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New theme for greater readability and visual impact allows featured posts and more responsive layout

Welcome to the new SKWAWKBOX site format, designed with enhanced readability and a more responsive layout in mind.

Hope you like it – or if not, at least quickly get used to it! – and find it easier to read and easier to find the information most of interest to you. There will be a few more tweaks over the next few days, so if you have any particular requests feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Not bad at all!

    Might confuse a few of the old duffers that frequent the place, but they’ll get used to it.

    Oh, and I’m not sure about the pink ‘analysis’ and ‘comment’ boxes – Unlike the current state of the party, they should be red.

  2. Skwawkbox Clean and Glorious
    in this ignominious Tory A & B period‼️‼️‼️

    COLLECTIVELY ➕ SUSTAINED determination
    we can beat the Tory B side bams. There are many of us and few of them. We WILL beat them‼️‼️‼️
    Then we CRUSH the Tory main side bims.
    It CAN be done. We can use our resources for that rather than coming to the match, to moan “they will beat us” “we will lose” “give up”. I say keep defeatist defeatism private. Why share that??? Constructive criticisms to win. BRILLIANT. Negative whining with nothing positive to suggest??? Keep it private. is for constructive collective POSITIVE aims. DETERMINED to WIN this battle. AHEAD of the curve with FORESIGHT 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Very nice layout.

    Now is the time for Tory Boris to do more than hide in a fridge or a ICU bed, but to call a snap early general election, for 100 per cent postal voting in summer. We’re not going out on holiday anywhere. Nobody would want British people with 2nd worst Covid19 death rate worldwide.

    Not to vote Labour (save for the man himself in Islington North) but to vote National Health Action party, made up of medical professionals running as MPs. Let us get the experts, not bumbling Tories and sycophant Labour to run the country during the pandemic this and next year, and the effects that will happen for years afterwards.

    NHA 2017 manifesto had not only fully public NHS pledges, but wider ranging domestic policies, not least ending sanctions and more humane benefit system, ban fracking, believed in climate change, ending HS2, end Tory trade union bill, real Living Wage. And much more.

    Jeremy Corbyn (and his around 35 socialist Labour MPs) could run on an Independent ticket of voting with the NHA government to save our lives.

    But we need to vote NHA party in all other Labour MP seats (the 1 in Scotland, the few in Wales, and all the rest in England).

    Will you spread the word about the National Health Action party?

  4. It looks as though Skwawkbox is deliberately shifting the emphasis from a blog site where readers can have a meaningful involvement, to one where it will look more like the multitudes of other ‘magazine’ type sites out there where readers comments become secondary.

    Will there be a ‘view comments’ section visible prior to commenting? and is this a prelude to accepting advertising?

    1. You should be able to see comments at any time, whether you comment or not.

  5. Its certainly different in style Steve and seems to work better in my browser , similar in style to the Canary and theirs has been working well.The comments section I wonder if its possible to shrink it a little to facilitate easier viewing of the thread up and down . I have tried reducing the browser size window but that makes the text hard to read .
    A minor point and it’s your blog mate but more important is the continued bringing of alt media news into the light of day , esp at the moment in Labour and the Leaked Report situation .

    Regarding advertising then so long as everyone who can afford to , pays up on using the site there will not be a need for it !

  6. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us lefties, the fight has become harder but we will never give in to dictatorship! Good luck for the future and will keep on sponsoring as long as you are publishing! I can only afford £5 a month as we are both pensioners with only state pensions but you are worth every penny!

  7. I preferred clicking once on the SB logo for a scrollable list of recent posts on a single page – and for a single click to go to the comments below any post.
    Single click on the back button to return to post list.
    This is a bit of a clickfest.
    I also used to be able to zoom in to 150% and read posts and comments comfortably by excluding the stuff at the sides of the page, but not now.
    All the old format lacked in my opinion was for comments to appear in strict order of time posted, and for comments to be searchable.
    That’s just this old duffer’s view though. I’ll try to stick with it until the stupidly scrolling semi-transparent multi-layers like in the really geek websites show up.
    I don’t like this but it’s still not as bad as Twitter or Facebook.

    Who decided books were boring and websites had to look like a pile of old christmas cards to be shuffled through?

    1. Single click on the comment bubble at the top of each post will take you straight to the comments section mate. I’m looking at the option of adding a comments link on the front page, too, but don’t know yet whether it will be possible

  8. Really good Steve a definite improvement as a web geek your search box should be in the top right corner of the header(this is a usability consideration)

    1. Thank you! But there *is* a search box top right? And also one in the sidebar and footer for maximum convenience.

  9. Reading if fine, those photos at the top are static, they look as though you can swipe across, as I can just see a little part of the graphic.
    Bit on the large side.

  10. I deleted all the posts before this by mistake as didnt have forewarning about the change. Not sure what I think of it yet. I must be one if the old codgers lol

  11. When I click on the blue headline and it changes to reader view, you have to click that off by clicking on hide reader view,I keep having to explain this to people who ask me how I share Skwawkbox posts on Twitter and Facebook? They tell me they haven’t been able to post them on Twitter because the reader view kept hiding the page where you can click on twitter or facebook
    Links?? God does that even make sense, I know what I mean… 😂😂

  12. Immediately below is “previous entry” (older) on the left and “next entry” (newer) on the right.
    At the top of the page newer posts are on the left, older on the right.
    Wouldn’t OLDER and NEWER be simpler?

  13. I’m afraid I don’t see the point of clickable pink category labels ANALYSIS / COMMENT / GUEST ARTICLE / EXCLUSIVE.
    Who wants to read only guest articles? Or only exclusives?
    Seems like a designer selling what’s easy to code for instead of what’s useful – something I saw far too much of in the motor trade.

    1. The categories are there for guidance, mate – one of IMPRESS’ and Newsguard’s requirements for news sites is to clearly differentiate between types of article.

      1. It was just the fact of them being clickable that seemed odd Steve – I clicked on ‘comment’ on the offchance it’d go direct to the comments – otherwise I left them alone.
        It’s stable again zoomed to 150% so I’m happy again 🙂
        With ‘comments’ balloons repeated on the front page post headers It’d be as usable as before.

  14. Changing “Sort By” from Relevance to Newest First initially extends the side bar and spaces out the two top posts evenly across the screen but keeps defaulting back to Relevance in Chrome with W7 x64.
    I guess it’s built for W10.

  15. I must be an old duffer so will persevere. When you log on the headlines shout at you (too much for me). The white on black can be toned down a bit? It’s all a bit too busy at the moment IMO but as I say will give it a few weeks to bed in.

  16. Using Firefox. Would expect the white on red captions “Analysis” & “Comments” on the photos to take the reader directly to those sections.

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