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Breaking: Tories forced to u-turn on threat to deport families of low-paid NHS staff killed by coronavirus

Families of cleaners, porters, health-care assistants and those in other low-paid, non-medical jobs helped by public outrage – but it is not yet clear whether they will also receive ‘death in service’ payout

NHS porters with permanent residence are among those whose families will now be protected

The government has been forced into a screeching u-turn on a plan not to guarantee UK residence to the families of immigrants working in the NHS as cleaners, healthcare assistants, porters and in other low-paid, non-medical roles if they are killed by the coronavirus. The plan put migrant families at risk of deportation if their loved one died working to help others afflicted by the virus.

Minister Oliver Dowden, challenged on the policy during this evening’s press briefing, said the policy was under review and the government has now announced its u-turn.

Families of NHS and social care workers killed by the virus will now be granted indefinite leave to remain – but the government has not yet confirmed whether they will also receive the £60,000 death grant that will be awarded to front-line nurses, doctors, radiologists and others who die.

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  1. Tories aren’t feeling that secure, obviously.
    Little wonder when the whole world knows they’re completely out of their depth. (depth? what depth?)
    Trying to be tough like Auntie Maggie with the bully boy miners and the evil Argies but their knees start knocking when they hear raised voices, the poor little things.

  2. The malevolent Tories obviously just didn’t appreciate that the majority of normal people would be utterly outraged at their indifferent callousness for the families of those who had given their lives looking after us. We, unlike them, know that all people have value. Johnson and Co, self evidently judge a persons worth purely in monetary terms

    The so called elite didn’t care because it never even occurred to them that they were supposed to. It probably never even occurred to Boris that the cleaners and porters where an integral part of the medical team that ‘saved his life’.

    It doesn’t bode well for their future that those that govern us exist in a moral vacuum..

  3. Never under estimate how low they will go to appeal to their base
    Hostile environment for immigrants is top of the list

  4. And who convinced the government to reconsider and Uturn against their reckless political ideology.?. Not the knight led Labour party?,but obviously someone who is motivated by more than self interest and racism.Hopeful that someone can stop this government,or could it be “Set a thief to catch a theif ‘.Maybe the knight led Labour party could blunder onto actuality doing something,…anything?

    1. Jospeh “who convinced the government to … Uturn … Not the knight led Labour party?

      No! Definitely not the pasokifying Labour Party.

      It was the very same people whose narrative IS the world: The billionaires and the minions who serve as Editors of their massively political (‘free’) press.

      In fact, the VERY same people who the knight of the third-way (trilateral version) listens to in lieu of party members.

    2. Meanwhile Joseph, FOLLOW THE MONEY⚠️⚠️⚠️
      Ex TalkTalk Dido Harding now a Tory Baroness overseeing Tory govt’s sinister DANGEROUS App.

      Owen Patterson Tory ex cabinet minister now advising 400th and something richest person in the UK… think it’s 473rd… anyway Patterson is paid £100,000 at £500 per hour for “advice” to the multimillionaire Tory donor. RESULT multi million contract re Covid-19‼️

      Tory grandee Nicholas Soame’s brother – CEO of SERCO with two directors who have convictions for fraud and SERCO fined 19+ million for fraud and false accounting, SERCO with a history of incompetence re outsourced probation tagging etc … THAT SERCO also is raking in MILLIONS to run the “track and trace app” which may never work. They have already leaked between 250 and 3,000 contact details. Furthermore EXPLAIN THIS: For thousands of years, humans have done effective manual contact tracing. For infectious diseases manual tracing is key. Why then delay what is vital only to hand millions to big corporations and party donors⁉️⁉️⁉️ Why deliberately hinder and stall manual tracing which could have been implemented since the first identified and traced Covid-19 UK case in Churt or Haslemere❓❓❓ ANSWER: to handout even more millions to the Tory few.

      We can stop this blatant corruption if we deal with the basics and get into government and develop NOW the means to SUSTAIN an EFFECTIVE government. PRIORITISE. SEQUENCE. DOWN TO EARTH BASICS. Not indulgent pathetic metropolitan political bubble obsessions. Searching everywhere to find the narrowest nano particle interest groups with which to virtue signal.🌹🌹🌹

  5. And of course ranvir(us) singh on GMB this morning: ‘Starmer has filled the void left by labour over the coronavirus outbreak; his forensics’ were spot-on, his quiet voice poking and prodding at the PM and exposing the weaknesses…’ and other such sycophantic ingenuous bullshit that should really see singh back at the bbc.

    Disgraceful ‘reportage’. Starmer’s about as animated and passionate as a trilobite fossil ffs.

    As for the policy being u-turned on…Wasn’t it 2nd generation immigrants brought the policy out in the first place?

    Oh no! That’s racist to suggest such a thing, eh?

  6. Why does our society need to import low paid casual labour to work in our NHS & Care Homes?

    1. Probably because thatcherism destroyed society as it once was. The elderly are appreciated & respected (just about) everywhere else; some places to the point of apotheosis.

      But here (and perhaps the USA – surprise, surprise!) they’re not. They’re seen as a burden. Nevermind all these old folk going out & raising all that dough for charity, it’d have been no loss if coronavirus had taken them – ”they’d have died anyway” is the mantra.

      I remember a few years back the toerags (In their infinite wisdom) decided it’s be a good thing to get young unemployed kids to work for their dole in care homes…No, seriously! Not long after the london riots IIRC. A sort of ‘revenge’ dreamed up by the posh gummidge when london’s mayor…With the assistance of the ‘genius’ grayling who was dummkopf’s junior at the DWP at the time.

      No checks, no nothing. Just bung them straight in. ‘It’ll teach them respect and humility’ I think were the words used. Of course camoron approved, as part of his ‘big society’ bollocks.

      Yep, of course it would. No chance the kids resenting being forced to work wiping old people’s arses for no money. No hope of them abusing and sealing off the poor old buggers…nope. It’ll save the taxpayer £millions AND the kids might even like it!

      As for fruit picking…Get the unemployed from rural areas to do it before dragging people in from towns and cities miles away…And countries even further away.

      And PAY them a decent wage. Make it worthwhile. Get the supermarkets to pay the farmers a proper rate without hiking retail prices…They’re making a big enough mark-up on the farmer’s produce as it is. F**k the shareholders – unless THEY want to go out breaking their backs for their dividends?

      In fact, make the shareholders EARN their divvy’s. Get THEM out there in the fields in all weathers. They rely on John Q shopper to buy the goods; they should play a part and PRODUCE the goods instead of producing nothing, but raking in the profits.

  7. If the former leader of the DPP, persecutor of political prisoners, member of an anti democratic right wing billionaire funded organisation, beloved by millionaires who are supporters of the apartheid regime in Palestine, refusenik about democratic results really and sincerely wanted to help the low paid immigrant workers in the NHS, he would not have pushed forward a policy to prevent a democratic socialist Labour Party Government and thereby, guaranteeing the rights of these vital workers. Judge by his previous actions not his , according to the Tory supporting MSM, New Labour man, Fraudian, State Broadcaster et al “ forensic skills”.

  8. On an off-topic note, I see they’re putting out stories about benefit fraud. They’ve already made insinuations about people on furlough ‘taking the piss’…

    But there’s nobody on twitter to rebuff this sort of behaviour, so I wonder what’s/who’s next on the agenda?

    Its’ all those who’ve been forced to sign on. You were alright when you was working and believing the currant bun, and daily heil….Now you’re gonna the object of their vitriol – just like the poor sods YOU sneered at when you read their tripe.

    You’ll have become this daft mare…



    Johnson forced to back down over surcharging NHS workers for their own NHS care.

  10. We are still left wondering about the £60,000 in service death award but I would regard the Tories being forced into 2U turns in 2 days on the welfare of migrant NHS staff as a success.

    1. …and there is also the bonus of a feel-good factor because these changes will in a real tangible way directly benefit those we owe so much to.

      This is what Labour do, improving people’s lives is what lies at the core of our belief system.

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