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Video: health adviser Adam Hamdy explains frightening, newly-discovered COVID health dangers, as English kids prepare for school return

In a programme to be broadcast on Socialist Telly on Monday evening health adviser Adam Hamdy, who has provided the UK government with numerous reports and analysis on the pandemic and the steps needed to fight it, told SKWAWKBOX that Monday’s return to school for English children is fraught with dangers.

And Hamdy outlined newly-identified dangers linked to the COVID virus and its effects on the brain, including a ‘superantigen proteins in the brain that should normally only be seen in cases of severe bacterial infection – and ‘huge clots’ of a specialised cells that should normally only be found in bone marrow. Hamdy went so far as to say these disease effects are unlike anything that has ever been seen before:

They’ve never seen this, these are things that have never been encountered before.

Adam Hamdy

Hamdy also warned of a reckless gamble by the Tory government that is creating the perfect environment for the virus to mutate into new and potentially both deadlier and vaccine-resistant forms.

Watch the full programme, with guests from the National Education Union and health activism on Socialist Telly’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels Monday 8 March at 8pm.

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    1. So, you feel it is safe to come out in public again timfrom, despite you having to retreat in disarray the last time you opined on the subject. That is not to say that dark forces will not use the pandemic for their own nefarious purposes, and we have already seen ad hoc? use by police up and down the country use the vaguely worded restriction to squash dissent, and it is still in place to be the scapegoat for the latest failure of neoliberal capitalism.

      1. I can’t find any but perhaps others can enlighten me – What relevant qualifications does Adam Hamby have?

    2. I might add, the reason we are left with lockdown as the only tool left to stop hospitals being completely overwhelmed is because of the failure to adopt trace test and isolate early in the pandemic. This in spite of the fact that China, and even more so Vietnam showed from very early on that was the best route to success. That approach can only work of course before the virus is let loose in the general population in an attempt to achieve “herd immunity”. I remind you that whilst all this was being played out, you were busy telling us it was a gigantic hoax on the public, thereby helping to hide the crimes of the government in letting it run amok through the population.

      1. I agree and the blame for the virus being in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland rests with ‘blojob’ johnson and priti ‘awful’ patel, with “coc in ‘is ‘and” matt Hancock!

        As the CaptainSKA song goes, they have blood on their hands.

        Personally, they should hang for treason and mass murder.

      2. I never said it was a hoax (that was someone else), but I have always maintained that the reaction to Covid-19 has been grossly disproportionate and driven by govt/media-inspired mass hysteria, something for which we’ll be paying for years, if not decades, to come.

      3. That’s those empty hospitals…

        Gloucester Royal hospital was filmed by a member of the public. Empty wards.

        The disease so deadly and dangerous that you need a test to know you have it…

        It’s a scam.

      4. NVLA – ….but in the context of how these tests are used in the UK – Why are they a scam?

      5. Mates getting contracts? Vaccines that take years to develop, let alone test, designed and approved in days, covid patented years ago, Bill Gates, Astrazennaca being linked to eugenics.

        I could go on, but someone like yourself will only believe Boris, the BBC and other reputable sources

      6. NVLA – I wouldn’t consider Johnson to be a reliable source on anything, would you?

      7. So why buy what he’s selling with covid?

        Do you believe he even had it?

    3. timfrom
      It was never a left right issue, for me it is a Cost of Lockdown issue, cause and effect,
      As supposedly rational human beans we are allowed to ask what the effect of Lockdown will be on our bairns and the economy
      Then there is the industrial level corruption which strikes at the heart of everything that is rotten in this country

      1. As someone in the comments said, the political divide is now not so much left v right, but libertarian v authoritarian. Very perceptive remark.

    4. There’s another example our there today with the Royals
      What’s our position
      How about a ceremonial role for Charles and the queer thing, he is such a f7ck up he will hopefully finish the job for us
      The practical changes tha5 c9uld then be made behind the scenes, will be a wholesale dismantling of the class system, leading to a Presidential figurehead once Charlie pegs it

      1. “Huzzah!”

        I’m really going to miss The Great. Funniest thing this year.

      2. timfrom
        Deliberately avoided the Google monster
        Loved the titles ‘a story that is occasionally true’
        Will now have a look at the history

    1. ellie – In what context are they a scam, Could you explain why you think this is the case

      1. i know despite your post you are not retarded so watch those videos ,, look up the tests developers own opinions even if you think others know better than the one who developed more fool you and them ,, then look at the legal argument agai …if you ever did .. its from renowned world leading experts not a veterinary (head of Germanys equivalent to CDC) and the non medical dr heading WHO and the lawyer who bear VW and Dutche bank ,, he anf his team doesn’t come better qualified to give legal opinion .. unless you know better and stop your futile attempts to make me out to be misleading anyone ,, i am being diplomatic but my patience has worn thin

      2. ellie – I simply wanted to know in what context do you think it’s a scam. What is the scam?

      3. you are an arrogant troll at times .. reread my posts , do it slowly, read them out loud even you will understand then,,, or ask your nurse to id you still cant 🙂

      4. oh i see ,, if someone was peddling something even the inventor said was not fit for purpose you still buy it ,, oh that speaks volumes

      5. ellie – I honestly don’t understand, in the context of how the tests are used in the UK, why you think that this is a scam.
        Surely you can give a straightforward explanation.

      6. the takes very minute samples that have to be multiplied in a lab ,,, anything over 25 times magnification is unreliable uk uses x35 which according to tests developer will give almost 100% FALSE positives . ge alst stated the test was completely NOT for testing such virus’s … now fo your own research im mot your mother

      7. As I said it depends on who you believe, I know where my money is.

      8. sure .. Saddam has WMDs .. ask Tony Blair or BiBi … your free to believe Bill Gates vaccines have never cause harm and he is best qualified to tell the world to have experimental substances injected in you .. welcome to ZionistNWO

      9. Centrist dad, it’s really quite simple.

        The more times you cycle the test, the more chance you get the results you want.

        The inventor of the test has said it was never intended for this, and the Bill Gates Health organisation has stated that a single positive PCR test should not be used for diagnosing Sars-Cov-2 infection.

        I’m sure a chap of your age knows how to use Google or the search engine of your choice

    1. Well, if it can be proved that the policies followed by Western governments were guided by business interests only then they should of course be pursued and dealt with. Unfortunately, it looks to my layman’s eye that incompetence was as much the driver as anything. I will await the outcomes with interest.

      1. The world’s govts and their MSM were acting in Lockstep from day one in pursuing what was very obviously a pre-prepared strategy. It wasn’t only business interests, but political ones, too, whose ambitions converged on Covid-19. It was too good an opportunity for imposing authoritarian rule…

      2. Incompetence? These politicians had the most expensive education money can buy. Taking OAPs out of hospital wards & sending them into Care Homes untested is not incompetence it is premeditated murder.

      3. Indifference is a better description, they simply don’t care. The Tories mindset is worse than immoral it is amoral..

      4. There is a link in the first video to him proving why the test can never work for the purpose its being used for . even the tests maker went on record stating at least 97% of rests done for covid would give FALSE positives ,, this c 19 has approximately the same mortality rate as influenza but us being used for the biggest transfer of wealth to the 1% in history and worse as an exercise in how easily the 99% an be controlled

      5. ellie – I think you may have misinterpreted the figures you are quoting, (they don’t make sense). Do you have a link to your source material.
        Or perhaps you’d like to take this opportunity to correct them.

      6. re the test ,,, look at the full video . there’s a link in the first link to it ,, re vit S and CDC , search for it as i read it yesterday but night save page and have slept since 🙂 no reason to mislead you ,, the developer of the test went on record several times before hid premature death so its easily rehearsed ,,, for now …as is this scam is the largest transfer of wealth in recorded history

      7. john
        German MP’s resigning because they have been caught with their snouts in the trough
        In this country iwill we prosecute them and will we get our money back

      8. I agree with Steve Richards. If a train or bus or lorry driver uses a mobile while driving, causes an accident and 123 people are killed the driver would rightly be jailed for life. This government’s mishandling of the Covid pandemic has cost the lives of over 123,000 people and nobody has been or is likely to be charged with murder or manslaughter. One rule for the working person another rule for the elite.

  1. Can the rushed through, experimental gene therapy masquerading as a fully trialled and tested Covid19 vaccine address this? And while I’m here, can it provide immunity? And can it prevent onward transmission? Or is it simply there to reduce the symptoms, in the same manner as cheap, over the counter Hydrochloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin C and getting outdoors and into the sunlight can?🌞

    1. No, no, no & yes. It’s worth noting that Hydrochloroquine and Ivermectin, whose use was so heavily propagandised against, are unpatented, which obviously posed a risk to Big Pharma profits and would set an undesirable precedent for the future…

      1. Well done….in presenting alternative veiws fom the MSM.Always willing to listen to the sculldugery of the establishment neo liberal alliance.Theres somthing far more dangerous than the virus in operation here,and again a lot of elites are benefiting from the handouts whilst being indemnified from responsibility for the products they produce.Two brothers murdered by the Tory government whether it was Covid or Pneumonia they were trapped boxed together like sardines and died a lonely death in care homes nearly a year ago this spring.I agree we have been played but the truth is coming out and its not socialist,..capitalist..its the global neo liberal alliance of capital that needs to pay and dearly.And the most sickening of all the country has no longer any Opposition parties with two knights of the establishment running Labour and the libs..not that the libs have ever been a true Opposition and now the Labour party follows them.

    2. How very Trumpian of you, try telling that to the loved ones of the dead.
      It never ceases to amaze me how willing some who profess to be on the left are to act as useful idiots for the extreme right by proselytizing the nonsense of the orange one.

      1. What a moronic argument. There’s nothing special about the families of Covid victims, any more than families of any other kind of victim. If they can’t handle the fact that they were badly let down by their trusted health authorities, whose actions didn’t always prioritise public health, shooting the messenger won’t bring their loved ones back, even if that messenger happens to concur with something Donald Trump once said. He, like the proverbial stopped clock, can be right occasionally.

        Please do us all a favour and stop talking like Temporary Embarrassment!

      2. Wirral – I’m sure we are all appropriately impressed and will bare this in mind the next time you recommend a video that has a warning of NOT BASED ON SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE emblazoned across it.

      3. timfrom – I’m quite happy for others to read your comment and decide who’s being moronic for themselves.

    3. Vit D could have cit the deaths in the US by up to 90%in the elderly according to the CDC latest

      1. ellie – There’s usually a reason why people fail to give a link to their source material. What’s yours?

      2. ive given you the first link and as im not your Secretary or mother you can do the rest yourself ,,, or are you to lazy ? or most probably just trolling because you disagree

      3. Do you imagine every time somebody looks at something on the internet, they make a note of it for future reference? We don’t always have time or a a pen handy. I’ve seen the video ellie’s talking about but couldn’t for the life of me find it again without spending an inordinate amount of time searching, something that you evidently have plenty of! You’re also assuming it hasn’t been taken down, something that is quite likely in the current climate.

      4. I’d happily tune in to Socialist TV, but find it hard to take something called Socialist Telly seriously, which has a ring of infantilisation about it.

      5. Don’t know why the above comment ended up here. It was a reply to Wirral’s comment at 11.58am further down…

      6. Centrist dad is so busy with his opinions that he can’t use Google…

      1. Nothing’s been peer reviewed yet, so there’s no answers here, but thanks. In a similar vein, the Corman-Drosten scientific paper behind the RT-PCR testing that brought us global lockdowns and an untold number of deaths hasn’t been peer-reviewed either … a year later. Luckily there are some highly qualified medics out there who are prepared to put their reputations on the line in the interests of keeping the public informed:

      2. Wirral – I thought we were talking about vaccines and your evidence free innuendos. Why the distraction?

    4. Wirral, will you be getting vaccinated? Even if it means social exclusion?

      For the record, I will not be getting one.

      1. Nobody is getting vaccinated per se. Those who say ‘yes’ are consenting to experimental gene therapy masquerading as “fully trialled and tested vaccines”. Worse still, they’re not in a position to give informed consent and the NHS, including its publicity material, is therefore breaching Point 1 of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, put in place after World War II supposedly to protect all of humanity. But it’s now looking like the Code has failed. The idea of informed consent has been universally accepted and now constitutes Article 7 of the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. I won’t be giving my consent, informed or otherwise. Social exclusion is fine by me. More fool the 0.00001% of oppressors and their servants. Humanity will come back and bite them very hard one day. Probably long after I’ve checked out of this godawful, earthly shit show.

      2. Thanks for your reply.

        Sadly, I don’t share your optimism about humanity. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    1. You mean the video that has a warning banner
      Not based on scientific fact
      emblazoned across it
      I refer you to my response above.

      1. When is a warning banner not a warning banner? Who placed the “warning” banner? Do yourself a favour and conduct some due diligence before speaking up. Many thanks!

      2. Please do us all a favour and stop being a useful dangerous idiot.

      3. Wirral – I’m sure we are all appropriately impressed and will bare this in mind the next time you recommend a video that has a warning of NOT BASED ON SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE emblazoned across it.

      4. Thanks, I’d noticed that myself and was wondering if it was worthwhile correcting. I do wish that WordPress had an edit facility.

      5. We can see what your slithering knight of the realm worrys about and supports the Royal family and all those entitled Titled knights that prop up the establishment system.The most powerful institution in Britain. “Ones rather worried about the skin colour being a bit on the darkyside your highness” ..Obviously the baby will not be allowed to be a prince and you can forget about security for his “darkness” Thats what racist bigotry and silly titles your degenerates support Steve H.

      6. i think / know the developer of the test speaks factually and he went on record stating it cannot work for the purpose its being used .. FACT its a tool that only works to promotes fear and untested experimental ; injection of a product that is by definition not a genuine vaccination

      7. What was clear from the outset is the scientists were not splitting hairs they were poles apart
        Look at Sweden to see the gaps between countries
        Then educate yourselves by reading the British Medical Journal, particularly articles on vested interests

  2. This week (March 7th-13th) is World Glaucoma Week.

    World Glaucoma Week is a global initiative of the World Glaucoma Association (WGA) in order to raise awareness on glaucoma.

    The 2021 theme reflects the hope that with regular testing, people continue to see the world around us: full of beauty, charm, and adventure. The world is bright, save your sight!

  3. I’ll definitely be tuning into Socialist TV later, if only to check that the information has been accompanied by links to peer-reviewed evidence and study. Whilst disturbing in content, at the moment it’s unsupported opinion and on the face of it, cannot be verified.

  4. Adam Hamdy (born 12 March 1974) is a Sunday Times best-selling British novelist, screenwriter and film producer best known for his novels, Pendulum, Black 13, and Private Moscow, co-written with James Patterson. … same guy ?

    1. ellie – Apparently yes, I was looking for some appropriate qualifications but couldn’t find any. Have you come across anything relevant.

      1. ellie – I also came across this on his Amazon page
        Prior to embarking on his writing career, Adam was a strategy consultant and advised global businesses in the medical systems, robotics, technology and financial services sectors. Health Advisor seems to be a bit of a stretch from ” advised global businesses in the medical systems …..sector”
        What he has to say may well be valid, I guess we’ll have to reserve judgement until tonight.

      2. valid ? well seems he supports the not a vaccine injection the faked tests and forced home imprisonment , violations were being subjected to .. could have written it for one his novels maybe ,, still as much of a humanitarian as Bill Gates . Soros and Netanyahu , Boris and Starmer in my opinion ,, only his belief qualifies him very Zionist agenda promoter

      3. ellie – Your list of what he supports is a big plus to his credibility as far as I am concerned. I’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve seen what he has to say.

      4. You are seriously saying the vaccine is not a vaccine? You dudes are crazy.

        The left have enough issues without disappearing down these rabbit holes.

        Just googling random nonsense and posting it as FACT does not make it so. If you’re that gullible I’ve got some magic beans you might be interested in.

      5. engage brain before fingers then engage both as it does not qualify as a vaccine , merely an experimental untested by vaccine controls ,, as according to many expert immunologists

      6. ellie – But how do you explain that many fold more disagree with your misguided nonsense.

      7. Comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information from a trusted source on the vaccines effectiveness

        What do we now know about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines?
        As real world data about the impact of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZenca COVID-19 jabs start to emerge, GPonline summarises the current evidence on the vaccines’ effectiveness.

      8. Expert immunologists eh?

        I bet they are, do they work at Twitter university?

      9. you would be the ex spurt on that Zionist crap hole . clearly you believe official propaganda over common sense . you likely have Tony Blair poster above your bed .. next to Kier and BiBi perhaps

      10. ellie – You believe crap from obscure websites, we all make our choices about what we think is credible.

      11. Should have added, the public showing of vaccinations is also fishy.

        Australian foreign minister faked hers, as did surgeons in America.

        There is also the issue of Tiffany Dover. Any time the fact checking websites weigh in, you should know that shenanigans are involved

      12. Tiffany Dover? Was she the health worker (from Tennessee, I think) who passed out on live local tv just after receiving the vaccine? Do you know what happened to her?

      13. Tiffany is dead. RIP

        There’s been a cover up, by the hospital and others, but if you dig around the proof is out there. Start with her Facebook page.

  5. Meanwhile Kate green shadow Health Secretary calls for investigation into Racism in the Royal family.And our knight of the realm disagrees with her and doesn’t back an investigation into Racism at the palace.?Maybe its the wrong type of racism and discrimination against black people is becoming the norm in the Labour party especially when it comes to candidates.ITs getting crazier by the day with this entitled knight of the realm.ITs looking like a free for all in the shadowy cabinet office.with off the cuff remarks about policy and procedures being made on the hoof.and opinions expressed cancelled within the hour…ITs not only the Royals that are making fools of themselves,but one of the recipient’s of the establishment system Sir Rodney Starmer.

    1. Joseph – Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the allegations made by the Duchess of Sussex in her television interview must be taken seriously.

      Speaking during a visit to a school in Dagenham, east London, Sir Keir said: “It is really sad to see the family in turmoil like this.
      “The issues that Meghan has raised of racism and mental health are really serious issues.
      “It is a reminder that too many people experience racism in 21st-century Britain. We have to take that very, very seriously.
      “Nobody, but nobody, should be prejudiced (against) because of the colour of their skin or because of their mental health issues.
      “This is bigger than the royal family. For too many years we have been too dismissive and too willing to put these issues to one side.”

      1. Its a pity Starmer didn’t apply that to the Labour party where the only racism that counts is antisemitism, where Black Lives Don’t Matter and where Arabophobia has been totally legitimised by allowing Anti Arab organisations like the Labour Friends of Israel to remain affiliated to our party.

      2. SteveH – “we have been too dismissive and too willing to put these issues to one side.”

        Remind us 1️⃣ – Who said BLM was “a moment”❓❓❓ 2️⃣ – Who ignored the mountain of all manner of abuse of Dianne Abbott and other non white members and the GENERAL public❓❓❓ 3️⃣ – Who fails to ignore the abuse to Jeremy by Hodge and Ms “Knife Jeremy in the front” Jessica Phillips and her bragging of thuggish verbal abuse to Dianne Abbot❓❓❓

        Sir Starmer’s words as ever are hollow. He is crudely trying to exploit the current “moment” in his shameful words. As always, Starmer is again attempting to deceive the membership in particular and the public in general. Sir Starmer – Fit only to deceive.

        People expect those in public office to be trust worthy. Sir Starmer is a repeat deceiver.


      3. windchime – What do you think Keir’s response should have been. How would Jeremy have reacted if he’d still been LOTO.

      4. SH it’s a struggle 4 u. U r lagging way behind the curve. Jeremy stopped being LOTO ages ago after Starmer deceived the membership. Keep up. Your Keith is LOTO now

      5. windchime – That was a bit of a waste of time, effort and space. My comment clearly refers to Jeremy’s leadership in the past tense.

    2. what has this so called royals and ponces nonsense got to do with this post ,,, ssa is the answer if your hard of reading

      1. ellie – But many fold more disagree with your misguided nonsense.

      2. what are you babbling about the post is about what in your wee mind ,,,the royals. pedos ponces and a gold digging slapper or the plandemic ?

      3. ellie Sorry this was intended for another of your comments. I’ll try again

  6. Hands up who believes it was not Prince Philip, hasn’t he got previous
    My favourite was in Scotland when he asked a bloke what he did
    I’m a driving instructor
    Bloody hell he said how do you keep them sober long enough to learn to drive

    1. Doug, though he is well known for that type of built in, ingrained and inbred racism, on this occasion, tis not him. 🤹🏻‍♀️🧩🤹🏻‍♀️🧩🤹🏻‍♀️🧩

      1. ps tis not Mrs Elizabeth S-C-G Mountbatten, either. In any case she would not b as indiscrete as her her husband frequently enjoys being. When the individual is exposed, many may be surprised.

        U can take muck out of muck, but u can’t take the muck our of muck u take our of muck. Ingrained, inbuilt, inbred, … intrenched conservatives with a small and big C.
        Tories-R-Them 🟦☢️🟦☢️🟦☢️

  7. Dig out an image of The Sovereign Independent. 4th edition June 2011.

    Meanwhile, banks and politicians mate are getting billions in tax payers cash globally…

    the World Health Organization (WHO) itself has admitted that the entire basis for collating “case” numbers since the beginning of this ‘global pandemic’ is effectively null and void.

    In its directive published in late January, the organization stated that medical professionals should not be using PCR Testing with high Cycle Threshold (CT) levels due to the high likelihood of generating false positives in people

    1. ellie Why you keep posting this nonsense when you must know that numerous fact check sites have debunked these lies. Are you really that stupid and gullible?

      1. Numerous fact check sites eh? Such as? You’re always demanding links and evidence from people. Care to supply some yourself?

      2. timfrom – I already have on Monday evening at 6:49pm (it is now Wednesday afternoon).

      3. Not exactly a debunking, is it? The test is fine as long as it’s calibrated properly (below 30 Ct). Most tests were way over that, hence the false positives.

      4. timfrom – If you are a little more precise about what debunking you are referring to and the link to the article that you think fails to do this adequately then I will be happy to respond

      5. Read the thread again:

        SteveH09/03/2021 AT 5:52 PM
        ellie Why you keep posting this nonsense when you must know that numerous fact check sites have debunked these lies. Are you really that stupid and gullible?

        timfrom10/03/2021 AT 9:18 AM
        Numerous fact check sites eh? Such as? You’re always demanding links and evidence from people. Care to supply some yourself?

        SteveH10/03/2021 AT 3:00 PM
        timfrom – I already have on Monday evening at 6:49pm (it is now Wednesday afternoon).

        timfrom10/03/2021 AT 4:32 PM
        Not exactly a debunking, is it? The test is fine as long as it’s calibrated properly (below 30 Ct). Most tests were way over that, hence the false positives.

        SteveH10/03/2021 AT 5:50 PM
        timfrom – If you are a little more precise about what debunking you are referring to and the link to the article that you think fails to do this adequately then I will be happy to respond

        I was perfectly precise. Can you work it out, you pompous arsehole?

      6. timfrom – Forgive my confusion but as so many of the fact check sites and the reputable scientists seem to agree that you are talking bollocks then I naturally thought you must have something else.

      7. your a shill a troll a\n d should be in Boris’s party not spamming here

      8. ellie – Perhaps you should reacquaint yourself with the definitions of the words “shill”, “troll” and “spamming”.
        I am not the saddo who is spreading dangerous misinformation and lies to the gullible, I’m simply trying to counter the lies that you are spreading with the facts.
        For everyone’s sake, including your own and your loved ones, please apply a bit of critical thinking.
        Fact Check: ‘PCR’ Test For COVID Does NOT Inflate Case Count By 90%

  9. Scathing report by Select Committee on Serco Track and Trace

    Commenting on the findings this morning, Reeves said: “This report reveals how this government’s outsourced, Serco-led test and trace system failed the British people and led our country into restrictive lockdown after lockdown.

    “It underlines the epic amounts of waste and incompetence, an overreliance on management consultants, taxpayers’ cash splashed on crony contracts, all while ministers insist our NHS heroes deserve nothing more than a clap and a pay cut.”

    1. go back to sucking on your butte plug i post relevant links unlike you i do not try to push my own agenda i prefer people to have good honest news ,you think Soros and Facebook support honest fact checker ,,, they are as honest as you ,, you and your ilk are an much socialists as Starmer and Boris

      1. ellie – You claiming that you are not pushing your own agenda may well the one grain of truth in your output. I’m beginning to think that you don’t have the capacity to think up your own agenda and hence your over reliance on the agendas of the various flavours of Covid-19 deniers that unfortunately inhabit the internet.
        You should start thinking for yourself and do a bit of research before putting pen to paper. Please apply some critical analysis before posting your misinformation which may have a very negative impact on the health and wellbeing those gullible enough to believe your nonsense. You really aren’t helping anyone, including yourself.

      2. your so full of IT as bad as Trump Boris and BiBi , take a leaf iut of your leaders ? book … abstain,,, and try abstinence , spare the world anymore like yourself please

      3. ellie – What does it say about you that when challenged with the facts you respond with insults and profanities. What possess you to put the lives of others in danger by spreading disinformation and lies that you know to be untrue. It’s high time you took some responsibility for your irresponsible actions.

      4. FACTS ? You mean whatever the special interest groups call facts ,, those who lobby promote and spew out their propaganda ,, buy others off to change more their minds and misinform and smear honest the people that you do here ,,any credibility you had went down to toilet when you promoted so called fact checkers ,,, go join them and your fellow turds

      5. ellie – No I just mean facts, nothing more nothing less.
        I’ll leave the ‘alternative facts’ to the gullible, like you, and Trump.

      6. whoosh…that the sound of the topics w,c, flushing the turd SteveH away , it well come back …scum floats and its probably paid to post here

      7. ellie – You’re the saddo (look it up) who is irresponsibly claiming that vaccines are dangerous. Thankfully most will trust the MHRA rather than the propaganda from yourself or a random antivax site.
        You are a very silly, irresponsible and dangerous idiot.

      8. ellie – Do you really think I care what you think.
        From what I’ve seen of your posts to date you’ve given me no reason whsoever to value your judgement on anything. Quite the opposite in fact

      9. How many people on here would you say value YOUR judgement on anything, Steve? I mean, why do you bother casting your pearls before swine? Wouldn’t your efforts be better expended and fall on more appreciative ears elsewhere?

        Ellie, tempting as it may be, provocative in the extreme though he may be, don’t feed the troll. It’s what he lives for!

      10. timfrom – I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that this blog was a ‘safe space’ and the exclusive reserve of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’, I post what I believe and whether people choose to engage with me or not is entirely up to them.
        Is it wrong of me to point out that anti-vaxers and Covid-19 deniers are gullible f’ wits

      11. timfrom – You self evidently do, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion. 🙄

      12. PCR can never be used as a medical diagnostic test, only as a research tool, something which its Nobel Prize-winning inventor had repeatedly warned about.

        Bear in mind that from the beginning of the supposed ‘global pandemic,’ governments and public health officials have told the public that the PCR test is the “gold standard” for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis. However, it has also been clear from he onset that the opposite is true – that the PCR test is the most inaccurate test imaginable, and it’s fraudulent use by the science and medical communities has generated a mountain of false positive “cases” and deaths – all of which officials and corporate opportunists have cynically used to drive every COVID-19 mitigation policy, from social distancing and masks, to lockdowns, school shutdowns, mass vaccinations, waving normal vaccine regulatory and testing procedures, and now vaccine passports. Without the fraudulent use of the PCR test, none of these authoritarian policies would have been possible.

      13. You know more than Nobel Prize-winning inventor , so clearly your the ex spurt here .go slap your back and your bisihop…its what you do best ,,or habitually

      14. your like an lonely old gossip queen ,,, or paid by the post ,,,, maybe both

      15. ellie – …and yet you’re the one who keeps coming back for more. Are you still accusing the MHRA of lying about vaccine safety?

    1. ellie – The problem you have is that the article that you are linking to is latching onto a phrase and clinging to its own particular interpretation of something that was said 4yrs ago. Here’s a link to the explanation that the same Dr. Zaks gave last summer without the editorial histrionics but with the benefit of the knowledge accumulated during the intervening years.

  10. the Yellow Card scheme has flagged a combined 191,832 individual adverse events, or side effects, of varying degrees of injury.

    Of the injuries recorded, AstraZeneca’s vaccine consistently performed the worst, accounting for 60% of all adverse events, and 58% of deaf and blind reports. Additionally, of the 402 fatalities, 197 were reported following use of the Pfizer formula, and 205 after taking AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

    Are you starting to see just how dangerous these jabs really are?

    1. ellie – I guess you have a choice, you can believe some crap that originates from what some numpty with an unknown agenda posted on Facebook or you can believe the MHRA’s analysis.

      “The MHRA’s full analysis of this data explains that none of these fatalities appear to have been caused by the vaccine. Nor is there any sign that the vaccine is causing serious non-fatal reactions.
      On the subject of the 205 fatalities, the analysis says: “The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness… Review of individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest the vaccine played a role in the death.”
      Regarding the other suspected reactions, it says: “A range of other isolated or series of reports of non-fatal, serious suspected [adverse drug reactions] have been reported. These all remain under continual review, including through analysis of expected rates in the absence of vaccine. There are currently no indications of specific patterns or rates of reporting that would suggest the vaccine has played a role.”
      Overall, it finds so far that, “The expected benefits of the vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and serious complications associated with COVID-19 far outweigh any currently known side effects.”

    1. ellie – So what, are you really too dumb to appreciate the difference between infected and infectious, its not rocket science and is clearly explained in the article I linked to earlier

      1. Here’s a simple easily understood explanation for you.

        The problem with the post is that it conflates the test’s capacity to confirm an infection with its capacity to say whether a patient is infectious. Someone may very well test positive for COVID-19 and not be contagious. At high cycle thresholds, patients are less likely to spread the disease to others. But, again, that does not mean that they don’t have it and that the test is not accurate.

        Lead Stories reached out to Dr. Bobbi Pritt, chair of the division of clinical microbiology at Mayo Clinic, to help explain testing and cycle thresholds. Here’s what she said about the post:
        ” To say that there is a zero accuracy, that implies that the answer is wrong. Accuracy refers to whether it’s right or wrong, like if I tell you it’s a positive test and you don’t have disease, then that would be a wrong statement.
        But if you have a PCR result that has a cycle threshold above 35, let’s say, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means that the virus is present in very low levels.”

  11. So much for transparency

    Meetings Held By Test And Trace Chief Dido Harding Kept Secret – On Cost Grounds
    Boris Johnson’s £37bn Test and Trace service is facing a fresh row after it emerged that the government is refusing to publish details of meetings held by its chief Dido Harding.

    The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that it holds the information but is refusing a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request – because to do so “would exceed the appropriate cost limit” of £600.

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