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Video: BBC News says Scottish CV deaths higher than reported – but leaves out ONS saying Tories under-reporting by half

Health in Scotland is devolved to SNP

The BBC’s flagship 6pm news bulletin reported that the SNP government in Scotland has changed its coronavirus mortality figures because it was significantly under-reporting the real death toll.

But the channel made no mention of the fact that this week’s Office for National Statistics report showed the Conservative government under-reporting the UK-wide death toll – by more than half:

The ONS also reported that even deaths in hospital were being understated by almost 80% – 926 as of 27 March compared to a real toll of 1,649:

It’s hard to imagine what would persuade the BBC to report the SNP-run situation yet ignore the Tory-run one.

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  1. Off topic sorry but just seen that the Trump has already won the next USA election , well done the DNC , you , like our Labour party PLP, would prefer a racist liar as president than a decent socialist even a mild one in YOUR PARTY , to help the many and not the few ….
    USA screwed and hence so is the World !

    1. The fact that we pick such obviously incompetent bullshitters to lead us strongly suggests that avoiding idiocracy or extinction within a generation or two might be beyond us.
      The smartest of us are amazing but I couldn’t think of a thousand who’d deserve a place in the escape pod – and compared to those few the rest of us have hardly crawled out of the mud.

    2. if Biden wins, i would be amazed. like h clinton, biden is a dreadful candidate. the cultural problems i observe here are the same across the pond. do u remember when trump lambasted the democratic mayor of baltimore re rats running about? i have seen the rats with my own eyes in broad daylight!!! giant rats and giant cockroaches in new york ny are well known for over a generation at least. and i certainly used to see rats in london daylight during 2014 – 2018. Not sure why. but it symbolises to me the failure of the dnc and true labour to e concerned with basic issues.

      again, č close experience: i met a wonderfule bunch of young people who bought a completely derelict property in baltimore. there are many. quite frightening. iv not seen anything as disturbing here in the uk. the dynamic professionals, documented the transformation of the soul destroying place into a visible sign of revitalisation… urban regeneration, though with the ubiquitous gentrification. even so, the mayor or govenor or senator or whatever he was rsvp’d positive. did he turn up at the launch reception to show solidarity with the enterprising young people❓ u guessed right‼️ a big fat no. the youths seemed undeterred and much joy was had by all. truly uplifting for me to witness. but that was the lack of connection with tangible projects which have no traction with the dnc. were it a republican, republican, they would have been there in a flash!!!

      some of the you people made the effort and endured all that it took to be present at Obama’s inauguration… full of hope.

      hope❓ dashed‼️ yet they keep going. we must keep going. heard sander’s announcement. not my instinct. i say fight to the last breath. but there we go. how i remain optimistic remains a misterious miracle … even to me.😔😔😔

  2. Just look at all-cause mortality figures.

    Then compare with previous years to see any excess.

    It’s that simple, even if you have to wait a bit for the data to become available.

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