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Corbyn’s simple ‘solidarity’ post receives more than 30k likes in first hour – and shows that strength of the movement remains if it pulls together

As Establishment inside and outside Labour tries to bury former Labour leader and his movement, a simple thank-you tweet shows strength remaining if the left pulls together

With the Establishment – within the Labour Party and without – continuing its attempts to bury Jeremy Corbyn and rewrite history, the former Labour leader could be excused for battening down the hatches. Five years of non-stop and escalating abuse is enough for any reasonable person.

But instead, Corbyn has continued calmly standing up for what’s right – and a simple thank-you tweet has shown the strength of the solidarity in the left if it pulls together.

As a crowdfund to support him passed £80,000 in its first day, Corbyn responded with a 15-word tweet and matching Facebook post thanking supporters for their solidarity and pledging to continue the fight for a better world:

The message has been shared and liked tens of thousands of times and ‘liked’ many more – 16,000 on Facebook in its first hour and around the same on Twitter, quickly rising to 19,000:

The Establishment is again demonstrating how its shamelessness and hubris can unite the left. If the left can harness that strength it will do more than weather the storm that its enemies are trying to unleash.

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    1. My apologies for interjecting, but you’ll soon understand why I have.

      Just came across this article by John Ware in the Jewish Chronicle. It’s pretty long, but essential reading. Here are several short clips from it, with the headline and sub-headline first:

      The Corbynites have lied with impunity – now they face the legal consequences

      John Ware explains why he sued the Labour Party – and why his case is merely the first of several against alt-Left sites and individuals who lie

      There is, of course, dishonesty in the mainstream media. But whatever their faults, journalists working in the mainstream generally respect basic standards of accuracy and fairness. The ‘alternative media’ – both Left & Right – do not.

      The pro-Corbyn alt-Left outlets, notably Skwawkbox and The Canary, have also piled in with multiple attempts to discredit the programme. Both sites have dismissed antisemitism complaints as a smear concocted to damage Corbyn, silence his support for Palestinians and prevent the success of his socialist project.

      And Ware finishes his diatribe with the following:

      If we want fair and truthful journalism to prevail over deceitful propaganda on the internet, we must hold their authors to account. If we continue to let them get away with it, truth will not be the only casualty. Democracy itself will be wounded — perhaps fatally.

      1. Sounds like a threat, skwawkbox
        According to that twunt msm respect accuracy and fairness, but skwawkbox and canary donot,
        Think he meant msm back apartheid and hate and the crushing of socialist politics
        I’m so angry!!

      2. I imagine a busy documentary maker like John Ware has no time to watch other broadcasters’ documentaries such as Al Jazeera’s ‘The Lobby’, or he might have noticed that some of the stars of his own documentary had previously appeared in a very different but related context.
        Had he ever seen it it would surely have occurred to such an experienced journalist to question whether those young people might be politically motivated, or perhaps even in the pay of a foreign power.
        The BBC itself must also be unaware of ‘The Lobby’ or they’d obviously have mentioned it – for ‘balance’ – every fucking half-hour as they banged on about “the Labour antisemitism scandal.”
        Or maybe it’s just that what I believed were rules on media impartiality are really only suggestions?
        Hey! OFCOM! Care to comment from your comfortable sinecures?

      3. I’ll carefully read it, but as far as I know, both Canary and Skwawkbox are registered with press regulators and both have high ratings with Newsguard, whikeva the same time, the JC get found in breach of standards…

    2. Just reached £110,000, with about £50 a minute being donated at the moment, and fast approaching 6,000 donors!

      1. Make that £100 per minute (another £1,000 in the past ten minutes)!!!

      2. I was just having a look through the list of donors, and Benjamin Netanyahu very kindly donated £10. And Dominic Raaaaab has donated £5, and Peter Mandelson £20! And Margaret Hodge has chipped in with £10, and Priti Patel the same! And Boris Johnson £20, and Wes Streeting £5! And Keir Starmer and John Ware have each donated £20!

        And this is all in the past hour.

        And the total amount has now gone zooming past £150,000!!

      3. Allan, are you saying that gofundme doesn’t check names?🤣🤣
        I might use ‘Rachel Riley’ – for my next donation I mean – not use use, obviously. Ugh.

    3. What an astonishing coincidence!

      The day after the Panorama program finished its run on Iplayer – albeit six months less than they originally said it would be available for – the Guardian (as I just this minute discovered) published the following article. Yes, the very next day!

      ‘Labour set to apologise to antisemitism whistleblowers’

      NB What’s even weirder is that it was due to finish its run on Iplayer on the 10th of July, exactly one year to the day after it was first aired, and then a day or two before this, they suddenly extended it for another four days, and it was available to watch up until 4.00am on the Tuesday morning – ie the 14th.

    4. This is an example of how the Zionist media spin any story to the detriment of Jeremy Corbyn. John Ware’s accomplices are NOT ‘whistleblowers’ they are despicable collaborators from within the Labour Party who combined to overthrow Corbyn on behalf of the racist State of Israel.

  1. The old saying United we stand divided we fall. Is as true then as its true now. Don’t go gently into the night.

  2. If we all put in a fiver we can buy the Green Party and install Jeremy as leader.

  3. If the left form a new party we would take thousands of members from Labour, Starmer would have to grovel to the left in the next GE.

    1. David I think this is the best solution going forward or perhaps a UKIP from the left movement I personally have given up with Labour though I respect the decision of comrades who haven’t I fear theyre wasting their time/effort/cash/energy with New Labour v2.0

      1. I agree with your comment Diogenes, at the turn of the last century the Labour party was formed and within 40 years the NHS and the welfare state came about and that happened without the communication set up we have today. Unfortunately the Labour party today in my opinion does not support the working men and women the way it should.

  4. Hey, Skawkbox, in your opinion, should I stay in Labour, or tear my card?

    I mean, because of… stuff in my life… I can’t get involved with CLP meetings or campaigning, or stuff like that. So I paid my subs, hoping it will be put to good use by people who have the time and the energy.

    So, I can’t fight myself. What should I do with my little subs?

    1. You HAVE to stay. That last business is just the first round. We have a way to go before we can wrest power away from the establishment who dream of business as usual.

  5. As we all agree on here the right are ruthless and we are useless at doing anything about it
    What should have happened at some stage is us going legal when we had a case that was eminently winnable
    No matter, let Ware and his supporters sue JC, the fighting fund is just another example of what has changed over last 5 years
    The country was and is screaming out for clear red water
    So let’s get on with the campaign

    1. Or that money goes into class action, they should be talking to each other
      Say again more likely they use EHRC report to withdraw whip from JC, cut off the head, so fucking predictable
      So simply respond Blair is first on our list, Thatchers greatest creation or as they say up here, the bastard offspring

      1. Chucking Corbyn out would certainly result in the collapse of the Labour Party. The right don’t like the lefties but they a) still want their subs and b) don’t want to provoke them to leave and set up an alternative left wing party that will compete with Labour. I could even envisage some TU’s withdrawing from Labour over such an issue. It would spell disaster fro Labour – Corbyn still has a lot of allies within the party ranks

  6. Off topic, but then again, maybe not!

    ‘Unelected: the insidious influence of Rupert Murdoch at the heart of Government’

    Hacked Off can today reveal, after an analysis of Government transparency data, that employees of Murdoch’s newspapers met with Government Ministers or their advisors a staggering 206 times in the last 2 years. This includes editors and executives working for The Times, Sunday Times and the Sun newspapers.

    1. It’s slowly becoming clear that we have been living through a 10 year plus level of political bribery equal to tyrannical monarchs or the Lloyd George period 1918-30. What a surprise it was held back so long! No surprise though the the mainstream Media are even now trying to get us to Move On, because there’s Nothing to See Here! by ignoring the whole issue.

    2. On the contrary very much on topic,Murdoch haz done more harm to the world and the UK in particular than any other person alive.Truly,he is the heart of darkness.

    3. These meetings obviously didn’t just happen to start two years ago, and I don’t know what the reason is for hacked off only checking back two years, but it would be very interesting to ascertain how many meetings there were in preceeding years, and not just in respect of the Murdoch rags. And I can’t help but wonder – assuming that it’s been going on for many years – if the frequency of such meetings increased after Jeremy was elected leader. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they DID, and if THAT were the case, it would be a dead giveaway that they were plotting and conspiring to smear him – and the left membership! – so as to sabotage his leadership and bring him down.

  7. ‘Trump’s plan to send paramilitary police throughout the US: The ruling class prepares for civil war’

    The Trump administration’s plans to deploy federal paramilitary police forces in major cities throughout the United States is a sharp escalation of the assault on democratic rights and the erection of police state forms of rule.

    In Portland, the mobilization of these forces has already led to scenes reminiscent of Latin American death squads. Gangs of men, wearing generic camouflage without unit insignias or name tags, seize protesters, bundle them into unmarked vans and cars, and take them away for questioning, or worse.

    1. I haven’t read how the heavily armed US ‘christian right/prepper/don’t tread on me’ types are responding to this.
      Stopping ‘big government’ interfering in their freedom to play with machine guns is their stated aim so logically they ought to be against government paramilitaries being on the streets – but in this instance I’ll bet the dumb fucking racist redneck pussies can’t wait to arm themselves to the teeth and help Der Trumpfuhrer ‘keep order’ – given that these particular demonstrators are ̶J̶e̶w̶s̶ black.

      Nudge the stupid brigade far enough to the right and all the old, half-buried hatreds will sprout again.
      The Israel/BoD lot are running a monstrous and completely unnecessary risk in trying to nullify the left for a few more square miles of Palestinian lands – if the dumb fucks don’t know by now that the far right can’t exist without a constant supply of enemies to keep the anger alive – they’ve learned nothing from WWII.

  8. ‘Antisemitism row rumbles on as Labour figures react to the settlement’

    Labour settled the Panorama libel case yesterday, agreeing to pay “substantial damages” and apologising to seven former Labour staffers and BBC journalist John Ware. Labour said it had defamed the individuals in the aftermath of the documentary, which looked into antisemitism in the party. At the time, a Labour spokesperson had described the programme as a “seriously inaccurate, politically one-sided polemic, which breached basic journalistic standards” and complained to Ofcom. But Labour’s lawyers yesterday said the statements issued following its airing had included “invented quotes”, “flouted journalistic ethics” and were “defamatory”. The settlement is believed to have cost Labour around £600,000, with about £180,000 in damages agreed for the eight individuals.

    How many members annual subsciptions did THAT amount to!

    1. ‘Momentum calls on Labour to publish Panorama libel case legal advice’

      Momentum’s national coordinating group (NCG) has issued a statement on the settlement of the Panorama libel case and the apology issued, calling on Labour to publish the legal advice received by the party.

      In the statement issued this afternoon, the NCG said Labour must be “honest and transparent” with members and that they deserve to know “whether or not these settlements were in line with the legal advice the party received”.

      It said that the apology and settlement of the case had taken place, “despite reports that the legal advice received by Labour said the party would have likely won in court because it had strong legal defences”.

    2. The likes of mcnicol planning to sue labour now, so more payoffs and bowing to the inner enemies to come??
      Can members en masse not sue the labour party for out subs back?

      1. Go into Crowdfunding website there is a class action by members to sue party over internal report
        Funnily McNicol is a co defendant but tried and failed to get himself taken off the charge sheet
        Only matter of time before it all comes out in court

      2. Doug, just had a look but can’t find it. Would be helpful if you could provide a link. Cheers.

      3. Mcnicol has been paid off with the establishment retirment home of the Lords..I can imagine that jeremy has learned that kow towing to the Neo liberals could only backfire on him and the socialist membership.IF only?

      4. There was NO kow-towing going on Joseph, just blackmail and (mostly) unspoken threats.

      5. PW
        Mark Howell is lead claimant

      6. Ha. No wonder I couldn’t find it, I was looking at the wrong funding site! 🙂

  9. Well , I could’nt sleep last night due to this absolute outrage.
    I was all for staying in labour BUT this is different.
    Only a lowly OAP buit i’ve donated to jeremy’s Legal Crowdfund and full of praise for Howard Beckett’s Solidarity tweet.

    I’m only a rank amateur at the politics game BUT:

    Why dont we do this:

    1. Start a New Party, call it SOLIDARITY UK

    2. Founder and Leader JEREMY CORBYN MP

    3. CROWDFUND for Start Up Cost, then all genuine Democratic Socialist Members Transfer. (Me for one)

    4. Use Jeremy,’s Legal Crowdfund Proceeds to SUE LABOUR for missapropiation of contributions, damages to thousands of socialists members reputations and Loss of Hope for Millions of UK Citizens from 2015 to present day.

    5. Pay all proceeds of 4. to SOLIDARITY UK.

    6. All new members to sign up to List of Socialist Principles

    7. Jeremy to encourage Democratic Socialist Unions to Transfer support to SOLIDARITY UK. ie UNITE, FBU etc

    8. Internationise support: In Europe, USA , and Worldwide. ie Bernie Sanders etc

  10. Have been noting the Blairites having a meltdown at the crowdfunding for Jeremy, saying the donations would be better going to foodbanks. Anyone that comes across these idiots please ask them where the link is to the crowdfunding page for foodbanks that they have set up ?! Call these shitebags out !

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