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Exclusive: GoFundMe sends unrequested refunds to Corbyn fighting fund donors

Has crowdfunder capitulated to pressure?

The SKWAWKBOX reported this evening that the Labour right was trying to force crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to remove a fundraiser started by a Jeremy Corbyn supporter from its pages. Emails like the one below have been received tonight by some donors, confirming a refund that had not been requested:

If GoFundMe capitulates to the anti-Corbyn pressure, another platform or method will be found – and the right’s unprincipled attempts to crush Corbyn and the movement are likely only to drive the fund even higher than the more than £300,000 it had already reached.

However, the page currently remains online and has reached £304,000 as of moments ago.

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  1. Was there perhaps a comment attached to this donation that may have prompted its return.

      1. How is asking a simple and pertinent question a betrayal of anyone or anything.

      2. I’ve said it before.

        Do not feed the bastard.

        If you ignore it, it will piss off eventually

        As for refunds. If needs be, we post it direct to Corbyn.

        Labour civil war is coming

    1. I think you are correct SteveH. I think it is quite possible that any comment that includes a political element may well render the donation unacceptable.

    2. My donation on behalf of Rachel Riley was refunded this morning.
      I didn’t read anything in the IHRA ‘definitions’ about such a thing being antisemitic, but maybe it was.
      Apparently almost everything is, you know.

      1. I’ve emailed GoFundMe to ask what legislation informed their decision to refund some of the donations.
        Typically I wouldn’t expect a response but if they do I’ll post it here.

      2. This just in… no surprise except the ‘VIP’ bit.

        Ash E. (GoFundMe)

        Jul 28, 2020, 5:26 AM PDT [PDT = Pacific Daylight time – 8hrs behind us]

        Sorry about the trouble here, David!

        Our payment processor requires that you use your billing name as shown on your card when making a donation. If you don’t, they almost always fail the transaction for security purposes. Don’t worry though, you can easily go back and re-donate using your correct information and I can see that you have now made a new donation under your name. I can confirm that that one was successful.

        If you continue to run into trouble, please let me know and we can look into this further.

        Best wishes,

        Ash E.

        VIP Experience

      3. David, not sure if I accept GoFundMe’s explanation. Whilst making one of my donations I made a mistake inputting my card number and the donation was rejected immediately. I corrected my mistake but entered a joke name and it was accepted. None of my donations have had my correct name yet none have been refused so far.

        Maybe different card issuers have different rules?

      4. Jack, maybe it is the card issuers’ different rules as you suggest, but that doesn’t explain why the other joke name I used, Father Spodo Komodo, hasn’t been rejected on the same card – yet, anyway.
        That was one of Mrs. Doyle’s guesses when the fake priest tried to steal Father Ted’s Golden Cleric Award, remember?
        The difference that occurs to me is that the other name I used, Rachel Riley, is both a real person (?) and an enemy of Corbyn.

      5. @refund explanation , will be interesting to see if that happens to mine then,,,
        as my name doesn’t match with my credit card details used for making my donation.
        Will post any update at top of this thread for ease of reading .

    1. Jack the system is rigged,much like everything else in the country..!The peasants are revolting and must stop this moment of sanity by supporting a true Socialist leader…will they succeed?…..NO No No. !

  2. If my donation is refunded I will send twice as much to any other campaign page set up. If I have to I’ll deliver cash to his door. Labour Party members and democracy in this country need to know about the political sabotage. I suspect MPs were involved, not just senior staffers at the highest levels. It would appear court is one of the few places we’ll ever find out, because Starmer sure as sh.. is not interested. Perhaps not surprising as he’s benefited from one of the biggest – if not the biggest – political scandals in the past 100 years.

  3. The labourist Centrists should be careful what they wish for and use their Establishment power to try and achieve.

    As always, they’re postulating a lose-lose argument. Let’s hope Sir Nicely-Nicely Labour Leader disappears or resigns before they re-lose the 5million votes that Jeremy pretty much recovered in 2017.

    1. Qwertboi you are right. The Labour right really are showing themselves up for the fanatics that they are and for the worse than the Tories that they are. JC has served this country with distinction as an MP for over 38 years. He served with Dignity, courage, formidable forbearance, patience and honesty as the Leader of the Opposition, he was the subject of the most vicious, vitriolic, malicious, abusive, bullying campaign against any politician in UK parliamentary history for no good reason other than he put the people of the country before the vested interests of the establishment. He presided over the best Manifesto Labour has ever had and was popular with 95% of the electorate and has the courage of his convictions to stand up for truth, justice and right in a corrupt Government and a corrupt country soon to be a bankrupt one.

      What the hell is it they have against this crowdfunder that, wow, they have now found out that there is still a lot of support for JC amongst the British public and there will be more when the NHS is destroyed by the USA Trade deal and JC will have been proven right as he has been about most things. That’s their beef. So, they want him to become a scapegoat for serious errors of judgement Starmer has made recently. Yesterday, in the Guardian Andrew Rawnsley wrote the biggest piece of bullshit I have read about this. He said the Tories were trying to make Starmer look bad because they liked Corbyn as he was a gift to them on many levels of media persecution. It is the most sycophantic, pack of lies I have read about this. They also said JC had left a toxic legacy in the Labour Party. Not that I know of he left a very positive one. It’s Starmer who is creating a toxic environment with his right wing cronies as the leaked report shows. When I was at University, Rawnsley used to be a good journalist. They are scraping the barrel. They know the truth is that Starmer is not faring well with the public and a crowdfunder like this shows support for JC is higher than they thought. I believe JC will stand firm now. Starmer is making serious error upon serious error upon serious error, the decision to settle out of court for a case that was 100% winnable says everything you need to know about him and the right. Stoogie has been strangely silent since his decision.

      Let’s recap, JC has served this country for 38 years as an MP and served with honesty, transparency and integrity as Leader of the Opposition. I guess these are values the Labour right despise as do the establishment. This persecution of him is senseless, malicious, abusive and amounts to a sustained persecution, completely unwarranted.

      Solidarity comrades

    1. I donated three times but I don’t see what difference that makes – even if they refund all thedonations all Jeremy needs is to open a Paypal or bank account and I’ll donate three or four times what I just donated.
      Take the fund to half a million or a million, they’re not going to cheat their way to victory this time.

  4. Donors are invited to leave a “tip” to cover Gofundme’s costs. If this has not also been returned, the shit should really hit the fan.

  5. I saw this happen in real time, it looked like a large donation of £1000 was submitted to the fund and then returned again.

    It wasn’t donated under a fake/false name, so it wasn’t refunded for any reason which I could ascertain.

    Would be curious to know if anything untoward is happening here?

    Is disruptive pressure being leveled at gofundme over individual donation amounts?

    1. Do you think MSM and toilet papers would report dirty tricks being used against JC
      Free Press
      Yes please whers do we get one

  6. People have been signing with joke names and the mismatch between them and their payment details could be reason for this. They should try again with their real names (selecting anonymity if the like) and see what happens.

  7. GoFundMe will have made thousands from those “tips”. We’ll just have to keep donating to it until they shut it down or Jeremy has a big enough war chest to see off Ware and anyone else that fancies having a go.

  8. As of ten minutes ago my donations haven’t been returned.
    I can’t imagine what legitimate ‘pressure’ Labour can exert on GoFundMe anyway.

    Do Labour figures really want to have to relocate, employ full time security guards, wear body armour 24/7, replace all the glass at Southside every week, fight their way through angry cobblestone-throwing mobs wherever they go and have to watch their backs for the rest of their lives?
    Those milksops don’t have a fucking clue what pressure can be applied by angry, cheated people.
    If they prevent us taking legal action that will fully justify extralegal action.
    I’m almost 70 so it won’t be me, but there are hundreds of thousands of us and with Covid adding to discontent who knows what might happen?

    1. I’m pretty sure that Jeremy would strongly condemn any violence and quickly disassociate himself from the perpetrators.

      1. Oppression of the poor by the privileged is violence – the poor and oppressed die younger and harder.
        Revolution is violent. Tough shit, rich guy. At least your death will be quick and on a full stomach, not dragged out over a lifetime of struggle, poverty and despair.

      2. Judas….If Corbyn had been less of a pacifist…..He would still be leader of the Labour party.Don’t try your fake comments from your establishment knight on genuine posters here who are not paid for their honest and sincere comments……Pathetic what some people do for the silver coin…!

      3. Joseph – So what you are saying is that if Corbyn hadn’t been Corbyn he would still be leader. If so then you need to ask yourself if Corbyn hadn’t been Corbyn would he have ever been leader.

    2. I’m in my sixties and I’ll stand with you as will many others of our generation of socialists. Stop pushing at the back there’s more than enough. ☮️

  9. Have any of those who received an unsolicited refund made any request for an explanation as to why? I would like to hear the explanation and will then consider whether to ever donate again via GoFundMe in the future. I would still actively support giving funds to assist Jeremy Corbyn and will just have to decide the best way to do it!

  10. Hi skwawkbox where did you get this info, was there a reason given….
    Personally I think there should be a mass membership subs withdrawal, as starmer feels free to throw thousands of our money at those that destroyed our chance of a corbyn led govt, and those who are now yelling for the whip to be removed from corbyn when the likes of blair have never been chucked out of labour, and the money could go into the corbyn go fund

    1. No
      Think the opposite, at this precise moment in time your membership is worth a lot more than it was under Blair, there are elections coming up that will decide the future of the Labour party, you are fighting to keep the party
      So go out and recruit new members, find out who you know who is a union member and get them to vote for the left candidate
      Say it again hope this legal fund is talking to class action and Press Gang people, pick your fight carefully and be ruthless
      At what stage do we stop bleating about right wing ruthlessness and start some of our own
      Who gets to call for Blairites to leave and form their own Tory party, who gets to say they will never be trusted again

      1. I am no friend of the Labour Left but of all the comments I have read, your’s isthe only one which made any sense at all. Pick your fight, focus on your own objectives, stop bleating and do something. Doug, you gave a good analysis, well done.

      2. Doug, please provide an example of the ‘ruthlessness’ you advocate – an example with a reasonable chance of success would be nice, bearing in mind that the right still controls the party.
        And how do you propose to “GET [union members] to vote for the left candidate” – given that those not already voting for ‘the left candidate’ are likely to be right wingers?

      3. Darryl Baker, (no friend of the left – no shit, Sherlock) you sound like a lowly backbencher sycophantically sucking up to BJ in PMQ’s on some imagined heroic Tory Covid success story.
        Bask in Starmer’s one-candlepower glow while you can, boys.

    2. Pull the trigger
      Go public with civil war
      Based on internal report, declare Quislings and Bad Actors not welcome in the party
      Fund class action
      Recruit and vote in left candidates at every level of the party
      We have the numbers, what we dont have is the leadership
      Your a fucking anti semite and a racist
      I’m sorry you feel that way
      No one loves our spiritual leader more than me
      But he was never a leader, the person to do the dirty work, the horrible bastard to take on the right and force them out

      1. Doug Yes we need to take control of the narrative but need a robust campaign and plan to do that given the MSM is the propaganda machine for the Tory Government. However, I do believe we can harness the power of the press by err, giving them what they want, a robust left narrative focused on a public civil war between Labour Party Members and the Parliamentary Labour Party and their gormless idiot of a Party Leader. Len McLuskey and Howard Beckett are driving a good narrative about this and they are being reported in the MSM. Starmer stood on an alleged unity ticket that was a lie. He stood on a ticket of completely eradicating the Left and building a Tory Party that is worse than the actual Tory Party and that’s saying something. Starmer is a racist that much is obvious. He has condemned himself from his own mouth on that front. He is ridiculous. Supporting the Right wing councillors in Haringay to oust the only Black Council Leader in London, a successful one too and to wage a campaign against the left. That ridiculous right wing b-b-q he attended with that ridiculous power stance picture made me squirm with embarrassment.

        Yes, let’s go to civil war, make it public and fight it out there. Let’s harness the MSM to do what they love doing, raising mass hysteria against the left and then step up to the mark and say, no, we aren’t the ‘loony left’ we are sensible people who care about our country. Your concern should be the ‘rabid right’ of which you, the MSM, are a very good example.

        Looking forward to the war.


      2. Jo Dominich
        We don’t even need to mention a civil war
        Just frame the story to reveal the facts
        AS Scam could not have gained traction without support of MSM and toilet papers
        So in any public pronouncements simply point to internal report, class action and JVL
        Then sit back and watch them all choke on their own sick propaganda

    3. As I asked in the last posting,, is there ANY verifiable evidence of people trying to sabotage this initiative ? Until there is, I’ll continue to put all this down to over excited conspiracy theorists.

  11. Dare I say it but perhaps the membership should form its own Union and take strike action by withholding any further subs due to the disgusting waste of £600,000 of their money .
    I can understand the donation being returned IF the comment was in contravention of any of the Crowd funding policies, i.e if they were racist or slanderous.But it would be very interesting to see if those who have had refunds , what exactly the comments were . If just using a fake name like Austin or Starmer then there should be no issue .
    In fact should mine be refunded as comment was “Bert ex Labour ” member then I will triple my donation just to piss them off and use my real name !

    1. Rob
      Which part of ‘that’s 3xactly what they want you to do’ do you not get
      If your talking about using our leverage then the unions should be pinning the fucker up against the wall by threatening to disaffiliate and take funding away

      1. Doug I get it alright but in the absence of any chance that any union would actually have the balls to disaffiliate then I believe its down to the grassroots membership to lead the way.
        Sometimes it just takes an ordinary person, like Carol who started this fund, to show whats possible.
        The same example dare I say could be taken from the formation of Momentum in the early days when it is a good Force which grassroots membership lead the way at local level.
        It depends on how want to spend the next four years trying to take control back from the Starmerites an d RW in the party
        Either allow them to control the narrative and the direction e.g Starmer floating the idea of removing the whip from Corbyn and testing the reaction well he’s now got the reaction and a powerful one at that.Or we take control of that narrative take initiative and forment a confrontation with them , vis a Grassroots membership strike , so whats he going to do , how many CLPS can he suspended and still effectively claim to be leading a party this is the Socialists fighting for their lives within the party, the alternative is a slow sure extinction.
        Which do you want

      2. Doug, I believe there is something going on behind the scenes with some unions. Len McCluskey has called Starmer out. All good things take time and planning. Starmer has made a huge mistake here which could be a potentially fatal one. The first nail in his coffin (or the Labour Party’s for that matter). He has now backed himself into a corner and seems to be in hiding. Some unions like the idiots that call themselves UNISON won’t disaffiliate they are a useless union. However, there are those that will. It has to be led by a slow gentle campaign of challenge to Starmer by the Unions, when he doesn’t deliver (because he won’t), then build that campaign, becoming louder, more focused to a point where the unions can say, you’ve had your chance, we are now going to remove funding from the Labour Party and start a new Political Party with proper socialist values and principles that would help the many not the few. Rushing into war isn’t advisable. Building up to it solidly, quietly, then louder and louder until crescendo is a far better option. It will come.

        I will say this, Boris Johnson’s farewell to JC at PMQs was far nicer and more appropriate than anything Starmer and the Labour Right have been. Now that’s saying something.

      3. Jo Dominich, next GE is less than 4 years from now – not much time to build a new party.
        The longer we wait the harder it’ll be to be ready in 2024.
        Lose that one and it’ll be harder to win converts and harder to win the next election – momentum (small m) is important in politics.
        Nowhere is the phrase “success breeds success” more true than in politics.

      4. @jackT yep already signed up mate ,
        Just think of it ,,,, if we had had Chris Williamson as Deputy leader rather than Twatson …what could have been…

  12. Slightly off topic.

    Tommy Robinson has left the country after his wife’s (LOL) house was attacked by arson. He’s become a refugee! PMSL! 1) you reap what you sow. 2) that’s some seriously tasty irony!

    Slightly on topic.

    Robinson is a confirmed zionist. Plenty of pictures out there to back this up. Wonder if Stoma has ever stopped to think that we may associate them together?

    Puts both characters in a different light…

  13. My second donation has been returned. I have resubmitted and created a GoFundMe account which seems to make it simpler to challenge any refund if it happens again

  14. It’s simple. I donated, using my own name. This isn’t a game. Should my donation be returned, I shall, simply re-donate – double the amount.

    1. One of the smaller amounts (of three) I donated, which just for fun was in the name of one of Corbyn’s ‘political’ enemies, has been refunded to me this morning.
      There’s another in a rando, non-political fake name that hasn’t yet been refunded.

      I’m struggling to imagine the mind-set of the jobsworth fuckwit at GoFundMe that believed itself justified in, or forced into taking such action.
      What did the retard or whoever bullied him into that action hope to achieve, given that I’m about to double- or triple-up on my donation?

      1. random not rando – I think it’s time to blow the crumbs out of my keyboard again.

      2. Oh… and this time I WON’T be leaving a ‘tip’, dickhead.

  15. I donated a few times and made anti-Zionist comments – what’s new – but none of my donations have been returned.

    It could be agent provocateurs using their £5 to make racist comments to discredit the fund.

  16. On Topic
    At end of the day we want Socialist Labour party,
    Dominic Cummings far right brexitidiot inbred national white Peoples party
    Centrist red Tory blue Tory, Tartan Tory, libdum mythical unicorn apologist party
    Now what do we have to do to get to where we want to be
    Remain and recruit and campaign and vote is the peaceful option

  17. 16.3k Donors
    16.9k Donations

    I call that a Movement. Let’s not have any knee jerk reactions to this latest news about returning donations. Think this over. Remember NEC election are coming. You don’t need me to tell you how important they are. We have a right-wing leader but we have a left-wing membership.

    If you want to make it a right-wing membership then yes, you should leave. I know I’m stating the bloody obvious.

    1. Now 16.4k Donors. That is what I call a great lefty response. We all have the choice, and if you choose to leave, I really can understand that. Fight or flight time. I choose to fight. I choose it for all those who need me to fight. If you choose flight, where to?

  18. The donations are all very good ‘n’ all…


    …Where’s the lawsuit?

    If they thought they had any chance of bringing Corbyn down a peg or two by winning a libel action, they’d have filed an action PDQ.

    They haven’t, and that’s why they haven’t. They’re shit scared of the ‘double whammy’ that a load of home truths will come back to bite them on the arse in open court, as well as losing their ‘case’.

    It ain’t happening, folks.

    1. Toffee, telling the media in a blaze of publicity that they’re suing is enough for their purpose – to smear – no need to waste time and money doing more than the absolute minimum required to keep a case alive and in the news when they’ve no expectation of winning.

  19. Breaking news
    JVL is defending a claim from John Ware, Panorama Drama
    Hopefully they the AS Scammers will finally meet their match and get just desserts

    1. Doug have you got a link I’m interested. The other thing is I think Jack T has got something in harnessing Chris Williams’ Resistance Movement. We need to tap into his Movement in large numbers in order to get the class action and the campaign going, as a matter of urgency.

      1. It’s on JVL Jewish Voice for Labour website
        Simple announcement as it’s now sub justice
        Brinhing Chris and others back into party is a bonus

    2. Doug, he has also issued action against Press Gang – they and JVL share the same lawyers. Press Gang are fighting it. They too need our support. So far, they have raised £8,000. John Ware is demanding: A full retraction (of what is unclear); an apology; a statement to be read out in open court and payment of substantial damages and legal costs. In addition Patron Law (Ware’s lawyers) has taken out insurance which limits Ware’s exposure should he lose. This means Press Gang fails to win then they will also be liable for the cost of insurance.

      Ware is suffering from seriously messianic tendencies methinks also, it seems to me the strategy is to bully JVL and Press Gang into settling out of Court under the meance of having to pay Ware’s costs. Well they are both fighting the action and share the same lawyers. Which is more than can be said for Starmer who is running scared of the MSM and the BoD. So, Ware seems to be going after what he considers to be ‘the little people’ now rather than apparently face up to JC. Although he is demanding that Starmer remove the Whip from JC if he wants Ware to withdraw the case. I guess something has to pay for his take over of the Jewish Chronicle.

      Starmer has unleashed a monster by his actions. He will now have to suffer the consequences because, when this whole thing breaks in Court, the AS scam will be shown to be what it is, non existent. If I’m not mistaken also, Margaret Hodge MP accounted for over 50% of the referrals didn’t she? A blog censored by The Guardian by the way but on Offguardian. Stoogie, singlehandedly, has just put the first nail in the Great Party that was the Labour Party who gave us the NHS, free education for all, the welfare state, council housing and much much more. Shame on him.

      The war has started (or should I say the Ware). Shame on you Stoogie. You haven’t got a single political conviction in your soul therefore you haven’t got any courage to stand by them. In less than four months, you have set in motion the demise of a Great Party. Unity? Nah. A power mad President in waiting is what you are. That’s my message to Stoogie.

    3. I’m going to try to donate to that too, but in the meantime I sent this:

      “I regret my inability to contribute regularly to JVL but for this I’ll gladly put back some other things and donate to the best of my ability.
      It occurred to me today that Al Jazeera might have more hidden camera footage of the contributors to Ware’s programme, and of others who’ve contributed in other ways to the persecution of Jeremy Corbyn, that didn’t make it to the final cut of ‘The Lobby’.
      I also wondered whether a side by side showing of edited clips from Panorama and The Lobby might be illuminating.”

      If anyone agrees it might be worth pursuing and knows anyone working in film/video…?

  20. I hope they think they can scare off the opposition
    £300,000 is but a drop in the ocean
    How about 300,000 members fees being diverted into a legal
    3 million supporters rallying around
    Now that’s why I say we have the numbers

  21. Patron law firm given circa £420,000 for their services in nearly amounting a defence.

  22. The late lamented film-maker Simon Baker would I’m sure have had a better idea than this.
    Sadly I have zero skills myself but it occurs to me that a split-screen/side by side, carefully-edited showing of clips from PanoDrama and The Lobby, sequenced to illustrate the inescapable fact of their political motives and Israel’s might be capable of convincing most viewers including High Court judges of their subversive activities.
    I imagine Al Jazeera has more hidden camera footage of PanoDrama’s “victims” than was shown in The Lobby – it wouldn’t hurt to ask them would it?
    If we know of anyone capable of doing that I’ll gladly put my hand in my pocket again.

  23. As a former NHS Whistleblower who had my career destroyed for telling the truth, I was utterly sickened by Starmer rewarding those who deliberately lied to smear Jeremy Corbyn; it is too disgusting for words. Ware and his group of lying toads are not Whistleblowers they are ‘Poison Dartblowers.’ We must rob them of the dignity and respect shown to genuine Whistleblowers by very publically labelling them ‘Poison Dartblowers’ for spewing their poisonous lies about Corbyn. One thing I learned a long time ago dealing with the press; they cannot resist a good ‘hook,’ be it linguistic or visual.

    Whenever you post online or how you protest it is important to think about using language or creating visual images that will grab their attention to overcome the far-right blockade. Vivian Westwood’s protest dressed as a canary in a cage hung outside the Old Bailey was an excellent example; did the press want to write about Julian Assange? Hell no, but they couldn’t resist that visual hook! Whacky works, so be creative to get attention. When this does go to Court we must show up to demonstrate our support seriously on mass. A highly visual ‘hook’ might include a contingent of Amazonian Indians with their Poison Darts; that would make front page!

    I rant about the ‘Covert 2019 Rigged Election’ on Craig Murray’s Elections Aftermath Discussion Forum where we are trying to find a way to expose the vote I am convinced was an example of industrial scale fraud using the postal vote. Do not count on an Election in a few years time this toxic Tory team will solidify their full on dictatorship as soon as we crash out of the EU. Due to their huge majority the Tories will abolish the Fixed Term Parliament Act and may not allow another election for a very long time.

    If this Court case exposes the level of propaganda fed to the British public and exposes the deliberate abandonment by the BBC of the impartiality that is enshrined in their charter and mandated during Purdah there is sufficient corruption for us to challenge the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. But wait there’s more…

    Chris Williamson wrote an article in the Morning Star about the ‘Charitable’ organization founded by discredited former spy Christopher Steele, the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative. In his article, “The chilling manipulations of the Institute for Statecraft are straight out of the cold war playbook,” he reports hard evidence of Government funding of the Corbyn smears; enough to challenge the legitimacy and bring down this Tory Government:

    “But the fact that this charity has gone well beyond ‘defending democracy against disinformation’ and is itself indulging in disinformation against the Labour Party and its leader seemingly isn’t newsworthy to mainstream media editors. Even more so after I discovered, through a series of parliamentary questions, that since 2017 the Foreign Office has given more than £2.2 million to the Institute for Statecraft’s Integrity Initiative.”

    At the very least we must demand a full investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election as the result has never made and sense. Why didn’t the ISC find any malign Russian interference in our electoral process? They couldn’t be bothered to look or rather if they had investigated they would find other malign influences like the Zionist lobby etc. Whether there is evidence to be found or not we need to look because our Electoral Commission is worthless: A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! We must Rescue our watchdog so Please visit my Petition demanding an investigation:

    Just a thought, but if Starmer were to throw Corbyn out of the Labour Party he could always join the Greens! Boy that would give Starmer a jolt especially if several other Labour MPs defected to the Greens a progressive Left Socialist Party.

  24. Whilst I have no doubt whatsoever Kim that the Establishment are more than capable of fiddling the results, and no doubt whatsoever that some – and perhaps many – of the polling organisations ARE, when need be, instruments of the PTB, it’s difficult to imagine that they ALL are, and yet they all had the Tories way ahead of Labour in the months leading up to the GE in December. As for Jeremy joining the Green Party (if he was thrown out), well I think that’s unlikely, and the obvious thing would be for him to stand as an Indepenent.

    As for the Greens being a progressive left socialist party, I completely agree, but there are more than a few shills on here who never tire of trying to discredit the Greens (in the eyes of the tens of thousands of people who subscribe to skwawkbox) and even Extinction Rebellion (not to mention Jeremy Corbyn, whilst pretending they are big supporters of his). Poisonous little black propagandists doing their dirty stinking fascist work for their fascist pay-masters!

  25. Given that JVL announced yesterday that John Ware was suing them for libel AND Steve/skwawkbox didn’t post any articles yesterday (which was highly unusual), I assumed the worst, and thought that Ware had also started a libel case against Steve (Walker) and skwawbox. But I just noticed that he has posted an article a short while ago (about a legal case relating to Rachel Riley), so I assume Ware hasn’t started a libel case against skwawkbox, at least not yet anyway. Either THAT, or he HAS, and Steve is keeping mum about it for now. But then again, I don’t see why he would.

  26. Vexatious claims can be struck out quite quickly, with this kind of scatter gun approach plainly designed to close down any opposition,
    My advice to affected parties is stick together like shit to a woolly blanket and get the very best legal team to get these cases kicked into touch
    With them all coming from one source it’s a complete no brainer
    We need class action to be only case going forward to achieve our stated aims

  27. I have just donated under the name of Riley obermouth and its looking good.Lets see what happens tomorrow…I do like to keep the Irish name and its popular.

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