‘The Art of Resistance’: Mersey Pensioners’ Association launches TV programme

MPA secretary and famous women’s rights campaigner Audrey White and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey

A year ago the Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) decided to produce a regular podcast in response to the pandemic and to enable the group to keep MPA campaigns in the public consciousness. It was released on a number of platforms including and Liverpool Community Radio. The MPA motto is “Fighting for pensioners and all those who follow us.”

Following the success of the podcast MPA has decided to launch its own TV programme on a monthly basis. It will be premiered by SKWAWKBOX and Socialist Telly at 4pm on Sunday March 21st and will be available on catch up afterwards. It will also be available on the Merseyside Pensioners YouTube channel.

MPA secretary Audrey White said:

We are delighted that we are able to provide this free service which is not just for pensioners but for everyone. In particular we are excited by our partnership with SKWAWKBOX who have a fearless reputation for pioneering investigative journalism. It’s really important that there are alternatives to the mainstream media. MPATV will give a voice to pensioners, Trade Unionists and community groups.

The programme will be a mixture of commentary on contemporary events, campaign news, music and satire. The first episode features the #NHSpay15 campaign, a look at the brilliant Durham Miners Gala, an exclusive interview with UNITE general secretary Len McCluskey and interviews with members of the famous ’47’ – the councillors who rebelled against Thatcher’s cuts in the 1980s. MPA chair Julie Lyon-Taylor talks about the importance of keeping Council One Stop Shops open. Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer also make cameo appearances. Watch a short trailer below:

Award winning film makers and MPA members Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell will be producing the programmes as part of their ‘The Art Of Resistance’ series.

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  1. The Mersey will need “Art of Resistance”. Word is, Tories r planning to take control of Liverpool away from the council. They may be testing the water but Tories will do anything. This “resistance” was never more vital than now ❌❌❌

  2. Maybe our indoctrinated Zionist leader of neo Labour can supply weapons and combat training that candidates in Neo Labour seem to be aspiring to.Unless of course they wish to transfer to intelligence based black ops specialist under the umbrella of information gathering on members.Your subs are sustaining a foreign witchunt of socialists in the Labour party..How much longer?

  3. The following is self-explanatory…. First a vid of the state opening of Parliament in 2017 in which Theresa May bows her head to the Queen as she enters the chamber, and then a vid of the state opening of Parliament in 2015 in which Theresa May DOESN’T bow her head as she enters the chamber. In the second vid go to 39 mins and 33 seconds, and May appears on the right dressed in red:

    DID JEZ SNUB QUEEN? Jeremy Corbyn chooses not to bow to Her Majesty ahead of Queen’s Speech – before turning round to WINK at a pal

    The Labour leader was caught on camera staying upright while others bowed

    NO, he DIDN’T snub the Queen! The only people who are supposed to bow are the speaker and Black Rod and several other officials who lead the MPs in to the chamber, and THEY bow their heads on behalf of all the MPs who follow them in. THAT is the protocol.

    1. And the Sun knows it!

      So, in 2015:

      Perish the thought that Theresa May bowed her head in 2017 so that elements of the MSM could then discredit and smear Jeremy for disrespecting the Queen! She obviously just forgot that she didn’t have to!

  4. Off-topic….But I’m struggling to remember reading such utter bilge in my entire life….What bleedin’ planet does that bbc journalist iain watson (?!) come from?

    All the usual suspects ‘interviewed’, the same spurious sycophantic shite being spewed. And they want £157 a year off you for this tripe?

    1. Classic propaganda article. It doesn’t inform. It tries to persuade and influence.

      As a publically funded national broadcaster, the BBC is actually more corrupt than the self-serving ruling elite it propangandises for.

  5. …I’m not even gonna post a link to mandelson’s slime about ‘Policy reviews’.

  6. If I was a gutless and spineless politician I would be smelling blood
    Go on, shy bairns get nowt

  7. Angela Rayner up in Hartlepool talking about Tory cronyism i.e. ‘the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority’, you have to laugh at the hypocrite.

  8. I wonder if the head chopping Saudi supporter Paul Williams thinks Angela Rayner is a “Mother I’d Like to F- -k”

  9. Just got my invitation to apply for a postal vote from the local conservatives, A4.leaflet with their plan for the area and application form for postal vote with their address ar the bottom. It says you should send it to the city council or return it to them, but the potage paid envelope is addressed to them.
    It has my name and address filled in but asks for all phone nos and DOB, email address.
    My son told me to ‘shit in the envelope’ and send it back to them. I am worried that the shit could be traced back to me (dna), but I am sure I can find something suitable in the garden.
    Joking aside, I won’t be wasting their postage paid envelope and they will be getting it back with some choice wording.
    If you get one, send the envelope back and give them something to do.

  10. The Perception Industry aka MSM is in fact GOVERNMENT BY MEDIA as consent for dominant right-wing ideologies is manufactured & presented; any opposition is de-platformed & marginalised. No debate.

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