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After ‘anyone but Trump’ in Feb and May, Starmer now refuses to back his rival

Didn’t Keir Starmer ‘want to become PM’ in during and just after the Labour leadership contest?

Keir Starmer has refused to back Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden against the appalling Donald Trump in the US presidential election, telling LBC radio this morning that this was because Starmer ‘wants to become PM’:

But in February during the Labour Party’s leadership contest, Starmer told members that it had to be ‘anyone but Trump’ when US voters go to the polls in November:

And in May – also during an appearance on LBC – Starmer was still saying Trump was not fit to be President during a crisis:

Didn’t Starmer ‘want to become PM’ during the leadership contest? Didn’t he want to become PM in May? Or has he simply decided he can now discard promises and positions he made or took when trying to persuade Labour members to support him to be leader? Was he being opportunistic then – or now? Or both?

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  1. Not surprised, Starmer would do anything Trump or Biden, for that matter, told him. It doesn’t matter to us which of them is president, American/NATO foreign policy will remain the same. I feel that Johnson might appreciate better, how little the ‘special relationship’ actually means to America.

  2. The recommended daily intake of salt for you average UK adult is 6g per day.

    That’s more than enough to exterminate a slime-propelled gastropod invertebrate like stammer.

  3. Starmer rapidly becoming the ” clampit of all clampits “. Soon to be known as the chocolate fireguard of British politics. Takes a liar to have a good memory.

  4. The trilateral billionaires don’t want to risk upsetting Trump in case he wins and Sir Keir is simply showing himself to be the billionaires‘ obedient yes-man until David Miliband can be helicoptered-in to make Labour a party of government again.

    Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is destroying Labour, collapsing the membership and nothing more than a placeholder for David Miliband.

  5. “As somebody who wants to be Prime Minister”
    I only want to be 25 again so I think I’m odds-on favourite.

  6. Look this is all window dressing. Ruth Smeeth should have been enough to alert people that our political parties contain American and Israeli assets so whatever our leaders say on camera, you can bet your life, the Americans know their private views.

  7. Did Starmer ever have an opinion he didn’t check with Blair first?
    ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ should have been enough to alert people.
    UK’s special relationship with US is like the handbag poodle’s special relationship with Paris Hilton.

  8. Can’t trust his principles nor his judgement. Are Bozo and Shmarmer REALLY the best we can do?

  9. Is there anything we can do to help turn the situation around?

    I believe that there is.
    What Skwawkbox should seriously consider is to become more pro-active.
    There might, for example, be a vote coming up and we should try to influence it.

    Here’s how:

    Skwawkbox could set up a lobbying tool to allow us to contact Labour MPs or Starmer. And this would enable us to bring our influence to bear.

    We have got the numbers and friends and family can do it too.

    Will it work?

    Yes, it may have worked already. On becoming Labour leader, Starmer did not initially continue with the post of peace and disarmament spokesperson.

    However, CND noticed this and set up a lobbying tool. People responded and the post was retained.

    Now, I am not suggesting that we will win every time but we will definitely win some of the time.

    Come on, everybody. We have the numbers to make an impact, let’s do it!

    Over to you, Skwawkbox!

    P.S. Here is the lobbying tool that CND set up to great effect:

  10. From that video I can’t tell whether you’re a Trunt or a Biden supporter Sandra. Not that I care.
    I watched it for a couple of minutes & read some comments, which mostly seemed to come from Trunt’s religio-fascist redneck army.
    Then I googled The Duran:

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