‘Rent-free’: subject of Skwawkbox exposé tells colleagues they’re popular with right-wingers because of ‘personal charm’

‘Don’t believe what you read about me in Skwawkbox’, participant tells national meeting of Labour regional executive committees

How a Zoom call hearing the protestations might have looked

During a national meeting recently, Skwawkbox understands that a certain figure recently the subject of a Skwawkbox exposé interjected spontaneously to tell the virtual gathering that they shouldn’t believe anything Skwawkbox had published about him/her.

No, on the contrary, that person’s closeness to right-wingers at Labour’s regional office and elsewhere was entirely down to ‘my personal charm’ (allegedly a direct quote), relationship-building skills – and the apparent awareness across all Labour factions of how ‘useful’ the person is to the party.

The response of the rest of the meeting to the comments was not recorded, but above is an artist’s impression of the reaction that might follows the kind of self-awareness failure it would take to boast of your own ‘personal charm’.

The phrase ‘living in someone’s head rent-free’ also springs to mind for some reason.

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    1. who needs the nasty starmer led supporters of johnson’s draconian liberty crushing laws, when tories oppose johnson & co, while starmer & co flag-waves for johnson 6 month extension to silence dissent? until we all realise a labour label does not wash, the country is doomed to be crushed between blue and red tory cheeks of the one establishment backside.

      1. what more proof do some need to refuse to vote for starmer and all the saboteurs? the vote? 76 voted against, including jeremy. what do those who voted to extend draconian laws have to say?

        i say it is disgusting and disgraceful.

    1. I was expecting a phone call for my (correct) guess, but then It dawned on me that Keith hasn’t got any credit…

      Oh, suit yer soddin’ selves then. 🙄 ✌️

  1. Was it this Neolabour Party Tory MP by any chance?
    PS. Ideal Poem very fitting for National Poetry Month. This must surely be the one and only Poem that accurately and acrimoniously describes all Neolabour Party Tories, but I bet you know who I mean!

      1. I’d LOVE to see Clarkey do Party Political Broadcasts. ‘Dang’ I’d love to see him as PM! :):):)

    1. I did really like JCC but never got to see him. Unfortunately, he didn’t turn up, twice. No ill feeling, he got it and hit the bull regularly. Good to see he is still with us. ☮️

  2. We could tell by the look on his face that he was seething at the comments on Squawkbox and I wondered at the time especially when we couldn’t find Janet after the cleanout in Hatlepool CL P office….I wonder if they ever found out who has the hotline to Guido Fawkes?….Was it the loose lipped Secretary or the sockpuppet Chairman…and did Janet get the blame for the Hartlepol cleanout…..Hang in there for more exciting episodes of Dr who and the missing link.

  3. HUH????

    WTF is wrong with these cultists from new Labour 2.0 they honestly believe they can lie and deceive and we just have to let them because… They say so…

    NO I don’t believe you or trust you and I won’t be voting Labour with your cult in charge and this pains me greatly. But I will rather spoil my ballot with ‘None of the above.’

    If there is not a socialist to vote for I won’t hold my nose and vote new Labour 2.0 been there done that. This is why I say we need a socialist party if Labour wants to walk away from socialism!

    1. ‘Labour’ or ‘UK Labour Party’ is dead, The Neoliberal going on Neoconservative Neolabour Party killed it, people might as well vote Tory if they plan to vote for those parasites. In fact I reckon even with all the Tory insanity, The Neolabour Party would be the more dangerous Party to vote for.
      All we can do is reorganise it’s dead, move on and get behind Democratic Socialist Projects until we have a Democratic Socialist Party in the HoC, but as far as The UK Labour Party is concerned it’s dead. 95+% Neolabour Party PLPs vs 5-% UK Labour Party PLP, there is no chance of revival, let them have the brand ‘Labour’, but they are Neoliberals and Neoconservatives they can never be The Hardieist, Democratic Socialist, UK Labour MOVEMENT that is us, The PEOPLE, we are the movement, they are the brand, useless like a polished turd let them have it! Democratic Socialist would be far safer out of that sabotaging cesspit full of vipers.

  4. Not so much ‘speaking truth to power’ (SW’s modus operandi) as telling someone that their behaviour is atrocious.

    And yet he (or she) becomes mega-defensive.

    They truly are a different order, these conceitedly opinionated right wing types. He (or she) should just join the Conservative party or marry-into royalty and not have to deal with people like us.

  5. Querboi when you say she its almost forensic in the sense that the good Doctor who is now a fearless she and like me you are clearly a follower.of the series.ITs amazing what us old folks watch innit.

  6. Two Polar Opposite Political Parties. Democratic Socialists Centre Left/Right,
    Thatcherite Neoliberals occupy the same spot as she did as a Neoliberal, you can’t be Neoliberal and anywhere near the Centre, that is what ‘The Machine’/’Elites’/MSM did with their constant hysteria, “moved” Democratic Socialist to Far Left so they can accommodate their “newly invented term Centrist”. Centrist did not exist, not then and not now.
    They want/need us to have two parties the same slightly different rhetoric but essentially the same just like the USA, Two Neoliberal come Neoconservative Parties, no matter who you vote for the Middle East will get Bombs and Bombed, Africa will get Plundered, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea will be threatened. Either Party’s Government will spend Billions on Military rather than feed starving British children, house the Homeless, Improve Education, make us safer by acting and negotiating Peaceful Resolutions, it is only the MSM that makes people believe those countries are threatening us, goddamned Neoconsevative War Pigs! Evil! Pure EVIL!

  7. And its now reported that no cops were injured with broken arms and ribs as reported by the Conservative party BBC and it seems that the only people with broken bones are those who were set upon by police dogs mounted police,cops in full battle dress beating peacfull protestors with trunchons,shields,pepper spray and fists and helmets.So much propoganda and a stage managed attack upon freedom fighters.and the heroes of Bristol city kill the Bill.

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