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Seems Labour still looks to Corbyn for leadership against antisemitism: party’s ‘No place for antisemitism’ page hasn’t been updated in 4 months since Starmer took over

Corbyn still speaking for the party on its official website, over a year after page last updated

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is still – as of the time of writing – speaking for the Labour Party in its fight against antisemitism.

The party’s official page on the topic continues to show a video of Corbyn speaking as the party’s leader about the need to fight anti-Jewish racism – very nearly four months after Keir Starmer took over:

The launch of the new – or more accurately renewed – page in July last year was a challenge to Labour’s critics to welcome its clear position; one that was not taken up:

Neither the text nor the video has been amended in more than a year – no edit, according to the Wayback Machine archive, has taken place since that 21 July 2019 launch. The page continues to gives guidance – Corbyn’s and former general secretary Jennie Formby’s guidance – to Labour members in understanding and combating the poison of antisemitism, with a video from Corbyn underlining its importance:

Four months into Starmer’s leadership, nobody has got round to updating the party’s message or position – or even replacing Corbyn’s video with one by his successor.

You might almost think that the issue was not that important to the party as it veers hard right with Corbyn gone from his post if not from his relevance and popularity.

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  1. That’s hilarious – it’s a Starmer priority to do more to combat antisemitism than Corbyn the racist ever did.
    Claims to care more about it than any other issue – just not enough to have some drone check that Corbyn isn’t still Labour’s ONLY spokesman on the subject.
    That’s sincerity for you.

    1. Sincerity and ‘forensic brilliance’.

      “If being ‘forensic’ is the worst anyone’s going to say that I’ll take that, and I suspect there’s a lot worse to come. So I can certainly live with that.” – Sir Keir waste-of-space Starmer.

      Chocolate teapot’s nearer the skid mark.

      1. I really have yet to see any example of this “forensic brilliance” in action. Opening himself up to a class action by the membership that could bankrupt the party doesn’t sound like a fine legal mind to me!

  2. Bizarre. No getting away that Corbyn by not fighting a counter war and contextualising the situation left activists with one hand tied behind our backs

    1. No, Jeremy is right to not mount a counter attack. This is how he maintains his integrity and ends up on the right side of history.

      Starmer and the people he is soiling himself to impress look weaker and less substantial every day.

      We, on the other hand, must stay in Labour and keep our powder dry.

      1. I disagree – by staying in you continue to finance them while they further reinforce their already invulnerable positions.
        Only by taking their funding away can they be hurt and possibly brought to the negotiating table.
        Normally one writes [back] to the negotiating table but the right have only ever acted subversively – I recall no negotiation ever – just bribing, bullying and cheating to win a majority vote.
        I’m done with them, as is any true left winger capable of reason.

      2. Could not agree more
        JC was always the spiritual leader and its upto to the rest of us to fight the dirty war on the ground against Quislings, Bad Actors and Cockwombles

      3. David will you GTF
        It’s taken a 100 years to create the Labour party fighting machine and you want us to abandon it and go to war in the Green parties ‘Noddy car’

      4. I have no doubt whatsoever David that big donors (like those who funded Starmer’s leadership election campaign, for example) will step in to fill the coffers, and given what’s just happened with the apology and the settlement – which Starmer and Blair and Co undoubtedly knew would lead to an exodus of left members from the party in anger – they obviously don’t give a toss about losing their subscriptions.

        And in the final analysis, the Red Tories have no problem whatsoever with their Blue buddies being in power, and it is of course all the same to them, and they get paid handsomely for acting out the part of pretending to be in opposition.

      5. Allan, I think the electorate might notice when Labour becomes as beholden to wealthy donors as the Tories are to theirs
        When Starmer turns Labour into just another party of the rich their decline could be far more rapid than Blairbrown’s, the influence of social media being so much greater now.

        On your second point, I’m mildly surprised a bill hasn’t been introduced proposing that all MP’s in the party of government should be paid more than those in opposition, government obviously being far more onerous than opposition… 🐃💩

      6. Maybe yes, maybe no, but I don’t think the ‘influence’ of social media will make much difference, and it’s already more than evident to most people who take an interest in politics that Starmer and Co are New Labour Mk 2, and as I said, they really couldn’t care less if their Blue buddies are in power. But you avoided addressing that point for some reason……..

      7. Allan. I “avoided addressing that point” because you didn’t actually make a point that anyone here would contest.
        It goes without saying.

      8. The point is David that THAT point negates YOUR point about rich donors etc….. because they couldn’t give a flying fox if there were some decline in support.

  3. .by leaving and removing their funding, we could make real change to labour and a strong statement that we won’t tolerate thIs shitastrophy

    We can always rejoin when the antisocialistparty collapses in on itselff

    1. By staying it seems like we will fund labour no matfer what and they have more of OUR money to placate and line the pockets of those that cost this country its only chance

    1. What role do you see him playing in future Socialist Labour government
      Genuine question we will bring him back along with others driven out of party

  4. Safest country in Europe for the Jewish community thanks to JC and the Labour party

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