Trickett, Kershen to speak on history of Leeds’ Jewish trade unions next Weds

Labour MP and academic to speak at event presented by Leeds Tribune Club and Vashti Media

Labour MP Jon Trickett and academic Dr Anne Kershen will speak next Wednesday evening at an event jointly presented by Leeds Tribune Club and Vashti Media on the history of Leeds’ Jewish trade unions across almost four decades from the late 19th to early 20th century. The event will take place as a Zoom meeting.

Jewish workers who arrived in Leeds encountered horrendous living and working conditions, leading to the formation of the Amalgamated Jewish Tailors’, Machiners’ and Pressers’ Trade Union. The event will look at the circumstances of the union’s formation and both the ups and downs of its history, as well as how it interacted with the wider socialist movement.

The event is free and open to all. Find more details and reserve a place here.

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  1. Safest country in Europe for the Jewish Community thanks to JC and our Labour Party

    1. Totally agree Doug. And for many others who risk their lives on the seas to come here. Just last week or two, there was a report of an incredible fellow who endured a long freezing journey in an aeroplane undercarriage. While many take such incredible suffering to get here, despicable liars try to claim they are so afraid etc etc but are STILL here.

      Funny that. Zero murdered in police custody. No research based evidence that they are widely and routinely rejected from shortlists for jobs. Almost no positions as presenters and producers across the media. Amongst the most under privileged and represented, yet selfish nasty lies of having bags packed ready to flee etc. And guess what, these theatrics are ALWAYS from the most connected and well healed liars. You almost never hear the honest views of the people supported by Jeremy and George Galloway for ages and ages.

      That is why i believe the liars were all rejected at GE2019. Every single one of them. The liars did not fool the electorate who know the truth as you post Doug.

      That’s why liars lost their seats. They failed to fool the electorate eg in Hendon.
      Those facts are sadly almost never publicised .

      It must be repeated. The electorate say through obvious lies. They could see that it was inconceivable that a handful of people could report THOUSANDS of flimsy claims.

      That’s why they lost their seats .


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