Video: Hancock spanked by Speaker for childish behaviour – “Do you want to leave the Chamber?”

Facts so upset Health Secretary that he almost gets himself ejected

“Sorry, do you want to leave the Chamber?”

Lightweight Health Secretary Matt Hancock came close to being ejected from the Commons chamber by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle today when he was unable to prevent himself trying to shout over simple facts about the government’s appalling performance on coronavirus testing.

Hancock has clearly been stung by the government’s accidental admission during last night’s press briefing that – far from being ‘based on the science’ – the Tories’ decision to ignore the World Health Organisation and give up on testing and tracing to clamp down on the spread of the virus was driven by the fact that they hadn’t bothered preparing for the pandemic by building enough testing capacity.

In other words, the government has been lying all these months.

But merely mentioning that was enough to have him shouting in the Chamber – until Hoyle cut him off at the knees by indicating that he’d be on his way out of it if he didn’t zip it:

Hancock was not visible on screen as Hoyle administered a spanking – but you can just imagine the quivering ‘pet lip’ as the brittle Tory was put in his place.

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  1. Skwawky
    Its June how many private/public schools will be open
    Are we all in this together
    Just taken this very point off BBC forum
    Fill your boots

  2. Propaganda from Uncle Festa never challenged by Keir
    We know it works why are we not blowing it out the water
    Politicians who cant do politics FFS

      1. SteveH
        Yes I watched it
        Criticism is he is not good at responding to same old lies on NHS, he never pulls Uncle Festa up when he rolls out ad nauseum 40 hospitals, record funding, 50,000 nurses
        This propaganda works as I know from first hand experience in GE
        Corbyn, I always vote Labour but I cannot vote for Corbyn,
        Who did you vote for 2017,
        Labour I always vote Labour
        Now you have to admire that level of brainwashing, but it’s always been the same and we dont blow it out the water,
        The global financial crisis was Labours fault
        Anti Semitism
        Labour on the Economy or Law and Order
        Jesus H Christ it’s not like we dont have the ammunition

      2. Doug – If Johnson thought he was winning instead of being forced to put his own failings on the parliamentary record he wouldn’t be that desperate to get MPs back so he can go back to avoiding scrutiny again. Boris and his inadequacies are being exposed and he knows it. We’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks to see how things work out when the yah-boo brigade are in place to back up the PM and see how Starmer adapts to the new situation. I will be as interested as anyone else to see how things go.

      3. SteveH
        Methinks he could be a lucky General because an empty chamber plays big time to his strengths

  3. Yep. Starmer’s ‘mates’ will make it as though slimeball and his ‘forensics’ pushed hancockup over the edge…A stroke of genius, eh Steve h?


    Just because the chamber was empty is all. Had it been full, the bastard lot of them would’ve been acting like the petulant brats they are and mister speaker wouldn’t have singled anyone out.


  4. Hoyle will now be replacing Bercow on the knuckle-draggers’ shitlist, much to the latter’s relief, I should think!

    1. First time I’ve seen Hoyle show any ‘ action ‘ Need more of it. Get the toe rags in line !!

      1. Peter – It’s going to be interesting to see if Hoyle will stop all the yah-boo nonsense from starting up again when they are all back in a couple of weeks. PMQs could almost pass for sensible grown up politics whilst they’ve been doing there hybrid parliamnent thing.

    1. That’s all on you, that is – nobody else dirty-mindedly pictured Hankie Minor as a schoolboy with his pants down and his buttocks glowing red from the cane – the rest of us just took it metaphorically, as the Skwawk intended.
      Dirty boy 🙂

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