Massive development in Liverpool mayoral race as Unite backs Rothery

News comes after endorsements from Corbyn, Formby, Chakrabarti alongside other unions

Liverpool mayoral hopeful Anna Rothery has dramatically won the endorsement of the giant Unite union. Rothery already had the backing of the Bakers’ union, as well as that of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, former general secretary Jennifer Formby and former shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti.

The coveted Unite endorsement is a key step in winning the backing of local Labour members in the ballot that opens next week.

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      1. ps and is it not odd that people outside the party get enraged when those inside suggest what we can do to improve??? Quite odd that. It’s like getting enraged by how someone is decorating their bedroom in their house in another country. Weird. Very weird. Defies logic. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. Signpost fraudulently spouts on again and again about people on here trying to shut him down, and yet THAT is exactly what he is trying to do in his post above – ie as good as saying that if they are not a member they have no right to engage with him. And being the fascist shill that he is, any such engagement amounts to being ‘enraged’. Yep, it’s straight out of the black propaganda handbook, and EXACTLY the sort of thing the Sun and the Mail and the Express do all the time!

        Please see through this fascist piece of feces!

      3. So far today ‘signpost’ has posted thirty-eight comments, and I doubt he is finished yet. And needless to say he repeats himself over and over again. Who but a paid shill posts ALL day long AND repeats himself continually!

        I said earlier in another thread that he posts on here over a hundred times every week, but it’s actually nearer a hundred and fifty times a week, and sometimes more. Yep, that’s because he’s a paid black propagandist shill and it’s his full-time job! And as a shill he’s always ready and waiting for the next notification from skwawkbox so that he can get his comments in at – or near – the top of the comments!

      4. Allan Howard.
        Please get help.
        Your delusions are disturbing.

      5. Reply to Allan Howard.
        I have pointed this out about Signposts before. If you notice he replies to himself – he posted at 6.32, 6.33 and 6.36 so that in order to get to genuine posts you have to scroll down past what are usually ( though not this time) very longwinded posts. Furthermore he has never anything helpful or constructive to say – he usually just rants and spoils it for others who want to engage in proper discussion on this site.

      6. I’m with signpost
        If you dont buy a ticket you ain’t gonna win the lottery
        If you dont vote Labour then your a Tory
        Debatable whether those non members are just entertaining themselves

      7. Reply to Doug – he’s not genuine Doug in my opinion

      8. You fraud “Smartboy” with not a single constructive suggestion ever. Only pretending u’re so “sick” of the system but zilch plans to change and worse yet trying to stop change. Your are either s disgusting fraud or part of the problem. Either way, u r a distinct negative. My posts are not for you. Surely if you had something constructive to offer, you would. NB i never attempt to silence others. Those who try to silence others ALWAYS have nothing useful to offer. But my guess is that you are a repellent Right Wing plant. Your instructions are that we keep being timid, feel it is all out of our control and just whine about how bas everything is but re how we can improve ZILCH❗️❗️❗️ You and the other status quo preservers disgust me. I’m only sorry that many well meaning people have been hoodwinked by you. You fooled me too until a few months ago when i got suspicious that u had never expressed any areas Socialist could improve our operation. So at least you are better at your task than McNiven and WhiteFlagMan… sussed them out since 2019.

  1. Rotherham’s the metro mayor Skwawky.

    Think you mean Anna Rothery?

    Either way I’m not arsed. Just another layer of totally unnecessary officialdom. Jobs for the boys (and girls)

    1. Retro mayor…………just another face for the local newspaper to interview when nothing’s happening.

  2. I’d say the word massive counts as hyperbole – she’s supported by the usual suspects and thus is the “left” candidate.

    Shame she voted to de-platform Esther Giles from last Sunday’s supposedly broad left meeting then, isn’t it?

    The same Esther Giles that you went out of your way to promote when she was standing for Labour Party treasurer.

    Any comment?

    1. thanks labrebisgalloise for that info! I withdraw my celebrations above. Gosh, what a struggle. Don’t know how i keep my spirits up.
      Thanks again for that info. I voted for Esther Giles in our GC nominations some months ago. Very sad to hear that Rothery voted to de-platform Esther.🔴🔴🔴

      1. Signpost ITs a race to win,and competition with Socialism can actually work….These are the hard fscts of politics and life provided it doesn’t get into mud slinging..Now if we are talking about Torys then anything including the kitchen sink.

    2. Can i declare my ignorance along with the vast majority of the Great unwashed
      When it comes to what is and what is not A/S then I trust JVL to keep me on the straight and narrow
      When it comes to the alphabetti spaghetti stuff I’m truly fucked

  3. The only real question is…how soon will Evans & Starmer suspend Rotherham? They’re obviously not going to allow anyone with Labour values to be the Liverpool Labour mayoral candidate.

  4. Voting Labour will not give us a Corbynite Mayor. The party will follow Tory cuts.

    TUSC (anti cuts party) is sabotaging itself by their Liverpool Elected Mayor candidate being against the system of Elected Mayors, when what he said means an Elected Mayor (fully public elected head of council instead of merely appointed Council Leader) has more power to stop cuts over and above councillors of all the different political parties, far more than one or two rebel TUSC councillors.

    TUSC would fight against cuts. Labour cannot and will not fight cuts, as has been proven when they tried to help the poor in Liverpool, and were attacked even more by their own Labour leadership and party, than even from the Tories.

    Instead of this playing politics, what is needed compassion to the ever lengthening food bank queue, and the lack of vaccination and worst vaccination programme of any rich nation, of 12 weeks (3 months) between the Covid19 jabs, rendering both worthless, and risking the variants and mutations getting beyond vaccines.

  5. We’re long overdue some good news about the labour party, let’s hope Anna does it

  6. Anna Rother(h)am gets the Union backing.

    Steve Rothery sits back and watches.

    Come on, Skwawkbox, put the pint down.

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