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Fans Supporting Foodbanks sort 3D-printed PPE for desperate front-line. Calls for others with printers to help form ‘cottage industry’

West Derby Labour MP ‘swamped’ by calls from desperate NHS staff takes direct action to help front-line staff let down by government
Direct action: Labour’s new West Derby MP Ian Byrne

A Labour MP has responded to desperate cries for help from front-line staff endangered by the government’s failure to provide ‘PPE’ – personal protective equipment – to protect them from the coronavirus.

Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne says he has been ‘swamped’ by calls from desperate paramedics and hospital staff who have inadequate PPE to prevent them being infected by those they treat – with protective goggles and visors in especially short supply.

Byrne has teamed up with a local man who had started making protective visors on his home 3D printer and has agreed to start producing goggles as well for the desperate NHS staff.

The project is being part-funded by the Fans Supporting Foodbanks (FSF) charity that Byrne co-founded, with more funding expected from unions.

Byrne told the SKWAWKBOX:

A man over the water (on the Wirral peninsula across from Liverpool) who’s just been furloughed had started making visors and we’re sorting out designs for goggles. He’s only got one printer, but I’ve got other contacts who have similar kit so we’ll be setting up a little supply chain and ramping up as fast as we can.

Fans Supporting Foodbanks is putting some money into it and I’m talking to the unions about getting on board to help, but really we need a cottage industry of people with 3D printers, so if others with printers want to come forward that would be brilliant.

It’s like the ethos of Fans Supporting Foodbanks – we couldn’t rely on this government to feed our people and this is very much similar. The lack of PPE is a disgrace.

If you have, or have access to, a 3D printer and want to help in the effort to protect our front-line heroes – wherever your location – email or message FSF via its Facebook page.

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  1. Excellent example of “where there’ a will, there’s a way”. Where there is no will, there is spin, lies and pretence that there is no way. Then later, repeated claims that criticisms are based on hindsight. If they lack foresight, they could read everyday. Here they will get foresight, good sense, logic and science🌹🌹🌹

    1. Well said!, the silver in the cloud is that we have three socialist representing some Liverpool’s seats in Parliament.
      Corbyn was defeated at the ballot box because of the antics of the PLP, three of the worse and most notorious anti-Corbyn MPs were in Liverpool.
      Now we have true socialist, like Ian Dan and Kim representing the great city that is Liverpool.
      We need to remember that in 2019, no everything was a defeat. We have true socialists MPs seating on Labour back benches, that is our victory.

  2. Christ!

    It’s a shitshow, alright.

    An analogy for the NHS would be how government now gets it’s ideas from the bbc with it’s ‘shitbox’ effort.

    That is to say that for a subscription fee, you can now access all the shite the beeb have spewed out over the years, paid for by the Tv licence tax that you’d been paying all that time – Even though they’re still showing the same on terrestrial live tv and on the iplayer as part of your licence tax.

    Except what’s happening now is no new programmes are getting made, you have to make do with the old ones but they STILL take the money they expect off you from your licence fee (Tax)

    It seems these days if you want new programmes, you have to pay for their production yourself.

    So what’s the point of the bbc (Toerag govt)?

    1. An analogy for NHS FUNDING* would be how government now gets it’s ideas from the bbc with it’s ‘shitbox’ effort.


  3. Well done to Ian and all those who have /will help, but no thanks whatsoever to the twat in No10 .Johnson GB UK … a laughing stock of a rag bag Dads Army DIY sticking plaster and string country . All courtesy of the Tories , what have they, in 10 short years, managed to reduce this Nation to !
    All run on bullshit , lies spin , fortitude and being resolute !
    Never ever should the Tories be allowed to criticise that communist bad boy country China , who has just sent us in the UK 300 ventilators and never should we allow Johnson and his jingoism piss on Germany ( esp the Daily HAte ) as they have just donated 60 more to us as well.
    So lets see , UK don’t need the EU , Brexit , it can stand on it’s own , yeh like hell we can , or we perhaps could if the tories were annihilated .

    Meanwhile in Starmer lah lah land , not a peep about it , nada , nothing ….. tumble weed ……

  4. Thank you for this information. Our printer has been very busy and provided loads of PPE locally. The demand for it is desperately sad, so much so that the printer has been going through the night. Without this link though, we wouldn’t have known. Thank you Steve and Ian

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