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Tories said EVERY piece of expired PPE for front-line was tested and safe. 85 MILLION had to be withdrawn or destroyed – not just inadequate, but themselves danger to health

Channel 4 investigation revealed at least 85 million pieces of protective equipment were inadequate – and worse. In spite of Tory promise only 49 pieces had been tested out of millions and many were were an active health hazard

Channel 4 News has revealed that an astonishing 85 million pieces of expired personal protective equipment (PPE) – which the Tories had repeatedly promised had all been tested and were safe – was not only inadequate protection, but in many cases actively dangerous to the health of those who wore them.

Only 49 of millions had been tested.

Much of the stock of masks and respirators was eventually withdrawn and destroyed – but unknown quantities were used by front-line health workers, putting their and their families’ health at risk and in all likelihood costing lives:

Johnson and Hancock have consistently spouted dangerous nonsense during the coronavirus crisis, from their ‘herd immunity‘ plan, to their insistence they did not need to shut down schools or major gatherings, to their testing fiasco.

Now yet another Tory claim proven to be not just utter manure but lethal to the wellbeing of those the government is supposed to support and protect – and all to hide their complete arrogance, bankruptcy and guilt.

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  1. For deterioration to occur that makes PPE unusable either they were stored for years past the expiry date or the atmosphere wasn’t clean enough. Foam degrades into a sticky mess over time as do elastic straps, but I recently found some years-old masks that were still usable.
    Looks like this stuff was just stored for emergency use and forgotten about instead of constantly shipping it out for normal use and replenishing it – obviously some will always expire but not whole warehouses if there’s half-competent stock control.
    More penny-pinching austerity ‘savings’ that ended up costing far more than they saved and probably cost lives too.

  2. No PPE for Care Home Workers’……..the forgotten; the unsung; the unclapped; the ignored. Time Starmer’s New New Labour did something constructive & made a real ‘Socialist’ proposal to bring Home & Care Home Workers under the care & protection of the National Health Service.

    1. NHS is privatised in all but name so no point. LP again doing nothing more than virtue signalling. 2012 Health and Social Care Act needs to be repealed for a start. End of PPPs etc. Bringing all services back in house, getting rid of much of the bureaucracy that grew up under internal market rules that along with exorbitant interest charges drain funds to private profiteering and away from delivery of care where most should be going!

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