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Breaking: Burnham on leaked report: Labour right blocked my plans for public NHS/social care too

Former Shadow Health Secretary and Labour leadership candidate Burnham comments on revelations in leaked party report
Andy Burnham as Shadow Health Secretary

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham – formerly Shadow Health Secretary under Ed Miliband and runner-up in the 2015 leadership election – has commented publicly on revelations in a leaked Labour report that right-wing party staff opposed him as well as former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Burnham responded on Twitter when a correspondent pointed out that the report shows that right-wing party staffers thought Burnham was too left-wing:

Burnham said that he was unsurprised by the report’s revelations – and that he felt the McNicol-run ‘Party machine’ was against his plans to make the NHS a fully public service and to improve social care. He also felt discriminated against in the 2015 leader race.

Labour insiders told the SKWAWKBOX that the treatment Burnham received over his renationalisation plans was ‘bullying’ and that the right actively worked to block and undermine his plans.

The Labour right threw the kitchen sink at Jeremy Corbyn in their desperation to topple him – but the same Labour right was steadfastly opposed even to Ed Miliband and anyone in his team who wanted to change things for the people.

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  1. I don’t remember anyone shouting very loudly at the time.
    How will anything change unless we shout and keep shouting?

    1. Sorry, could have expressed myself better – By “we” I meant our high profile MP’s who’ll be heard when they shout.

  2. Surely it’s the end of the Labour Party? Sabotaged by it’s own senior staff. There is such a rush to get out I bet it takes them weeks to admit they’ve voluntarily more than halved membership. Who on earth would vote for such devious rats now? THE END.

  3. So glad I have left the LP. You can shout all you want, it’s controlled by the right. As it always has been!

  4. These fucking people are the people who we pay the wages of, to do the admin and organise events but not to control the whole fucking party. This is a nightmare. I joined the party like most in the party for a fairer and democratic future only to come up against some of the most arrogant and conceited people I’ve met anywhere all my life. They have kept controI of the party using corruption and betrayed not only members but the whole country.

  5. It is always interesting to see how it’s has came as such a shock to some that the party within a party, “ the moderates, the centrists “ Blairites, Progress, Labour First were all conspiring to undermine the democratic will of the vast majority of the members. From day one it has been as obvious as wart on the end of someone’s nose, eg the chicken coup, the fabricated AS smears, lies and witch hunts in cahoots with the Tories, MSM, State Broadcaster, the ruling classes willing to going to any lengths to slander and lie in order to strangle any challenge to their financial privileges. Yet, the very people who helped orchestrate these lower than a snakes belly’s shenanigans are now back in the bosom of the shadow cabinet led by a man who has been bought and paid for by the very people that had the most to lose if JC had won the GE. Hopefully, the members that voted for this charlatan will now start admitting they have been duped!

    1. I haven’t noticed anyone express shock.
      Most of us here are lifelong lefties and fully aware of the nature and methods of the Quislings helping the Tories to stay in power.
      What moves we can make to counter their overwhelming advantages is the question.
      They have a shared interest with the Tories, the super-rich, the MSM and every right wing government on the planet in preventing socialism gaining a foothold anywhere.
      We get it.

      1. Leave them to stew in their own juices. There’s nothing to salvage. We need a new Movement.

      2. Unfortunately David, there are some on here who voted for this charlatan despite he : participating in the Chicken coup, whilst head of the State prosecution service bullying the Swedish authorities to continue persecuting the political prisoner Julian Assange, being a member of an anti democratic right wing wing American billionaire funded international organisation, refusing to disclose who his secret financial backers and being one of the main architects to refuse to accept the democratic will of the people. He has a track record of refusing the democratic result.

  6. I really hope this is dealt with openly, if we don’t get justice we need to keep the pressure up until we do. This is what most of the membership have known for a long time, but we were ignored, we were bullied, we were called Trotsky entrist’s by Tom Watson in a Sunday newspaper, , Corbyn’s followers were referred to as ‘Corbyn’s factories of Hate’ as a headline in another Sunday Newspaper, we were anti Semitic. This is something I hope will be fully investigated with the membership being involved.

    1. I don’t think there will be any enquiry let alone backtracking by this unique collection of bastards. They set out to destroy the Party and I think they’ve succeeded. It’s OVER. CANCEL THE DD. Think about a real alternative.

  7. Above all, Emilie OldKnow must not replace Jennie Formby … even if she is married to Jon Ashworth. She was McNicol’s sidekick and if she becomes General Secretary, we might as well have stuck with McNicol. IIRC McNicol was foisted on to Ed Miliband against his will.

    Unfortunately, the NEC appoint the Gen.Sec and s/he appoints the staff. The recent loss of those NEC seats to the RW may be hugely significant to what Starmer is able to push through .. perhaps even changing the leadership electoral system from one man, one vote back to an electoral college.

  8. Looks like it’s working
    The left have the numbers within the party, so what’s the best way to get rid of them

  9. ‘Join the party and make your voice heard; change from within’

    I’ve been told that on here many many times (by a europhile who fails to see the glaring similarities between that statement the EU and the LP), seeing this vindicates my decision to withdraw any financial support through subscription.

    I seen what was happening back in ’94 with the removal of Clause IV, decided that was enough and got out then; obviously nothing’s changed, despite Corbyn increasing the membership.

    Now it appears they were opposed to moribund and his 2015 tory lite policies. Just HOW far to the right have they shifted?

    They make the lib dims look almost communist.

    Join them? I wouldn’t piss on them if they were allergic to piss. They’re not even getting my vote in future.

  10. Starmer’s agenda will propose a united right wing alliance with the Lib.Dems to form a united front to ‘Remain’ in the EU. What about ‘Proportional Representation’ as a sweetner? Watch this space!

    1. The Guardian will be swooning, especially when Chukka returns. They still recall the delights of the 1980’s drive against ‘militants’ and this time the fighting is already over. The right have been planning this for several years now. They’ve finally ‘got their Party back’ from the Loonies is how they’d put it.

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