Kenilworth and Southam Labour beats filibuster to vote no confidence in Evans

Right-wing delaying tactic unsuccessful as meeting extended to ensure business completed

Labour members in the Warwickshire constituency of Kenilworth and Southam voted on Monday night to pass a motion of no confidence in the party’s acting general secretary David Evans, despite attempts by the right to prevent the vote taking place at all.

In what was originally meant to be a one-hour meeting, a right-wing member ‘filibustered’ for more than thirty minutes on the topic of why the treasurer’s report was not on the agenda – after being told that the report had already been given at an earlier meeting because the treasurer was resigning. However, the meeting was simply extended to ensure that all scheduled business could be covered.

The tally of local parties expressing their absence of confidence in Keir Starmer, David Evans or both continues to climb.

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  1. Let’s hope that those CLPs which have had the determination not to let Evans and Starmer dictate to them, gives others the confidence to go ahead and do the same.

    1. totally agree Jack T. i’m hoping for that with all my might🎊🎊🎊

  2. Super Kenilworth and Southam!!! Will be super duper when no confidence is declared in Keith Starmer also!!! Then there’ll be hope throughout the land!!! Please, after this 2020 full of trials like Max Headroom the bollard headed deceitful plotting scheming wicked little _ _ _ _
    P l e a s e , lets see Starmer and Evans gone‼️‼️‼️

    1. I say speak up before we are bullied with much worse than words! People abroad face infinitely more dreadful “bullying” … beatings and death.

      1. Signpost….you are spot on “People abroad face infinitely more dreadful bullying..beatings and death” .Yes 👍 it happens in Occupied Ireland all the time,they sit down to sunday lunch and are riddled with bullets,curtusy of the Conservative and unionist , party and delivered by British crown forces.

  3. After all this time it seems Jeremy doesn’t want the job back – sad as that is if true, I can obviously understand it..
    So who’s the best hope for the future?
    I wish I could think of more than a couple of odd occasions when I’ve seen anyone on TV who looked even vaguely promising.
    Even a short list would be something.
    I would say that Barry Gardiner is the most lucid and persuasive speaker I’ve seen in Labour, and he seems to say the right things even if he wasn’t particularly outspoken in supporting Jeremy.
    I accept that I know little of him or any other contenders but from what I’ve seen I’d choose him over Starmer, Nandy, Long Bailey or anyone.
    If there was a Corbyn Party, I think Gardiner as Labour leader would be a bigger threat than Starmer – if he didn’t jump ship and join us.

    1. I believe Gardiner is a Friends of Israel member, so, though I would want him onside it would not be as leader.

      1. john thatcher, maybe I knew that and forgot (I do that) or maybe I never knew – but in that case he’d have to call for their disaffiliation and the affiliation of JVL before I’d vote for him.
        No more right wing Quislings.

      2. John Thatcher Most MPs are either Conservative or Labour Friends of Israel. I don’t know what the position is with the Scottish Nationalists or the Lib Dems
        It really does concern me that the majority of our law makers are openly avowed friends of a foreign country, especially one which does has a poor human rights record and which fails to comply with UN resolutions .

      3. smartboy, I don’t know, but logic suggests joining FoI and JLM may be virtually a rite of passage on entry to the Commons. I’m sure all would be encouraged to join, and I imagine there’d have been less-than-subtle pressure.
        Some unimpeachable authority like jeremy Newmark would probably have said something like “Why not? You’re not an enemy of Israel are you? Nobody will trust you if you don’t join.”

    2. ‘After all this time it seems Jeremy doesn’t want the job back’

      No, and understandably so after five years of non-stop smearing and vilification and demonisation. But just out of interest, how would you rate his chances of regaining the leadership if he DID want the job back David?

      1. White flag man…HEs gone…! Now you are in the position of the brexit party…or a united Ireland…youve been demobed….stand down empty the mag and throw the bullets away….and don’t forget to clean your rifle.and don’t drip any oil on the firing pin collects dirt!

      2. ‘White flag man’ says Joseph, who is either in denial about the power and influence of the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC, or is lying through his teeth. Funny, isn’t it, how when Jeremy DID speak out and defended himself in relation to the findings of the so-called EHRC investigation he was swiftly suspended. Oh, right, and I wonder how it came about that in the survey conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour last year respondents believed, on average, that a third of LP members had been reported to the LP for anti-semitism. Nothing to do with the thousands of newspaper articles and the thousands of TV and radio news pieces that played along with it and conspired in it all. No, of course not, or so Joe and Co would have readers believe!

        Here’s just ONE example (as to how respondents ‘arrived’ at the figure of a third), duly dismantled by Alan Maddison:

      3. Allan, I expect his chances would depend on how many of those of us who quit could rejoin in time to vote for him.
        The ballot process would probably be set up to exclude recent entrants and returners. On the other hand, I don’t think Starmer’s made many friends.
        Not inside the party anyway.
        Get a few dozen more NC motions passed and maybe there’ll be a challenge. I’ll rejoin to vote for the office cat if someone will nominate it.
        Any particular reason for asking? 😉

      4. I would vote for Jeremy again tomorrow if I could. He was the best leader we ever had bar none. He was smeared and sneered at, belittled and lied about and he never once descended into the gutter with his detractors, never got personal and was still standing after he had been subjected to 5 years of wall to wall hatred. His best friend’s son who he had known for decades – Hilary Benn – led a despicable coup against him which must have really hurt. Jess Phillips an alleged anti violence campaigner said she would knife him and Margaret Hodge screamed at him like a fishwife. Other members of the PLP queued up at the BBC to undermine him but Jeremy kept his dignity and showed them all how a socialist, a gentleman and a true statesman behaves.

    3. I would be very happy to see a woman becoming leader, as Laura Pidcock is not available perhaps Zarah Sultana might fit the bill. But whoever it has to be 100%socialist.

      1. I would be happy to see a woman becoming leader too but only if she is the best candidate. I am sorry to say that I think that last time excellent male candidates stood aside in order to allow females to come forward. None of the female candidates made much of an impression – one was really awful- and now we have Starmer who will probably go down in history as one of the worst, most divisive, vindictive leaders we ever had – right up there with Blair and Kinnock. So next time we need to ensure ability not gender is the more important.

  4. Good point john,many of us need reminding.I copied a old list of who took money from the Israeli black ops man Chinn and the names on it are no shock including Angela Rayner our authentic working class ,council house girl that sold her soul for five thousand pounds.Two thousand seemed to be the going rate for cheapy Labour mps but Starmer came in at fifty thousand(less than a few weeks money for a good barrister.).The suprise to me has a ex business doner to The Labour party was how cheap they came(are).Why it can be legal I don’t know,but donations should only ever be allowed for the particular Party.NOT individuals,..I would feel extremely embarrased if I was them at that sort of money…I bet davidah and his Dog 🐕 cost more than that.?

      1. None of them do it for me I’m afraid. I left Labour because I saw no credible successor to Corbyn.
        There’s been a dearth of real talent in politics forever it seems – plenty trying to jump on the gravy train with BA Politics Philosophy & Law but not too many genuine lefties.
        I’d like to see Socialist education bursaries to bring along promising young activists & possible future PPCs in different ways – financing “internships” with willing socialist figures, or groups of them – maybe unionists, maybe bloggers like Skwawkbox, maybe helping ex politicians record their memoirs – studying under anyone with useful expertise to pass on but who might lack the means or official position to pay wages.
        Helping someone like Dennis Skinner with his memoirs would be the beginnings of a decent grounding wouldn’t it?
        I’m someone with no inside knowledge whatever – I’m sure someone with that insight would have better ideas – I’m just saying let’s not lose what older lefties know and let’s help grow some new ones.

  5. All the above have been tested and are suspect,especially the lawyer burgon especially has hes another Lawyer…but hey ho,I am out of the Labour party and just passing a opinions on observation.and nearly half a century of throwing money away on the acting profession.

  6. And how did our fearless knight on his charger do on the internal market bill,well Johnson led a willing victim up the garden path on a false premise and a lorry load of guff.Pathetic amateur hour of the walking dead Her majestic humongous majestys Opposition party.

  7. The Labour Party is totally bereft at the moment of a suitable candidate to replace Starmer. Chris Williamson was the ideal candidate, head and shoulders above anyone else but not one MP on the left spoke out in support of him. This is the (low) standard of Labour Party we now have.

  8. A big ‘thank you’ to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell for supporting House of Commons EDM 1072 which urges the UK government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

    I would like to ask all readers of this blog to contact their MPs and urge them to add their support for this move.

    A special lobbying tool has been set up for this purpose. With your help, we can achieve a world without the threat of nuclear annihilation.

  9. Good for them and now what? I keep on asking this as pointless gestures are that. If you keep on paying your subs and just send in worthless votes NOTHING will change.

    Well, I am incorrect it will for the worse because there realise you’re spineless. Until you withdraw your support, money and vote from them that they automatically expect they will carry on abusing the party like the Cult of new Labour they are now…

    If you stay you are saying yup that’s fine in my name that socialism is being wiped out. That the rulebook is ignored by the leadership. That membership is treated with complete content and the so-called socialists on the NEC and MP’s are sodding silent and compliant. Or do little gestures and then business as usual..

    NOT IN MY NAME… I expect a socialist party to be socialist, to obey the rules and not constantly seek ways of discrediting the name on the dam party. My parents both long gone would be horrified at this cult of new Labour repeating the BS of Blair and again members playing well if I stay and fight it will change? BS don’t kid yourself Labour is no more until we have a socialist party nothing will change heck they may kid enough of the sheep in this country to vote for them but it will be Tory-lite with a few scraps to throw to make out were still the party of the workers and poor.

    I don’t have probably another 20 years in me to messed up body. But I will not support, give money or vote for a party that does not share my beliefs and just because it has Labour in it’s rosette doesn’t mean anything to me any more. The longer this endless uncivil war continues without a split the more the socialist will lose..

  10. Leaders will let you down. Keep power at the grassroots. Why do we need a leader? Because that’s the tradition which fits the form of parliament whose role for centuries was to permit the rich to argue with one another. The narcissism of small differences. For a new society, a new model politics is required. The essence is that Labour must be restructured so the unit of power is the branch and only function, never power, is passed upwards.Elect MPs. Of course. But never let them dictate to the Party. Make them delegates? No, that doesn’t fit with the relationship between MPs and constituents. But change the rules so MPs can be quickly recalled if they get too big for their boots. MPs don’t like the idea of being in parliament for only 4 or 5 years, but that is what they must face if they seek to detach themselves from the members. Keeping power with the members will help to destroy the mysticism of power which permitted people like Blair to bamboozle the members with ambiguity. Are we radicals? Parliament is conservative by definition. When the landowners wanted to enclose the common lands, did they wait on parliament? No, they went ahead and let the law catch up. Only when working people got organised did the rich take parliament really seriously. And now the workers’ movement is in retreat they are less serious about it. Are we radicals? If we want to change society, we have to change the way we try to bring about change.

    1. “Power at the grassroots” ends up debating “Give (insert football team name here) the money to buy the players to win the World Cup” versus “Free Netflix for everyone.”

      Power at the grassroots means that if the covid deniers have the best jokes the research to find a vaccine isn’t done and we all die of Covid.
      Ask RH or Bubba if they’re going to refuse the vaccine – or just hide away for a few months until any serious unexpected side effects are discovered by you and me and then get the jab.

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