Rothery issues statement ‘disappointed’ that court failed to examine Labour’s claims re decision to bar her from selection

Wronged former Labour mayoral prospect issues statement on court decision to accept party’s unsubstantiated and already-discredited claim

Liverpool councillor Anna Rothery has issued a statement expressing her ‘disappointment’ that a court yesterday decided to accept Labour’s feeble – and already discredited – excuse for blocking her from the party’s process for selecting a candidate for May’s mayoral election.

Rothery was barred when Labour scrapped its entire shortlist of three women councillors, despite questions being raised only about the track record of one of them.

Rothery has thanked her supporters for their solidarity and now says she is considering her options. There is a considerable cry for her to stand as an independent candidate.

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  1. No alternative but to do everything possible to make every single one involved in the sabotage of the 2017 and 2019 General Election, lose their, seats and every influence in the party. Yes, it will be difficult, but few progressive achievements have come to life without dynamic actions. Each small action, collectively can achieve significant CHANGE.

    No more hoping despite the extensive, irrefutable evidence. Starmer, the PLP who support and enable him, and those for whom they WORK and SERVE, most certainly do NOT share our values or aims. Treat them as the Tories they are. ☒️🌱☒️🌱☒️🌱

    1. As strange as it might seem, it does look like tactical voting against all the proven Labour Party wrecker MPs (they’re the ones who couped JC) needs to gain some sort of coordinated traction. Even if that means voting for a scum sucking Tory. Only be eviscerating the PLP can the job of seeing if reconstruction is possible be started.

      1. contentiousadmin – “eviscerating the PLP”. EXCELLENTLY precise word “eviscerating”. It IS exactly what’s needed. Tactical voting. No mercy. No looking back. No regret. What has gone before must stop. It can stop. i.e. attitude… culture that has resulted in these repeated failures of the “Left” must stop. A refusal to see the Right for what they are and to see our actions and inaction for what they are worth.

        Think of it, the same sort who complain of the MSM repeating lies, cannot endure the repetition of truths even here on That inward looking, silo bunker immature attitude is what i believe has helped secure generations of defeat. The utterly embarrassing childish attitude of expecting we must only say sweet useless nice things makes us a laughing stock. More over, we fail those who NEED change. Life is not a polite social club for “the many”. They need change. They deserve change NOW, not at the leisure of out of touch theorist and “conferences” which at this very moment ARE being stitched and sewn up by the Starmer cabal.

        To read here of people STILL claiming that conference could reverse the wrongdoings of the Starmer cabal, suggest they have self-“eviscerated” their self respect. Anyone suggesting a repeat of anything which has failed offers less than nothing. That is basic logic. A new approach MAY fail, but we know that the tired REPEATEDLY tried old ones have failed REPEATEDLY. Common-sense, Not rocket science. What sort of person could use even one minute to argue against that❓❓❓

        I’ve noticed a recent hoping for “conference” to do this and that. UTTER UNDILUTED TOSH. Again, think of it. The will of many to rid ourselves of the saboteur Tom Watson was sabotaged by the same appeasing culture. Tragic hope suffocated the obviously necessary action.

        At conference the position of respecting the will of the people was sabotaged by Starmer. It is clear conference CANNOT transform
        the culture and attitude that has resulted in failure. That has to change first with individual reflection. Pausing, stepping back and scrutinise our condition as of an outsider.

        The pathetic infantile wish that we be some cosy social moaning group must be dumped. All who subscribe to that are a MAIN part of the problem. If my words are too frank and different to past examples, then GOOD. It’s change. It is stupid to repeat what has failed. does that no show another tragic bit of the culture ie the wish that we just talk amongst ourselves??? i.e. Never mind “the many” who want to see strong evidence that we realise what gas failed???

      2. So did all of these flaws that you endlessly repeat on here signpost exist and apply in 2017 when Jeremy and the LP under his leadership came so close to winning, or did they somehow ‘develop’ between the 2017 GE and the 2019 GE?

        Needless to say, signpost invents all of these flaws AND endlessly repeats them so as to discredit Jeremy and the left!

  2. Is there now any serious alternative to standing as an independent? So far the fightback, for the re-democratisation of our Labour Party remains almost invisible in the eyes of the pitiful MSM.

    1. Martin Read…most independents are Torys.And democratisation never happened.Not in my life and I am a old man..IF Rothery thinks she can hang in there in the establishment Labour party then shes in for a shock.Rotherys only chance to survive in the position shes become accustomed to is to run as the sacked Labour candidate and hit back.She will not be allowed to progress any further having the endorsement of socialist Corbyn was a “Kiss of death” under the knights establishment Labour party.The Lady needs to hit back at the Labour leader and understand that she chose her corner in the middle of a witchunt from very different and dangerous people based in London and HQ ably assisted by Region HQ…This war for the working-class movement goes on well beyond the North West and she’s no longer any option other than to fight with support from within and outside of the establishment Labour party.

  3. Should be no surprise. Courts are a part of the establishment. The LP is a part of the establishment.

  4. I hope Anna or someone else decent stands as an independent.

    The most important thing is that the Starmerites are given a bloody nose be that by abstentions, refusal to canvass, a decent candidate standing against them or any other means possible. The incubus that is Starmer must be defeated before we can make any progress at all.


  5. Even if a leftist candidate was to win any leadership contest, does anybody really, REALLY believe they will have the inclination or the bollocks to give back to the stammerites what they have doled out .. with interest?

    Because they’re firmly dug in like the ticks they are in all the important and influential positions so the workload is bigger now.

    Then you’ve got the Zionists factions… And they NEVER do anything but make a song n dance about being the victims.. So that means the press to contend with as well.

    In essence, you’ll get lumbered with Corbyn MK2. Because there isn’t one of them making enough noise about the current state of affairs despite their supposed socialist credentials.

    Best forming a proper socialist party, answerable to the people not the establishment.

  6. Anna Rothery should consider leaving the party and run as an independent socialist. If she doesn’t all those who support her should campaign for and vote for someone else, maybe the Green candidate? It would be much better than voting Tory.

    1. Only one problem Christopher, they need to be very careful how they do it, as if they are Labour members they would be expelled from the Party if they were to openly canvass for an independent candidate or for another Party.
      Perhaps they way to do it, would be when someone reply that they aren’t voting Labour or aren’t sure as to how to vote to say something along the lines: “fair enough but, would you please ensure that you don’t vote Tory. What about voting for the Green candidate or Ann Rothery. We need to stop the Tories”

      1. Maria, You’re absolutely right about being careful if you are a Labour member and of course it would be a sad if Anna left the party. Unfortunately, many are doing so at the moment. I’m still a member and on my CLP Exec’ committee but to be honest I’m struggling to keep motivated at the moment with what’s happening to decent members being abused and just because they have a different view from the leadership being attacked. If we lose in May elections Starmer is finished. Who replaces him is also a concern as the far right of the party will no doubt propose some that is equally incapable and doesn’t really care about the members as long as he/she gets elected. These are difficult times but we need to see strong leadership from the left and a consistent purpose when internal elections take place. Co-ordination is the key don’t have two or three candidates have one leftwing candidate and put your effort into getting them elected, that’s where it all went wrong with the NEC votes. Currently we have the worst Shadow Cabinet in living memory, they’re out of touch, arrogant and not that bright, even if they did PPE at university!

        I will make my mind up later this year if I still want to part of this unruly mob and I realise people will say you have to stay but how long do cling to the ship that is sinking before you go under with it?

      2. Christopher Fox – ” how long do cling to the ship that is sinking “.

        Please share what you believe are the three main reasons for the ship sinking. Thanks in advance.

      3. Christpher – we need to see strong leadership from the left

        Do you have anyone credible in mind or are you still searching.

      4. Wear masks. It’s practically encouraged these days. Could be anyone canvassing.

    2. Unfortunately Anna has seen the the benefits of being Labour,and now being trampled by the establishment doesn’t seem to see that theres no longer any hiding place for a Socialist in the Labour party.Shame really she would have had backing from outside the Labour party and could had some sweating amongst the establishment Labour party.Not everyone can afford to leave the Labour party because quite frankly they make a good living out of “being Labour” and the social network that goes with it.Never mind another one lost…!

  7. From the outside I would like to encourage Anna Rothery to stand as an independent and present battle to Starmer. No doubt that the vote in Liverpool would be divided and no matter the result it would damage Starmer.
    However, Rothery needs to weight up her options very carefully. She doesn’t have the experience that Ken Livingstone did have on the job. Livingston had the experience of been the latest successful leader of the GLC while Rothery is a relatively inexperience Cllr that doesn’t have any real experience for the position of major.
    If she stand and win the most likely scenario is that she will be invited back to rejoin the LP, but was she to lose the election as an independent it is a strong likelihood that she isn’t going to allow to stand for her position as Labour Cllr at the next local elections. She will be forced to fight the next local election as an independent.
    Hence, a tough decision.

    1. Or to put it more succinctly, does she really want to throw her political career down the toilet.

      1. SteveH – “political career down the toilet.” Says it all. What exactly is a “political career” ❓
        What is it’s purpose, to anything for a “political career” or to do everything to end the status quo?

      2. windchime – You could try asking those who’ve made a lifelong career out of politics.

      3. ‘throw her political career down the toilet.’

        Chances are she’d win. But win or lose, she’d end up smelling of roses, a red (true) Labour Rose.

      4. signpost not windchimes.
        The likes of Steve Scum, think that people only do things like this to make money.
        Steve Scum is projecting.

  8. OK it would have been like opening a can of worms for the court to have decided otherwise, but accepting the Labour party’s discredited and unsubstantiated claims on the reasons for its decision to suspend democratic-process and bar Anna Rothery from selection shows the law can sometimes be an Ass. A forensic Ass.

    Anna should seriously consider standing in the Mayoral election as a non-Labour independent. Seriously evaluate options Anna and complete a rigorous cost/benefit analysis.

    For me as a Labour member who looks askance and disbelievingly at the behavopir and actions of my party, the biggest benefit would be that you might win and this would fire a painful and damaging warning shot at the new management controlled party.

    A simple decision for you to stand as a non-Labour candidate would send ripples throouggh the party. Mandelson would worry that the lefter parts of the Labour party might actually challenge and resist the billionaire-backed leader and be willing to leave in order to to resist the bidenism of Starmer, Evans, Chinn and the WEF-endorsing Trilateral billionaires.

    Even though winning parliamentary seats might be immediately difficult or worse, the democratic socialism, peace and justice that the new group of independents embody would quickly change the face of British politics, not least because the Labour party could become tory and die in peace

    Go for it Anna. Please.

  9. We need Len to give Anna a ten and openly support her as an independent
    Then we can all campaign for her
    Its not like there is a snowballs chance of stopping what is about to happen next in the Labour party, when the left finally stand up and challenge Temporary Embarrassment, let this be the opening salvo

    1. Len threw his weight behind Jeremy for the 19GE we lost 61 seats, and then he got behind RLB and Burgon and they both lost. Are we starting to see a pattern developing here.

      1. Presumably Len threw his weight behind Jeremy in the 2017 general election as well, when Labour made a net gain of 30 seats . I wonder what happened between THEN and the 2019 GE! Oh, right, the MSM et al trebled down on their smears and their vilification and demonisation of Jeremy and the left membership. SteveH is well aware of this of course, but he pretends that it was all Jeremy’s fault that the LP lost so badly in 2019. So NOW we have fascists in full control of the party again thanks to the likes of SteveH who was forever endorsing Starmer during the leadership campaign and dissembling the falsehood that Starmer was gonna stick with Jeremy’s policies etc.

        Only fascists and dictators suppress free speech AND target those who stand up to them.

      2. Indeed.
        You are a hard right troll, Steve scum
        The pattern is clear.

      3. Yes, the Starmerite Centrists, and their hangers-on, are better at the underhand manipulation of the political process, than the Left. Count the ways. Just like counting sheep, that should get you off to sleep.

        By the way, everyone. Keep an eye out for a polling company called Redfield & Wilton (@RedfieldWilton).

        They appeared on the scene in April 2020, and have been coming up with some strange polling results which seem to favour Starmer.

        May or may not be kosher. (wink)

      4. SteveH
        Have you looked at your polling figures on here, like I said centrists can’t count, only matter of time before we kick your sorry arses into touch

    2. Doug I can now see why you believe in “up and out the trenches” fixed baynots and charge into the enemys bullets.tactics.Where you ever a British officer in your former life?Temporary embarrassment is beginning to look solid or replaced by another “Temporary Embarrassment” .

      1. Joseph
        Never with the brass
        Its a always a numbers game with me
        Red Tories lost 5 million votes,
        JC got better numbers than Bliar 2005, Broon 2010 and Millipede 2015
        The internal report is set in stone

  10. Yes, I think I do detect a pattern – but not the one you mean.
    Let’s just put our feet up, let the clueless Labour Student lot slog the streets for a change, and wait for the triumph of the May elections. Just work for the candidates who can be trusted.

    1. SteveH, thanks for the link but Lavelle doesn’t say very much at all. Beside we have the experience of Starmer that at hustings was talking about uniting the Party.
      But Lavelle is right on the central point of his argument: Labour can lose big time in May. No perhaps in Liverpool or London but the percentage of vote will most probably go down opening Starmer’s leadership to challenge.

      1. I watched Lavelle being interviewed by Hannah Miller, Granada News, last night. She looked puzzled, by the end.

        I should explain, Hannah Miller is a very capable young woman, fairly recent to political journalism. She came to national prominence, after interviewing Johnson – on two separate occasions – and wiping the smirk of his face, both times.

        A couple of weeks ago, she won the RTS National and Regional Presenter of the Year award. A very popular decision.

    2. Thanks for the link SH.

      An expertly written piece of bluffery from the patsy or opportunist who is standing as a fully-endorsed Liverpool Mayor candidate for for the vile neocon neoliberals in the Labour right so that their politically psychopathic decision to ban three good candidates (but principally Anna Rothery, the democratic socialist) and pander to the equally psychotic whims of Lord Peter Mandelson.

      In theory, the Huffington post should be a good newspaper. Why, I wonder, is it not? Oh yes, it’s full of PR and marketing pieces for the likes of Evans, Starmer, SAGE-promoted pharmaceutical companies and Wonga

      1. And so Steve H posting from your Caribbean island bolt hole you are almost admitting that HQ and lotto are in the “Thick of it” with young An.thony being “worked” like the illiterate stooge he is.I think youve been sipping too many margaritas watching the sun 🌞 go down on your establishment Labour party.

      2. Joseph – You said that not me. It can’t do much for your self esteem when you’re constantly having to make stuff up in your vain attempt to maintain some relevance & credibility.

    3. I wonder if mummy wrote that one for her boy πŸ‘¦..An..thony.Hows your mummy Stevie boy πŸ‘¦…Have you been volunteering her out for testing of vaccines lately?I think we can safley say young An..thony has been fostered out by HQ and are”managing the speeches”.This doesn’t fool anyone Steve H and only shows how up to their necks in dirty tricks lotto and HQ are in this fiasco…Bloody insulting all round and a reflection of how stupid the knight sees the membership.IT also shows the desperation of a party bleeding members and cash flow.

      1. Joseph – So you couldn’t find anything to disagree with either so decided you’d cover that up by having a rant.

        Are you speaking from personal experience, did your mummy write your speeches for you.

        My mum is doing fine thanks, she was absolutely delighted to get her first vaccine shot in January and she’ll be getting her second shot this month.

  11. Sorry Steve H its our midday rest period eleven till 3,I can’t keep you booking up the overtime pay for the knight..especially as youve dropped him in it and yourself…I expect along with the drinkypoos youre back on the “Woodbines” or is it something a little more “intoxicating” thats very popular with your lot especially the NEC kangaroo court…..ask Chris Williamson who was on the recieving end??

    1. Joseph – When Chris Williamson was so calously abandoned and thrown under a bus Jeremy Corbyn was leader, Jennie Formby was GenSec, Corbyn had a majority on the NEC and the left chaired the NCC.

      1. Steve H by your lot on the NEC,I naturally include the fake left socialists that are even more parasitic than you lot of the misfits and the knight.And that mr H is why the establishment Labour party are bleeding away the membership and the cash flow..thats gone to the legal bottom feeders profession Lawyers.ITs almost becoming a macabre dance of death under the knights establishment Labour party..!

    1. Peter Mandelson came to mind, but maybe they went the whole hog (not that Lord M isn’t) and got an Armando Iannucci (Thick Of It guy) ghost writer.

    2. Well I thought little An.thony Lavelly did very well for his first reading and writing lesson..Now An.thonys mum invites everyone round Anthony’s house for is 11th birthday party.There will be a knight in shining armour playing with fire,a couple of clowns from the regoinal and conjuring tricks by Evans help ya and a general knowledge of Kosher cooking by the DUP..And later on in the evening Stevie H and Davidh the ventriloquist dummy whos travelled all the way from “down Sarff” with his highly acclaimed dummy act.Notice the lips dont move and the brain doesn’t engage but the bile and lies come forth with a silly grin πŸ˜€…Note the stars of this show will be waiving toodle who and bon voyage after the Labour party conference bash when the money and them πŸƒ out.

  12. Piers Morgan can give it but cannot take it, was brought down by the little weatherman who stood upto him
    What an utter woke fucking snowflake
    Just another posh privileged bully boy who once confronted ran away
    Now back to Red Tories and Temporary Embarrassment

    1. ……..but the only journalist to ever challenge the establishment in any way, apart from Julian Assange.

      1. Well, Steve, the beeb axed Victoria Derbyshire’s show for putting toerags on the spot.

        They also reprimanded Maitlis for telling the truth about cummings…Probably would’ve pulled her too if the ‘rags had told them to.

        Just because moron grilled a few toerags (at first – once the toerag cabinet ministers started coming back onto GMB he toned it down to the point where it was only just beyond a light grilling) doesn’t make him any less a cnut (Makes him the same cnut he always was)

        That said, I couldn’t give a shite about little hewitt and his missus, neither. Nor the rest of the uppercrust leeches.

        …But is is fun watching some of the right-wing media hypocritical meltdown that sussexes have kicked off. Let them rip each other apart, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll just sit here & enjoy me popcorn.

      2. The Toffee
        ‘Little Hewitt
        Goes into Skwawk profanosaurus
        Of doubtful parentage would be the Oxford Dictionary definition
        Will leave it with you

  13. Β£36 billion on the cheap and nasty Tory spivs and thieves test and trace system
    If you closed it down tomorrow no one would notice

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