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Breaking: Tories planning AT LEAST 30% govt spending cuts and has told departments – including Health – to come up with them starting today

Short notice leaves no time for impact or risk assessments as Tories move to exploit coronavirus crisis in pursuit of ‘small state’ endgame

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his boss Boris Johnson have told government departments to prepare massive spending cuts of at least 30% – and have given them just a handful of days to come up with them.

According to documents seen by the Huffington Post, the instruction went out just last Friday – yet the deadline for several departments was today, with the rest told to come back with their cuts plan by tomorrow and Friday:

Returns are required by:

DCMS, MOD, DIT: 24 June
DFID, Joints Funds Unit: 26 June

Sunak’s schedule for government departments to come up with massive cuts

Government officials have told the HP that the rushed schedule leaves no time for impact or risk assessments and any spending commitments already announced by Johnson are also on the table, with Tory insiders admitting that Johnson’s chief concern is bad publicity – not the huge blow to public and health services already reeling from a decade of cuts, nor the damage to the millions of people who depend on them.

It’s also clear that to try to limit bad publicity, Johnson intends to lie and claim funds cut from other budgets as new spending:

As the SKWAWKBOX warned last week, the Tories also intend to use whatever international aid that escapes the axe to twist the arms of poor nations into signing trade deals – billions of pounds and huge poverty and hardship to cover for the Tories’ utter ineptness in agreeing trade deals through fair and normal diplomacy – a plan for which Johnson was described by an experienced diplomat as an ‘absolute madman’.

The Tories are exploiting the coronavirus crisis to pursue their ‘small state’ and ‘little England’ endgame.

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  1. That means another hit for those on benefits
    How many to die at the next round of cuts
    To dwp benefits system how many more

  2. Johnson will make sure Sunak is the spokesman for cuts because as always his main interest is himself surviving what’s coming and the Chancellor was – luducriously – tipped to take over. One party government and one man party. Only the Tory Party are more partisan than he is and the chances of a defenestration grow larger; around the New Year I’d guess. They did it to Thstcher so what’s special about Pol Pot? It won’t do ordinary people any good but it would be nice to se the smirking idiot shunted into a siding blowing off steam as he goes.

  3. And what did you expect when you endorsed the Tory scary fairy and sat around playing ‘Mickey-Mouse Goes into Politics’ whilst Cummings and Co. were having a laugh ?


  4. Oh, please let it be Raab who gets the job of telling the “Commonwealth” that the new imperialists either get a good trade deal or Britain stops making restitution for its crimes of empire.
    His would be my second-favourite head on a spike.
    Just because they treat the royals with tolerant amusement doesn’t mean they’ve forgiven or forgotten the racist abuse, the cosmic scale of theft, the drug peddling and the massacres.

    1. Oh yeah – and all the negligent imperialist redrawing of maps that created most of today’s conflicts.
      They’ll love being threatened by puny little Britain’s puny little Foreign Typist.

      1. But David, we are going to do ‘fantastic’ trade deals with them – according to Bozo.

    2. You can have as many heads on spikes as you like, and it will all be a diversion. Job done by Boris, and the Tory caravan moves on.

      Anybody not noticed that Mr Toad is now in the perfect position to be a fall guy, ready for the chop if and when it suits the men in clubs?

  5. Prior to the onset of the Cold War an American senator was asked by some of his fellow senators, how are we going to convince the ordinary people that a nation that lost 27,000,000 people, lost a very significant part of its industry and has fought a protracted brutal war of survival, could be a threat to the US. Answer scare the hell out of them which was what they did aided and abetted by the MSM, Hollywood, Broadcasters, “ experts “. Sounds familiar, it should be. Now, the consequences will be felt whilst the banks, hedge funds, and very very rich investors will coin it in.

  6. Those disingenuous Claps for the NHS does not put food on the table. Sold out again!!!

  7. this is what happens when fuckwits elect even bigger fuckwits ,,, get brexit done , yesssss soo good now isn’t it people of the Tory red wall towns and the like , watch as your towns are slashed and burned to bits you utter fuckwits
    And arse licker Starmer arm rest will say that he agrees on the whole with what the Govt is doing no doubt of course he will he helped engineer Johnsons election .
    Christ I can’t believe we are only 6 months into a 5 yr term ………………the horizon seems endless

  8. Change the language
    Reverse Tax cuts
    Stop socialism for billionaires
    Everyone pays their dues
    We’re all in it together
    No more Austerity
    Fuck trickle down

      1. You’re saying a few disaster capitalists want all the SME’s to fail so they can gobble them up cheap?
        But won’t the businesses they’re currently invested in also fail?
        And aren’t the failures going to be somewhat random? Too random to calculate which to hold and which to sell in advance – and won’t any of the regulatory authorities become suspicious if a couple of zillionaires clean up and everyone else loses their shirts?
        “Scam” implies Covid was a thoroughly calculated and planned investment.
        That would have entailed $trillions being moved around in preparation – can you point to that having happened? Because I’d argue the regulators and every other investor on the planet would have noticed such unusual activity and exposed the scam.
        And how did these few disaster capitalists guarantee a vaccine wouldn’t be discovered too soon – by a lab they didn’t control – buggering up their cunning plan and bankrupting them?
        Your conspiracy theory is bollocks. As always.

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