for Johnson, Malthouse forgot to mention the £1 billion, his two terms as London Mayor cost the tax-payer. Start with ‘The Garden Bridge’ and continue from there.

    Then, as I recall, Johnson was Mayor at the time of the Riots, in 2011. Cameron, virtually, pleaded with him to cut his holiday short and come back to deal with the situation. By the time he did come back the situation had dealt with itself.

    The coward!

    What did he do, then? Bought three useless second-hand water-cannon, that were quietly sold two or three years later – at a loss, of course – for scrap metal. Never used because Home Secretary May wouldn’t let him.

    You know I could go on and on, here. Just one more thing. ‘Boris Bikes’. Probably the only thing his time as Mayor he will be remembered for and, as we all know, he had naff all to do with them. We all know they were Ken Livingston’s idea.

    F*ck, Starmer! F*ck, Malthouse! …and, most of all, F*ck Johnson. There’s not a cigarette paper between the three of them, as ar*eholes.

    1. Err…Boris island? Boris buses? ABP? Closing down the fire stations? (‘Get stuffed’?)

      Not an exhaustive list…But mightily fucking expensive.

      As for malt shithouse, wasn’t he the one suggested the doorway spikes and stting hoses on the homeless in London?

      Elephantine oaf. How is it the very few toerags that emanate from Liverpool become THE worst of their lot?

      Make me embarrassed that the city actually spwaned their likes.

  9. Oh, the list is long, Toffee. Trying to flog off public owned land to Chinese property developers. Two lots.

    Just practising for when he became PM. A dry run, if you like.

  10. What a thoroughly unpleasant character Keir Rodney Starmer is.

    Keir Starmer, bad news. He might lead the party I was born to support, but he is denaturing and disintegrating it, and, of course, disorientating and demotivating its membership.

    Keir Starmer, bad news. He is a very select ‘Member” (one of only 9 other living Britons) of an anti-social billionaires’ interest and pressure group called the Trilateral Commission.

    Keir Starmer, bad news. A nominal leader, but nothing to me.

  11. What a fool Starmer is he can’t even boast right and of course get called out on his lies and BS.

    We keep on being told he is so forensic well if he is then the word definition needs changing! The last time I checked in the quote from the film The Princess Bride ‘ That word doesn’t mean, what you think it means…!’

  12. Boris Johnson is a consummate liar, incompetent and all round nasty guy who kicked lifelong Tories out of the party for no good reason .Keir Starmer is the same as Johnson. The only real difference between them is that Johnson admits he is a Tory.

      1. If thats true none of us new of him in either Reigate or Oxted in East Surrey as far as the Constituency partys were concerned and I speak as former v Chair of Reigate and borough councillor..I also had a good working relationship with Oxted Labour…Like everything else about the knight its Fake.

      2. Hows that then when Billy liars only eleven and a half years old?.We never saw young Keir out canvassing or on any membership in Oxted or Reigate all East Surrey consituencys of Sir George Gardner and peter Ainsworth and of course true blue ..I note that nowadays those in the know with money can gain a whole clean sheet by paying a regular monthly sum to clean and re invent themselves.ITs amazing just how cheap it is for our indian brothers in Delhi to invent and distort “background especially if the black ops Israeli military intelligence help out,do we know of any of those Mossad agents in Britain?

      3. Joseph – As usual you are big on innuendo and telling us what you don’t know but that’s about as far as you ever get. When were you a councillor, in the early 90s?

  13. Stop the bullshit stevy boy 👦 ,you know the knives are out for him in the PLP and odds are already being laid for the resurrection of the Blairite Ben or serial looser cooperwoman.The is no shortage of deadbeats to grab the position….You are becoming increasingly like white flag man daily and the only thing is like his predecessor “He’s gone” …Take tablets and sit in a darkened room.and think of a white knight on his charger and meditate..!

    1. Joseph – ……and meanwhile the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are still desperately searching for a leader.

    1. A Jewish Tweeter called Schlomo: “At my Jewish school we learnt about the Holocaust in detail & that included learning about how Gypsy & Traveller communities were murdered along with Jews. My point is – if you attack Travellers – you attack me. I hope all Jewish people will call this vile racism out”.

      Dog whistles to the far right, Starmer, Rayner and Evans should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

      1. The same goes for Communists, Socialists, Black People, Gay People, Soviets, Chinese, every other nation who lost millions, the main point is this is not about the Race/Religion/Political Faction/Sexual Orientation this is about People, People Died we are ALL People on a and the same, we feel the same Pain, the same Sorrow, the same Trauma, *! NO ONE person feels it more or less than another. Except for the Evil ones who feel nothing and are completely void of Empathy and Human Decency!
        PS Oh and just for Alan, [‘are all Stupid Apes*’] before he pipes up!

    1. I love the “Tough on Corbyn, Tough on the causes of Corbyn” tattoos.

      Yes, Bell is excelent and wasted on most guardnog readers. Thanks lundel.

    1. His contract is apparently up for renewal this month. He’s upset a few people in the last few years, so at least he’s doing his job. Surely not even the Graun would be stupid enough to get rid of him…?

      1. They will, because he doesn’t fawn to the right group (right in every sense…)

    1. More serious commentators, who would really like to see a progressive Labour government, have been saying that there are such rumblings, for a few months now.

    2. When Master news managers like the nameless Labour MPs instruct a right-wing rag like the daily express to carry a story like that, we know the harder pars of the neolibeal right in Labour are SEVERELY disapponted with Sir Keir.

      I’d be watching my back if I were him. He’s doomed.

    1. Look these PLP lowlifes are never going to get another job like the Parliament racket and good jobs subsidised with the big bucks perks and free Hols in working time are increasingly difficult to find.A good number of these people will be unemployed in the next 3 years and they know that the Jewish convert has sold out the Labour party to the Apartheid regime in Tel Aviv.,or is it the international city of Jerusalem.?

    1. Wasn’t sure if that link would work or not. Should have added, these are Starmer’s poll ratings from yesterday(02 Apr 21).

      Well, past his ‘sell-by date’.

  14. Can’t remember the name of the group,but they had a hit with “Should I stay or should I go” Sort of cockney wide boy 👦 image….My wife just said madness referring to the group I think.But I thought “I like driving in my car” was them Anyhow both lyrics could apply to Starmer and even the image of wide boy 👦And I suppose it would be about the time of young socialist Rodney.?founder of the socialist party of oxted on the green Surrey members the plonker Rodney stammer and wolfie Smith.?I think Rodney has dumped the Gas guzzling SUV since he knocked a cyclist 🚴trying to make a living delivering.Does anyone know if our Rodney was prosecuted?

      1. Don’t bring AC/DC into it. He’s confused enough as it is!

    1. The Clash were most certainly NOT Cockney Wide-Boys, Joseph. More like Westway Punk Boys. How you could confuse the two is beyond me. Borderline heretical heh heh! 😉

  15. Any socialist wanting a snapshot demonstration of the utter political bankruptcy of Starmerite/Blairite Labour should hold their nose and read this crap from that ‘House magazine of the Starmerite Labourites’. The Guardian, from Friday !

    Apparently, according to the ever-enthusiastic Starmer fanboy, Guardian, the Starmerites are serious looking for a ‘political big-hitter ‘ ie, the totally corrupt wrecker, Peter Mandelson, to emerge from the shadows – to a prominent Labour headquarters , policy role !!! Of course millionaire Mandelson, friend of the corrupt global oligarchs and gangsters via his secretive PR company’s dodgy doings, has never been away, having led the constant sabotage of Corbynite Labour from day one. But Mandelson back to his old, disastrous policy role OFFICIALLY ? ” BRING IT ON” I say ! Surely the official return of Mandelson would tell even the dimmes, constantly in denial, Corbynite Leftie that the game is up for NuLabour2 ? Of course the earlier, much trumpeted ‘triumph’ of Mandelson was to , admittedly win three Elections for Blair , but also to divert Labour entirely to neoliberalism, and hence, under Brown’s deregulated financial casino economy, to blow up the UK economy in 2008, lose FIVE MILLION Labour voters, and halve the Labour Party membership. Yep, that’ll do Starmer and his dim, corrupt, chums a power of good !

    I particularly liked the articles claim that both Ed Miiband and Lisa Nandy are each writing profound policy-driven books ! Those two bozos writing anything beyond slippery neoliberal drivel ? I don’t think so. Mind you, to be honest, the Corbynite Left produced NOTHING of theoretical or economic policy value in the entire four years of ‘Corbynism’ either – as any glance at the National Policy Review junk reports of that short era will demonstrate . Both Right and ‘Left’ wings of Labour have always had the theoretical and detail policy development abilities of a ten year old – never venturing beyond their rival superficial feel-good slogans and soundbites.

    Not a problem alone for Labour though to be brutally honest – the theoretical/policy output from the short-lived Left Unity project was rubbish too .The only credible Left alternative economic strategy produced in recent years has been that of a group of quality academics (plus Seamus Milne and Andrew Murray in their CPB fellow traveler days) around the old tankies of the Communist Party of Britain ! A superb piece of work, but apparently beyond John McDonnell, with all the huge potential research resources of the Labour Party, to replicate (who was too busy touring around the UK with bourgeois liberal celebrity Economists to do any genuine in-depth economic pre-planning for a possible Corbyn-led government ! ).

    1. As if all Starmer lacks is good PR and product placement. Everyone can see he’s an establishment brown nose.

  16. Part two in the Huffington post The life and times of Rodney the knight,good read more honest would have been the the rise and fall of Reggie Perrin the knight from Surrey.

      1. The laughably inept article you point us to from huffington post is sheer Right Labour supportive propaganda drivel , SteveH . If that is the best totally fact-free uncritical article you can put forward for your Starmerite nonsense , the Starmer Right really ARE in deep trouble.

        The disaster looming imminently for Labour in Scotland and England will blow away all the unfounded Right optimism and attempts to discount the disastrous Starmer performance so far ! I just love the desperate quote from Mandelson – STILL trying to blame Starmer’s Labour disastrous polling figures on Jeremy Corbyn ! And the completely unfounded claim that the millionaire Right Winger who displaced Leonard in Scotland is achieving great things ! The looming Scottish Parliament elections will scotch (aha) that crap ! The Right, and their MSM megaphones, really are whistling in the dark to avoid the harsh reality of their cum uppance at the polls in May ! How much do you get paid for your 24/7 posting of utter crap every day , SteveH ? You ae wasting your meaningless little life you sad man.

      2. jpenney – Come back and tell me all about it in May. I’ve yet to see the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ put forward an alternative, credible or otherwise.

  17. SteveH
    Let’s play top trumps
    Magic grandad v ersatz Tory Bliar
    Starting with respective manifestos ending with integrity
    Does Temporary Embarrassmen even have a socialist policy
    Methinks not

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