#ILeakedTheLabourReport hashtag trends in UK in response to OldKnow court loss

The #ILeakedTheLabourReport hashtag has been trending on UK social media today, in response to a judge’s decision this morning to throw out former Labour staffer Emilie Oldknow’s ‘fishing expedition’ attempt to force the Labour party to disclose the names of potentially innocent ex-employees whom it suspects but can’t prove to have leaked an internal party report last year that revealed WhatsApp messages by Oldknow and other senior Labour right staff.

Tweets have burgeoned on Twitter as users echo a famous scene from the film ‘Spartacus’, in which Spartacus’s fellow rebels all stand to identify themselves as him, even though they know it means execution – enough users to push the hashtag to the top of the UK trends:

The judge has reportedly awarded the Unite union’s costs against Oldknow, while the Labour party is also seeking to recover its own costs.

The party doesn’t know who leaked the documents, despite spending around £160,000 on ‘forensic’ computer specialists last year to pursue the whistleblowers, but Oldknow and her team wanted the names of people it thinks might be in the frame, presumably in order to pursue them legally.

The former staff implicated in the report have claimed that the WhatsApp messages, which included phrases such as ‘fuck off pube head’ and a discussion hoping a Corbyn supporter might die in a fire, as well as talk of channelling 2017 general election campaign funds to a secret kitty staffers wanted to conceal from Corbyn’s team and right-wing staff’s horror at the 2017 general election ‘surge‘, were misleadingly presented.

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  1. I’d hate to be a pet in the ashworth/oldcow househould just now…

    1. Pet 666 headed maggots in that household have been trying to escape for ages for sure. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

    2. which reminds me, remember allan johnson who always went on about being a roadworks person, son of the manse, running in wheat fields, bus-driver all that sort of pr deception,… well johnson allan like lots of tories hiding behind the labour label is…. wait for it…

      against sunak’s trailed tax rises.

      warning to all afflicted take the antidote against labour labour itis and anything to make u immune from people who try to suggest to u that they believe in basic justice or socialism. let them show what they are by action.

      many a son of bus drivers, or who were once bus drivers themselves are bastards.

      similarly many a daughter of a single mother or single mother themselves who once knew hardships, don a labour label and charge the public purse for the most expensive ipads, case, keyboard and premium airpods. … to work from home. while millions of the many have not had a penny.

      judge by actions not wind of “single mother”, “post man”, “vicar’s daughter”, “long serving union officer” etc etc etc. the intention is to mislead. always. someone who indicates a concrete skill, knowledge or ability may do so but we must still asses them by actions … consistency ⛔️⛔️⛔️

  2. Is Labour the gift that keeps on giving to under employed over charging lawyers?

  3. Reading Craig Murray’s take on the whole leaked report is interesting. The Blairite staffers touchstone on who was in and who was out in HQ staff seems to have been decided by opinions on foreign intervention wars. “The Manchester terror attack occurred in the middle of the 2017 General Election campaign. Corbyn bravely, and correctly, stated something that had been unsayable in mainstream UK political discourse – that British invasions abroad provoke terrorism at home. Labour Party HQ staff hoped and believed this would sink Corbyn and were actively wishing Labour to fall in the polls.”.
    ” if this speech gets cut through – as I think it may – it will harden normal people against us definitely in the face of a terror attack normal people do not blame foreign intervention they blame immigration”.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I find this incredible, the level of deceit and lies politicians and the media are prepared to go through. We have been propagandised to believe that immigration causes terrorism not “humanitarian intervention”.and these bastards cynically use that lie to carry on conducting illegal war crimes.

  4. In the hope of possibly bringing a case against staff who Oldknow was guessing who’d leaked the report proves the arrogance of her and the law firm representing her.

    Obviously this was an exercise in closing down any discussion on social media about what was going on in Southside.

    I am also surprised the party has requested she pay their court costs.

    Now for her and the others who were allowed back in the party to be expelled.

      1. If they give this woman a “discount” for costs in respect of her hopeless case against the party they had better be prepared to give a full account of themselves at the next conference whenever that may be.

    1. From what Skwawkbox has said that it is alleged by former staffers that comments in the report were ” misleadingly presented”
      Can anyone please explain to me the “correct presentation” of the phrase “F..k Off Pube Head “

  5. An ember of positivity shining through the toxic ashes of Starmer’s Labour!
    How will the Guardian and the BBC respond, if at all?

    1. They’re all taking the line that publishing any of the emails would be a breech of data protection law which it wouldn’t and has never stopped them before.

      1. Data Protection only applies to individuals not corporate bodies. These emails are the property of the party and concerned party business. Therefore they are not covered by the Data Protection Act in my opinion.
        The emails were included in a report for the EHRC as part of our defence against complaints of antisemitism and helped demonstrate that the serious allegations made against Jeremy Corbyn were baseless. However the emails also showed that some staffers deliberately hampered the investigation and resolution of antisemitism complaints and thereby caused distress to complainants. It was right that these people were identified so that Jeremy did not have to carry the can for them. They should have been kicked out of the party permanently too for exploiting antisemitism issues to damage the party and its then leader- they are a total disgrace.

  6. And she’s had Unite’s costs awarded against her as well. I am smiling about politics for the first time this decade.

    Little song for the Ashworth / Oldknow household as they tot up the bills

  7. With a nod to Monty Pythons The Life of Brian. ” I leaked and so did my wife”.

  8. I reckon that it must have been the same person who leaked the Labour Party Manifesto in the run up to 2017 General Election because they didn’t catch that bugger. I suspect that it must have been someone who was high up in the party administration at the time.

  9. Speaking of the law. Sarkozy’s just been jailed in France something that is unimaginable here where they all break international law with impunity and many are corrupt.

    1. You won’t see Sarkozy in jail any time soon (if ever) he’s on bail pending the outcome of his appeal.

      1. Probly right (for once) wee fella. Sarkozy won’t do any budgie.

        … Stammer wouldn’t have even prosecuted.

      2. …And probably would’ve paid Sarkozy for the inconvenience of being investigate.

        On another note….

        Just WHY does that godawful twunt Fiona Bruce have to read a foreigners name as though she’s a native of that same country?

        It’s feckin cringeworthy as well as mightily infuriating.


        It was bad enough when some bloke called <I Faaaaab-yo Cappelllll-lo managing the English footy team.

        Just shut up, bruce.

      3. No but it is still a landmark for France. It’s only a pity the guillotine isn’t still available for politicians. Imo Sarkozy, Cameron, Hague, Clinton and Obama should all face the chop for ruining Libya. But my point is it’s inconceivable that an ex PM could face justice here.

      4. ITs a warning to people like your slithering knight that corruption in politics and the legal profession will eventually catch up with you.Sarkozy will go to prison eventually,even just for a short time.He his Ruined and toxic.The French have always been leading the charge against the politics of corruption,unlike the UK were its almost encoursged amongst the elites. “Viva La Republica..

    2. lundiel, i posted about that Sarkozy earlier today.
      SH it is clear u c his appeal as cause 4 joy. tell us much about your gutter values.
      Yes WMD Blair’s backroom boy who supported the creature to be 1st President with increased powers of the EU superstate project, that back room boy will indeed spend max 1yr in “jail” as two years r suspended. Even then the one year will most likely b a form of luxurious house arrest … not even that… an ankle tag … an invisible leash from some chateau… or two well stocked č fine wines and superb food.

      Not any form of punishment i would have given for aiding the deadly Bliar creature. And anywise the French take an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude to leashes as to food and wine.

      But despite the clumsy Covid-19 vaccination response of Ursula Von de Leyen, be glad and grateful for Mutter Merkel. If she has one bit of insight, it is this. While the unfit for human association WMD Bliar was begging behind … in the darkrooms č Sarkozy to be crowned the most awesomely “TRAFFIC STOPPING” Supreme Empress of the EU “with an army” “WITH an A R M Y ” no typo, Merkel was laser like.

      She was wise enough to stop the self-serving money craving duplicitous to the power of infinity, rancid, slime laden, life sucking, spin prostitute for any super rich kleptomaniac despot, the ethical desert and popinjay Anthony WMD Blair the pathological liar created by Margaret Thatcher.

      Eternal thanks to Angela Merkel for distinguished service to humanity in curbing Bliar’s self-serving slithering.


      1. windchimes – “SH it is clear u c his appeal as cause 4 joy. tell us much about your gutter values.”

        In your twisted little mind maybe it does but that says far more about you making stuff up than it does about my neutral comment.

      2. SH 1️⃣ – Do u agree with the guilty verdict re Sarkozy’s corruption charges?

        2️⃣ – Do u think he should be jailed for longer?

        3️⃣ – Do u think he was correct to conduct backroom doings to make a war criminal the first EU President with INCREASED executive powers + an army to command?


      3. ps my answers are yes, yes and no.
        What are yours ❓ ❓ ❓

      4. windchimes – I don’t have an opinion on the Sarkozy case, it is not something I have taken any interest in.

      5. SH i refer you to your “opinion on the Sarkozy case” in your reply to lundiel only two hours ago above.

        Is your memory so short? Or is your operation so full of incompetent staff that you all cannot keep up with what each has said?

        R u all in some outsourced remote operation… scattered across the globe?

        If SH it is not something u have taken an interest in, then why reply to lundiel?

        That makes several times in as many instances when u have appeared curiously even more inconsistent and incoherent than u often are.

        Are the sinking polls u so often cite getting u down???

        The Deltapoll i referenced on the weekend is in the Starmer supporting MSM today. His approval rating is ZERO. Some months ago Johnson’s was minus ten. Because of your Keith’s sh multilayered uselessness, the public rate your Keith zero, zilch, nought, nil point, compared to Johnson.

        Take another day off


      6. See below SH ‘s sh example of “don’t have an opinion” and “not something” he and spin co workers “have taken ANY interest in.”

        to lundiel 3 hrs ago ->

        “You won’t see Sarkozy in jail any time soon (if ever) he’s on bail pending the outcome of his appeal.”


      7. windchimes – I’ve just heard further details of Sarkozy’s sentence. 3 years jail split into 1 years house arrest with tag and the other 2 years suspended. Whatever happens he won’t be serving any time behind bars for this offence.

      8. BBC News 24 a couple of minutes ago reported the sentence to be 2 years suspended and one year “in prison” for whatever that’s worth.

  10. One aspect of this which should not be forgotten is the way in which those such as Oldknow, Hogan, Robinson et al breached the GDPR rights of members in the Panorama hatchet job documentary.

    Not to mention that both Hogan and, subsequently, Robinson conveniently lost two complaints of mine which they were responsible for.

    It seems the plethero of evidence submitted to the Forde Inquiry is unlikely to result in any meaningful or effective remedy given that it’s publication is well past the promised date. Indeed, it’s arguable whether those of us who have submitted such evidence will ever see it published.

    Someone should publicly publish as much of the material evidence submitted, to what is already suspiciously looking like a whitewash of an inquiry, with no redactions to show these charletans and those protecting them for the lowlife criminals they are.

    1. You are right, publishing the evidence in Alex Salmonds recent contretemps with Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do him any harm.

  11. Off topic, sorry.
    Anyone else wonder why the name of the missing traveller with the Brazil Covid variant hasn’t been released, since the authorities can’t find him or her?
    Apparently the Covid test registration card wasn’t completed, or not completed properly – whoever failed to check that needs a good talking-to, but if the traveller’s identity isn’t even known that’s another massive screw up by the government that’s in urgent need of sorting out. (ambiguity intentional)
    It’s basic that arrivals must be traceable for at least the incubation period.
    Name the missing person in the media and the public will find them – there may be a language issue and the person may not even know he or she is being sought.

    The names and details of all arrivals and departures need to be on a real-time global database. Should have been built years ago but if not now, when?

    1. Given Boris’s reluctance to admit they’ve screwed up I’m guessing that potential danger of this lapse has really got them worried

    2. The avenues opened to human rights violations in this pandemic is even more leathel than the virus.Does anyone actually believe that the freedoms we had will ever return.Surely we must learn from this Lockdown how easey it would be to have somthing worse than 1984Orwell allowed by a neo liberal alliance of the elites.Carfull what you wish for comrades your civil rights,movment and travel may soon be open to the elites only and you may have wished away democracy in the rush to cure a virus.PS I am not a anti vaxer and I have actually had the virus.

      1. Joseph – Says the guy who chooses to live in Cambodia one of the most economically and politically corrupt states in the world that is effectively a one party state that is increasingly reliant on being propped up by the Chinese state.
        A US State Department report says “forces under Hun Sen and the Cambodian People’s Party have committed frequent and large-scale abuses, including extrajudicial killings and torture, with impunity”. According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, an estimated 256,800 people are enslaved in modern-day Cambodia, or 1.65% of the population.
        Forced land evictions by senior officials, security forces, and government-connected business leaders are commonplace in Cambodia. Land has been confiscated from hundreds of thousands of Cambodians over more than a decade for the purpose of self-enrichment and maintaining power of various groups of special interests. Credible non-governmental organisations estimate that “770,000 people have been adversely affected by land grabbing covering at least four million hectares (nearly 10 million acres) of land that have been confiscated”, says Paris-based International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).
        On 14 March 2018, the UN expert on the human rights situation in Cambodia “expressed serious concerns about restrictions on the media, freedom of expression and political participation ahead of a national election in July”. Some critics of the government have been arrested for allegedly spreading fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic in Cambodia.

        and you constantly getting your knickers in a twist over Starmer’s knighthood appears to be more than a little disingenuous when you choose to live in a state where the constitution declares that the king is “inviolable,” and a Ministry of Interior directive conforming to the defamation law reiterates these limits and prohibits publishers and editors from disseminating stories that insult or defame government leaders and institutions. The continued criminalization of defamation and disinformation and a broad interpretation of criminal incitement constrains freedom of expression.

      2. Steve H…Your propaganda doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and most of its basically from that great lover of freedom the USA.I have lived in many countries around the world,and other than SAfrika I learnt to keep my nose out of politics .Cambodia is now my home and I love the people and my Irish blood runs in the khmer people.via my grandchildren..I do not pretend to fully understand the culture,but I respect it and the people deserve better than the USA propaganda and infiltration of CIA operatives via American so called evangelical Christian groups and NGOs.We are a country helped by our chinese neighbours and Veitnam.No doubt people like you would not be welcome here,but thats becoming increasingly difficult for your type in Britain as well.So go to your island in the sun and cut out the distraction politics on here as youve been rumbled .

      3. Joseph – “I learnt to keep my nose out of politics.
        Really, how convenient for you?
        Or is it more of a case of you’re simply afraid of ending up behind bars?
        On 1 March, as part of the ongoing mass trials conducted in Cambodia against members of the opposition, activists, supporters and human rights defenders, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced nine leaders of the opposition in exile to 20 to 25 years in prison.

      4. Steve H trained operatives recruited in Cambodia by the CIA and they had spent millions in undermining the relationship between Cambodia and China because the USA were kicked out of the country and their base in the country shut down.for making war plans in the South China sea.The US were also refused acess to the gas and oil in the Cambodian bay of Thailand at the entrance to the SChina sea..So again Steve H…stop the distraction politics and realise you are a busted flush on the Squawkbox.

      5. Joseph – If I was unfortunate enough to live in a corrupt and authoritarian state then I might also feel compelled to say the same.

        Prime Minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander, has been in power since 1985. His rule has relied on security force violence and politically motivated persecution of opposition members, activists, and human rights workers. Security forces commit killings and torture with impunity. Authorities regularly restrict the right to peaceful assembly by suppressing protests and banning nonviolent gatherings and processions. The politically powerful have carried out forced evictions and illegal land grabs for decades. Government officials and judges are mired in corruption. Garment industry workers, primarily women, are subject to sexual discrimination and other rights abuses.

  12. It’s hardly surprising that the Labour party does not want to open the hornets nest- it wants the issue buried along with the Forde enquiry, otherwise there could be a case for Institutional Racism, ergo it would then have to refer itself to the EHRC for adjudication.

    1. I remember reading that piece a while ago Nemtona, don’t know if it was you linked to it then – interesting that it hasn’t been picked up by the MSM and never been raised by the Tories as far as I know.
      The only reasonable conclusion is that such nepotism is so rife, so ubiquitous that it’s never mentioned because the establishment’s mates all have similar skeletons in their own cupboards.
      Everyone (ie us) outside the loop of corruption are just milch cows.

      New Subject.
      Skwawk’s headline points to tweets of sharp wit and hilarity which we often see from left wing wags – is it just because I don’t read right wing rags that I never see any sign of right wing humour?
      Or doesn’t it exist?
      Can it really be that they’re a bunch of humourless one-dimensional wonks whose idea of a misspent youth is not contributing enough to their pension schemes?

  13. Is anyone else drawing comparisons with the Alex Salmond case and his battle with the SNP
    Simple question to Temporary Embarrassment
    Who signs off on your criminal waste of party funds

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