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Huge endorsements for Rothery as two of Liverpool’s best MPs back her for city mayor

Liverpool mayoral hopeful Anna Rothery’s strong campaign to become Labour’s candidate in May has continued today, with two of the city’s best left MPs both giving her their resounding endorsement.

Walton’s Dan Carden tweeted:

West Derby MP Ian Byrne said:

Anna is a fierce opponent of all forms of injustice and inequality. I believe that she is the right candidate to restore trust in the potential of local government.

Labour activists have threatened a campaign strike if the party tries to stitch Rothery – who would become the UK’s first black, female executive mayor if elected – out of the selection. Ballots were delayed without explanation yesterday and will now not be delivered to members until Monday, with the party re-interviewing all three shortlisted candidates today.

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  1. Get Rid of All Right Wing Bullies and Dictators or Leave this Sham of a Party run by them and form a Socialist People’s Party, Kinnock Blair and Brown destroyed everything our once Caring party stood for then Jeremy raised us again like The Fabled Phoenix from The Ashes, Then we allowed the Right Wing and their Media Backers Destroy Him and the Party he had Re-Invented A Finer Leader we have not had in 90 years

    1. Patrick – Don’t be naive, you’d be wasting your time under FPTP. Without PR any new socialist party will fail.
      Jeremy may have had many fine ideas and we should be grateful for the influence he had on policy but unfortunately it is self evident that he failed as a leader.

      1. Oh right, ‘he failed as a leader’ AND it’s ‘self evident’ says SteveH, and it was ALL Jeremy’s own fault, and nothing to do with the relentless smears and demonisation by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the so-called ‘moderates’ and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al during his tenure as leader.

        SteveH trying to rewrite history again! Yep, it’s quite evident that he failed despite coming within a whisker of winning the 2017 general election, after which the smearers trebled down on their smearing and vilification and demonisation precisely because he DID!

      2. Allan – I did not say it was all Jeremy’s fault, that’s your own embellishment.
        Corbyn’s capitulation started long before the 17GE, He completely failed to capitalise on his 2017 success preferring to hide behind the ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month whilst trust ebbed away from him on all sides of the debate. Despite many promises he failed to democratise the party in any meaningful way. (During his short time in office Starmer has actually done more than JC did throughout his tenure to democratise the party).
        What more stark confirmation can one have than an 80 seat majority for the Tories.
        Not all his fault but his culpability is obvious to all but the most blinkered.

      3. Everytime Starmer shows his waxed bollard head, MSM should ask:

        1️⃣ Did u vote Remain, Starmer?

        2️⃣ What do u think of Remain Mr Remain?

        3️⃣ Did u ban your traitorous gang of coup plotters from talking about Brexit, Starmer?

        4️⃣ Your advisor said – you Max Headroom “is on a journey to nowhere”. Sir Mr Remain, how r u enjoying that journey?

        5️⃣ Starmer, what do u think of Mandelson’s Arsetair Campbellend’s and the war criminal Anthony Blair the liar’s loyalty and … hmmm advice?

        5️⃣ Why do u think many call u “Keith”?

        6️⃣ Mr Remain enthusiast, where do u see yourself SIXTEEN WEEKS ( fifteen, fourteen etc ) from now?

        Then pretend they did’t hear as pretended re Jeremy unnecessary flood of apologies re a-S lies, and ask the waxed bollard the same first five questions over and over even after the sixteen weeks have elapsed, plus remind him of the answers he gave to # 6️⃣.


      4. “Without PR any new socialist party will fail.”

        You’re not wrong SteveH.

        Electoral reform is as critical to democracy, as democracy is for socialism. FPTP is a provider for pro-establishment conservatism (as is the Labour party, every now and again/more often than not).

      5. qwertboi – Keir Starmer supports PR and the Blairites don’t. Perhaps something to ponder on by those who are so anxious to get rid of him without any plan for what would replace him.

        76%.of members support PR and a ¼ of CLPs have put forward motions asking the party to adopt PR.

      6. But you are clearly NOT a Socialist.
        So why are you bothered?
        You are just a hard right troll.
        For your reply.

      7. the same old frank

        But you are clearly NOT a Socialist.
        I suppose that depends on how you define ‘a Socialist’, if you are holding yourself as a shining example of ‘socialism’ then thanks, but no thanks.

        So why are you bothered?
        Because I strongly believe that parliament should proportionately represent the views of all voters, don’t you?

        You are just a hard right troll.
        Despite repeated requests for evidence that supports your f’ wit opinion you have to date been incapable of providing any.

        For your reply. FUCK OFF AND DIE.
        Is being uncouth a pre-requisite for being a self appointed guardian of ‘the left’.

      8. Reply to Steve H
        Jeremy Corbyn did not fail as a leader. The electorate was completely taken in by the wall to wall smears and lies regurgitated in the MSM every day for 5 years.
        Every day for 5 years the Tories MSM Southside the PLP the Establishment including the Jewish establishment combined and worked together to undermine and vilify him. Most people would have been broken by their concerted efforts but not Jeremy Corbyn.
        In my opinion he is the best leader we ever had and those whose viciousness and self interest brought about his defeat have a lot to answer for not least the Tory’s mismanagement of the Covid crisis that has brought about 10s of 1000s of unnecessary death.
        However I believe that there is worse to come and it will be only when the Covid crisis is over that we will find out just how awful the lives of ordinary people will be under a Tory government able to do what it likes them due to its massive majority.

      9. SteveH, constructive ambiguity was a good stratagem that was inadequately capitalised upon.
        Strategy wasn’t exclusively Jeremy’s responsibility anyway, was it?
        Wasn’t everybody and his dog sticking an oar in as usual?
        Our MPs when asked “What’s constructive ambiguity about?” should have said that the Tories were doing a great job wrecking their own party over Brexit and that it would be a shame to intrude on private grief – and humorous variations on that theme.
        Make a joke of it so everyone knows it’s a ploy and laughs at the cleverness of giving the Tories nothing to shoot at.
        Piece of piss.

      10. David – ….but what actually happened is that Jeremy chose to hide from the media

      11. Yes, there were things he could have done better, particularly if he’d had a modicum of support from the party he was elected to lead – but instead of being supported he was attacked from all sides.
        I hope he writes a memoir, names names and destroys a whole slew of political careers.

      12. During his short time in office Starmer has actually done more than JC did throughout his tenure to democratise the party


      13. PW – The adoption of a PR voting system for NEC elections.

      14. The adoption of a PR voting system for NEC elections.

        While on the other hand, allowed his GS to dictate what can and can’t be discussed at local branch meetings, along with suspending anyone who defies such edicts, among them Jewish members who see themselves as being deemed not ‘the right sort of Jew’.

        In fact, it’s arguable whether he even has the right to determine the content of such discussions instead of only the conduct.

        Then, of course, there’s the Antisemitism Advisory Board and the choice of who sits on that board — hardly an endorsement for democracy:

        Since you were at such great pains to criticise Corbyn for doing so little over the previous GS’ attempts to resolve the AS complaints, you can hardly now say that Starmer is free of criticism for such a lopsided panel. I’m sure if he had said that all significant Jewish groups must be represented, then that would have been the case.

    2. Patrick, when you say – in relation to Jeremy Corbyn – that ‘we allowed the right wing and their media backers’ to destroy him, who is the ‘we’ you’re referring to, and what could this ‘we’ – whoever they are – have done to to prevent the right-wing and their media backers from doing so?

      1. And could you elaborate as to how this ‘we’ you refer to ‘allowed’ it to happen, as you see it?

    3. Starmer thinks Hodge is great. A war criminal ? great! Some one who insisted people put pressure on Dr David Kelly b4 he was found dead propped up against a tree? great. An amateur theatrical bum rejected by the electorate, Berger? great. Jack Straw who committed to paper to Craig Murray that Craig bothered too much about “Human Rights”. That was when Craig presented evidence that people were being boiled alive in oil if i remember correctly. Verified by York University analysis. SIR Starmer is ok with Straw… great. Smeeth, Ellman and the vicious threatening thug Ms Phillips MP who threatened to “stab Jeremy in the front” EVEN as knife murders were rampant in the country. Starmer thinks thuggery is great.

      Squaddies were were using a photo of Jeremy as target practise. Not a word of condemnation from Starmer… coming to think of it, from any “Socialist” MP or Red Tory. Not even from Jeremy himself. Not a peep. Possibly rising above that sort of thing… rising rising high out of sight.

      Not too high to come down to defend Ashworth on the MSM. I heard it. The words were something like Jonathan was just joking with his friend. No hibernation or rarefied remoteness to rescue Tom Watson at Conference. And to guarantee Watson got a public funded platform to continue plotting coup and sabotaging the left??? ACTION to put Watson in the House of Lords to keep McNicol company.

      If people can’t see that we will never bring Socialist policies to life like that then nothing will.

      ps after a determination every single day to date, except yesterday and Thursday, arranging meetings to discuss books and films, i can report that the Right in my CLP have now stitched up the “Left” completely. The response by the “Left” is, u guessed it, moaning about how shameless the Right are as if despite all the open evidence… no secret… despite the open abuse, rule breaking etc, now that the final knife is in the oh so erudite and always reading “Left” high command are disappointed. It is as a revelation to them, how the Right have ALWAYS worked, planned, organised and boldly bring about their aims.

      We have been stitched up from outside and inside. Let down disgracefully with backroom deals. Let down by indulging those who obviously want us to remain the same. What i’v seen in these nearly five years leaves some questions unanswered. Bizarre CHOICES have been made over and over. Why ? ? ?

      SH keeps repeating that Starmer got the nomination in Jeremy’s constituency. If true, how could that have happened? How could it be that after all the open treachery the people could select Starmer even though the City rejected Ummuna and Hendon rejected Berger??? How could that happen???

      Only a fool or a fraud would insist we have nothing to learn. In my opinion, people are not fools. I’ve certainly not knowingly met any. We all have different strengths and talents. Eg footballers do complicated maths in their minds to do what they do with their feet. I’v certainly met frauds. Only a fraud will say to the “Left” they are “Left” yet vociferously argue that there is nothing we need learn and ACT to change.
      🟢 🟢 🟢

      1. SteveH, i’m not doubting u on this. My question was how could it be❓ Many things are wrong to make that tragedy come to pass🔴

      2. It just came to mind. Did Jeremy support Starmer to get the nomination???

      3. windchimes – I very much doubt it, don’t you? JC was actively supporting ‘Little Becky’.

      4. did’t know that. was just wondering how Starmer could have won there of all places despite his unforgivable deceit, sabotage and open treachery. I was abroad until a few days b4 my CLP nominations, so only focused on the “Left” slate presented to me on the day! At least we were prepared then. We did extremely well. The joy of seeing the the shock and deflation of the Right Wing MP and clique as the results came in was wonderful.

        To my amazement despite the success an obsession with meetings to read and chat took on a greater frenzy. Very odd. Maybe those who hog control thought our success will make the Right try to appease us. You never have. Don’t now. You never will. Why would you? U’v all made your aims and plots open yet the puzzling craving to please your lot amazes me. Quite a mystery. Mark Wordsworth several months after his unjust treatmeant had not even had a call from Jeremy. I find mysteries almost unbearable. The instinct for me since early childhood has always been to ask why? Later, the scientific method. Test things. Look for refutation. Resist … indeed reject confirmation bias. Or one ends up closing eyes and ears to the most obvious problems. Even without a rigorous scientific approach, anyone could scrutinise… assess the match of words and actions. Do the virtuous words match the actions.

        That applies to Right and “Left”. Eg, it has been clear for at least nearly two decades that Starmer’s actions define him as odious. What then could lead anyone to not expect what we see now from Starmer? It seems like a chronic case of a mass failure to reflect, learn and change. A vague and proven useless fog of words hoping to “convert” your Right Wing lot… hoping for you to throw a crumb trumps action.

        Solutions have not been the priority. Something else clearly is. A million marched against Blair’s ILLEGAL Iraq invasion. The creature has never accepted that it is wrong. Why then would anyone who wants change, recommend we “work with” such? “Unify with” such? “Work around” such??? It makes no sense. Why rescue a war criminal from prosecution but fail to lift a finger in any meaningful way to support Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Mark Wordsworth, Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker, Ken Loach, the many Jewish people who spoke up to rebut the a-S lies ??? Not one SINGLE public acknowledgement of gratitude???

        Extremely puzzling. No???

        Can we change the world yet fail to change ourselves❓❓❓

      5. windchimes – There is a wide range of opinion out there for you to canvass, 175 of the CLPs who previously nominated Corbyn in 2015 and/or 2016 nominated Starmer in 2020.

      6. SteveH , therefore Socialist have a problem. Maybe the bad news nature of Starmer was hidden from them. No??? Look at the internal report. The wrongdoings had not just occurred. They were done over four years. That is a gross failure of responsibility to inform the membership. Hiding what was obvious about Starmer and co was neither “Christian” nor virtuous. It was and is downright irresponsible, and disgraceful. The tragedy now is evidence of that. All who knew of the wrongdoings failed the membership. That is why the party needs to be flushed out clean. Clean out all the Right Wing parasites and ALL those who brought the Johnson & Starmer tragedy about. Then we (not you) have a chance to build afresh. Fresh with people prepared to expel the likes of Hodge, Straw, Ashworth, Berger, Ummuna and Bliar eg for obviously bringing the party into disrepute. Berger and Ummuna eg were allowed to leave at their leisure. WHY???

        Winning an election is easy compared to having the courage of convictions to defend the vision and sustain the win. “Winning” is worthless if everything and anyone is up for sacrifice on the Right Wing slanted Broad Church altar. Another question, why would the Right Wing even bother to try to appease the “Left” after seeing what happened despite FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND enthusiastic members? Why??? No wonder we have been completely crushed now in my whole CLP and nationally.

        I heard one of Jeremy’s or McDonnell’s advisers on Talkradio two or three weeks ago.
        When the presenter asked why Starmer was performing so dreadfully, the ADVISOR to Jeremy or McDonnell DEFENDED Starmer. He said it’s early days still, Starmer has only had a year.

        QUESTIONS – how long did Starmer and plotters give Jeremy? What hope if someone at the heart of Jeremy’s operation could think like that despite all he has experienced and all that we see to date?


      7. think his name was James Mills, on talkradio. He giggles and laughs lots about nothing funny every single appearance on the program.

      8. windchimes – You’re rambling again. You should lay back and finish your smoke.

  2. Hardly noted for his socialist bias, even Tim Fenton over on Zelo Street gives Starmer’s ‘relaunch’ a good panning (Keir Starmer’s Labour Relaunch WASN’T) — although I don’t think his notion of Rayner as a replacement has much credibility, given her performance so far.

  3. By Monday we will all be able judge whether the additional scrutiny was justified or not.

    1. If additional scrutiny was called for, it could have been done – by hook or by crook – WITHIN the public schedule *without* a egotistical power strategem by the second-rate leader’s General Secretary appointee *.

      This person Evans is an atrocious administrator with an ego bigger than Donald John Trump’s and more demanding than Tom Watson’s.

      * and pound-to-a-penny, if there was any “dirt” on any of the candidates, Unit 8200 veteran, Assaf Kaplan (and therefore, Sir Keir) would have known – and provided the evidence of it, even before it happened.

      1. qwertboi – “If additional scrutiny was called for, it could have been done – by hook or by crook – WITHIN the public schedule *without* a egotistical power stratagem by the second-rate leader’s General Secretary appointee”

        How do you know one way or t’other.
        Unless you are in a position to actually know why they’ve decided to re-interview the candidates then I can’t see what’s to be gained from speculating on something none of us know bugger all about As I said above we’ll all know by Monday.

      2. SteveH:”How do you know one way or t’other.”

        We don’t, true. That’s why pound-to-a-penny, it’s probably Evans the Ego having a power fit.

        Second-rate is as second-rate does.

  4. From Good Law Project:

    The High Court has ruled “The Secretary of State acted unlawfully by failing to comply with the Transparency Policy” and that “there is now no dispute that, in a substantial number of cases, the Secretary of State breached his legal obligation to publish Contract Award Notices within 30 days of the award of contracts.

    The full judgement is available here:

    1. Exactly PW. Including “Left” media the “Socialist” group of MPs, any other “Left” orgs and right here on where did you see the scandal of Tory cronyism even mentioned frequently??? A basic neglected. Possibly because it’s happening to close … right under our noses right here right now … not shrouded in the mist of “virtue” plus the MSM might attack us. 📉📉📉

      1. The fight continues. Of course it was deliberate. But the establishment guards like the judge are thoroughly accustomed to giving up. So they push the envelope. The oppressed don’t only have to battle against the established oppressors outside but the discouragers from within.

        All who need justice must run far and fast away from the can’t do brigade. They drain energies. Some deliberately like the best welder in the history of the world and boat man extraordinaire. But others by nature eg Shill Hunter and Multi Olympic Gold medalist at flag waving… only 🏳️🏳️🏳️ones.

      2. I just did a search on the Morning Star’s website re ‘government contracts pandemic’ and found SIXTEEN related articles!

      3. And I just did a general search (on duckduckgo) re >government contracts pandemic cronyism< and the following Canary article from last September came up in the results:

        'Evidence of Johnson government’s Covid cronyism and incompetence laid bare'

        PS Doug, how could the judge have concluded that the Government acted unlawfully AND, at the same time, that it wasn't done deliberately? Doesn't make sense.

      4. Canary article SEPTEMBER. Five months ago. Five. Your definition of sustained and dynamic. Did you read any of the Morningstar articles at the time??? How many times was the issue raised on and by whom???

        How many times have ANY of the “Left” with access and invitations to the MSM ever given any sustained highlight of this issue or the Uber issue or any pressing issue right here right now… affecting “the many” right here right now❓❓❓

        You and all like you are part of the problem. But you Allan Howard are worst than most. Because, you argue that if the “Left” spoke up, they would be attacked. Yet you and McNiven spend all your energy attacking anyone here on just giving their opinion. Where’s the coherence in that??? Can’t you see the crazed inconsistency??? Why not take the advice u drip constantly??? Go hide away and shut up. You pretend u r protecting Jeremy. Is Jeremy a baby??? Jeremy is a big grown man married twice or three times with grown up children. Do u feel he is so weak he can’t speak up and defend himself??? You are an embarrassment. Because of people like you, the judge feels brave enough to make such a ridiculous statement. He or she knows those who launched the case have to put up with the establishment and you.

        You are an obstacle to change.🔴🔴🔴

      5. Allan – A more complete quote is –
        THE government has spent almost £2 billion on “crony contracts” with Tory donors and friends during the pandemic, alarming Labour Party research revealed today.

      6. Agree
        Possibly until all details of all of the contracts are in the public domain and have been audited then there would be a case

      7. Just found FIVE related articles in the Daily Mirror!

        I guess you got it totally wrong signpost. I wonder how you managed to do that? Strange, isn’t it, how someone who endlessly finds fault with the left just happened to get it so wrong. How very convenient, eh signpost?!

      8. Did u read any of those FIVE articles in the Mirror at the time and now???
        Did any of the “Socialist” MPs write any of them???
        Did any of the “Socialist” MPs speak on the radio about the Uber drivers’ suffering, the Tory Covid-19 chumocracy and the Grenfell cladding crime in ANY sustained way even over the last twelve months??? I rest my case. You are a key part of the problem. Take your own advice. Shut up, hide, keep your head down. No one needs a damp dripping can’t do 🏳️🏳️🏳️fanatic.

    2. Were it not 4 the excellent Good Law Project nor The positively driven Uber drivers they would just be moaning this very day.

      Thank goodness they did not have certain wet blankets telling them don’t bother to take it to court. Everything is against u. Just roll over. The MSM will “smear” you mercilessly. Oh boo hoo the Zionist will destroy u. Nothing can be gained. Don’t change. Just moan. U r a victim. U’v said u have a problem so run away quickly and hide. Keep your head down. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t change. Keep being timid or u will have the cruel MSM say hurtful things about u. The smears of the MSM will make u shrivel and die … like Fidel Castro .. oh no, sorry like Mandela… or no not him, like like Simón Bolívar oh no … like Ken Livingstone, no no like George Galloway he took a boat out to Gazza oh how he was humiliated by the Zionist and MSM that he is still hiding and paralysed in a pool of tears ??? oh no that did not make him cry it was in the US Senate show down…. oh no like Farage , Cameron called him “a loony and s fruit cake” Farage has not recovered since. He’s hiding up a foggy mountain somewhere …

      Just what would Rosa Parkes, King, Ali, MARCUS RADHFORD, anyone who has ever achieved anything … just what would they do with out the sparklingly encouraging Allan Howard❓❓❓ Just where would the world be without David McNiven to say try this now???

      Just think before the wheel and fire, the great sucker outer of iron welding splinters from his own eyeball the McNiven the great, and the Shill Hunter would have been on hand to scream frantically day in day out , DON’t do it‼️ Don’t try it‼️ Stick with your feet. Raw meet never did me any harm. Everyone will smear u. What good will the wheel and fire do??? They will never catch on!!!

      The thing is, there have always been Howard’s and McNiven’s standing in the way of all progress. BUT REJOICE🎉🎉🎉 The infinite steps of progress that have been accomplished despite the Shill Hunters and can’t do, don’t try drips. Those who achieve things ignore that type. With a few thousand… even a few hundred, those with courage of convictions change the course of history. The McNiven’s and Allan Howards who drip on change, with five hundred thousand … even a million willing souls at their disposal achieve nothing except mastering the limp of victimhood. Don’t be one of their casualties who whine we “had no choice”🌸🌸🌸

      1. The signpost shill tells yet ANOTHER Big Lie about the left NOT covering the ongoing story about cronyism, and like the good little fascist shill that he is – what with ‘attack being the best form of defence – he goes on the attack!

        You lied, didn’t you signpost – ie tried to deceive readers of skwawkbox YET again – as you do on a daily basis so as to discredit the left.

      2. Take your advice Shill Hunter weirdo. Keep your head down, hide, stop repeating, shut up and stick your industrial supply of white flags up your pathetic cowardly fundament.
        And get help while it’s still free on what’s left of the NHS.

      3. Bullshitters’ tiny twisted minds aren’t great with reasoning or detail so everything comes out garbled, especially when they get overemotional and ranty – which seems to be windbag’s natural state, the poor boy.

        ADHD apparently – his mother told me the whole estate calls him the Ritalin Kid.

  5. ‘Restore trust”. That’s what ethical, principled people like Anna Rothery do.

    I wish her – and her campaign – every success. For the Many, not the Few.

    Win for the people who need you, Anna – and show-up the billionaires’ lackey at the top of the party.

    1. frank – Thanks for your sincere concern. It gives us all an insight into the type of person you are and your socialist principles.

      1. frank – Is that really the best repost that your sad mind could manage. I’m disappointed for you.

    1. David – Thanks for pointing that out, it will improve things no end on this forum if we all pick up on each others typos. I’m blaming the auto-correct

  6. Whatever makes you feel adequate, Steve.
    Auto correct can be turned off you know – or maybe you think I have a really, really expensive professional version only available to a select few?
    On that theme has anyone else noticed that windbag blames all the ills of the Labour party – and the world – on anyone who dares to criticise his puerile nonsense?

      1. Improving the forum no end with that one, Steve – good to know we can always count on you to raise the tone.

  7. “Two of Liverpool’s best MPs” Youve got that badly wrong Squawkbox…!IT should read Two of the Best mps in the commons.And the best MPs the Labour party have had for many years…ITs not what they say Its what they do!.Byrne and Carden are proven to be the real deal and I value their judgment.

      1. Signpost Do you mean Sir undeclared donations,and his misfits?…Rodders and his chums were bound to get in trouble somtime.,as we all know money talks especially with the “friends of Israel” ….Still nearly cry 😢when I see that video and one of our favourite pigs being fed with lovely “Lucka”.curtsy of the Iserali embassy.Thanks for expose journalism’s of the foreign news stations.Aljazeera.Our lot of pretend journalists have a day of reckoning due to their lies and deceit.Step up mr knight onto the choping block?

      2. Starmer the Remainer –

        Some still refuse to admit that the craving to be loved by the Right led to DISGRACEFUL appeasement of the inappeasable -> Convoluted laughable and laughed at rigmarole of Constructive Ambiguity. Then the most embarrassing preciously rare voice to say – We will negotiate a better deal … THEN CAMPAIGN to REMAIN. Figure that one out???

        NOW, obviously to win back the heartlands who were treated as being unworthy of “fuss” because “they have nowhere else to go” , Starmer who was ALLOWED to deceive many of the membership , has ordered – DON’T mention the EU. Don’t mention Brexit. Don’t mention the deal. DON’T mention REMAIN 🏳️🏳️🏳️

      3. Signpost not winchimes ..Thanks for that from the grunge,its very depressing to see what the Labour party members voted for,and the PLP.The knight clearly has no longer any respect for his bunch of mp misfits either.The tone is orders passed down to the children by the Headmaster…Which on reflection is probably all they deserve for the clowns lumping a nominally working-class movement with a knight from the Heartlands of Conservative and unionist party Surrey.I really don’t see how anyone could have been suprised at the terminal damage to the once respected Labour party that I joined nearly half a century ago.IT was not perfect then,but at least we tried to do something for what we considered our people “The working-class and the unions” fighting for a better life,not political correctness but real life in the streets of a former industrial giant.What would a clown from Reigate independent snootys school living the village life in Conservative Surrey Oxted,home of the former Harrods owner Fyad and temporary home of Sloane ranger princess Diana(RIP )know about the working-class.Romford ,Dudley,and Bolton Lancashire might as well be on another planet for all his knight and his misfits care.And Glasgow ..thats another solar system in deep space.for mr knight.?

      4. i agree with u joseph. no one should be surprised. i believe we’ve been let down dreadfully, not by ill will, but by a failure to learn. self-indulgence and metropolitan comfort. defeatism and no sense of urgency. no value of opportunity… even a spectacularly miraculous one. Then on top of that as if the heavens were not generous enough, the extraordinary once in a lifetime gift of a TORY PM misjudging the public to call the ref to end once and for all their internal problems.

        jeremy is not a lazy man. he works non stop. he is not a bad man either but is a convincing symptom of a rot on the “Left”. Like the high priests it is a rot of self-righteousness. a rot due to no reflection. a rot of believing we need learn or change nothing. we are soooooo perfect and virtuous, after all we champion every noble cause and we are right.

        i say being right re how the world should be is useless if we refuse to defend that vision IN SPITE OF SMEARS … words. That would be like you or i deciding to hide because of WFM, the eye splinter sucker outer super man and the Smartbot.

        Smartness like virtue is useless if not put to use to bring transformation.

        Just imagine how life would be for the South Africans if Mandela thought smears justified hiding and failing to defend himself???

        No wonder u survived East Surrey. U are one of the handful hear prepared to stand up and speak up re action. We don’t have to all agree but the “Left” is as destined to remain stitched up when people are afraid of honest reflection and smears.

        You survive it and more, as Ken, George and a million other greats all over the world. Are u hiding in a pool of tremulous tears? Or Ken Livingstone or George Galloway? Thought not.

  8. Talking about Starmer, someone said “”I’m not a fan of how he seems to put a lot of negativity across, but doesn’t have any solutions.”

    Methinks sounds like Hide from the MSM and everyone who will say bad things about you drip AKA White Flag Man, Mr Know it All MuckNiv and their newly activated recruit Smartbot. Dedicated to ensure the “Left” remains stuck in defeats. It’s all the big girl’s fault.

    Don’t be hoodwinked by frauds. What failed b4, will fail again. All who fail to learn, will continue to fail. Those who recommend hiding and are so pathetic they treat a grown ups as if they are babies who can’t speak for themselves, have nothing to offer. The “Left” will never win if so many lack the courage to even call out the foolishness or fraud that are Mr Splinter Sucker, White Flag Man and the recently activated oh so Smart bot. Think of it. What person calls them self “Smart”???

    ANSWER – The same that boast they “have a headlock no one has ever escaped from” and similar styled words recently by the extraordinary boat man who knows everything except even one constructive suggestion 🌳🌳🌳

    1. windchimes “What person calls them self “Smart”???”

      The same sort of person who professes to be a ‘signpost’

      1. signpost is in tribute to tony benn. it is to encourage all to be constructive signposts. giving direction not following the wind of eg those who only moan victimhood, nothing you can do, jeremy had no choice but to fail to defend himself or else he would be attacked, scream weird responses while supporting the silence of jeremy and the socialist mps. where is the logic in that??? what’s “smart” or “constructive” in that??? if u or anyone can find one clear suggestion of what the labour “left” CAN do to change the history of defeats by those who call themselves “smart” but defends the most crazed advocate of cowardice wfm the “shill hunter” then please share. nb just like eye splinter sucker, what sort of person boasts that they are a super “shill hunter”??? how weird is that???

        what sort of person says they are giving an eg of how they know bullies, then relates a story of how they deserted an elderly man on the floor at the feet of thugs, but left to “finish his drink with a friend” then got out of there”. ???

        then when called out only by Joseph and myself… others probably disapproved but… are using that super winning technique of “integrity” ie keeping their head down…

        when called out, the super sh ill hunt conductor gives a tissue of embarrassing lies eg the man was not that elderly, more middle aged, as if that matters.

        the man was not on the floor he was sort of halfway sitting up against the wall.

        if the thugs had hot him again, the sh ill hunt conductor would have done something then because they have a famous “headlock” from which “no one has ever escaped”.

        so i repeat, i’m not frustrated by you sh and your right wing lot. u openly admit u support starmer. u r ok with his treachery. u turn up and try defending the indefensible. that’s your choice. i’m frustrated by those who might sincerely mean well, are knowledgable and as intelligent and “smart” as we all are, yet as adults believe that speaking up is “a feud”. standing up for your beliefs is not important but it is worth speaking up to beg the “left” to “unify” with starmer. “keep calm” about blatant wrongs. and right here on people who ate willing to pipe up about every wrong far away, cannot even speak up about what’s within our abilities.

        those are the people who are frustrating. they disappoint. completely different are the splinter sucker, the sh ill hunt expert and the smart bot they are not fools they are frauds. or maybe they are devoted to keeping the “left” as it is. so far with you, they are winning decades of defeats.

      2. ps and it is “signpost not windchimes”. tony benn used to say signpost not weathercocks or not weathervanes. so it is an exhortation an aim rather than a self declared summative assessment ie “smart”. ok sh ??? u can’t tell the difference??? of course u can but u r doing what the “left” fails to do. it is afraid and abused with the ideas are best left unsaid yet complain non stop of being a victim of the msm.

        it must be repeated that ken livingstone was attacked nonstop long b4 jeremy. he won twice and was able to do magnificent things in london. when george galloway was attacked non stop, he too won with his respect party. when jeremy stood for leadership and had no choice but to speak millions were drawn to support him despite the hostile msm… fact. he neglected them and aimed to appease his enemies instead. there was no need for that. proof they still continued their lies. fact. but the final self wound was the ultimate plain error of dumping his long held eu sceptic position. he had voted against every single tightening of the eu rope along with to tony benn. he snatched an historic defeat from the broad church alter.

        once cameron gave the referendum, i thought that’s it. another miraculous gift to jeremy. he could crush the tories blue and red for a generation or more. it was always their squabble. i posted that view here. just to appease starmer and co, desperate to be “loved” by his enemies, he sacrificed everything and anyone… members and friends and his reputation for sticking to his principles. and now we have what again i posted ages ago that starmer has dumped remain. note the tense, has dumped. as soon as he orchestrated mandelson deceived the membership, starmer dumped remain. ahead of the curve, i posted that on many months later the msm is only now reporting which anyone could have read here. posted by those who don’t turn with the wind. what did u and the other sh s state all those months ago??? remind us sh??? what suggestions did u sh ill hunt, splinter sucker and smartbot offer??? cat’s got your tongue???


      3. Steve H…Why do you stick with the knights agenda,when clearly all is lost?You are on a hiding to nowhere.,,are you really that desperate to back a looser Steve.,or do you make a financial gain out of the misery that is the democratic socialist Labour party?…This is a sincere question based on what you say and promote…Why?you are not stupid..please tell us?

      4. Joseph – I doubt that you have a sincere bone in your body.

  9. starmer and lammy happy to silence words, and suspend and expel for same, yet condone unlawful behaviour by tory boy hancock. that is the type those with “principles” and “integrity” and “socialist” want us to “unify with”, “work around” … and the biggest joke “… for a labour government”.

    chronic infection of 🦠🦠🦠 label itis

    1. “for a labour government” should have been in quotes as above.

  10. Starmer backs boris again. Starmer in full Tory step AGAINST the Teaching Union. Tells u all u need to know. Shows u all u need to see of the SH. It is clear though that some prefer to be clog their ears and eyes rather than learn. 🏳️🏳️🏳️

    1. windchimes – This is what Starmer actually said this morning about schools re-opening.

      On the unlocking, he urged: “Careful, cautious, follow the science and make sure the support is there for business. They’ve got this far, they need to survive beyond the next set of restrictions.”
      On schools fully reopening on March 8th and trade union calls for a staggered return: “I’d like to see all schools back open on March 8th and all children back in schools on March 8th.”
      Pressed on whether or not there should be a staggered reopening: “We’re going to have to look at the data and the detail as we go into those weeks just before March 8th, see where we are on the infection rates.”

      1. SH it would be informative if every time u get instructions from Starmer’s nest of rats, ask them to ask the over waxed and under taxed bollard headed deceitful lump:

        1️⃣ Did u vote Remain, Starmer?

        2️⃣ What do u think of Remain, Mr Remain?

        3️⃣ Why did u BAN your traitorous gang of coup plotters from talking OR writing about Brexit, Mr EU FLAG-WAVER ???

        4️⃣ Your advisor said – you Max Wax Headroom “is on a journey to nowhere”. Mr Headroom… oh sorry … SIR Headroom, how r u enjoying that journey?

        5️⃣ SIR Wax, how do u assess Mandelson’s Arsetair Campbellend’s and the creature Anthony Blair the oily, desperately attention seeking, odious, WMD liar’s loyalty and … hmmm advice?

        5️⃣ Why do u think many call u “Keith”? Did your mom make a gross mistake? A boo boo? Hope trumped destiny? Determined to crush the idea of nominative determinism even more convincingly than “Lord” Adonis?

        6️⃣ Mr Remain enthusiast Keith Starmer, where do u see yourself in SIXTEEN WEEKS ( fifteen, fourteen etc )?

        Then pretend they u and the MSM didn’t hear as u all pretended re Jeremy’s unnecessary flood of apologies re a-S lies, and ask the waxed bollard these first five questions over and over, even after the sixteen weeks have elapsed. After sixteen weeks from now remind him of the answers he gave to # 6️⃣.


      2. go to spec savers. i think they do hearing tests.
        ps we don’t need a cacophony like some noisy pub. That achieves nothing. We have the proof.

        Neither do we need a polite metropolitan chit chat. The Left needs reflection re what can we do to improve. Sterile agreement about the corrupt doings of the MSM and your Right Wing lot is of no use.

        U try to defend your views. Good for u. Those who can but won’t defend theirs has no part in transforming the world. We have the proof. Social media 60 characters or fewer prattle, and “Left” social club bunker agreement, in my view has no place in finding ways to beat the “Left”.

        Do u want noisy fair weather friends?
        Do u want friends who never have suggestions to help u improve?
        Thought not.

  11. We had MORE than enough of what was necessary, except:
    1️⃣ A grasp of the reality of your Right Wing lot.
    2️⃣ A leader who failed to explain his historic votes to reject further entanglement in the EU superstate project.
    3️⃣ An embarrassing desperation to be “loved” by Mandelson and co.
    4️⃣ The love of over 500,000 prepared to join and millions more, the largest vote share since 1945, was treated as of ZERO importance compared to playing happy families with the overrated Mandelson, Arsetair and the liar… even after they failed to win the Brexit argument.

    You see SH it is obvious that the high command of “Left” with all their words when they are safe amongst those who already agree, actually WORSHIP the MYTH of expertise on the Right, despite ALL evidence.

    With hundreds of millions of pounds spread amongst the ridiculously named “People’s Vote, Gina Millar, CUKS, TINGES, Limp Dims and the Greens, PLUS the much raved about MSM and Zionist power, they lost. LOST big time. No A-S smears. No IRA smears. WALL to WALL support and they lost repeatedly.

    YET STILL because of the culture of timid agreement, most of the “Left” blind and deafen themselves.

    It seems clearer than ever that McDonnell, Chakrabati, Jeremy, McCluskey and ALL in that circle DEEPLY believe that they need your “Mandy” & co. They secretly WORSHIP them. Despite them losing Scotland, membership, vote-share AND the Brexit debate.

    Furthermore the crippling confrontation averse culture has betrayed the membership. Eg after the “People’s Vote” failures were revealed AGAIN for what they are, overrated parasites, STILL the high command around Jeremy allowed and continue to let the myth that the people rejected Socialism take root.

    Think of that…. not you SH, you know it. And you and your lot were laughing your heads off until Max showed he was even more useless than you all thought. Waxer was meant to keep the seat warm not deposit cold sh on it.

    1. windchimes – I have absolutely no idea what you are blathering on about, and given the incoherence of your comment there’s more than a little doubt that you do either.
      Never mind though, if you now feel better for getting that (whatever ‘that’ was) off your chest then at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

  12. I think ‘the only real socialist in the village’ owes Skwawkbox at least a £grand in rent for the space his fly-tipped garbage takes up.

    1. MuckNiven 14th February –

      “I no longer give a fuck – I’ll be busy with boat work from now on.”

      Muck Niven as ever a splinter sucker outer fraud and easily exposed liar.⚠️⚠️⚠️

      1. “Windbag endlessly posts the same garbled aphorisms from some half-remembered Cosmo article on positive thinking and calls it a plan.
        Believe whatever you like, folks – if you’re happy with such bollocks I no longer give a fuck – I’ll be busy with boat work from now on.
        Let me know how windbag’s path to victory turns out.”

        You edited out the best bits, and “forgot” that my words were about you and not a promise to you or anyone else.

        Heavy fabrication is tough work and splinters are commonplace – doubting that we take care of them ourselves says more about you than about me.
        It says you’re a baby gerbil in frilly panties.
        You wouldn’t make it to tea break even in a light fabrication shop.

      2. FRAUD and LIAR splinter sucker & sh ill hunt mate. Were’s your Smartbot??? If your words were to me, then why do u read my post and return? And your silly immature words were obviously addressed to the readers of who did not ask for your return. They know u have offered nothing but pathetic attempts to mislead. At least SH openly defends his side to achieve their aims. You on the other hand are either a fraudulent plant who is not a Labour party member OR a sad attention seeking fraud.

        Someone else had a laugh at your expense recently when u boasted about your splinter sucking exploits and other things. Who takes time out to boast about stuff which have nothing to do with helping Socialism??? Who does that??? Only a weirdo desperate for readers to beg , oh no boat man, don’t retire to your boat. The did not, so piss off sad weirdo. 😂😂😂


        Believe whatever you like, folks – if you’re happy with such bollocks I no longer give a fuck – I’ll be busy with boat work from now on.
Let me know”.


        “folks” – “if you’re happy” “I NO LONGER give a fuck –

        Who are the “folks”? Is FOLKS not plural?

        You were pulling up SH and others recently. You clearly lack self-awareness, don’t understand your own words or like the Shill ill hunt WFM, are totally sure you can spill any BS and no one will check. And if they checked they would keep their heads down, stay out of a “feud” yet hope to change Kashmir and Palestine.

        “I’ll be BUSY with boat work FROM NOW ON”. Stopped being busy then? No splinters to suck? You have more wind than the wind to overturn your boat?

        “From now on” On shot for ONWARDS. Taking lessons from Smartbot???
”Let me know”. – No one did so piss off, u ridiculous sad weird tosser. No wonder if anyone ever took your advice, after 70 years, they have failed. You are just a bag of useless fraudulent wind.

  13. “Seek and ye will find” ..and its always darkest before the dawn..We are looking at history in the making,.Do you want to stand aside or open your eyes as a powerful nation(once)crumbles and slips beneath the incoming tide.? Make your choice..times running out for socialism in the West?

  14. ALL last week or two, approx hourly it feels, some production re the KNOWN ANTI-SEMITE Roald Dhal
    is being repeated. It was just broadcasted a few minutes ago.

    Where is the outcry from those who claimed to be distressed by stuff they needed armies trawling back decades to find❓❓❓

    There are TONS of other examples which expose the shams, inventions and theatrics of the likes of Starmer.

    If the frauds were so “distressed” why were they and continue to be silent re ROALD DAHL???

    I heard one well known man who agreed with the liars, admit on radio that he read his children Roald Dahl’s books. I heard one well known woman detail some if the anti-Semitic characters in Dahl’s books, yet she too admitted reading his books to her children and grandchildren. And read them

    There was and is much more that should have been and SHOULD be presented even now to demolish the obviously theatrical lies. If lies are ignored, they take root. There are AMPLE opportunities to rebut MSM lies. If we fail to use them yet moan, that that is our failing.

    STILL it was the embarrassing desperation to be “loved” by losers who lost the Brexit argument despite tons of money and FULL MSM support. The totally vilified “loony and fruitcake” as Cameron called Farage changed the course of history. He did not have half a million ENTHUSIASTIC members. He lacked the party infrastructure, He lacked thousands chanting his name. But, right or wrong, he had the courage of his convictions to stand up and defend what he campaigned for over decades. Jeremy was ALWAYS in the same Lobby with Farage and Benn.

    Right or wrong if you have courage of your convictions and consider the conviction important, you defend it. And in any case what quality, his political team who advised him to intrude on Tory greif❓❓❓ Then worse yet to insult our own traditional base by pandering to out of touch metropolitans who are still going on about Erasmus?

    How do people manage to study in the US, Canada New Zealand, Occupied Palestine, Cuba??? How???

    We have the overwhelming evidence that the failure to stick to ones principles failed. That culture MUST be dumped to SUSTAIN a productive government. Winning is easy in comparison to sustaining wins. Jeremy won. He threw it away. Yes he was attacked, but do was Ken, George, Farage, Trump, Obama, Mandela, Fidel, and more. Jeremy is a grown man, not a baby, long out of pampers. ALL the above are still alive and well like Joseph in Cambodia!!! There was NO need to set out to appease the most oleaginous and open tools of the one percent. NONE. More perplexing is that it continued THROUGHOUT Jeremy’s tenure AND STILL to date!!! Is that not strange???

    Socialism can govern. It has for ages in Norway, Sweden though decaying, Finland. The evidence of great success is there. If they can succeed and sustain the success, then why can’t we ? ? ?

    Only fools and frauds still argue we have nothing to learn. Don’t be deceived by them.

    Facts. Principles. Courage. Learning. That is all.

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