Govt’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer claims quarantine for international travellers in place since… 30th Feb (and wipes his nose with a finger)

No it hasn’t – even if 30 Feb existed

Senior government science adviser Jonathan Van-Tam has claimed today that quarantining for international travellers has been in place for months – since 30 Feb, in fact:

30 Feb doesn’t exist – and the vast majority of passengers, including those from the hotspots of Spain, Italy, Iran and the US that were far worse-hit than China (though most of those are now dwarfed by the catastrophe that is the UK) – have long been allowed to enter the UK without even a temperature check.

And still are, until the government eventually gets round to bolting that particular stable door long after the horse bolted, contracted COVID-19, died and wasn’t counted in official figures because it wasn’t in a hospital. Boris Johnson announced eight days ago that it would happen sometime, but couldn’t or wouldn’t say when.

Even the Chinese ‘quarantine’ was not a quarantine. As Van-Tam then says, it was a request to self-isolate for 14 days – a request that was never policed, seemingly.

Van-Tam is also seen, about 13 seconds in, wiping his nose with the back of his finger – another contravention of guidance on behaviour during the pandemic. These are the people advising a nation that it’s safe for our kids to go back to school.

Just one more in the endless stream of delays and BS routinely offered to the public, at least in England. It might be funny if it were not costing countless lives.

(One point worth considering is what else is happening this evening that the government might want our attention distracting from..?)

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  1. think entire UK must have form of covid 19. No one appears able to smell bullshit!

    1. It stinks how effectively the pig farm MSM use of fear and emotion by-passes the critical faculties (of those who possess them)!

  2. I know that someone, in passing, mentioned this on here a couple of days ago, but it was ALWAYS highly unlikely that the EHRC were ever gonna conduct an investigation in to Islamophobia in the Tory Party, and they’re NOT:

    Islamophobic attitudes are structurally embedded within the Conservative Party membership on a scale that dwarfs Labour’s problem

    1. PS The point being that the EHRC are not remotely interested in ACTUAL racism, as in ‘letter-boxes’ or ‘bank-robbers’ etc!

      1. I’m sorry but I found the reference to letter boxes funny, as did a large number of muslim women…..except those who work @ the Guardian & the BBC. “actual racism”? … the eye of the beholder.

      2. I don’t believe you Steve. How on earth would you know that a large number of Muslim women found it funny (or ANY at all for that matter). You don’t of course, and it’s complete fabrication – ie you are lying through your nasty little teeth!. I didn’t realise you were an apologist for the fascist racists!

        And I suppose a large number of black people thought the ‘watermelon smiles’ and ‘piccaninnies’ stuff was totally hilarious. Yeah, sure they did!

        The only people who find such stuff amusing are racists, and they find it amusing PRECISELY because it IS racist.

  3. 30th Feb ROFLMAO !!! brilliant just effing brrrrrrrilliant , totally sums up this Govts complete and utter shit show shambles of a response to this entire effing debacle !
    It would be actually comical in the vein of Laurel and Hardy if it were not that 50,000 plus people have died cos of these imbeciles .
    Here’s thought maybe the new theme tune for the Tory party could be this

    rather than land of nohope and gory

  4. Van Tam and harries are definitely the weak links in spewing the governments shite. They contradict themselves in their next appearances at the lecterns.

    But they’re very closely followed by powis… Just listen to how many times he pauses for an ‘uh’ or ‘err’ in a sentence.

    We’re…err ..we have…uh..err ..seen a gradual…uh .decline in the uh… Government’s err transparency.’

    He’s shit scared of fluffing the lines he’s been given.

  5. I wonder if this gov’ts Deputy Chief Medical Officer eats his Brussel Sprouts?

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