Dennis Skinner is alive and well – don’t fall for the hoax

Even local radio stations have reported veteran ex-MP’s passing, but it’s not true

Rumours have been circulating today of the death of veteran ‘Beast of Bolsover’ Dennis Skinner – and have even fooled some local media in his area.

Skinner is alive and well – and the hoax appears to be an attempt to pollute the success of a song about him, which has reached number 1 in the Amazon chart and top 20 in others.

The record can be purchased here. The SKWAWKBOX wishes Mr Skinner many more feisty years.

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  1. I hope I live to help line the streets at Dennis’s State funeral.
    Does anyone deserve more to live to see a Socialist government?
    If the torch ever burned brighter in anyone I don’t know who it was.

  2. Oh no! The CEO of Fortnum & Mason, the toffs’ top toffee shop, says it’s struggling to stay afloat!
    Is this the end of the world or what?

    1. Patriotism is antithetic to world socialism – if you believe in socialism you must by definition believe everyone worldwide is of equal value and deserves to enjoy the planet’s bounty as equally as can possibly be achieved.
      True socialism abhors nation states which lead to competition which leads to war.
      Moderation be fucked, I’m a socialist.

    1. Joseph – Don’t be silly, why on earth would you have a problem with me posting a link to the above article..

    2. I fundamentally disagree with Diane Abbott. The ‘class struggle’ is what the Labour Party was created to fight, & not ‘see me see my colour’ politics that would make the Klu Klux Klan right. If she doesn’t believe that real poverty; austerity & social injustice has always been a part of working class life, she has a serious perception problem. Social injustice does not just affect people of ‘her colour’; she needs her eyes opening; this is the politics of the bourgeoisie who have always despised the poor..
      The Police; the BBC & all establishment institutions have had their knees on the throat of the white working class for generations, but you will never be allowed a platform on MSM to say it.

      1. It’s all the same struggle Steve Richards and yes, we are all oppressed, but poor whites were propagandised into believing in the inferiority of all foreigners, but particularly those of a darker colour.
        When our imperialist masters ordered them massacred or enslaved and justified it as “bringing christianity to the heathens” our uneducated ancestors believed them – hence, racism until today and regional wars across the world.
        It was all about profit and it still is.
        If we’re not part of the wealthy elite we’re on the same side and have the same interests whatever colour we are – we all care most about home, hearth, health and family.
        “All lives matter” is a deliberate and despicable obfuscation – to end racism we have to accept that BAME peoples’ history – and our inherited racism – HAS made them more oppressed than poor whites and therefore a special case.
        We have to accept and embrace that fact if we’re to move forward in unity.

  3. Just bought the mp3 Tony Skinner’s Lad + ‘b’side Blue Light on a Red Brick Wall which contains references that I just can’t follow………but for Dennis the heartbreak of being rejected by his own constituency must still hurt.

    1. but for Dennis the heartbreak of being rejected by his own constituency must still hurt.

      Aye. Perhaps THE biggest travesty after the election result, probably as unexpected as the result was to be expected.

      I miss Dennis.

  4. fao David McNiven………..classic bourgeois response that fell out the pages of the Guardian. If anyone dares criticise (only) Black Lives Matter or advocate ‘All Lives Matter’ the standard cliched default attack MSM position is to accuse them of racism. What is MSM so frightened of? It is no coincidence that the same MSM journalists & institutions that are so quick to attack Socialism & Corbynism, are those who propagate this ‘establishment’ preferred ideology. The same privileged bourgeoisie who have never known real poverty nor had to earn a living by the sweat on their brow & only voted for Thatcher because she was a woman. The same Thatcher who destroyed manufacturing deliberately to destroy Trade Unions & introduce service industries to introduce cheap labour. Interesting how the bourgeois MSM tell people to work from home!

    The hatred of the white working classes by the bourgeoisie has manifested itself for many generations. McNiven can write history to suit the establishment narrative, but he turns his back on white working class poverty & endless discrimination. The ‘special case’ where Idris Elba & Afua Hirsch widen their career opportunities but working class kids, both black & white, remain without the hope of any social mobility. McNiven, your bigotry has made you blind; go follow the rich & powerful puppet masters who order their celeb sports stars & entertainers to dance to their privileged tune. One of the big problems with thinking in establishment cliches.

    1. Belligerent stupidity on stilts to cite actors, writers and sports stars to support the ridiculous contention that poor whites suffer greater oppression than what you presumably think are ‘overprivileged and cosseted’ minorities.
      You’re just pissed off because there’s nobody left for you to bully – women don’t need or respect you anymore, your kids are better educated than you and now black people think they’re as good as you, the cheeky fuckers.
      You must be a Faragetard or one of that tinyweenie tough guy Yaxley-Lennon’s refugee-hating shithead army I expect?
      Bunch of pussies.

      1. Oh dear Temper Temper! There would appear to be a paucity of logic in any argument you propose.Your version of history is a regurgitation BS written by the comfortable bourgeoisie. Literacy is a recent phenomena & always kept away from the working classes. Universities are places of learning solely for the ruling classes; nothing has changed, The working population of Britain never knew what was happening as all news was local gossip until the arrival of the electronic global village; even the BBC is less than 100 years old.
        You seem to know so much about so little, but your hatred of the white working classes shines like ‘a beacon’ in your perverse rant, full of tropes & stereotypes that take the place of facts or intellect.. I have never stated that poor whites suffer greater oppression than poor blacks, but in your world truth is a stranger.
        History taught in schools is a time-line of monarchs & aristocracy. There is no history of the poor downtrodden working classes whose life expectancy post industrial revolution was comparable to any slave. Issues of representation in literature taught in schools will seldom, if ever engage with the class struggle. Love the name-calling!

      2. ‘Black Lives Matter’ NEVER asserted that ONLY black lives mattered, as anyone with two brain cells to rub together fucking well knows – it was Black Lives Matter TOO you imbecilic fascist twat.
        “All lives matter” is a trumpian redneck attempt to divert attention from Black Lives Matter and let white America pretend African Americans are demanding unearned and undeserved privilege not available to whites.
        After centuries of their own unearned privilege the stupidest whites still demand precedence over any black person however educated.
        Though affirmative action rarely occurs in the UK you seem to believe it’s rampant and that you’re losing out.
        That makes you the equal of any white trash trailer park Alabama redneck.

  5. Wow! The king of the half wits now resorts to even more threatening language, more in the style of Tommy Robinson than McNiven’s role model & mentor Greg Dyke. “There really are too many ugly white faces @ the BBC”. The hatred of the white working classes continues to ooze from gammon to red neck,insults. Enjoy your visit to the USA, but I have made no reference to the many problems & injustices faced by black americans, but you just make it up as you go to suit your own ignorance!
    “Belligerent stupidity on stilts; Farargetard; Imbecilic fascist twat! White trailer trash Alabama redneck”………quite the wordsmith. What a pity you are constantly unable to address any relevant points. Try anger management B4 shooting your fat mouth off. Positive discrimination has nothing to do with equality or equal opportunities. The working classes will always lose out when the bourgeois masters always make the rules for both the wise & the fools. It is no accident that there is no social mobility for the white working classes. Your hate speak betrays your bigotry. .

    1. Strange as it may seem I think that might be a parody account and the real Dennis’s account is in the name Denis Skinner @BolsoverBeast
      I think that because the first only joined Twitter this month, the much larger number of followers of ‘Denis’ and the fact that Jeremy Corbyn follows him.

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