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Breaking: left NEC slate wins 5 out of 6 – but STV voting system favours right as expected. Full list here of those elected

Voting system change was always guaranteed to gift NEC positions to Labour right

The Grassroots Left slate of six candidates in Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) elections has secured five places in today’s count, despite the party hierarchy’s decision to disqualify thousands of votes cast by left-wingers.

Left insiders thought that four wins would be a good result, so the movement has outperformed expectations. However, the party’s decision to switch to a ‘Single Transferable Vote’ (STV) system was always designed to ensure that the left could not win its normal ‘clean sweep’ of the nine positions available – and has duly done just that.

The left also secured the positions of youth and disabled people’s representatives.

The full list of successful candidates in the NEC contest and other elections taking place at the same time are as follows:

National Executive Committee

NEC CLP Section

BAXTER, Johanna
JOSAN, Gurinder Singh
DAR, Yasmine
JAMA, Nadia

NEC Disabled Members Representative


NEC Youth Member Representative


NEC Local Governance Section

PERRY, Alice



NEC Welsh Labour Representative

JONES, Carwyn

Young Labour National Committee

Chair of Young Labour

BARNARD, Jessica

East of England Representative

JEZZARD, Shannon

London Representative

SHAH, Henna

North Representative


North West Representative

SUHAIL, Mohammad

South East Representative


South West Representative


Wales Representative


West Midlands Representative

ZAMAN, Nazifa

Yorkshire & Humber Representative


Scotland Representative


Student Representatives

MOWLANA, Nabeela
AMOS, Fraser

Under 18’s Representative

PATEL, Hasan

International Representative


Congratulations to the successful left candidates. The results underline the importance of strong left union leadership to redress the carefully-constructed NEC imbalance in favour of the right.

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  1. Delighted with those on the left slate that won through, however I’ve got a big decision to make now, Akehurst has been elected a runt who campaigned fiercely for Labour to lose two elections, I’m just not sure I can remain a member of the party now he has some sway.

  2. “the party’s decision to switch to a ‘Single Transferable Vote’ (STV) system was always designed to ensure that the left could not win its normal ‘clean sweep’ of the nine positions available – and has duly done just that. “

    Instead of one faction having control the STV system has achieved exactly what it was designed to achieve a fair representation on the NEC that broadly reflects the members views. What’s not to like.

    I think the change to STV has proved to have been a good move and has proved to be a success..

      1. lundiel – I’m not endorsing any of the candidates, I’m just acknowledging that the make-up of the successful candidates is broadly representative of the membership and this is a good thing.

      2. I’m not endorsing any of the candidates

        No, course not. Just like you only voted stammer cos he was ‘best of a bad bunch’.

        …Strange that, because since stammer was ‘elected’ you haven’t once failed to try and palm him off to the rest of us as some sort of political demi-god, when in actuality he’s shown all the usefulness of an ashtray on a motorbike and as much courage as a roadkill hedgehog.

        Don’t worry wee fella, we know a fanatical but futile defence of akehurst isn’t in your brief so we don’t expect to hear you sound off much about him.

  3. Now for the Unison election
    Can someone have a word with the 3 Left Wing candidates up against one right wing candidate
    For once can we ignore Temporary Embarrassment supporters posing as socialists encouraging members to resign

    1. Doug – They could follow the Labour Party’s excellent example and dump FPTP and adopt STV instead. Everyone can then vote for the individuals that they believe will best represent their interests.
      Instead of who they are allowed to vote for being dictated by back-room deals they should trust the members to decide for themselves.

      1. According Labour List Temporary Embarrassment’s cunning plan with STV has backfired,
        They expected as little as 3 left seats, we got 7, including Youth and Disability
        As for Akehurst if he is implicated in internal report then he’s history

      2. Doug – You should be pleased then, the cunning plot has produced an NEC that broadly reflects the memberships views. So a good result for all factions.

      3. The excellent Labour Party who still haven’t given us the charge sheet for JC
        Red Tories taking a long walk off a short plank would be truly excellent

      4. My letter to Santa will include a request that Trump, Starmer and Netanyahoo go to gaol next year
        Looking good

    2. This result means the right have a whip hand on the NEC, so shut up with your stupid insults Doug. Just what with and how is the Left going to fight back, idiot.

  4. The left didn’t win 5 out of 6: they got 5 out of 9. We needed to make a minimum of 9 nominations, not 6! Next time, Sqwawkbox, maybe also profile the slate from Labour Left Alliance which also held open online hustings of all their candidates. I’m as disappointed as anything that Esther Giles didn’t make it to be treasurer – what she was proposing was inspirational.

    1. Alison C, the election of Diana Holland as a treasurer was a foregone conclusion before the vote even opened. The Trade Union vote counts for 50% and every single affiliated Trade Union nominated Diana Holland.

    2. Alison C, i read all the statements and was able to vote for six PLUS 9 from the other “Left” slates as the candidates seemed very sound. Voted for Esther Giles so very sorry she did’nt make it. But we must keep on. All is not lost and anything can happen at anytime. We must be prepared and positive🌹🌹🌹

    3. I voted for Ether Giles, so did my son, I also voted for Roger Silverman another good bloke from Labour Left Alliance.

      1. Teresa, yes i too found Silverman and 8 others from the Labour Left Alliance who got my vote! Was relieved and impressed at how many sound visionary people stayed for the battle🌹🌹🌹

  5. I’m tickled pink, me. We’ve outperformed expectations DESPITE covert measures by the party’s antidemocratic new management.

    The moral is clear: We should Stay ORGANISED and DISCIPLINED and even with David Evans’ best efforts at dirty shenanigans, democracy makes socialism its indivisable partner.

      1. The accusations are:

        i) manipulating the voting method to make members’ democratic choice less apparent and effective, and

        ii) trying to reclassify which members votes to allow in order to achieve a an acceptable result.

        The thing is, these are just the instances of the shenanigans we can reasonably accuse them of and easily collate evidence about. There are possibly many other instances more. Self-serving reprobates often leave behind a much bigger evidence pool than anyone thought likely. It’s called The Jimmy Savile Effect – something Sir Keir knows about only too well and might-well be exploiting to full-effect managerially.

      2. qwertboi – Is that it, is that really the best you could come up with

        “i) manipulating the voting method to make members’ democratic choice less apparent and effective, “
        and yet it has produced an NEC that broadly reflects the memberships views rather than one faction ruling the roost across the board on the strength of small margin that didn’t represent the majority. I think its an excellent and democratic result all round

        ii) trying to reclassify which members votes to allow in order to achieve a an acceptable result.
        The ex members who were stupid enough to resign before they voted had their votes disallowed. Why would you think that ex members should have a vote having self declared that they no longer supported the Labour Party. What’s not to like

        Particularly when one takes into account the outcome your so called objections look a bit silly.

      3. Surprisingly he attracted more 1st choice votes than any other candidate

  6. Dont really understand this. If there was ( CLP positions vacant why was the left slate only 6 people?

    1. Bill – Apparently this was a cunning Baldric like plan to maximise the number of seats they gained. ie: They thought they had a better chance if the LW’s first choices were only split across 6 rather than 9.

      1. Thanks Steve. My God the labour Party is a Labrynth of snakes (mostly) and ladders.

    2. Puzzled me too Bill, but luckily i read all the statements and found 16 to vote for including Esther Giles. I ranked as the SB advice, double checked with JVL and voted for the other “Left” slates.🌹🌹🌹

    3. Under the STV voting method that the new management quickly devised, it was felt that between four and six places out of nine was the very best outcome possible. Few people thought it practical or advisable to use such a convoluted system for this type of election. Shareholders would not accept such a system for AGM voting, but Starmer and Evans used it to full-effect. Attrocious

  7. Not a word about it on the BBC, predictably.
    Equally predictably they’re pushing the sack-ignation of Cumminge as a “reset” of Johnson’s premiership – the proposition that Mingexit will herald a ‘new dawn’ and a second honeymoon for BloJob.

    1. The sacking of Cummings was pure pantomime. Mind games aren’t even subtle these days.

  8. So how many votes were excluded? in total and as a percentage of the vote?
    Is there any way of finding out?

  9. Solidarity with Ann Henderson. She was the Chair of the Equalities Committee and now the left has lost this important position.

    1. Oh dear, i voted for her at the GC meeting and on Wednesday night. Hope she stands again🌹🌹🌹

    1. he’s probably got *personal* relationships with the owning billionaires by now – just like our party leader.

  10. More than 21,000 members voted for akehurst, that says there has been a significant number of entryists join the party with the aim of making it pro-Israel, pro-military intervention, regime change neoliberals.

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