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After NHS ‘saves his life’, Johnson blames clinicians for spread of C19 to elderly – when government policy drove return of infected patients to care homes

The UK’s PM is vile

Boris Johnson, making a rare appearance from his usual ‘absence without leave’, has tried to blame NHS staff for the carnage caused by the coronavirus among vulnerable care home residents.

In yesterday’s PMQs, Johnson claimed doctors were the reason coronavirus-positive patients were discharged back to care homes:

No-one was discharged into a care home this year without the express authorisation of a clinician

The return of known-infected patients to care homes – which for weeks the government flatly denied had happened – is widely recognised to have ‘seeded’ the disease among those most likely to be killed by the virus, leading to many thousands of needless deaths.

But as the SKWAWKBOX revealed yesterday, it is still official government policy to send infected patients back to care homes – and even after the government amended its policy last night, it remains official policy:

In addition to the official policy, the Department of Health also had the NHS circulate a ‘decision support tool’ to guide medics in decisions about who gets what kind of treatment during the pandemic – and it specifically tells doctors to look to send COVID-19 patients to ‘domiciliary care’ if their age-‘score’ prevents them receiving intensive care or they are not responding to treatment:

The government is driving – and always has been the driver of – the return of COVID-positive patients to care homes.

Weeks after he says they saved his life, the vile Johnson is trying to blame NHS clinicians to hide his own and his government’s guilt.

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  1. Posted on about TWO months ago. Ahead of the curve. Yet everyday the Tories and MSM manage to sink lower than depths the day before.

  2. Keir starmer’s forensic questioning yesterday omitted to challenge pfeifer on any of this, what a surprise

    1. helsbells2022 21/05/2020 at 2:14 pm
      “Keir starmer’s forensic questioning yesterday omitted to challenge pfeifer on any of this, what a surprise”

      The evidence published in Hansard contradicts your assertions.

      1. SteveH
        It went straight over Keirs head, he misses the juiciest bones thrown to him by fuckwit PM
        Everyone watching would have registered Uncle Festa blaming clinicians

      2. Doug – “Everyone watching would have registered Uncle Festa blaming clinicians”

        Which begs the question – Why would Keir waste time jumping on this immediately when there will be loads of time to do that repeatedly in the future.
        Also if he’d picked up Johnson at this stage then that would have removed any possibility of him perhaps digging deeper by compounding his original statement it (as it happens he didn’t).
        It could also have distracted from the further points that Keir wanted to cover during the restrictive format of PMQ. You also have to consider that we now have a quite clear and unambiguous quote on the record that Boris hasn’t had the opportunity to muddy this clear quote with a load of waffle about being misinterpreted.

        Johnson trying to pass the blame clinicians for his own incompetence to clinicians is now unambiguously on the public record, It is now something he can’t run away from or credibly deny.

      3. SteveH
        Improvise is the word I’ve been searching for, think on his feet, walk and chew gum

      4. Doug – Improvise is the word I’ve been searching for, think on his feet, walk and chew gum.

        Well surely you’ve got to give him some leeway when the previous incumbent of his office was so renowned for his ability to think on his feet (particularly during PMQs). How could a barrister with an international reputation possibly be expected to compete with skills that had been honed by decades of back-bench experience.

        We should however congratulate Keir and give credit where credit is due. His performance during in yesterday’s PMQ has forced Johnson to remove the NHS surcharge for migrant NHS staff.

        The next step is to get this charge removed from all migrant workers who are paying tax and NI in this country.

        The validity of this regressive and unjustifiable surcharge on migrants is already being questioned on major news programs.

      5. And it’s worth pointing out that Starmer, unlike Corbyn, is currently enjoying the most favourable conditions for PMQs that any opposition leader could wish for. With no baying hordes of Tory MPs to back him up, it would be surprising if Boris WASN’T getting a regular pasting.

        It’s not “forensic”. Merely competent.

      6. timfrom – I have already commented on a previous page that it will be interesting to see how he adapts to the new situation in less than 2 weeks. We’ll all have to be patient and wait to see how it goes.

        It does however draw attention to how ludicrous the bear-pit version of PMQs is. It remains to be seen whether The Speaker and/or ‘public opinion’ will tolerate a return to yah-boo politics.

    2. SIR k Starmer is waiting his turn. Expect him dulling on as he is dulling on. Dull except to serve same old same old. Dire except to shield his masters from investigation and justice. Dire’s holding out for a baronetcy like McNic, Blunkett and Twatson.

      Note well, the great Tony Benn happily relinquished his title. Dire Stoma conversely craves another one… a paid one… a law setting one, while allowing Tory blatant wrongdoing to go unchallenged.

      I hear that the police won’t prosecute johnson re contracts to his IT pumped and dumped Jennifer Arcuri. “No case to answer” they say.

      No surprise then, the Tories are hyper handing out contracts to their connections, SERCO already FINED for FRAUD & FALSE ACCOUNTING, etc etc etc. Wonder if the police will say again, “no case to answer”? No policing of the Tories. No opposition leader to challenge them. A useless PLP. Is that the best we can do❓❓❓ Has our country sunk so low❓❓❓ Are we not entitled to have FULL declarations of interests now❓❓❓

      Can our country’s authorities be taken seriously by those elsewhere while we see what is happening under our noses❓❓❓

    3. AH would know exactly when, but i remember posting over a month ago that we were heading for around 53,000 EXCESS deaths.
      Also mentioned that homicides, deaths due to air pollution and traffic accidents will be down. Of course there will be fatalities due to people avoiding seeking medical care and the postponement of some interventions.

      I feel confident in predicting that by the end of june 80 to 90% % of ALL EXCESS deaths will have been due DIRECTLY to Covid-19. The rest will be indirectly related eg, people with conditions where treatments would have compromised their immunity.

      Who knows the future plight of hundreds of thousands due to the trauma of so many avoidable and earlier than expected bereavements. Plus the trauma of tens of thousands of all workers on the front line dealing with this most remarkable of diseases in our lifetime.

      I had a long chat with a dear dear friend, known since they were 17. It was wonderful to reminisce. We were both grateful to not yet have close family bereavements. Thank goodness even our very elderly relatives in their 80s and 90s are fit and well. But the unexpected deaths of colleagues, relatives of colleagues and acquaintances take a toll. Yesterday, one message alone told of four deaths and people in ITU. My friend said one senior clinician known to them on a professional basis has been in ITU for a month.

      Despite the benefit of seeing the slowly approaching pandemic from China, to Italy, Spain, France THEN one man returning from Asia to Haslemere in January or early February… DESPITE having the chance to prepare, this government FAILED. The handling of Covid-19 has been a few good words and ZERO timely appropriate action. The only action has been to bamboozle the general public, put the onus on them and claim critics in the next few months are using “the benefit of hindsight”. ALL readers of know that is a stark blatant lie.

      Obvious concerns and observations were posted here re Covid-19 at least since the beginning of March. AH will be able to retrieve the exact details but is unlikely to report them accurately, they will be twisted and distorted, so best seek out earlier posts yourself. BUT one need not be a specialist virologist or epidemiologist or scientist to note what was pointed out here months ago. It is less cockup and more wilful sick action and open profiteering out of this horrific tragedy.

      We must organise intelligently and do better. Put no hope in Starmer and his set. Ignore the defeatist who prefer to turn up to scream with crazed rage you can’t do it‼️‼️‼️ No one needs that. Wish them well and good bye. Their frustration is TOTALLY justified considering the disappointments we have seen in a four years. They have endured it for at least four decades. Yet, we have our own thresholds of what we can endure. Our attitudes to challenges will be different because we have different natures and were nurtured differently.

      BUT, no one would be allowed to turn up at a football match or cricket or anything else, sit with supporters of your team and shout and scream GIVE UP‼️ YOU WON’t do it‼️ The other team is better‼️ If even it were true, why turn up to do that⁉️ What’s at stake is too important. Defeatist need occupy their defeatism elsewhere. Be useful. Depress the Tories.🌹🌹🌹

      1. Who’s shouting ‘give up’ or ‘you won’t do it’ etc or that the other team is better. What people are saying is that ‘our team’ no longer exists, and has been replaced by imposters. Would YOU have continued to be a member of the LP after Blair joined with Bush in having our armed forces invade Iraq?

        Your analogy doesn’t work precisely because many on the left don’t have a team they can support. Given that you spend much of your time lambasting Starmer and Co, I assume you obviously agree.

  3. Revenge is a dish best served cold. The toerags think we all have memories if an amoeba. Hopefully the NHS staff will lead the way in reminding the toerags who it was got us out of this scrape, who’s guilty of what, and who deserves what, when this crisis is over.

    If the workers don’t hold these bastards’ feet to the fire once this have passed, I’m afraid there’s no hope; because starmer’s labour westminster bubblists won’t do owt to right the wrongs.

    The difference between 1945 and now is that there was a combat weary, highly trained population that was being demobbed back into a civilian life amongst the ruins. Had the government said ‘No’ back then, they’d have been dragged out onto the street and hanged a-la mussolini.

    Nowadays it’s the rich taking a financial hit. And they’re shitting themselves just as much as back in ’45. It’ll soon be time to do a spot of ‘bargaining’. I just hope people realise that much and utilise the power THEY possess.

    Just don’t rely on slimy starmer to be your modern-day Wat Tyler.

  4. Is it tragic or funny that everyone is taking the piss out of the Tories. Boris used to treat Jeremy open contempt at the dispatch box. It is going to be interesting to see how Johnson’s self inflated ego reacts to the electorate treating him with the contempt and lack of respect he deserves. As the article above clearly illustrates his first instinct is to blame everybody else, popcorn time?

  5. ‘Boris used to treat Jeremy open contempt at the dispatch box.’

    At least it was OPEN contempt…Until he was made to sit there shaking his head with a face as long as a list of grayling failures; as Corbyn tore into him for the cunteenth time over just about everything.

    Whereas starmer and his ‘forensics’ impress the likes of ranvir singh, and the rest of the soft-tory media; but absolutely nobody of independent thought.

  6. Can we get back to the day job
    The left of the party have a majority on the committee that shortlist candidates for General Secretary
    See BBC article which is surprisingly decent
    Can you all get your retaliation in first because its saying they may not list Keirs chosen one
    My question is if Keir does as it says in the article and accepts a compromise candidate will snowflakes on here who have left the party rejoin the battle

    1. You silly man,many of us were given no choice about leaving the party,but were removed for unstated crimes on the internet,i.e having the nerve to criticise the racist Zionist scum and their criminal state of Israel and I am talking about thousands of people you knuckle head.This process is ongoing,yet you come here making your simple minded demands,idiot.

  7. Meanwhile, its noticeable that YouTube has been co-opted to bending the available expert views towards the !Panic! narrative by taking down perfectly normal alternative analysis. It looks like ‘following the science’ involves boosting the increasingly risible Ferguson projections rather than taking a broad view of the evidence as the case for continuing lock-up diminishes by the day.

    If you can’t smell a rat here, you might indeed be one of the shrinking cases of Covid-19.

    1. RH, It’s called censorship they don’t want independent qualified experts in their fields to point to the huge holes in the narrative about it.

      1. Indeed, brianbotou. There’s a new interview that graphically illustrates that alternative analysis, in contradiction to the discredited Ferguson projections. It also has a clarity about the real complexities, as opposed to the mickey-mouse use of ‘R’ numbers and assumptions about antibodies and immunities. See Professor Sunetra Gupta [Oxford] on :

      2. RH, 21/05/20 @ 6.33 pm,
        I was just going to post a link to that interview. Here’s Gupta’s last comment which bears highlighting in my opinion.

        “So I know there is a sort of libertarian argument for the release of lockdown, and I think it is unfortunate that those of us who feel we should think differently about lockdown have had our voices added to that libertarian harangue. But the truth is that lockdown is a luxury, and it’s a luxury that the middle classes are enjoying and higher income countries are enjoying at the expense of the poor, the vulnerable and less developed countries. It’s a very serious crisis.”

  8. I know for a fact that Uncle Festa will have a world class test track and trace team in place by the 1st June
    That’s because its me and the dog

  9. Satire keir has never made a joke in his life, unlike TB(aka contagious killer) who featured laughing at his own mocking sarcasm. He can’t change the world, or much, so lighten up and sign up for entertainment for beginners. Droning won’t work in politics it makes you look like a guilty child.

  10. As Anna Subry said, this measure was brought in during one of the Tories’ anti-immigration fervours, which of course was one of the reasons for the Brexit result. Anyone who cares to check, will find that NHS tourism makes a profit for Britain but as long as the ‘nasty party’ can find anything to beat immigrants with, they will do it. After all, it’s what Tories do!

    1. NHS is a ‘contribution’ based service…….you have to pay into? Over the years, large numbers of people, especially working class women who have not been in full-time work all their lives, have been denied access to benefits. Not too many immigrants are living in the ‘leafy suburbs’ to subsidise the EU globalist dream of cheap labour in the gig economy.

      It was Enoch Powell who originally invited the ‘windrush’ immigrants into post war Britain, as MSM describe’to do the low paid menial work that British people wouldn’t do’…….like drive buses or trains. Still no reason to train doctors or nurses for the NHS when GB can cherry pick the world & shine their ‘Liberal Badge’.

      It seems that rebuilding Britain post war, had nothing to do with the working classes who are still rendered virtually invisible, especially in the BBC; Channel 4 & the Guardian; where the working classes are despised & branded racist,.

      1. Many don’t know that re Powell, Steve Richards. Everyone should see the EXCELLENT documentary “The Unwanted” i think it is called, about Theresa May’s turbocharge of a nasty policy the hostile environment to non white Commonwealth Citizens invited by Enoch Powell invited. Sadly even great Labour people in those times were in favour of the really shocking attitudes and covert actions. That screening was one bit of education we need. Strangely, it was partly funded by the BBC i think. So they know the truths, They harvest them to bury them. I saw it at a special screening with Q&A with the writer, researcher, dir etc etc. Everyone should see it once a month at least🌹🌹🌹

  11. We should celebrate that Keir and Labour have achieved a significant victory today in forcing Johnson to remove the NHS surcharge from NHS migrant staff.

    1. Oh it WAS slimeball, was it?

      There was me thinking it was Joe Public’s disgust after that lad posted the video.

      Starmer, jumping on the bandwagon like that godawful michael ‘Giz a song of me own’ ball…

      For someone who felt they had no other choice to vote for him, you’ve done nowt but extol and deify starmer since.

  12. Revoking Health and Social Care act 2012 section 75 would also be reward to the NHS and the country to prevent the USA healthcare companies tendering for contracts and when they do not win sue the NHS for compensation. Richard Bransons(Virgincare) £2 million compensation will be chicken feed. This will then divert money from the care and healthcare staff. Sustainabilty Transformation Plans, Simon Stevens, Accountable Care Organisations are just the beginning. Obama Care

    1. Thanks for bringing this excellent article to my attention. I have empathised with these views for a long time now..
      I particularly agree with his thoughts around the NHS not being a charity.

      1. SteveH
        Next PMQ’s
        PM why do you clap for the NHS,
        You and your party have a visceral hatred of the NHS and have spent 10 years running it into the ground
        And as we speak you are planning to sell what’s left to Trumpton

    2. No more clapping for me. Instead I treated my neighbours to

      David Bowie- Heroes
      The Stranglers – No More Heroes (for Dave Greenfield)
      Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse
      Royal Trux – Junkie Nurse
      Dead Kennedys – Government Flu
      The Specials – Enjoy Yourself (it’s later than you think) (I did Ghost Town enough the first few Thursdays!)

      Any other suggestions for next week?

      1. Clapping while Cummings RUNS from Downing St on hearing his johnson is infected. He runs ad drives 200 plus miles spreading disease all the way to Durham and LIES like his boris. Cummings & his johnson LIED that he was in London. While Cummings & johnson LIED, the police were interviewing Cummings for breaking TORY emergency Covid-19 laws. Expect them to conclude that he has “no case to answer”. Tories never have a “case to answer”. Dope, snort coke “on several occasions”. Confess on radio, put it in books… but “no case to answer”.

        That’s the story of a criminally corrupt Tory land.

  13. No politician has accepted blame for years. They can lie with impunity because they don’t get challenged.

    All parties are guilty of this phenomenon, and I’m genuinely struggling to think of any single MP who hasn’t doesn’t the same thing…

  14. Stammer the spammer you never get a real labour person with him only a blairite look out waiting for

    1. Wow! Thanks for that ‘contribution’, that’s really taken this debate to a different level.

  15. Sh you sre a Tory in a red tie and have to put up with your arse tactics of putting down people with your superior brain but superfluous way .but really you are a not wanted nore IE stammer by many I don’t really pick on tw@@@ but you seem to deride my comments grow up get a life before you find yours ebbing away. To all you who don’t now me iv bloody dementia and writing is not my biggest mate now has of it but I try and that’s good enough for me but Pratt’s like sh he has to write something not nice in is witty way Godbless

    1. Jeffrey – What was it about your original post that made you think think my reply was taking the piss rather than complimenting you.

  16. Because you done the same on the Canary site lunatics you posted but one day you will find that comes from you bite you back

  17. Jeffrey – I don’t usually post comments on The Canary website, could you perhaps remind me of these comments that you say I’ve made so I can respond with any clarification that I feel is necessary.

  18. Jeffrey – Perhaps you could answer the question I actually asked rather than the one you made up all by yourself.

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