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Momentum NCG voting system finally working – but most ‘pro-Lansman’ ‘Renewal’-slate candidates not disclosing affiliation

Ballots to most members delayed by two days – then as emails with voting links arrived, voting system went offline. Now, as voting finally possible, change candidates ‘Forward Momentum’ are stating their slate affiliation but most ‘Momentum Renewal’ hopefuls are not

The message received until just now by those trying to vote in the NCG elections

After voting link emails to the majority of Momentum members were delayed by two days – and then the voting system was unavailable when the emails eventually landed – the page for members to vote for their preferred National Coordinating Group candidates is finally working.

Until now, those trying to cast their votes were confronted by a message stating that the site was ‘Offline for maintenance’.

However, now that the page is working it appears that candidates from only one of the two main ‘slates’ of candidates are disclosing their affiliation.

Candidates standing on the independent ‘Forward Momentum’ slate are stating this right at the beginning of their candidate statement, so that it shows even if voters do not click to read the whole statement:

However, most of the candidates who have been promoted on the rival ‘Momentum Renewal’ slate are not mentioning this in their statements. On the north-west voting page, for example, three ‘MR’ candidates are shown, but two simply state the names of the other candidates they are standing with. Only one mentions Momentum Renewal.

‘Momentum Renewal’ has been criticised as an ironic choice of name, because insiders say the group is a ‘front’ for pro-Lansman candidates and is run by fixers accused of stacking parliamentary selections for the Momentum establishment.

Now it seems Momentum members who want to avoid voting for what may lead to ‘more of the same’ run by the same people as before will need to look for ‘Forward Momentum’ in the candidate statements as they are unlikely to find ‘Momentum Renewal’ mentioned in the statements of members of that slate.

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  1. Just like Labour PLP ‘centrists’ – inclusive, all things to all men until the membership elects a left wing leader.
    Only then do their hidden beliefs in Tory ‘principles’ appear.

  2. Isn’t that a good thing, read Matt Wrack FBU General Secretary on Labour List, if you dont know Lansman is pure poison by now,
    If they stitch it up then Forward Momentum members have done us all a favour and Lansmans Momentum will be finished

  3. Forward Momentum slate is relaying on name recognition to see them through. Excellent tactic from Forward Momentum, members just need to look for the four candidates for FM in their Region and vote for them.
    It would be interesting to see for whom MPs and Cllrs are going to vote for. Renewal Momentum is pulling all the stops with a large list of MPs and Cllrs supporting the Renewal Slate, but the vote is secret so we will see:
    1-how many Cllrs and MPs vote
    2-how close the vote is going to be and the slate who wins it.

  4. “most ‘pro-Lansman’ ‘Renewal’-slate candidates not disclosing affiliation”.

    Dirty. Just dirty. Lansman has more in common with Tom Watson than seems possible.

    Sordid and befouling.

  5. Still waiting for my ballott details for the NCG election.

    I just wonder, how many other members are experiencing the same issue?

    I see that subscription is still going through.

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