Union pays tribute to staff working in ‘appalling conditions’ to keep UK moving and tells govt to include them in vaccine prioritisation

Rail union RMT has paid tribute to the ‘army of staff’ who have battled to keep services running overnight in ‘appalling conditions’ – and has repeated the call for the Government to ensure that the transport workforce are clearly identified as essential staff with appropriate priority for COVID vaccination.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

I want to pay tribute to the army of staff who have once again been out there overnight battling in appalling conditions to keep services running so that we can keep Britain’s essential workers, freight and transport infrastructure moving.

With forecasts of worse weather to come over the next few days it’s important that we shine on a light on those who play such a crucial role on our transport network but are often hidden from view.

RMT is repeating the call for government to recognise that transport workers are essential workers and should be a priority for support and vaccination, along with our colleagues in other key industries and sectors, as we tackle the combined impact of severe winter weather conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. How much of his members’ subscription money is Mick handing to hugely grateful Establishment-endorsed Knight of the realm and employer of Israeli spies Starmer? Is it in the £millions? We really should be told.

  2. Having spent well over half my working life outside, often in appalling conditions, I know only too well what these workers go through. You would hope that the next time rail unions are forced into industrial action, those who complain they’re holding the country to ransom remember how they helped to keep the country running in such difficult circumstances.

    What really incenses me is when you get idiots like Kwarteng accusing British workers of being lazy. It’s a pity we can’t make people like him spend a year or two in those kind of jobs — although having said that, I doubt he’d be any more use than a plastic fireguard and probably just make the job ten times harder!

  3. I’m retired but I could easily manage another year of masks, distancing etc. There’ll be some less able but it’s no bother for me.
    Essential workers should definitely be vaccinated before the healthy retired to my mind – I’d also prioritise those who can’t distance by the nature of the work and have hard physical jobs that make breathing through masks far more difficult – and possibly dangerous – like those track workers.
    NHS, care workers, the frail elderly, essential workers, vulnerable BAME and many I haven’t thought of might need vaccination more urgently than people like me.
    We all have GPs – I’d have thought they’d be best placed to carry out ‘triage’ of their own patients’ vaccination priority.

  4. Go to Sky news story on study from Israel on effectiveness of Pfizer first jab and reaction from Sage glove puppet

  5. Politicians; teachers; solicitors; journalists etc believe that everyone can work from home. The comfortable bourgeoisie have no concept of ever having to earn a crust by the sweat of their labour. The reality of the ‘gig economy’, zero hours contracts or being a self employed ‘sole trader’ are not part of the BBC/Guardian world. Poverty is genetic & the working class really are ‘deplorable’. In this world, self isolation can never be an option where hunger & poverty are part of everyday life!. A world where the retirement age is forever raised for the old man who has laboured outside in all weathers every day of his life, even when the ground is too frozen to break or the deep sea fishermen who brave hostile working conditions about which you & Captain BirdsEye could only dream.
    The ‘Left-Behind’ are still either ignored or insulted, described as racists if you voted for change & Brexit……..let’s clap for the ‘Tesco Check-Out’ girls & other ‘essential workers who keep the economy going……clap hands for poverty wages & the invisible low paid. Clap hands for the ‘Care Workers’ who daily wipe the butts of the elderly; are denied adequate PPE & decent terms & conditions of employment because they have been kept outside of the NHS. Clap hands for the Labour Party & the BBC.

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