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Breaking: ‘Brace yourself’ – if Carlsberg made party political broadcasts. Trickett shows Starmer how it’s done

Senior left-wing Labour back-bencher Jon Trickett has holed Keir Starmer’s pasty performances below the waterline with a short ‘party political broadcast’-style video released on social media.

And was Trickett talking to the dreary party leader when he posted just two words with the video? “Brace yourself.”

Judge for yourself:

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    1. “Hearts in the right place.” MEANWHILE, back in the real world….

      “Labour seem keen to get out of touch with the public once more”

      “Labour’s new establishment seem to have internalised the myth of their own making that the radical manifesto policies that were the bedrock of Labour’s 2017 advance, and even the main factor stemming its 2019 electoral slide, are the reason they sit on the opposition benches.

      “The voters are more radical than Labour. The Labour leadership’s private polling must surely understand that public opinion is quite firm on the question of NHS pay.

      “In fact, three-quarters support a 10 per cent pay rise for nurses with a mere one in 12 opposing. Among Labour supporters the figure in favour rises to 86 per cent with barely 3 per cent opposing.

      “When a party leadership pursues a policy not only at variance with the overwhelming opinion of the nation it aspires to govern but also one with a statistically insignificant body of internal support, the question naturally arises: on whose interests do they think they are acting?

  1. A strong Yorkshire voice that speaks simple, honest words…

    Thanks SKWAWKIE for letting me see Jon’s social media video without having to incur digital surveillance rape by f*c*book/ twitter /or whichever other player would have mined my data and sold it on to profit from it.

      1. I’m not paranoid at all. I KNOW that mass indiscriminate surveillance and surveillance capitalsim are recording every click of my mouse. I just prefer not to use any social media and technology owned particularly by google or facebook.

        🙂 A bog-standard VPN (‘free’ even) and encypted email (like protonmail) is a good idea though SteveH – they won’t stop the likes of Cambridge Analytica, Assif Kaplan and America’s numerous spy agencies from collating and cataloguing your data.

      2. qwertboi – It’s good to see that you are taking sensible steps to protect your privacy, everyone should..

        If you look into ProtonMail a little deeper I think you’ll find it is more secure than you imagine it is, even from the various parties you mention.

      3. Do _not_ use TOR.

        Tor was funded by a legitimised offspring of the CIA. Think Integrity Initiative style cover.

        This is why they bagged the chap who ran the Silk Road.

        If you’re using TOR, you have something to hide.

        Just use a VPN. There’s no guarantee of anonymity though, as courts can demand records (which they keep)

      4. In todays Guardian

        Internet providers tracking sites we visit in secretive trial

        Campaigners complain of ‘staggering lack of transparency’ in Home Office mass data collection experiment

        Two internet providers are tracking and collecting the websites visited by their customers as part of a secretive Home Office trial, designed to work out if a national bulk surveillance system would be useful for national security and law enforcement.
        Details about the data collection experiment are limited, emerging via an obscure regulatory disclosure and a report in Wired, prompting campaigners to warn of a lack of transparency over data being “hoovered up into a surveillance net”.
        Under the two trials, the Home Office is working with the National Crime Agency to harvest “internet connection records (ICRs)” – information about which websites a customer visited, when they did so and how much data they downloaded.

      5. SteveH davidH SH up to your cheap tricks again⚠️ I posted the above over THREE hours ago. Which u must have seen below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

      6. windchime – You are deluding yourself if you think I avidly follow your every word.

      7. SH it is obvious from your replies that u most certainly do

      8. windchime – oh dear, Well we are all now well aware that you posted the link first (your self esteem is now restored).

      9. “Avidly” reading as usual every single word of every poster you little SH it is clear. ☢️🔺☢️🔺☢️🔺

      10. SteveH davidH all SHs – “If you are that paranoid use TOR.”

        Your snide remark ridicules qwertboi’s inteligent warning to be alert and take sensible action.

        You mention “TOR”, but CHOOSE to reduce qwertboi’s sensible concern to “paranoid”.
        You SHs are typical “double speakers”.

        ALL should ALWAYS ask – Does x or y encourage positive actions, or discourage them? Change, or remain the same? Act, or relax? SHs plants “paranoid”, but if you can’t help being paranoid use TOR. = If you are not “paranoid” you need not bother with any precautions.

        Grandma, what big eyes you have❔ All the better to see you with my dear.

        Grandma, what big ears you have❔ All the better to hear you with my dear.

        Don’t be paranoid … my dear, say SHs.

        However, ALL Socialists, read, note and take all practical DOABLE care. And, please SHARE your advice and tips on in particular and AHEAD of the curve.


    1. qwertboi, –

      You are spot on. That we may be burgled is no sensible reason to abandon all care. Everyone best protect their metadata, as much as is practical. ENJOY making snooping / monitoring as difficult as possible to preserve YOUR info. Enjoy frustrating the sinister entities local and foreign.

      1. SteveH davidH SH up to your cheap tricks again⚠️ I posted the above over THREE hours ago. Which u must have seen below ⬆️⬆️⬆️ U r ravenous wolves in wolves clothing. Your corpulent bulk spills out of your knitted flower patterned night dress. Your blood stained sharp teeth jut teeth

      2. Your bloodstained sharp teeth jut from your lying mouths. MouthS. Deliberate plural🔻🔻🔻🔺🔺🔺

  2. Nice words but as usual not much actions no demands for JC’s reinstatement or your leave, No demands about membership treatment, lack of conference the NEC chear thing a huge growing list of scumbaggery instead we get this..

    Cherry picking a complaints and talking sorta thought is easy real conviction and defending a socialist ideology in this cult of new Labour 2.0….

    Not sure you have that!

  3. I love the Labour Party when it is lead by socialists. Why don’t we start a new one. I am sure that at least 300000 members and at least four unions would follow in the wake of a few MPs.

      1. why Steve surely one has to at least try hope rather than cave into nothing can change. It will Steve. Not in my life time but it will. We have the most currupt Gov in history a opposition that is weak. More concerned about kicking out good members supporter’s MPs. .False focus on anti Semitism which is very small in Labour party and research from Jewish Voice for Labour suggests it was more prevalent under Miliband and Blair. It only became a big issue because Corbyn support for Palestine rights and his correct criticism of Israel’s Gov and the resulting war crimes.
        Starmer was totally wrong to call Corbyn a anti sematic as was that ghastly woman Margret Hodge. She is the one who should have been kicked out of LP.
        Like the useless leader Kinnock who spent years kicking out descent socialists instead of concentrating on thatcher and her neoliberal economics. Blair also while he did a some good things got involved in illegal war, never changed the neoliberal economics moved to the right rather than left. He was praised by Thatcher for goodness sake.
        All this far left nonsense is about humanity care for the individual rather than than big business and the cooperate mentality. It was simply being like most of Europe particularly Scandinavia with a balance between private v and pubic,. It was about creating a more equal society which would help us all. The UK is the most unequal country in Europe. That is the result of 45 years of neoliberal economics under Tory and Labour Gov.
        Incidentally Corbyn actually got more votes over all than Blair in 2001 2007 Brown in 2010 Milliband 2015 in both election’s in 2017 and believe it or not 2019. It was the distribution of the votes that was the problem.
        It is a very good reason that some sort of PR should now become central.

      2. I think Sandra Crawford is being sensible in realising that we can’t coexist with a mutant parasite that has decided that the Tory way is the only way.Now I know that centrist Dad will ridicule that veiw but they can’t seriously expect a membership to support Conservative and unionist party ideology can you Centrist Dad..?

    1. Kinnock, Bliar and Haredim Kier, all sought to undermine socialism, all leaders of Labour. All ou for themselves and their bank accounts.

      1. Why do you refer to the totally non-Jewish in origin , Keir Starmer, as ‘Haredim Kier’, ‘barriereid’ ? His wife is indeed Jewish, and his children are brought up as religious Jews (in the Liberal wing) , but Starmer himself ain’t Jewish. Apart from anything else, as a side issue, the majority of the Haredim Jewish communities have historically opposed political Zionism :

        – which you should know if you want to attach a dodgy ‘dog whistle anti-Semitism’ Jewish ‘handle’ against Starmer’s name. This is just the type of ignorant name-calling that gets the Left a reputation for endemic , unthinking, anti-Semitism . Keir Starmer is indeed a servile creature of the UK deep state and a willing creature of the US-led globalist neoliberal Trilateral Commission, and a willing tool of the endemic corruption, not ideology, that glues the Labour Right together, and it is those opportunist pro capitalist and unswervingly pro US imperialism politics which explain his totally uncritical support for the US-backed expansionist current Right Wing led Israeli state, and his enthusiastic leadership of the current Purge of the Labour Left, not that he is Jewish (he isn’t) , or has a Jewish wife. Ignorant name-calling just destroys whatever argument you are trying to make.

      2. “Apart from anything else, as a side issue, the majority of the Haredim Jewish communities have historically opposed political Zionism”. Very true jpenney. And also, Hasidic Jews are far more likely to be socialist, or at least anti-capitalist, than non-Hasidic ones. In fact, it is the resurgence of, or an attempt to religious orthdoxy amongst the young in Israel today which threatens the current likudist pro- American hegemony the most.

      3. type, sorry meant “attempt to RE-DEFINE religious orthadoxy….

  4. This is how you do it !!

    Forget soulless uninspiring corporate keith, This is how you tell your story and get voters to listen and buy into a vision. Head & heart. Need more of this.

  5. Great Video but do you really believe it would be allowed to see the light of day? No political party & no MSM organisation would touch it………. lights too many fires the establishment would prefer to remain dead.

  6. @jpenny the literal translation of haredim is sir. I use it sarcastically. When the Zionist supporter took office he held talks with right wing Jewish groups in London instead of the grassroots socialists that he and his supporters are harassing out of a socialist party. Why?

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