Starmer faces Shadow Cabinet split for opposing tax rises – but even the splitters show they’re unfit for Labour

Times reports some front-benchers oppose Starmer’s stance – but their reasoning shows they’re two sides of the same coin

Split: Starmer’s front bench on tax. But they’re all part of the same unhealthy tree

Keir Starmer is facing dissent from some of his Shadow Cabinet over his determination to oppose tax increases on huge corporations and the very wealthy – but even the dissenters are exposing they’re as unfit for a place on a Labour front bench as Starmer himself.

According to the Times, those opposing Starmer are doing so on the basis that:

Weโ€™ve got to pay back for all the spending so something has got to be raised.

Anyone proposing to lead a country who buys into the lie that its economy is like household finances has no business in government, or even shadowing. Households can’t create money and they don’t have the ability to make spending pay for itself in the way that a government can. Every pound spent by a government typically has a ยฃ1.70 boost effect in the economy, because of what’s known as the ‘multiplier effect’ – each pound being spent onward by the person or organisation that receives it.

The multiplier effect works as long as the pound isn’t simply squirreled away in the offshore account of a corporation or rich person – so taxes on big business and the wealthy is a good thing, as it reduces such squirrelling. But the idea that ‘we’ve got to pay back for all the spending’ is part of the Big Lie that the Tories and media – and Labour leaderships before and after Corbyn – have been shoving down the throats of the people for more than a decade.

Those who buy into it are unfit for a constituency seat, let alone one on Labour’s front bench.

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  1. Starmer desperate to please his masters and mistresses. Desperate. DESPERATE even though he is stale toast. WHY ? Because Starmer has zero interest being for the many.

    He and his cabal have made that abundantly clear.


    1. The report was in the Times a sister paper of the S*n – I don’t believe a word of it. for there is nobody in the Shadow Cabinet who would have the courage to oppose Starmer or the decency to do the right thing in respect of this or any other issue.

      1. qwertboi, totally correct. we r complex amalgamations of nurture and nature. there r things we can change and other’s we can’t due to lack of knowledge. we have some choices. why waste precious time and precious energy trying to “convert” adults who have made their aims and committed allegiances plain?

        this article is on point. crystal clear. why have we not heard any of the scg and others b4 them, explaining this frequently and with authority to the general public? why the absence of sustained defending of basics which r make the foundations of our manifesto ? where is the sustained and robust crushing of myths that only serve the one percent?

        why waste anything trying to appease the few guardians of the 1%, even though the many made their approval and support abundantly clear, despite status quo hostilities? despite those hostilities, the 2017 ge won a vote share the war criminal could only dream of. we neither need the approval nor support of the parasitic tory infestation. that we need them is another myth to crush.


    2. Skwawky is correct. You don’t borrow fifty quid to get your car fixed and then not use the car to save petrol whilst scrimping and saving to pay back the loan. You use the car to get you to work where you can earn money to sustain yourself and put some cash aside to pay back the loan.

  2. It’s what you get with remainer fanatics and Thatcherites, an obsession with a balanced budget. The bastards were happy to tie us into agreeing to +/- 3% when we were in Europe. If we were still there it would have meant tax rises and austerity for us forever.

    1. Lundiel, just like the Toffee troll you use any excuse to get a dig in at Remainers. So how is Brexit going? How many, such as the fishermen and the Loyalists in NI, are saying *we didn’t know it was going to be as bad as this” when in fact it was entirely predicted? However thanks to Lexstremists such as yourself, the worst is yet to come.

      1. Jackanory… The victim of his own fucktardedness.

        Who gave your hated Zionists the control they enjoy today?

        And who refused to listen when told about that that same rat’s agenda… In fact labelling people knuckle-dragging neo Nazi fascists…?


        Weren’t me fanatically supported stammer’s shithousery.

        Weren’t me sold you down the river on Brexit after promising you the moon.

        Weren’t me freely handed the rat the position to abuse that given power in suspending Corbyn for antisemitism, and paid out in spite of being advised by proper legal representation that the party’d win any action.

        So just WHO DID jackanory?

        Yep. That’s right. Now, run along quickly you sad little victim.

      2. Toffee – Yes we’ve got the message, you don’t do anything.

      3. Toffee troll I see I’ve rattled your cage again ๐Ÿ™‚ Go back to seething and fuming in your cess pit.

      4. Oh you’ve decided to pipe up have you, mister toerag-enabling apologist?

        What’s that? You’re NOT?

        Ok… Tell everybody what you believe is the difference between stammerism and conservatism, then?

        No? Then shut your aggravating piehole; then you DO something useful – like cark it.

      5. Toffee – My apologies, I forgot your forlorn bleating from the next field.

      6. Hahaha! Get jackanory- first he’s howling about being the victim of my supposed trolling when in fact he’s being handed the facts because he’s too fucking retarded to recognise them himself.

        Then, when it finally dawns on the imbecile, he tries to make out that he’s somehow “rattled my cage”.

        Worse than a jilted schoolgirl, every bit as predictable, and far more desperate.

      7. Oh poor jackanory… Your self-hatred is evident even to an amoeba.

        We all KNOW you’re seething with self hate because stammer sold you out – not once but TWICE.

        But like a spoilt little twat of a toddler, you continue misdirecting your rage at those who told you the big boy would take your sweets AND your toys away if you went to play in his sandpit.

        Unlucky kid. Best put it down to experience and listen to what the grown ups tell you next time.

        Now finish your milk & biscuit and off to bed, there’s a good lad.

      8. Wee steven… I forgot you’re the expert on everything.

        …Except the difference between stammerism and conservatism ๐Ÿคญ

      9. Ok Toffee troll, I know you are not really rattled, you are just pretending. Congratulations on your performance, divvy ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      10. Says the divvy still crying and calling me a troll for the ‘crime’ of fronting him with a few home truths.

        So who’s rattled, kid? ๐Ÿ˜

      11. Toffee – You obviously just felt the need to tell us all at great length that your cage definitely hasn’t been rattled. ๐Ÿ™„

      12. Yes that’s right.

        Almost as much as you keep quiet when challenged to give your view on the difference between stammerism and conservatism, isn’t it, plums?

        That’s when you’re pathetically telling us it’s not your fault were so uninformed.

        …Almost as if you’ve got summit to hide – innit, brains?

      13. And another thing @ wee stevie… Was it you taught jackanory to avoid confronting all the points I made, in the EXACT same manner as you do?

        Mind you, jackanory goes a step further… Not only does he NOT counter any issue raised… He goes all ‘attack dog’ and just hurls more accusations in the hope it’ll distract people from the fact he’s been rumbled.

        Whereas you’re just a shithouse who feigns ignorance; that’s when you’re not making tales up about how you think you’ve answered anybody and everybody.

        So… The difference between stammerism and conservatism is…??

      14. Oh wee steven thinks he’s onto to something here… As if he has the ability to best anyone, when he repeatedly refuses to answer a simple question because it rattles him shitless.

        Gonna explain the difference, or not?

        It’s NOT, isn’t it? And the reason it’s not is because you’re a shithouse.

        And NOBODY gets rattled by shithouses, wee fella. Now wipe up the mess on your belly, wash your hands you filthy wrong in, and type out the difference between stammerism and conservatism.

      15. Toffee troll, at the risk of sending you into a tail spin of utter convulsiveness don’t think of yourself as an amoeba – even I think you’ve probably a few more brain cells than that. Try using them to notice that earlier you used the classic ‘self hating’ accusation used by Zionists against Jews with whom they disagree. I accept you probably did it in a fit of anger against me, not intending to show any hidden Zionist tendencies of course or wishing to downgrade yourself to pondlife but try to control yourself little amoeba there is a big world out there, you need to keep ducking and diving.

      16. Dafuq are you prattling on about, jackanory?

        Has wee steven been giving you his prescription medication as well as teaching you how to completely deny you’ve ever written the things you’ve actually typed

        Are you telling us you’ve never called anyone a knuckkedragger, fascist, ukipper or Zionist?

        Because theres quite a few people who’ll tell you different.

        By the way, how does a neo-nazi become a zionist?

        Rhetorical question… All’s they need do is disagree, or prove you wrong.

      17. And I quite clearly said your self hatred was down to stammer selling you out TWICE…over Brexit and antisemitism.

        It was nothing to do with any self-hating jew tropes as you desperately and risibly try to infer. So don’t try to twist my words to suit your warped hateful agenda, you miserable comical little shitehawk.

      18. Twist words eh Toffee troll? Nah that’s your tactic, you’ve perfected it.

      19. Since the election Brexit has yeilded more leftwing ideas from the Tories in power than Labour in opposition . With the EU gone there is now greater opportunity to push MMT on the Tories. It will leave EU behind and they seem to be warming to the idea already.

      20. Right you are saying that leavers are comparable to paramilitary killers? Really?

  3. Excellent analysis SKWAWKY. Our Enemy’s opponents are not necessarilly our friends.

    Elsewhere and more encouragingly, Over 1,000 activists to call on Labour to fight for a socialist Budget

    Labour Assembly Against Austerity (LAAA) is onto a hiding for nothing with this, when Sir Billionairesโ€™ Lackey is instructing the party to oppose tax increases for the wealthy.

    A LAAA spokesperson said: โ€œThe Tories are using this crisis to restructure the economy in the interests of the 1 per cent. Labour needs to both fight the Tories and argue for a transformative alternative.โ€

    Register for the event here:

  4. We never challenged ‘Labour responsible for financial crash’ after 2007
    Bit like A/S Scam
    Gutless and spineless
    Point of order
    If you bail out debtors then you will increase money velocity, thats not what happened under Obama and Brown, but then again they did save the world

    1. true doug. “gutless and spineless”. “unfit”. anna sawar is new head scottish ‘labour’. never heard of her.
      โ“โš ๏ธโ“โš ๏ธโ“โš ๏ธ

      1. Do you mean the dodgy businessman Anwar..Quite possibly in Scottish Labour,thats why the public bailed out ..dodgy right whingers.or maybe you were being sarcastic and the heat is getting to me.Only fans,they don’t make solar aircon I

      2. Anwar (male) not “Anna””. As i said on another thread earlier “And on a wider horizon, the Scots leadership election results are in. Sarwar won, as expected, but on the vote, an interesting divergence. He trounced Monica Lennon amongst rank and file flesh and blood members (which surprised me, incidentally) but Monica got a majority of TU and affiliate votes. More on

      3. Joseph, I expect everyone where you live already knows the most efficient way to cool with a fan – in my situation it’s best to have it blowing out of one opening so fresh air is sucked in from outside through another opening of about the same size, creating a through-draught.
        For what it’s worth I live on a steel hulled, steel decked boat which can get really hot. Length is 3 times the beam so just one fan blowing out of the forward hatch sucks air in through the main hatch and keeps the whole boat cool. More of a tunnel effect on a boat than you could probably achieve in a house, but if you can get a through-draught going it’s way better than just sitting in front of a fan.
        Little fountains or even ribbons of wet cloth help with cooling too. Latent heat of evaporation.

  5. Agree with Thomas above. Stephanie Kelton was an adviser to Bernie Sanders. Listen to Stephanie Kelton’s lectures on line. Read Bill Mitchell’s “billyblog.” He has spoken to John McDonnell. Start here with Stephanie’s lecture “Angry Birds.” It is brilliant.

  6. There are none so good as Labour MPs when it comes to making their chance of forming a government nigh on impossible
    Posted on February 25 2021
    I noted that the Guardian has quoted Richard Burgon MP, the former shadow justice secretary, who is now secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, as saying:
    The question facing all politicians now is: who is going to pay for this crisis? And if we donโ€™t have an answer for that, then we are in a position where Labour doesnโ€™t have an answer to one of the biggest questions facing us.

    No, Richard: it is not the biggest problem facing us. The biggest problem facing us is your incomprehension of the fact that this bill has been paid, in full, already. You are the constraint on Labour winning, in other words.
    I have already tackled this once today in this video, and I will be doing so again tomorrow morning when I release the text of what I will be saying to Keele World Affairs tonight:

      1. Strikes me as very odd Steveh (and even inclines me to the view often expressed here, that you are here as a “shill”, rather than a sincere poster), that as soon as a SCG non-economist (Rchard Burgon) says something that is highly “inappropriate” (i.e. wrong) to an MMT analysis of the world, you immediately fully accept the said MMT analysis, and enthusiastically add it to your arsenal as yet another stick with which to beat the class-consciousness of democratic socialism.

        If for a currency-issuing state the household finances model is so (obviously) wrong, how come you *never* use it to critique austerity, crony capitalism, neoliberal financialisation, rentier capitalism, etc., etc.?

        FWIW, I have a lot of time for Prof Richard Murphy (and, obviously, MMT), but from when he was invited by McDonnell to be an economic adviser, he seems to have started engineering petty disagreements and tensions with McD and Meadway, etc, i.e. Labour’s Corbyn Project of democratic socialism.

        Why? Well, I remember him as an accountancy undergraduate at Southampton University (him, not me, I was doing philosophy and chemistry) and even during Thatcher’s first administration he was intensely and obsessively anti-socialist. (Glad I never knew him during Footโ€™s leadership, heโ€™d have been unbearable). Maybe he still is an intense socialism hater, pure and simple.

        Either way, itโ€™s beginning to look like you and he are’ birds of a feather’ in your intense dislike of the working class possibly applying class consciousness to their politics.

      2. Brilliant qwertboi. I posted an observation re Meadway recently. Both Meadway and James Mills have been making excuses for Starmer’s predictable and predicted poor performance. Both of them have said too many times that Starmer has been only there for nearly a year. They seem to forget Starmer and Cabal offered no such honeymoon to Jeremy. That’s why i say, the entire team, including Jeremy, failed Jeremy, themselves, us the membership and most importantly “the many”. “For the many” a world transformed is not a cosy leisurely middle class social group or game. The need for transformation is URGENT. Not a theory. Not a game for the political media bubble with Thornberry scorn for those outside the fancy bubble.

        Urgency must be the attitude the culture and MEANINGFUL RESPECT for the many. Not backroom deals to “work with” the protectors of the few. All socialist should reject that, without reservation.

      3. to signppost – I’m hoping that Meadway and Mills are just displaying that survival instinct that beurocracies and political parties like Labour necessitate.

        But, if so, it makes me realise that to people like M and M, survival is more important than any article of faith and that is worrying. Am I being overly idealistic, I wonder. Maybe most of us would act like Mills and Meadway ‘for the greater good’ I am, afterall, not cancelling my party membership and running away to oppose the party from outside. Maybe that’s the same ‘compromise’ I disapprove of in M & M.

        Well, thank fu&c, that very occassionally someone emerges who seems NEVER to make those compromises on the big issues (we both know who I mean).

  7. qwertboi – “Maybe most of us would act like Mills and Meadway โ€˜for the greater goodโ€™”

    Definitely not me in that “us”.

    This is why a pause and DEEP reflections are needed on the “Left”. Check i distinctly remember reading similar views re Chris Williamson in particular. To my utter dismay the same was expressed by a few of the MAIN hogs of control in the Jeremy supporting “Left” groups. I.E, that betraying and abandoning Chris (and i expect the thousands of decent others) was worth it “‘for the greater good'”.

    No. I firmly disagree. That is the attitude of Madeleine Albright who said the deaths of children was “a price worth paying”.

    1 – Humans only tend to think that when others, even other people’s children are paying the price… are reduced to ‘currency’.

    2 – Note the success of the expendable lives of MILLIONS since Albright to Iraq Blair.
    Are we more safe??? Ps note Biden has started his bombing.

    Quelle surprise.

    3 – Re the Labour “Left”, the similar approach has resulted in the ‘glittering success’ we now enjoy.

    4 – I’ve posted my views re John McDonnell b4 eg his GQ interview to A Campbell. If he too thought that was “for the greater good”. He needs to be asked – How much “good” did that result for the Labour “Left”?

    5 – “political parties like Labour” do not “necessitate.” the folly of Meadway and Mills nor their enabling of Starmer. We know that Starmer is a wrong un. Why enable that??? That is not necessity. It is folly or treachery or both. We have the overwhelming evidence to see that.

    6 – It is not “idealistic” to refuse to enable an obvious parasite Starmer. It is pure pragmatic decent logic.

    7 – Neither is it “idealistic” to not give up your membership and run, then wait for others to do the work, organise, nominate and vote for suitable people etc etc etc.

    I wish all who leave for what ever reason the best. Including those who are “waiting to see what develops. And those saying that they hope another party will be formed with perfect people and perfect democracy.

    I say best luck with alternative parties to add to the plethora of others who all thought they were perfect. Though those who actually FORMED new parties at least acted. They did not wait for others to do the donkey work or wait for the mythical perfect party to appear like manna from Heaven.

    Were it up to me, the in out in out brigade would be permanently out. It shows they are unreliable like fair weather ‘friends’.

    Yes. It is understandable to feel fees are going to the bastards. In my opinion the fees are dues to have a vote. To take part.

    And finally, as it is worth repeating we cannot blame the Right for pursuing their aims and taking advantage of our interminable appeasements to them. We cannot blame the Right for using the likes of Mills, Meadway & McDonald who feel that their careers are more important that improving the lives of the exploited and taken for granted many.

    Mills, Meadway and McDonnell should focus on their careers elsewhere. We cannot afford them nominally being on the “Left” yet going out of their way to support Starmer & co who have done and do everything to destroy us. That’s not necessity. It is self serving treachery. We cannot afford that price.


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