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New BBC Director-General Davie “impressed influential Tories”, is former Conservative Association deputy chair, but has marketing, not journalism, background

Tim Davie

The BBC has appointed Tim Davie as its new Director-General. Davie was the Corporation’s head of studios and had previously served as interim DG following the resignation of an earlier incumbent.

Davie has no journalism background and was previously the BBC’s marketing director – but Deadline reports that Davie “impressed… influential Conservatives”. According to Prole Star, Davie is also a former chair of Hammersmith and Fulham Conservative Association.

Time will tell what kind of impact he will have, but a clear-out of Tories installed at BBC News since the Tories’ took Downing Street in 2010 looks unlikely.

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  1. And the revolving door continues to revolve; while the toerags will have more spurious claims of supposed ‘left-wing bias’ upheld. Expect more public-school failures to be shoehorned into custy sinecures and
    pederast ‘perquisites’ by their cronies in westminster – That’s if the ‘corporation’ wishes to maintain a levy upon the general public to fund their racketeering rapacity, sexual degeneracy and sybaritic hedonism.

    They haven’t for a while, seen – nor will they ever see – another cent of mine.

  2. I stick all the licence fee letters on a metal stick at my front door. Wouldn’t watch their shite even if it was free.

  3. I think we should campaign to abolish the licence fee as it has been and apparently will be impossible for the BBC to provide a professional and impartial service.
    Why should we pay the huge salaries of the likes of Fiona Bruce, Laura Kuessenberg etc. They have worked so hard for the Tories in recent years it is only right thso the Tories should pay their salaries.

  4. Another safe, Tory pair of hands to hold the fort … in memory of serial #BBC paedo-rapist Sir Jimmy #Savile … who was shielded by his employer, the BBC, for 40 years.

    Expect no change or progress whatsoever.

    The plan could not be clearer. Our children remain targets of shielded, elite paedophiles for the foreseeable future and are there to pick off.

  5. Just what we need from the BBC – lashings and lashings of ginger beer flavoured bullshit.

    1. I’d assume there’s more demand for 24-hour telly during lockdown than at any time in history.
      Hollywood isn’t making movies afaik, so they’re stalled – if the studios own the rights to all the movies they’ve made why not let the TV companies have the latest movies and the pick of the older ones at discount prices?
      They’d be doing a social good and they’d probably increase their income.
      I know it’s the 6th of June today – but we’ve had old war movies wall-to-wall for months.
      ‘Seraphim Falls’ is a decent movie if you ignore the timeline inconsistencies but it’s been on a dozen times recently and Dolph Lundgren & Steven Seagal movies are virtually on loop play.
      TV companies can’t make too much new stuff so why not give us the golden oldies rather than ‘Duds of the Nineteen-Forties and Fifties’?

  6. I have not had a TV licence since 2005 and have no intention of getting one any time soon – I have better things to do with my time than watch the rubbish on there,

  7. Public school; Oxbridge; Deputy Chair Hammersmith & Fulham Conservative Party; Marketing Manager Pepsi & no experience in journalism. What’s the problem? Has all the qualifications necessary to be appointed Director General BBC.

    1. The only Nationalized industry the Conservative and unionist party approve of,..!

  8. Good Lord the blighter isn’t wearing a tie? Some sort of darn Leftie is he?

  9. I guess we here care most about reforming the News part of the BBC, but to be fair there’s all the other programming as well.
    Journalistic ability might not be what running the whole corporation needs.
    Never having heard of him before I’ve no idea of his abilities.
    If he’s a Tory I want to strangle him of course, but whoever the Tories picked was going to be one of their own.

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