Important announcement: United Left member? Make sure you attend Saturday morning’s general secretary hustings to have your say and cast your vote

United Left (UL), the grouping of left-wing activist members of giant union Unite, is holding its hustings and vote on Saturday to select its candidate in Unite’s next general secretary election. UL members will hear from hopefuls Howard Beckett and Steve Turner, followed by a question and answer session, before casting their votes online to select their preferred candidate.

An email sent out to members explains the event and process:

As the UK and Ireland’s biggest union and one with huge influence in the Labour movement and on behalf of working people, it’s vital that Unite members are offered the best candidate when incumbent Len McCluskey steps down.

The event is only open to United Left members who were paid-up members by March this year, so if you qualify and have not received your email with the registration link make sure you contact UL urgently and have your say.

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  1. Chickens coming home to roost
    Julian Lewis who was elected chair of the Security Committee against Dom’s instructions has had the whip removed, which should lead to any one nation Tories left to follow him out of the party

    1. Bojo the clown looking a complete idiot on this. I saw ‘British lions lead by Eton donkey’, overstates Bojo’s abilities completely. Starmer should really go for him.

      1. ”Starmer should really go for him.”

        Hahaha! Yeah, alright mate. You’d be better off getting Sgt Wilson off of dad’s army to ‘go for’ de piffle ffs.

        ”I say, would you mind awfully answering a few niggling queries, sir? I mean you don’t .have to be particularly forthcoming OR candid; it’s just that I have a media-commissioned charade to uphold, and it’d be a travesty if I was in any way to disabuse the plebs of that notion by not asking any inanity, you understand…’

  2. Whilst you’re queuing, spare a moment to think how Labour is getting ready to apologise to the Panorama whistleblowers.

    You know them, that lot that actively sabotaged Corbyn and shafted us all in the process.

    Choose carefully LOL

    1. nvla
      Then discussions need to be opened on red Tories leaving party and forming this mythical GE winning one nation centrist party, they could in theory become the largest party, all be it until they have to face the electorate

  3. Here’s a likely recruit

    Julian Lewis has had the Conservative whip removed just hours after beating Number 10’s pick to chair a powerful security watchdog.

    Mr Lewis, who was elected as chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee in a surprise turn on Wednesday, has been booted out of the parliamentary Tory party after defeating Chris Grayling.

    A senior government source accused Mr Lewis of “working with Labour and other opposition MPs for his own advantage”.

    Mr Grayling was Number 10’s preferred choice to lead the ISC, which oversees the work of MI5, MI6, GCHQ and the other intelligence and security services.

    The long-awaited announcement of which MPs would sit on the committee was finally made more than six months after the general election.

    1. Bear in mind that Julian Lewis is an old hawk on matters Soviet, then Russian, so expect the report on Putin’s meddling in the UK to be out in days, despite Boris’s attempt to bury it. I suspect a lot of worms wriggling about over the way Putin’s machine has used political elements in the UK to back Russian policy in the Crimea, the Ukraine and Syria. We may also get to know more about the Salisbury incident.

      1. It must have really pissed off Cummings and his sidekick Boris.

        The news reports also appear to be broadly in favour of Lewis getting the job instead of Failing Grayling.

      2. David Walsh your veiws are more appropriate for the daily telegraph than the Squawkbox.The Russian government are not the enemy.Its not difficult to see why the Labour party are in decline with support from the people like you..Facist takover and infiltration of Ukraine and Crimea,and I suppose you walsher rhought bombing syria into the Stone age a good right wing establishment policy….pathetic…!

      3. Joseph – Many of us do not hold Putin in the same high esteem as yourself so could you detail what you admire about Putin?
        You never know you may get some converts if you can put forward a good case. 😏

      4. It isn’t a report on “Putin’s meddling in the UK” it is about Russian oligarch thieves buying influence in UK politics.

      5. …I suspect a lot of worms wriggling about over the way Putin’s machine has used political elements in the UK to back Russian policy in the Crimea, the Ukraine and Syria. We may also get to know more about the Salisbury incident…


        Not sure if troll, 77th brigade or full on retired…

  4. Party to apologise and settle with Panorama drama Cockwombles
    Which flies in the face of the internal report
    This abuse of party resources is surely xriminal

    1. You said it Doug, “Criminal” and an abuse of the membership.Nothing changes except this knight drunk on the support of a vocal minority that supported him in the election farce is heading for a fall…He actually believes his own propaganda.

      1. Yes,the fact the right wing of the party believe their own propaganda is the saddest thing of all.They are stupid as well as nasty and unprincipled.

      2. You’ve not taken your medication Joseph, you know that has a bad effect on you. Hallucinations, voices, wild ideas come into your head, lie down and go to sleep.

  5. I wonder if Johnson will try to remove Lewis from the committee. It would be risky (he could lose the vote) but “it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Downing Street will now seek to put a motion to Parliament removing Lewis from the committee altogether. “

    1. At some stage one nation Tories have to stand up for their party
      Which would be on a par with class action we should all get behind to root out our Cockwombles

  6. Yes….lets worry more about the Unite election and less distractions politics from Steve H and the knight movement regarding the trouble t mill fallout from the Tory party and swopping chairs……Concentrate on the coming austerity mk2 and the fight for jobs and security of employment and that can only come from the unions not our cockwombles in the Labour party or those Torys in parliament dominated by the establishment right.

  7. I’m curious to know why Johnson-Cummings would want someone as useless as Grayling as chair of an intelligence committee – I’m not even comfortable having him in the same sentence as the word ‘intelligence’.
    Unless it’s because his reputation for incompetence makes him the perfect fall guy for something? Or maybe it’s just that he’ll eat any shit to keep a job?

    1. I suspect the latter. BTW the Clerk to the Intelligence and Security Committee has said the report will be out “before the parliamentary recess” which means, I gather, next week. To add to Joseph’s sense of queasiness, sources are saying it may have meat in it about Russian involvement in Brexit. If it does, it may shed some light on the odd “red-brown” axis that the Kremlin tried to form on the IK left under the “Lexit” banner. Certainly, a Brexit link in the report would account for Boris’s attempts to kill it.

  8. ‘Russia Today’ was never pro-Lexit/Brexit. If MSM judge Russia via Putin, will Great Britain be judge by BoJo & Starmer? Of course, USA & GB never interfere in other country’s elections!

    1. Did you write tat first sentence with a straight face ? If so, read Patrick Wintour in the Guardian “” One paragraph in his report says “The report adds that although officially the Russian government asserted its neutrality on Brexit, its English-language media outlets RT and Sputnik covered the referendum campaign extensively and offered ‘’systematically one-sided coverage’’ an assertion I feel to be true as almost every time I turn the channel on, I’m greeted by an elderly grizzled Scotsman in an overlarge hat grizzling about the evils of “cosmopolitan Europe”

  9. Obviously sowing distrust among western nations is in Russia’s DNA, but with good reason.
    Since 1917 capitalists have attacked communism militarily and economically to prevent it spreading so why would Russia trust any of us?
    UK can hardly complain – it’s done its share of subversion in Russia – remember the ridiculous fake rock?

  10. Some of our younger posters and propagandists seem to forget that US and it’s vassal states are trying their very best to provoke a new Cold War. They also either do not know or have let it go down the memory plug hole that Bush, Thatcher, Kohl, Mitterrand, Hurd, Genscher etc gave Gorbachev assurances they would not expand NATO Eastwards after the collapse of the USSR. Of course they did the opposite and have now stationed nuclear missiles in former Warsaw Pact countries pretending of course they are defence shield against missile attacks from Iran.

    In addition, besides having a stooge( Yeltsin) in charge of the now Russian Federation accepting any old tosh from the IMF, World Bank and Wall Street to impose a crash course in capitalistic “ shock therapy “ in order to asset strip the RF to its hearts content, the US could continue with hegemonic strategy of creating unrest in order to either invade countries directly, as in the case of Libya, use some falsified pretext to invade Iraq, Afghanistan along with its vassal states or use proxies, armed financed and trained by it plus the Gulf states, to attack Syria.

    When Putin became President of the RF, he addressed in February 2007, in Munich an international security conference. At this meeting he asked the US plus it’s vassal states to desist from threatening the RF, as previously mentioned stationing nuclear missiles in East European countries plus to honour the previous arms limitation agreements they had made with the then USSR. Of course the did the opposite. In response the RF developed a whole new range of arm systems such as hypersonic missiles, the Avangard and the Sarmat. Of course the US and its vassal states accused the RF of being the aggressor.

    Furthermore, as witnessed by the debacle over Trump being elected president instead of Clinton, who said about Mummar Gaddafi in an interview in October 2011 after the invasion of Libya laughingly “ we came we saw he died”, and the refusal by the other side of the US business party that they lost in a democratic election blamed it on the Russians. Of course the usual fabricated evidence wheeled out by secret services was used to give it some traction but it was shown to be what it was nonsense.

    Naturally, the fall back excuse when elections don’t go according to plan is the Russians did it. Forgetting of course both the US and U.K. have a long long history in meddling in the politics and elections of other countries.

    1. brianbotou – I don’t think anyone is claiming that the US and UK (along with many others) but is that a good reason not to call out Putin when he’s been caught with his pants down.
      I remain to be convinced that Putin is one of the good guys and I see little to recommend the authoritarian Russian State.

    2. ” Some of our younger posters and propagandists seem to forget that US and it’s vassal states are trying their very best to provoke a new Cold War. …” Excellent post brianbotou. Thought i’d scroll back to catch up on what i’v missed during my break. It would do not only the “younger posters” well to read up on history. Oldsters also seem ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant and misled by repetition on the MSM ESPECIALLY the BBC, Guardian and Independent etc. Those i feel are rear guard troops for the same old same old. They trick and distract many sensible people.

      1. Thanks. Unfortunately, many people don’t grasp the fact that they are being socially engineered to accept a New Cold War without understanding why. This happened prior to the First World War, a continuous propaganda campaign was mounted by the MSM to paint Germany as an aggressor, which to certain degree was true since they were just as imperialistic as the British Empire, but the real reason was Germany was an economic competitor who would soon outstrip the BE . But it’s very difficult to get people to kill other people to enrich the rich so the establishment concoct nonsense like they are doing now about China.

      2. I agree, but not with “it’s very difficult to get people to kill other people to enrich the rich”. On the contrary it is very easy and has been done from time immemorial to date. Enough humans, no matter how inteligent or “educated”, are suggestible and pliable. If made to feel that by killing strangers to enrich the rich is “patriotic”, they will resolve to murder strangers, in the twinkling of an eye. With every day i’m more puzzled by all humans, including myself. Puzzled and saddened. Just back from part of my long break with super “educated” friends. 30% would agree with what you say above. 3% would have the courage to contradict the other 70%. So on top of everything else, courage is in short supply. Not many in a group will stand up for what they believe. People dare not disturb a facade of “peace” that does not really exist. Think of how many “educated” people were energetic parrots in support of Blair’s invasion of Iraq. The wanted to believe that we were at risk of Saddam attacking us with rusty remnants of arms our “West” sold him to attack his neighbours. Despite his end, there will be no shortage of others ready to do our “West’s” bidding and no shortage of “educated” people who passionately swallow lies and parrot them magnified. Strange world.

      3. Yes, it’s true that people are pliable and malleable when as Goering was asked at The Nuremberg war trials “ how did you make the ordinary people go to war” The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” But as Blair said “ they need softening up first. “ and the formulae has been used over and over again. Cui Bono?

  11. Hmm, “…Putin when he’s caught with his pants down.” Let’s see the evidence, proof, documentation because to date none has been produced.

    It’s not a question of Putin is one of the good guys rather the narrative that its like a Hollywood production of the good guys and the bad guys.

    During the chaotic years of Yeltsin, the RF was being robbed blind by Western Capitalism. The world had become more or less a mono polar US Western run world. The result of which was, as General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, said in 2007 there was a plan to invade 7 countries in 5 years starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Well, they took out Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan ( he didn’t mention) and they would have took out Syria with their proxy mercenaries but Russia stopped them.

    Agreed the Russian Federation is an authoritarian state but compared to the state it was in 20 years ago with old age pensioners begging on the street because their pensions were worthless, state employees not being paid for months, live expediency had dropped to less than 60 years of age and the Wild West shootings plus murder by gangsters, is it any wonder the ordinary Russian people support Putin.

    1. brianbotou Your blind faith in Putin although a little naive is touching. As for evidence, read the report when it’s published in a few days time.

      1. Not Blind faith but facts, the RF was on its knees thanks to the Western Imperialist stooge plus the IMF, WB and the Wall Street carpet baggers. Hence why the overwhelming majority of the ordinary Russian people support Putin.

        Moreover, “ the blind faith “ is the naive belief that the Western Imperialists are the good guys. 500 years of Western exploitation of the rest of the world dispels that myth.

        “ As for evidence..”. Well, until it’s published it’s not evidence that Putin meddled in U.K. politics and judging by the accusations pumped out by the US propaganda organs that the RF meddled in the US presidential elections it will be interesting to see how much substance it actually has.

      2. brianbotou – As far as I can see Putin is an ‘elected’ dictator who has like many of his ilk been consumed by his own narcissism and hubris. Perhaps you should ask yourself why he is so afraid of democracy.

      3. brianbotou – “it will be interesting to see how much substance it actually has.”

        Given Cummings & Johnsons’ rather desperate attempts to avoid its publication I am guessing it will not lack credibility. .

      4. Steve, my default position is to distrust leaders, including Putin, but let’s not forget somebody had to counter the explosive rise of the criminal oligarchs.
        Much of what the West criticises him for (not all, clearly) could be seen as Putin fighting the oligarchs to prevent them ruling Russia like they rule the West.
        It’s just a theory though – more of a hunch really since I’ve no evidence whatever.

      5. David – Chelsea Manning, Wikileaks and Edward Snowden exposed more than enough evidence of US and UK interference in other country’s politics. The UK are past masters of this, we’ve had literally 100’s of years practice.

        I agree with your proposition that someone had to get a grip of the situation when the USSR collapsed but unfortunately (as is so often the case with dictators no matter how benign) Putin has become consumed by his own hubris and now believes he is the only person who can do the job. His obvious fear of any democratic challenge and his intention of ruling for life betrays his failure as a successful leader or a force for good.

  12. Just to remind you the US hyped the sensationalism about the disclosures of Russian meddling in the US presidential elections. What did it amount to in the end. Acres of propaganda newsprint’s days of endless of drivel from CNN, and people like Rachel Maddox on MSNBC. Let’s not forget The Tories have been taking money from Russian oligarchs for years just like they have been taking money from despots, dictators and of course the US oligarchs plus Zionist oligarchs.

    1. brianbotou – Come back when you’ve read the report, I really can’t be bothered with pointless speculation.

      1. And when you have read it, will you come back to say there is no concrete, verifiable, evidence to prove that the Russian Federation Government meddled in U.K. politics!!!

      2. brianbotou – That will of course be dependant on its contents, unlike you I’m not wasting my time prejudging it.

  13. So the question I posed to you “… when you have read it, will you come back to say there is no concrete, ….” and you answered “ That will of course be dependant on its contents,”. Yet, earlier you said “…I am guessing it will not lack credibility “. Seems you are not so certain hence your procrastination!!

    1. brianbotou – I’m not procrastinating. Unlike you I haven’t been gifted with Mystic Meg powers so unless you can magic up a copy of the document for me you’ll just have to wait until I’ve had the opportunity to read it.

      1. Note what I said “ when you have read it, will you come back to say there is no concrete verifiable, evidence to prove that the Russian Federation did not meddle in UK politics.” And you said previously “ I am guessing it will not lack credibility “.

        Note your assumptions that “ guessing it will not lack credibility “ and my response “..will you come back to say there is no concrete…”.

        As I said earlier your belief, faith “ guessing it will not lack credibility “ is not so credible now. Is it!!

      2. brianbotou – I’m sorry that you are unable to see that there is quite a gulf between guessing something might be true on the strength of the currently available evidence and having a belief or faith in some thing.

        I would have thought that it would have been obvious that I am unable to commit to a judgement on the contents of this report until I’ve rad it.

        Whilst you are more than welcome to play down your 🐰🕳, I won’t be joining you

  14. I merely reported what you have written and how I responded. Yet, when challenged your “ guessing it will not lack credibility “ crumbles into dust. It illustrates precisely your much earlier statement “ Putin when he has been caught with his trousers down” is also just another throw away smear.

    1. brianbotou – I thought I’d made it quite clear that I won’t be joining yout to play down your 🐰🕳.

      It really isn’t my fault you are dumb enough to be one of Putin’s useful idiots

      1. What you made clear when you posted ” Putin when he has been caught with his pants down” and ” guessing it will not lack credibility ” is just an exercise in smearing.

        Rather than making propagandist statements, you had stated from the outset I will read the published report before making judgments as you stated yourself. Your post might have had some validity.

  15. My guess is that Putin, probably correctly, thinks democracy in a country with little experience of it will be an easy mark for the same rich crooked propagandists that hijacked our ‘more sophisticated’ and ‘better-informed’ Western democracies.
    Our much-lauded Western ‘free press’ is just a tool for our 1% to propagandise our electorates.
    They’re the perfect models for Russian oligarchs to take control of theirs.

    The US wants ‘access to markets’ everywhere, ostensibly in the name of ‘free trade’ – but the neoliberal idea of ‘freedom’ is that which exists between Tesco and small dairy farmers.
    “Freedom” in the US is the freedom of the rich to exploit and oppress whatever and whomever they please.
    Without someone like Putin in their way, what’s to stop the Russian 1%?

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