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Liverpool members react to ban on CLP no-confidence motion in Starmer/Evans – by passing branch no-confidence motion in Starmer and Evans

Motion now goes forward to CLP again, after officers and regional officials blocked first attempt

Labour members have responded to the blocking of a motion of no confidence in Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans – by passing another motion of no confidence in Keir Starmer and David Evans.

Officers of Liverpool Riverside constituency party (CLP) and north-west regional office disregarded the party’s rules last week to prevent a vote by delegates on a motion of no confidence – so on Tuesday night, members of the CLP’s St Michael’s branch south of the city centre passed one and put it forward to the CLP again:

To NEC & Riverside CLP

This branch/CLP notes with concern:

That the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, pledged to bring unity to our Party so that members could continue their hard work in fighting the Tories and winning the next General Election.

This branch/CLP believes:

The Party Leader, together with the General Secretary have catastrophically failed to bring unity to the Party and have acted in such a way as to actively disenfranchise members and some trade unions who, by far, form the largest sections of The Labour Party.

This branch/CLP resolves to:

Express no confidence in Keir Starmer and David Evans.

The new motion is careful to avoid any mention of the issues that acting general secretary David Evans has tried to ban, focusing instead on the disunity and disenfranchisement caused by the party’s cynical and cowardly tactics.

Labour’s rules mean that the motion must now go forward to the next CLP ‘general committee’ meeting – forcing officers and regional officials either to allow it to go to a vote, or to treat member democracy with contempt. Either way, the results will be covered here.

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  1. Ps…look to the prayer of st Michael…it specifically details the way forward with true evil…and the knight and his misfits truly are.This is not politics we are fighting for the people of Britain.

  2. Is it possible that the right believes it no longer needs members to canvass locally in person?
    That the Labour Party can choose its own candidates centrally and do its ‘canvassing’ via the MSM, social media, phone, email & text canvassing, together with very much more substantial leaflets – almost magazines – delivered by the Post Office or some other commercial provider?
    Imagine a general election at the peak of a Covid outbreak – what I’ve described would presumably have to be implemented immediately.
    CLPs must be expensive to run and a risky, scary pain in the arse to those who instinctively prefer control from the centre – like Blair, Starmer, Evans etc.
    I suspect they might really like to dispense with the inconvenience of CLPs altogether.
    It’d be surprising if they hadn’t cosidered it.

    1. Oops, chocolate Hobnob crumb under the ‘n’ key.
      Not as nice as finding a forgotten fiver in an old suit, but nice…

  3. I find living on my knees most uncomfortable & if I’ve upset anyone in the past,present & future, please forgive me, but you have a basic human right to be insulted. I welcome any counter argument as long as they’re given with courtesy (& humour). Open honest debate in a free society is the lifeblood of an informed healthy democracy.

    1. When I said recently that Zionism is the Labour Party’s greatest enemy, one poster disagreed. Is any more proof required that the Labour party is now run by Zionists on behalf of Zionists, on behalf of Israel?

      “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

      1. Joseph, I don’t think they are mentioned in the IHRA definition.

  4. When are the MSM gonna pick up on this? Until they decide to do so, rat bastards like that shithouse who infests this site are gonna continue to peddle their crap.

    For those with twotter it’s time to carpet bomb kuensberg, peston and the likes about this, without let-up, until they report it – and KEEP reporting each and every new instance.

    FFS if a few Evertonians can knock smiley virus (or what/whoever) off the top of the charts, this can be bulldozed to at least make third bullet point on the news..And top on newsnight.

    The more that get to know what’s really happening, the more damage is done to the greasy bastard’s public image….The horrdable tory & nonce protecting greasy twunt,.

  5. So? Enough with motions that have zero effect and are ignored. What is your next step… Unless you have the strength of your beliefs then stop allowing your silent acceptance of this happening by your continued membership.

  6. As suggested before, put forward motions expressing confidence in Stalin and Evans and then vote against.

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