Starmer suffers double-digit loss of credibility in just two months, says poll

Keir Starmer: feeling blue?

Keir Starmer has suffered a catastrophic fall in public opinion of his competence, trustworthiness, likeability and leadership qualities in the last two months, according to a new YouGov poll.

The results, from an already none-too-high base, look bleak for the Labour leader:

In only one category is the relative fall less than mid to high double digits – and that one, ‘trustworthiness’, is one one point short of reaching double figures.

The public doesn’t think too highly of non-oppositional ‘opposition’, mealy-mouthed words on the ‘black lives matter’ movement and police attacks on women, nor of a lack of vision and addictions to abstaining in Parliament and attacking your own party’s members and democracy. Who’d ever have guessed?

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  1. Starmer will sink to a lower bottom still. NB – Starmer, Evan & Mandelson’s ordered long-list of one, is unsurprising. What else did anyone expect from the DPP cager Julian Assange?

    Note the constipated silence of the usual suspects. Find a giant stethoscope to find their even more elusive vulgar theatrical sounds of outrage now.

    Jessica Phillips, Trevor Phillips, Straw, Harman, Hodge, Reeves, Smeeth, Berger, Margret Beckett, Blunket, Cooper, Ashworth, Oldknow, Campbell et al, have i missed your bleating how “hurt” “distressed” “afraid” etc etc etc that an admirer of the Saudi regime is being endorsed by Starmer?

    1. The electorate suspect Starmer is bad news. He will sink even lower before we see the back of him and some of his cabal. Sadly, there is still no sign that the high command of the “Left” have learnt anything. Until the rest of us realise they are part of the problem, we really are very doomed. Having heard McCluskey on Sunday and Meadway on Monday, it was clear. They are devoted to crumbs. To McCluskey, Starmer & co might improve. He spoke of something in Hartlepool, ie if Starmer’s said some positive words about it, Paul Williams could win. It was hardly surprising. The old guard have been stuck in their spirit sapping culture for too long. Those under them have learnt quickly to lack all confidence of conviction that we cannot be unified with the Right Wing. I lament the silence of the SCG etc, but having heard McCluskey and Meadway a few times this year, they may as well all be totally silent and absent. Alas it is “the many” who will continue to pay the price.

      1. Meadway has strongly opposed MMT also. Which is sad, but it raises a broader issue that can no longer be brushed under the carpet by labour. They need to take a position on it. Because if they don’t when it arrives (and it will ) it will effect everything the party says or proposes going forward. If they go against it, society collapses anyway. If they go.for it they have to explain it to the public. If they ignore it they will never be trusted when it turns out they did nothing to stop the privatisation of money.

      2. I’m 61 what do you think the average age of the comments is, oh good that makes me one of the bairns on here
        The state we find ourselves is not as bad as it looks on paper
        Demographics, Pandemics virus and financial and threats to democracy all the ingredients to make a quantum shift in society or wipe out the planet

    2. What a crew. Let’s see if we can find anymore, got to be some somewhere.

      1. You’re miles better off with Bonnie Prince Bob…

        I’m honestly jealous

  2. It would be a mistake to attribute these failures to Starmer’s character. Or right wing ineptitude.
    What the polls show is that he is very quickly and efficiently destroying the Labour Party, which is what his job is.
    Labour’s reputation has already been reduced to a shadow in the former heartlands of the North, Scotland and south Wales. All that remains is to mop up what is left of Labour support in the south, the midlands and London. That won’t be hard.
    Next up, for the Trilateral boys: what is left of the Trade Union movement.
    No doubt the Israeli Embassy and the US will be eager to lend a hand again in this task, too.

    1. After which, the 80% of the PLP who are only still in their seats- seats ANY Labour candidate from any part of the political compass would automatically win- due to the lack of deselection would then instantly cross over to sit as “The Progress Party” and serve as junior partners to the Tories in “National Government 2.0”, gleefully anticipating the 1931-style electoral bloodbath this could cause for non-Tory parties. They won’t even mind if they lose their OWN seats- all they’ve ever been in it for is cushy no-show seven-figure-a-year directorship jobs once they’ve ended democracy.

      That’s why Starmer still has a (shrinking) positive rating on “competence”- everyone knows he’s doing the job he was secretly chosen by the PLP to do.

    2. I agree with you. This is going better than expected for Max and Mandy and Likud.

  3. Can anyone else foresee the problem that I can?
    If the superhuman guidance of the Almighty Mandelson pushes the leadership to parity with the Tories at 32%, then that may be the signal for mass shadow cabinet resignations, and the launch of a further right wing/centrist coup. Again!
    The question is: who is daft enough to play the walk on role of “latter-day Owen Smith”?
    Are those with leadership ambitions ready to burst forth?
    One can only watch in amazement at the moral depths our party is plumbing at the moment.

  4. So to all you ABC people out there. What happened to AnyoneButCorbin having what was it 20 points over the Torys in the polls?

    Oh that’s right it was all BS and this is the result your bullcrap destroyed Labour I do hope you’re happy…

    1. They are. That’s why Steve hasn’t posted in this thread- he’s sipping a victory pina colada back home in the Carribean.

      1. By “Steve”, I meant the OTHER Steve, not Steve Richards, who did in fact post. IT was Steve, not Steve. Or something.

  5. George Galloway predicted as soon as Keir Starmer was elected as leader of the Labour party their journey to irrelevance would be completed. Looking like George is being proven correct, as has Skwawkbox.

    1. Yeah, Labour party irrelevance, as bevin said, Sir Keir’s personal market price to his backers will skyrocket.

      1. Yes, my guess is he’s on some sort of promiss for when leaves ‘public service’

  6. Odds against the Northern Independence Party have shortened from 33/1 to 20/1 in a few days …….. and they haven’t even got a candidate yet. Rumours of possible LP councillor defections to NIP in the NE abound.
    Glad that someone has united the LP. Remind me who was going to do that.

    1. Maybe Sir woolfie from the Tooting popular front,hes not had an airing since RH(bless him)left us?…must have a at least 18 months experience of being Labour and never been North of Watford..

    2. Goldbach, I’m from Scarborough and know nowt about this. When did this party start? We’ve got some Yorkist org already but they seem minuscule and wouldn’t get such odds. Please tell us more, or links. This could be very interesting. Yorkshire people are really pissed off although very community minded, so there is a desperate yearning for a new world or county at least. This whole shinbag show might be near it’s end. A new democratic left? Regards ☮️

      1. This is the only link I can find.
        You can find articles about then by googling. There is an interview on YouTube where the leader of the party is interviewed by Arron Bastani. I guess that, if you go on YouTube and search for “Aaron Bastani Northern Independence Party” it will come up.

      2. I forgot – When did it start? – I think it was just a few months ago.
        P.S. I like the CND sign.

      3. See this:-
        “the recently formed Northern Independence Party (NIP) is already making moves. It said in a statement:

        Starmer has refused to oppose the Tory takeover of Liverpool.

        The Northern Independence Party believes that the people of Liverpool should be the ones to hold corrupt politicians to account…

        Instead, it seems that both Westminster parties want to impose the rule of Tory minister Robert Jenrick, who has faced corruption allegations himself.

        We believe the Labour Party is not fit to represent Liverpool”

  7. Right weve had Lawyers and…Lawyers barristers…QCs,we never had a judge?Maybe that’s the solution to attract more conservative minded people…Must have a title at the very least…do judges have titles?erm…Okay whos going to represent the face of Neo Labour?A estate agent wiv a Title..thats it then Sir Chumly warner (from Essex)the new face of Labour for the “man in the street)..or woman Barroness Tracy from Romford..that should do nicely nicely wiv our membership and their ability to vote for a looser Tracy should be a done ✔ deal…..Luvrrly jubbly Labours on a winner..!

  8. Check out the Canary which has a good article on Bristol riots and privalage.Some on here might get a understanding of real life and real demos.

  9. That popping sound I asked about yesterday….it was wee stevie’s head exiting his sphincter!

    So much for his protests that keith’s getting mahoosive approval ratings, eh?

    As for everybody normal….Please don’t kid yourselves that this is anything to do with any of the beknighted, sebaceously coiffured one’s grandiose scheming.

    It isn’t. Stammer reached his zenith when the gobshites allowed him to shit on democracy. I’ll bet a fair few of them regret they allowed him to do so (Eh, jackanory?)

    The gawp knows as much about politics as he does about the law. That much is only too evident. He’s twice been promoted waaaaaay beyond his capabilites. I personally doubt he can wipe his own arse properly, but still… These ratings are a mere reflection of his inadequacies, incompetence and impotence; not because any plan of his is coming to fruition.

  10. I have been looking at the Sunday press re riots in Bristol..IT was a little bit like veiwing the miners strike,alround condemnation by the Conservative and the rest of the establishment partys ..Thugs,arnichists,marxists,political hooligans and fear all round including from some of the people that organised the kill the Bill demo.So nothing different from 84except this time there are more voices in the left wing media like Squawkbox,the Canary and Zelo st urging caution and look at the real evidence and who controls the real violence and intimidation of the public.Many more will speak up for the guts and determination of the protesters and hopfuly more pressure from the working-class movement will come forward.Some will “loose their bottle” like some of the organisers but I have a feeling that this is different and enough is enough of Draconian Police State rule.IF they are not listening then we have no longer any options left other than fight to kill the Bill and those that support it…Well done Squawky for avoiding the “Sheep mentality” and telling it like it is.

  11. In other news, Irk Streamer is to back the Tories on their plan to take over Liverpool.

    That’s going to improve his popularity…

  12. MPs earned £5m from second jobs during lockdown

    In all, more than a third of MPs reported additional earnings above their standard £82,000 salary since the first lockdown began on 23 March last year.

    The highest earner was former prime minister Theresa May, who received £616,000 in speaking fees over the past 12 months – including more than £130,000 for three speeches delivered on video calls.

    In August, onetime chancellor Sajid Javid took a £150,000-a-year job as an adviser to JP Morgan, which involves 80-96 hours of work per year.

    This needs to stop.

    It’s outrageous that MPs have made money advising companies seeking public-funded contracts

    Credit to Martin Wiliams and Peter Geoghegan at openDemocracy

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