It’s time for the left to step up, not move out

Left members will need stand firm and organise to save the party from itself for the sake of the country

Labour members have already begun publishing their resignation letters on social media this morning, or otherwise announcing their intention to quit the party.

It is essential that the left stays in and fights. A remain-dominated Labour, with many of its front bench determined to pull back from real change, is going to make its attempt to win back leave seats that rejected it in December – and the nonsense that those voters rejected Labour’s policies and not its idiotic referendum pivot will be exposed.

Those who leave now are likely to find the doors walled up after them.

Stay in. Fight the government on its coronavirus shambles and be ready for when that crisis ends.

Organise better – simply being in the right morally and politically is not enough and never has been.

Remove and isolate those who divided the left for their own agenda and allowed the right its opportunity to do all the things it spent four years falsely complaining the left was doing to it.

Defend good MPs and councillors. Those who leave will have no say and no vote.

It will not be long before your voice and vote are needed again and the time to start preparing is now. The country needs you.

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  1. Labour is now potentially headed for the same oblivion as PASOK, the French Socialists and the German SDP. The big question might be: do I get into the lifeboat before the ship goes down or do I wait until the last moment and risk going down with the ship? Social Democracy is a busted flush and putting it on life-support is just delaying the inevitable.

    JC made one of the biggest mistakes of his term in office by advising people a couple of days ago to join Momentum. Momentum, McDonnell and other assorted Trots and reactionaries were major architects of his downfall.

    It’s clear that many comrades, some holding elected positions will need to stay in the Labour Party, but if resistance is confined to intra-party battles it will be futile: the broader coalition of socialists, within and without the party, needs to rethink its strategy and it won’t come down to a simple question of “should I stay or should I go?”

    Local politics, peoples’ assemblies, grassroots initiatives: all these will be defining factors in organising the fightback, because, as ever, the Tories/bourgeois are and will always be our main enemy.

    It’s early days and it’s not too late to see whether Starmer will really offer an olive branch to the left, but I’m not holding my breath. Forewarned is forearmed.

    1. labrebisgallois, DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH. PLEASE. We need you and all of us well oxygenated and alive!!! Very alive… BECAUSE, Our NHS is applauded by the sick Boris Johnson & his band of verminous hypocrites… callous negligent besuited bandits. Yet the same NHS is being RAPED to the tune of £££ THREE MILLION monthly‼️‼️‼️

      How so??? To PAY the ExCel centre’s owners for the Nightingale Hospital ie in this PANDEMIC, payment to a private FOREIGN OWNED company, to treat coronavirus patients. PAY to TREAT. The NHS used to have a vast property assets. Lots have been flogged of to land-banking and luxury flats.

      No surprise then that the Abu Dhabi owned company is raking in around £3 million a month to use the space. No calls by Hancock to them to cut their salaries. After all the 1% must be paid. Former Conservative defence secretary Lord King of Bridgwater is on the board as well as former Conservative minister Steven Norris.

      The verminous greed of Tories is without boundaries. Nothing of real value is safe from their grasping blue claws. No tragedies are too tragic for them. GREED, plunder and serving the infinite gluttony of the ONE PERCENT, no matter how low they sink, is Tory ideology. Expect nothing different from Kier Starmer’s band… the understudy Tory backside in waiting. Forewarned is forearmed indeed as you say.🌹🌹🌹

      1. NB despite this dire situation, i disagree ENTIRELY with the idea that we should leave. Think of it, with all the funds, infrastructure including the data of the party, why should we give all that up to the Tories with red rosettes❓❓❓ Think again, if that was a prudent decision, why did the dreadful pests like Starmer, Hodge, Straw, WMD Blair leave??? The attitude of leave and form some ideal new party, may seem a comfortable dream. That has been trued before. It is not easy work and the same problems could occur. That is the nature of the real world. Until we think, plan, and organise for the situation we face in REALITY… HERE and NOW, all the protests and ground up stuff is a diversion. QUESTIONS – Where is the grassroots in Johnson, Reece Mogg, Duncan Smith Michael Howard, WMD Blair, Starmer and Co❓❓❓ Yet over hundreds they have won elections fair or foul, by hook and by crook. How❓ Why❓

        Idealist intentions are fine … as just that ideals. The world, life and living was never ideal. It will NEVER be ideal. Until we learn that observable fact and WIN EVERY CORNER of our party, we will be nothing but self soothing protestors … and frustrated ones at that. ASK CHALLENGING QUESTIONS. Decades of CND yet we still have trident. The biggest anti war protests, yet WMD 45 minute Tory Blair STILL deem up munching on George Bush’s innards, invaded Iraq. Why❓ Because protesting is pathetic disguised as action. Protests scream, YOU POWERFUL, DO this and that!!! NO NO NO ‼️‼️‼️ WE MUST BE POWERFUL. WE must be organised and claim our EXISTING PARTY to DO OUR THIS & THAT.

        With understanding and love i say, to leave the party is NOT a strategy. It is yet another defeat and another folly. To betray the founders of the party by running away, is inexcusable. It suggests to me that those who run away have never considered that those who saw a need, founded and BUILT the party. It could not have been some easy nirvana that just floated down from the clouds. It would have taken many disagreements and less than ideal situations. We have a DUTY to stay and defend it.

        Questions: Why did the right wing not leave❓ Only those so dazzled by their own fantasies of their worth left and with TONS of funding, snd MSM help, THEY WERE DUMPED BY THE BRITISH PUBLIC.

        The other nasties realised that OUR PARTY was the vehicle to continue being the protectors and agents of the one percent. Those who respect the efforts of those who built our party to serve the people who keep our country moving,..must DO respect‼️ DO effective determination‼️ DO the basic down to earth fight for our party. It is worth fighting for. There is no merit, no respect, no virtue and no gain from gifting the right wing the space to occupy our party. And last question: Those who abandon our ship now, when they are most needed, tell me is it not likely that they will abandon their new shiny perfect one❓❓❓

        Just look at Chukka Ummuna & Luciana Berger & Anna Soubrey et al those ridiculous arrogant LIARS jumped ship three or four times in QUICK succession. HOW did that go. I remember the MSM saying that Ummuna the pullout merchant … actually the pulled out tool Ummuna, “looked prime ministerial” …” “looked lije a leader”. The shiny suited tool never convinced me. They never do. The shinier they are the shallower and more worthless their essence.

        If with many millions of £££ Ummuna, Berger, The Limp Dims Jo Swinson and the PEOPLE’s VOTE jokers led by Arstair Alistair Campbell Campbellend and Peter Mandelson the Mendacious č Tony Bliar behind the scenes… if their much vaunted ABILITY TO WIN, lost… LOST BIG TIME, despite many many MILLIONS, then it is clear that those who say they will leave our party are declaring defeat. True Labour cannot afford to be defeatist, silent, absent, diverted, indulge in self-righteous frustrated unrealistic expectations of human endeavours. We must fight INTELLIGENTLY for what others built for us. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. signpost has no problem whatsoever with pushing in at the top of the comments section in front of dozens and dozens of other posters, and has done so on numerous occasions. I mean if it was just a brief comment of two or three sentences that would be one thing, but it’s practically ALWAYS mammoth great long – usually rambling – posts.

        He obviously regards himself as very important, don’t you signpost?!

      3. Jeezus, Allan, anyone can comment anywhere the blog allows.
        It’s not your job to police the comments.
        And as for long, rambling posts… jeezus.

      4. Oh I see David, so criticising signpost for pushing in on dozens and dozens of occasions with his long rambling posts is policing the comments is it? Fuck off David you complete and utter phony piece of unowhat. No-one else does it, except the odd one or two on the rare occasion, and someone needs to tell signpost not to be so fucking rude and selfish. Jeeze man, you’re such a complete and utter phony, one of the all-day every-day im-posters, and always so quick off the mark!

        And it’s funny how neither you or any of the other im-posters on here never pull signpost up about all the negative shit he so often spouts about the Labour Party and his CLP etc. I mean WHO in the real world comes out with phrases like ‘jellied weakness’,

        But anyway, you im-posters have to stick up for each-other of course, and NEVER leave a critical comment of one of your own up for more than a few minutes without posting a comment to ‘denounce’ it, however fraudulent and spurious the denunciation may be! And THAT of course is why between you, you have to monitor the site 24/7.

      5. Allan, may I suggest you try scrolling past comments that look long, badly-written, emoji-infected and boring?
        I use my special “not reading that” ‘down’ key all the time.

        I stole it from Sean Lock, who said to Lee Mack “In our house, we call it ‘Not Watching That. about Mack’s show “Not Going Out.”

  2. Get real Sir,
    Labour is dead! The right has killed organise all you want. We tried that we had a leader that we left members believed in and the right screwed us over at every turn! Now they say let’s make friends again Sod that NEVER. I don’t forget or forgive scum like we now have in charge. Straight with an offer of help to idiot boy PM!! You see JC falling for that?

    My subs are cancelled and card cut up and sent back to them. The party number will implode sub 100,000 I bet!! We real Labour supporters had better off starting a party from scratch, no more big tent BS. Left-wing only or GTFO and rebuild let them have the husk as they will disappear as Tory lite cretins they are.

    Labour is unelectable with slick willy in charge. So explain why after years of fighting tooth and nail and just being frustrated and screwed over by the right-wing scum that is infesting the party at every level we should still fight some more what is the point? If we retained a left-wing leader, heck even a deputy maybe! There is no point and I see no point in wasting my efforts on a bunch of scum that hates us….

    1. disabledgrandad 04/04/2020 at 10:03 pm
      “The party number will implode sub 100,000 I bet!! .

      Then I would hazard a guess that you would lose your bet, 275,780 people voted for Starmer and that’s before you count the second preference votes. As for the rest of your comment well history would indicate that a Left ‘Unity’ MKII 😏 is extremely unlikely to be successful.

      1. Steve H…maybe you should join the TORY party and take the knight and all the trappings of the establishment with you,because Labour can only ever be under or Keir Starmer a pale shadow of the vision you clearly both support..A Class ridden neo liberal ideology .You know that this knight makes the Labour party a laughing stock and a bunch of corrupt hypocrites…!

      2. Again the Red Tory Steveh comes in with his disingenuous BS figures .

        DidNotVote: 293,420
        Starmer: 275,780

        NOTE for simpleton mind SteveH 293K is a bigger number than 275K and what’s more add in those who DIDN@T vote for Starmer 135K Bailey 79K Nandy
        and that = 214 plus didn’t vote at all 293+214 = 507K that didn’t vote for Starmer.

        It don’t matter how you lie about it red Tory boy SteveH , your place man does not have a mandate .
        You are no Socialist SteveH and have been imo deceitful all along in your stance and comments here on SB

      3. @Rob. I preferred the original post, but I digress.

        You’re talking to a man from the camp that couldn’t understand (or refused to…) that 52 is bigger than 48.

        Neither of you has any chance with a number in the hundreds of thousands…

        It’s best viewed as a taste of the future.

  3. The next important fight is to regain control of the NEC. No more divisions among the left, the votes are there, but we will only prevail if we remain united in a single slate and not allow the vanities of some individuals to divide us.
    Nav Mishra failed to be elected as BAME and so did the two other Momentum candidates. Although Lauren Townsend came close but, I believe it was because she was nominated by the CLPD too.
    CLPD, LRC, LLA, JVL and Momentum need to start talking straight away on presenting a single slate with a manifesto to pursue the Party internal democracy by advocating for open selections and to revamp the role of the NCC instead of allowing an “independent” complaint system lacking in transparency and natural justice.
    I would suggest a list with the 6 left (except Lasman) incumbents that are not suspended, plus Lauren Townsend, Jo Bird and Cecile Wright, Jon Lasman needs to stand down.

    1. Momentum needs to get rid of that Zionist twat Lansman before it starts talking to anyone else . To those who are members ( still ) of Momentum organise a vote of NC in him and move him out

      1. Excellent point. I was a member of Momentum, but left because that guy is an embarrassing liability.

  4. The left is apparently divided on everything from whose fault it is that Labour lost the general election to whose fault it is that Starmer won the leadership election to whether the remainers or the leavers are to blame for the leavers voting Tory to whether it’s a betrayal of Socialism to leave the Labour Party or whether it’s a betrayal of Socialism to continue support for a party that’s turned hard right.
    The stupidity of it all is beyond belief.
    I see no alternative to revolution. The “centre” are going to continue kidding themselves they’re on our side until we kick their doors down.

  5. Unfortunately, those who resign en masse from the party will play exactly into the hands of the right wing malcontents. That is the game plan. Remember, the gang of 4 Jenkins, Williams, Rodgers and Owen along with a large segment of the right wing broke away and within a number of years were in the political wilderness. The road to socialism will never be easy, and anyone who says otherwise is living in an unreality, to give up would be betraying all those who believe in a fairer more equal society. Let’s not forget that the right wing rag bag malcontents are in the minority within the party.

    1. brianbotou…..Right wing malcontents are in a minority.?And that is the question that will sink or swim The Labour party.I am still staggered and shocked at the number of members that would vote for a titled and privalaged establishment figure,now leader of the Labour party.Maybe we have just been subjected to a dose of reality of just what the majority of the brits prefare.Toryism and establisment pomp with a titled aristocracy and monarchy.Arise Sir keir Starmer your subjects await you in a sinking ship.

      1. Well, the vast majority of the Labour Party voted for a left wing mildly socialist leader twice. They supported him through thick and thin whilst the PLP, mostly Blairite central listed clones, did not along with a small fraction of the party. Moreover, who did the knight of the realm oppose him. None of them were a match for him. Those that would have stood well against him chose not to, therefore, many members believed he was the best of a mediocre bunch. I did not vote for him. However, the party is not one man on an island. Even during the darkest days of NL the socialists kept fighting. Our time will come !

    2. Your reminder of the ‘Gang of Four’ is timely.

      That mirror image is what awaits anyone who dreams of an independent party of the left : oblivion. If anyone can’t see the writing on the wall after the last year, culminating in the Tories’ game plan that can be seen in it’s latest Covid-19 manifestation, a visit to the opticians might be an idea.

      The problems with much of the self-identifying ‘left’ are numerous – starting with its lack of coherence, the substitution of sloganising (bawling ‘Centrists! Tories! Blairites!’ whenever a dissenting button is pushed) for real politics – and the willingness of certain factions to ‘Do a Kevin’ (stamp the foot, walk out yelling and slam the door – just to enjoy the rectitude of getting pissed on in the rain) rather than dig in. It’s ‘The Life of Brian’ – and that’s why the right win.

      Meanwhile, of course, the Tories walk away with the loot – not giving a toss about background noise of self-righteous and self-destructive whining fuelled by a total lack of reflection and organisational competence.

      The last election wasn’t about any single issue. It was about making it easy for simple, lying messages from a massively controlled propaganda machine walk all over a Party that substituted a welter of manifesto ideas (generally really good ones) for effective communication – and that was afraid of its own shadow when it came to countering blatant lies. It also decided oppose its own members rather than the nonsense of the key Tory policy until it was too late. Result : ill-informed voters backed the real deal when considering the Lexiteer’s wet dream.

      Timing played a major part in engineering the Tory success – it was obvious that the election was lost at the start of the campaign. But there might have been a better fight.

      So – we have this situation where, at the end of all this incompetence, the dominance of the unholy alliance of the *real* right and the Israel lobby is further entrenched by the routing of any credible left agenda.

      It’s a longer road than it might have been.

      1. RH
        Tories are no longer even a shell of a ‘One Nation’ party
        One million have signed up for UC, the financial pandemic has been a long time coming
        The emergency measures are the very least required
        Rather than spitting the dummy out by far too many on here, just do the maths
        This is a good article, now is the time to get real, the left has the numbers to control the party
        Socialism is our herd immunity, just as the other isms are about to be wiped out
        Stop being our own worst enemy

      2. Of the 59 seats that the Tories won in the 2019 GE, 55 were Labour seats. From 2001 -2015 these seats had been steadily haemorrhaging support. In fact from 2001- 2015 Labour lost 5,000,000 votes, 143 seats( 90 in 2010 alone), Scotland and many former rock solid Labour
        seats such as those above became marginals.

        Of all the Social Democratic parties in Western Europe the democratic socialist Labour Party was one of the few to buck the trend. Just to remind you, in the 2017 GE it won nearly 13,000,000 votes and 30 seats ( the first time in nearly 20 years Labour had won any seats) and the 55seats mentioned above substantially increased their majorities.

        What was the difference between 2017 and 2019 which caused Labour to lose these seats. Well, in an April 2019 YouGov poll it showed that Labour would handsomely win a GE. What changed well one of the primary reasons was Labour had stopped listening to the working class, it had stopped following democracy, it allowed people like Starmer plus Thornberry to force a rejection of the democratic result and some of the senior leaders such as Mc Donnell to delude themselves into believing that “ unity” was the only game in town.

        Naturally, the voters in the 55 seats felt betrayed again, just as Tony Blair had betrayed them and now Labour would betray them. When Labour stopped listening to their core supporters, as New Labour did, the game was up. Until, Labour regains that trust, which it had begun to win back, it will continue to piss in the wind. And Starmer doesn’t inspire trust when he refuses to name all of his financial backers plus his disgraceful interference whilst DPP over the political prisoner Julian Assange.

    3. May I take issue with the assertion that the ‘right wing’ are in the minority in the Labour Party? Blairites remain in key positions of power & have done throughout Jeremy’s leadership. There has been an opportunity during the past four years to rectify that situation, but the ‘left’ was unable to do so. The Parliamentary Labour Party is a prime example of how right wing the Labour Party is. Jeremy Corbyn was threatened with being knifed, was sworn at & called a racist anti-Semite as his ‘close friend’ was thrown under a bus. “Things can only get bitter”.

      1. Steve Richard’s
        Still dont understand what powers Blair had to parachute in his Cockwombles, which is a 20 year legacy crime
        What changed that stopped us imposing candidates

  6. The new leader and deputy leader are quite a pair to say the least. I doubt if they care about winning back the leave voters . New Labour 2 . That’s not my party and I will cry if I want to.

  7. Yet more infighting, same old, same old. Tired of it. Labour spend more time bickering internally, then they do on trying to bring the Tories to task.
    People want leadership, something they can relate to.

    1. Bickering is a by product of any democratic internal membership.

      What people want is a PLP that supports the democratically elected leader, that wants to be in government, that wants to represent their members.

      People also want fairness, democracy, and a freedom from bullying. People want a media that reports impartially, that reports policies fairly and accurately.

      We HAD a leader that people would follow. Sadly, we have a rigged system that would NEVER allow him into Downing Street, as Mrs Mayhem once announced from the despatch box.

  8. Too late. It’s over, no point fighting for a lost cause. The Left will regroup somewhere else.

  9. If the left stay in Labour the PLP will say “See? I told you they’ve got nowhere else to go. They’ll keep on paying their subs. So what if we’re in opposition – still getting 70k a year, aren’t we?”
    I’ll pay my subs again when their Quisling heads are rotting on pikes along the Thames.

    1. @DMcN So what if we’re in opposition – still getting 70k a year, aren’t we?”

      EXACTLY , I feel that will be the RW PLP MPs de-facto position , thay WANT to stay in opposition as MPs its a soft touch for those Centrist trash careerist MP’s .
      They will happily take the Left wing punters money and still have their snouts in the trough sucking up the income , but having no responsibility of power , which would make life hard for them .

  10. I say wait a while. There is loss everywhere at the moment, every part of our lives is disrupted and we are really hurting. If Starmer is as bad as we feel he may be, then that maybe the time to start a Socialist party. New parties in other countries have had meteoric rises.

    1. I say don’t wait. Opportunities for radical change come only rarely but they come precisely when people have been really hurting, as they were following WWII.
      The NHS couldn’t have been created before the war – I suspect ditching neoliberalism will require a very angry mob indeed.

      1. We have enough MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group to mount a challenge once Starmer/Rayners lose grounds on all the elections due next year.
        I for once see loses in the Wales and Scottish parliamentary elections. Loses galore in the Local Elections in the North and Midlands and I will not be surprise if Sadiq gets the marching orders in London.
        So please do wait, we will need every vote to win if the Socialist Campaign Group challenges Starmer next year. In the meantime, this summer we need to regain control of the NEC. Please stay a bit longer, don’t give up.

      2. zubiak – Really? ? ?
        If you really can muster the support of 20% of the PLP then how come you never managed to get your act together to challenge Tom Watson.

      3. Agreed David, and the Mob aren’t angry yet. But just wait until their house value plummets and they have no money left because all their kids are out of work and have no money.

        The shit hasn’t hit the fan yet, but it will before very long. Unless the Govt comes up with a UB Income for all then the economy will be in meltdown. Rocky times ahead for the politicians.

        I bet Corbyn’s relieved he can go and talk to his marrows instead of the PLP.

    2. Yes I agree re the other countries Socialists parties rise but not with the waiting , strike while the iron is hot as the saying goes .
      There will be 100, 000 of good socialists members now looking elsewhere for hope , there is NONE in Starmers Party , that should be crystal clear after the last 4 yrs of his and his buddies guerilla actions against Corbyn and us .
      And before steveH or RH start with the oblivion crap , one word FARAGE .
      Yep that tail really did wag the dog and his party came from NOWHERE

      1. rob
        You walk in the house and someone is sleeping in your bed
        You leave the house
        I dont fucking think so

      2. DOug

        It wasn’t my house I walked into to start with ,that’s been made very clear over the last 4 yrs , so I’ll find the right house for me elsewhere

  11. Skwawky “A remain-dominated Labour,”

    Isn’t it about time you stopped your silly games, trying to split the left? It’s a right dominated Party not a Remain dominated Party. I might remind you Skwawky, there are many on the left including those such as Ken Loach who supported Remain. Just like Farage, you are a Brexit fanatic and nothing is more important to you.

    1. Well said Jack T. The antagonism is left versus right, not remain versus leave.

      But, as a (wrong type of) Jew and an avowed pro-EUer, I am deeply distressed that the two projects used to damage Jeremy and his Project by the vile rw in Labour were brexit and unfounded and wrong accusations of ‘antisemitism’, more accurately criticism of pro-Palestinian rights (which is very definitely NOT anti-Semitism).

    2. ” you are a Brexit fanatic and nothing is more important to you.”

      Lol. So says a resident remainiac

      1. Maria, please be sensible, I am not the one who is trying to divide the Party into Leave and Remain, as Qwertboi said, it’s between left and right and Skwawky is constantly trying to portray Remainers as being on the right. If that were the case, 80% of members would be right wing!

      2. Oh, Jack T please go away and don’t waste your time or effort appealing to me “to be sensible” when I recall the last few years of remain campaigning and the Gov and Brexit it was instrumental in enabling.

      3. Maria, and your 1.05 comment was anything but sensible.

        Copying SB by trying to divide members into Leave and Remain rather than Left and Right is not bright. But do you know why SB does it? It’s because he knows that there are many members on the left who supported Remain. In fact he also knows that it was the majority of the Party members but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

      4. You soon revert to type Jack T with insults,assumption and fantasy. Now I copy people… that’s new but just an expansion of the thick and stupid insult that is remainiacs hallmark.

        Now you want LP to come together under the leadership of a chief remainiac…
        I don’t trust any one of you any more than I could throw you.

        Too much water under the bridge in my opinion apart from the ‘broad church’ having little hope of honest and genuine unity.

      5. Maria, you appear to be a little confused, attributing to me figments of your imagination. Where on earth did you get the impression I want anyone to come together under Starmer? By the way, you seem a little obsessed with that ‘remainiac’ word.

        How about joining our ‘resistance’ group, I can assure you that Chris Williamson is certainly not a remainiac, oops, I copied you 🙂

    3. Everyone on the front bench will be a remainer, most of them involved with the disastrous push to back a referendum. Going to the leave towns we lost with that pitch will be a non-starter. Left-right on that is incidental – and as Qwertboi noted, remain was an issue used by the right to bring down the party, regardless of the views of the members

      1. Same old same old fixation with backing a fatuous *Tory* policy. The impotent left continues digging its grave.

      2. RH, it seems you see the Tories as being behind everything you don’t agree with… personally I don’t give them that credit. They are a bunch of opportunists like most LP MPs and much of the modern political class.

      3. SB – “Everyone on the front bench will be a remainer,”

        As we’ve already left the EU I fail to see the relevance

        Does anybody care apart from an unrepresentative faction.

        Instead of pissing about constantly resurrecting old battles to pander to the factional minority who for some weird reason continue to obsess about Brexit it is time to move on and work together to win in 4 years time. Divided parties seldom win elections.

      4. SteveH, 1:42
        “… it is time to move on and work together to win in 4 years time. Divided parties seldom win elections.”

        We’d be working to win on at best a wishy-washy ‘centrist’ manifesto – no earthly use to the many who desperately need real redistribution of wealth.
        One more time – if we don’t stop the 1% soon we’ll be their serfs.

      5. David – Keir has repeatedly pledged to carry through many of Jeremy’s policies and a substantial proportion of the party (including JC supporters) obviously trust him to fulfil his promises.
        By all means maintain a watchful eye (you won’t be the only one) but I see nothing to gain and everything to loose if you and like minded individuals work to thwart him before he’s even started. Please accept the democratic decision of the party’s membership and get behind our newly elected leader to work with the rest of us for a Labour victory at the next GE.

      6. Centrists and Remianers are living in Jurassic Park, they are so 2019
        A blind man with a shitty stick can see it’s going to be a fucking kamikaze mission
        Which means we are are in a holding pattern and should be concentrating on WHO is the chosen one to lead party next year
        Keir has a choice, is he his own man and owes fuck all to anybody, that’s what defines great leaders

      7. Doug – “Keir has a choice, is he his own man and owes fuck all to anybody, that’s what defines great leaders”

        Something we can agree on.

      8. Notice ITS keir now from SH. Give the establishment titled crook his real name Sir keir Starmer.the man to go to for bent cops,His past and his title will haunt him and the Labour party membership that voted for him…

    4. Now now, jack. I seem to remember you saying the same thing about ‘splitting the left’ when slimeball starmer was colluding and scheming with fatberg watson behind Corbyns back .

      In fact YOU made that very first comment…

      Care to remind just why the party’s split right now?

      Because of Corbyn, is it? Nope.

      I think you’ll find it’s thanks to your hated zionist LFI membership, no doubt the overwhelming majority of whom – if not ALL – backed starmer to oust Corbyn, even at the expense of Government.

      But it was everyone else, especially those who respected the referendum result, ‘sewing division’ , wasn’t it?


  12. Blair said the left have no where to go but in the end the only place New Labour went was into the political dustbin of history. Socialism will win but not by running away in the belief of starting a new party . Just look at all the splinter socialist parties scattered about the U.K.

    1. If a new party of the left is to succeed,the Labour party will have to be pulled down first.I will leave it to others to decide whether that is a risk worth taking.Personally,if automatic re-selection isn’t adopted at the next conference,then I would argue it is time to get on with it.

      1. My view also and I’ll wait till that Conf to see what’s decided , it wil lbe fuckin tough going to take the shit from the Centrists bast’d and their cheer leaders like SteveH , tho TBH I think hell will freeze over before we get re-selection from this bunch of self service PLPs

  13. With Blair 2.0 as the new leader i’m feeling very low at the moment. Does the Labour party serve any purpose? I’m not convinced that it does.

    1. The majority of the membership are supporting our decisively elected new leadership and moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose.
      Instead of wallowing in your own perceived negativity you are more than welcome to join us for the ride to victory. What have you got to loose.

      1. SteveH, what’s the USP of our “decisively elected new leadership” – because there’ll need to be some point of divergence from the Tories in four years and I don’t see one.
        100% Tory vs. 95% Tory is no choice at all.
        “Ride to victory” ffs. I’m holding up my hand – how many fingers do you see?
        How many unicorns?

      2. David – What was Jeremy’s USP?

        Keir has repeatedly and very publically pledged to carry through most of JC’s policies so there are substantial differences between Tory and Labour policies. Please respect the democratic decision of the party’s membership. Trying to undermine our newly elected leader before he’s even started would make you no better than ‘the usual suspects’.

      3. – Keir has repeatedly and very publically pledged to carry through most of JC’s policies –

        I think you’re being somewhat naive, SteveH, since politicians say lots of things in public to get people on-side and then either claim later that things have changed, do the complete opposite, or just bury them without so much as a by-your-leave.

        Surely you remember Cameron insisting there would be no top down reorganisation of the NHS and then did just that. Or how about Blair’s 1997 pre-election promise not to introduce tuition fees before doing exactly that a year later?

        Just 2 examples but there are hundreds of others. It’s all about integrity, which imo Jeremy Corbyn has in spades but not so Keir Starmer.

        You only have to look at some of the actions/inactions he took as DPP – Julian Assange in particular comes to mind – or his unwillingness to divulge his funding sources during the leadership campaign.

        All too often personal ambition gets in the way of a person’s integrity, especially amongst politicians. It’s been obvious for quite some time that Starmer’s been someone focused on the upward trajectory, again unlike Corbyn who clearly never had the same burning ambition.

        Time will tell, of course but don’t be surprised if many, if not most, of those pledges go out the window when it comes to cementing his place at the top.

        He’s already indicated a purge of members who don’t toe the line while welcoming back those who stirred up the shit, so perhaps enjoy the honeymoon period because, as Irving Berlin wrote:

        “There may be trouble ahead…”

      4. PW
        We are the party of Gene Kelly
        Our next leader Lana Turner Milady de Winter
        Chancellor James Cagney, great dancer

        Campaign song
        Mr Bojangles
        Sammy Davis
        Greatest quote
        ‘Not bad for a one eyed black jew’

      5. Let’s see if the majority of the electorate (Y’know, those with the opinions that DO actually matter) support YOUR new leadership.

        ‘Moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose’

        ‘Joining us on our ride to victory’

        Jesus! Talk about Private Eye’s ‘Order of the Brown Nose’. Stick to bullshitting on blogs (Not this one) because even starmer’s sycophantic spinmeisters aren’t as fawningly vomit-inducing as that tripe you’ve written.

      6. FFS Steveh get off that fuckin WHACKY BACKIE ,, ride to victory and decisively elected leader , LMFAO …. more like ride to nowhere and divisively elected .
        You sound more and more desperate by each post you make .
        Your true colours are now very clear , all that shit and lies in the past posts about wanting a Corbyn Govt , being a socialist.
        , etc etc , a PACK OF LIES , you’re nothing other than a Libtard at best and red tory more like .. cvvt

      7. That is a disgusting show of sycophancy even by your deplorably low standards SteveH.

    2. SteveH, don’t you dare accuse me of undermining Labour – Corbyn, everyone who supported Corbyn, everyone who desperately needs redistribution and socialism itself – WE are the undermined here.
      Is redistribution of wealth anywhere near the top of Starmer’s list of pledges?
      I wouldn’t even waste my time looking – the fact he’s a Labour MP and undermined the only socialist leader of the last two generations proves what he is.
      He doesn’t mean his rehearsed bullshit. He’s one of Blair’s children and Thatcher’s grandchildren.
      The principles he claims are for electoral advantage only.
      Even the Tories claim to have every citizen’s interests close to their hearts. You believe them too?

  14. No. When Chris Williamson was crucified it was the first nail. The election of a man who fawns when the Jewish Board of Deputies issues ultimatums is the second, and for me the last. The Labour party pre-Corbyn did not represent me. Neither does this one. I am not a poor sentimental soul attached to the word ‘Labour’ come what may. It’s back to the future, and a waste of breath.

  15. Remain in the Party, don’t make me laugh.

    Anyone deemed a threat to the Party because they actually are Socialist could not get in – I’m one of them and was refused Membership twice – they were happy when I supported Blair though.

    Further, many Trade’s Unionist who pay a political Levy did not get a vote, again, I pay a Levy and the levy vote is not contingent on actual membership.

    And, lets not forget the 10s of 1000s already booted out since August 2015 and those hounded out with vile, fake AS allegations.

    Labour ain’t a Socialist Party and its now returned to its post 1994 neoliberal roots.

    And this at a time neoliberalism is imploding.

    Well done all who voted Starmer, you have committed electoral suicide and demonstrated zero political nuance – may have well just elected a tie, which effectively is what has happened.

    After a lifetime of voting Labour its game over, the Rightists have won, so, time to move on as this is one abusive relationship I want nothing to do with.

  16. I have already quit. There is another party who have similar views to Corbyn, which is growing all the time. It was Sir Starmer who insisted on another referendum which cost Labour the election, and I will be damned if I want anything to do with him!

    1. It was the membership that insisted on a second vote to allow the country to confirm (or not) a Labour negotiated exit deal.

      Prevarication and piss poor communication is what cost Labour the election that they shouldn’t have agreed to till Brexit was settled.

      1. SteveH, agree with the above except in large part with “what cost Labour the election.” The right wing of the party, the BBC and possibly electoral fraud were the biggest factors – mostly the right wingers.
        United behind Corbyn we’d have walked it.
        Agreeing to the election was a risk but it wasn’t known the postal vote had been rigged, or certain that the right wing really would be so vile as to throw the election – and turning down an election when the people badly needed a Labour government was hard to justify.
        Yes, piss poor communication was a factor from UKIP’s inception – we should have explained WHY populism isn’t the answer to anything, even neoliberalism.

      2. Hilary Clinton coined the terms ‘I miss-spoke’ & the Deplorables’ & now there is a clearly identifiable class of people in America who have long been ignored & left behind by the Neo-Liberal establishment, with no-one to represent their interests..

        Blair claims the class war is over, but the ‘Deplorables’ in GB gave the ‘system’ the 2 finger salute & will continue to do so unless the Labour Party remembers its roots & whose interests it was set up to serve.

        Starmer will take the Labour Party closer to Lib.Dem. territory & I will observe closely, if & when Luciana & Chukka return. For the Labour Party……..”the class war is over”. .

      3. ”Prevarication and piss poor communication is what cost Labour the election that they shouldn’t have agreed to till Brexit was settled.”

        Let’s just dissect this for what it is, shall we?


        Nope. Was none UNTIL slime colluded with fatberg to go behind Corbyn’s back. Up until then the POLICY was to respect the referendum result.

        ‘Piss poor communication’

        Perhaps. Perhaps because twats like yourself and your precious and infallible 70% or whatever decided they were gonna give the electorate at large a massive ‘fuck you’ by undemocratically browbeating it into policy, despite warnings from each & every direction about what would the result of doing so would be.

        ’till brexit was settled’

        Just WHO was it point-blank refused to stop their fucking godawful whining, foot-stamping tantrums over the referendum result?

        It weren’t the 52%…It weren’t labour voters that voted leave in ’16 & labour in ’17 when the promise to respect the referendum still had some traction.

        But they sure as hell were driven to desert labour in droves last December.

        And now your man slimeball’s the top dog, I very much doubt many will return.

  17. Starmers Supporters –

    George Osborne (yes, Cameron’s former chancellor, Tory) campaigns for Starmer to win the LP leadership election and gives him his seal of approval. –

    John Wight
    2 Apr
    Thatcher once said that New Labour was among her greatest political achievements. Keir Starmer is among George’s Osborne’s. #LabourLeadershipElection
    Quote Tweet
    George Osborne
    · 1 Apr
    Our editorial ⁦ @EveningStandard today endorses Keir Starmer⁩ – as well as tests and ventilators, Britain needs another weapon in the Covid fight: an effective opposition. Starmer is the only one who can provide it.

    And arse hole Lord Adonis had this to say three days before the announcement of the LP leader election result (in anticipation of a Starmer victory) –

    John Wight
    1 Apr
    Never forget that in 2017 Corbyn would’ve been prime minister if not for the Blairite Israel lobby treachery of Adonis and his acolytes within the PLP. And that as a result the NHS would’ve been properly funded and resourced and better placed to deal with #coronavirus now.
    Quote Tweet
    Andrew Adonis
    · 1 Apr
    In three days time Britain gets a functioning Opposition

    1. Given the alternatives on offer weren’t they all simply stating the bloody obvious.

    1. Joseph – Or we could try a novel alternative and ditch the ridiculously infantile factionalism and unify behind our newly elected leader.

      1. Joseph, Steve has a point. Ditching the ridiculously infantile factionalism seems the least we can do.
        After all, everyone on the right rallied around Jeremy Corbyn for the good of the party when he was elected didn’t they?

        How could any Corbyn supporter be in the same room with these useless, Tory-enabling Quisling bitches without strangling every last fucking one of them?

      2. David – Perhaps these Corbyn supporters (a substantial proportion voted for KS) would be well advised to take their lead from Jeremy Corbyn who seemed to have no problems with trusting Keir Starmer.

      3. Did they or didn’t they give Jeremy the support you now want to give them – and if not, why would you forgive that so readily?
        Corbyn may have trusted Starmer as you claim – but I seriously doubt it.
        Alone and surrounded by Quislings JC was obliged to go along with the pantomime that the PLP were all working hard for a Labour win – but we all know better, don’t we?
        And we always knew it – it just wasn’t politic to make an issue of it.
        You think JC was any more fooled than we were by the lying, mealy-mouthed shitheads?

      4. David – I guess that’s why JC appointed Keir to his shadow cabinet, twice.😕

      5. SteveH, yes, shadcab twice but you’d agree that JC’s choices were extremely limited by an antagonistic PLP – and everything he did was jumped on six ways from Sunday by the MSM.
        Nobody’s ever been attacked like that before.

  18. ‘I will tear out this poison by its roots’: New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says SORRY to Jews for ‘stain’ of anti-Semitism in the party in final swipe at Jeremy Corbyn as he wins leadership vote with 56.2 per cent landslide over rivals

    NB I think I’m right in saying that Starmer largely kept out of the ‘anti-semitism’ smear campaign during the past four-and-a-half years. Until NOW that is, more-or-less IMMEDIATELY after being elected leader. And I have a feeling it was all planned that way!

    1. At the end of an article which is much the same as the Daily Mail article, in a Sun Says on Sunday piece it says the following:

      SIR Keir Starmer kicked off his tenure as Labour leader yesterday with an apology for the “stain” of anti-Semitism that dogged the party under Jeremy Corbyn, and a vow to “tear out this poison by the roots”.

      They are fine words, and we hope he backs them up with action.

      But where was this fire and determination during the past few years, during which he maintained a servile diplomacy on the party’s anti-Semitism crisis?

      The moneybags QC’s reluctance to stand up for Britain’s Jews until he had his hand on the tiller does not reflect well on him.

      They should not forget that.

      So the Sun is evidently sticking with Boris ‘letterbox’ Johnson!

      1. And in an article in the Express quoting Starmer re ‘Tearing this poison out by its roots’, they rewrite the ‘history’ of the anti-semitism falsehood with the following:

        Anti-Semitism has evolved into a key issue for the Labour Party over the past decade

        Oh right, so it didn’t kick off more-or-less the moment Jeremy was elected leader! Well you see it had been going on for some years prior to that, but it was only in the years AFTER Jeremy was elected leader that some upstanding citizens spent hundreds of hours looking through social media from those years and unearthing all this anti-semitic stuff.

        Hmm, funny how they didn’t think to look PRIOR to Jeremy being elected leader!

      2. Sorry, but if you were trying to make some point I didn’t get it, so could you elaborate NV.

      3. I don’t know what point NVLA was making but here’s a possible explanation for a member of a Jewish family avoiding the appearance of going against the community… many religions use ‘shunning’ as a form of social control and I believe Judaism is among those that do.
        Zealots of other religions have stoned apostates to death within living memory.
        Religion is a power thing rather than a god thing for some of its leaderships. The BoD would appear to fit comfortably into that category.

      1. Dave, if you are with the smearers and saboteurs, as Starmer obviously IS, and has been all along, then he was more than happy to sign up to the BoDs ten demands, and so he was NOT appeasing them. It’s one thing agreeing to something because you are blackmailed into doing so, and entirely another thing if you welcome such ‘proposals’ whole-heartedly..I mean if Tom Watson had been a leadership candidate and signed up to them, he wouldn’t be doing so to appease the BoD would he, and neither was Starmer.

  19. Ironic that a man called Keir could effectively start a civil war in the Labour Party in just a few hours time

  20. Mr McNiven, I intended to leave a comment but you have written it for me,thank you.

  21. @Sbox ” A remain-dominated Labour, with many of its front bench determined to pull back from real change, is going to make its attempt to win back leave seats that rejected it in December –”

    REALLY !!! well fuckin good luck to them with that then , I hope they loose their deposits such will be the rejection by working class ex Labour voters of the Centrist do nothing Starmer Party.
    The Labour Heartlands HATE Blair and his Centrist wanna beees .
    It will take at least the next 3 election defeats before the RW grip on Labour is sufficiently weakened again for perhaps a true Socialists with plenty of backbone to stand up to the Zionist Israeli Lobby , to take back control of the party .
    Tho I hope by then we will have a made a new Democratic Socialist party that makes a Centrist Starmer party irrelevant

  22. I tried to forewarn you all…

    Here’s another forewarning. It’s going to get worse.

    Galloway’s party is picking up members well over the last 24 hours (a sign of the changes to come?). Personally, I’d rather a fresh start.

    A proper grass root movement can be done. (As shown by momentum)

    Stay safe all.

    1. ‘Galloway’s party is picking up members well over the last 24 hours’

      How do you know this? Where did you hear it?

      1. Perhaps you could go and ask George , send him an email and ask the question

      2. And why would I do that Rob, and why would you even think to suggest it given that I was asking Never voting etc.

        Will be interesting to see if he responds, as I have a feeling that he won’t.

      3. The biggest reason I don’t respond here is that my posts disappear with alarming regularity.

        Twitter is the answer. Social media. Just like members here are mentioning Left Unity. The evidence is out there.

      4. looks like he’s called your bluff Alan , and I ask because if there is a leftwing party that is taking off then I’ll join it , or are you happy in Stamers barmy party

      5. Fuck off Rob! If you don’t mind.

        Funny how you decided to inject yourself into my dialogue with NV. Couldn’t be because I put him in a tricky spot, and so you came to his ‘rescue’! Until he thought up a way out of it!

        And I have a feeling I won’t be getting any links!

        Rob has of course seen the comments that I posted earlier regarding Keir Starmer, and yet he disingenuously asks ‘or are you happy in Starmer’s barmy party?’ Don’t be a whatsit all your life Rob. Jeeze, you’re so goddamn transparent, it’s farcical! Not to mention totally pathetic.

        PS And I assume you won’t be posting on here any more once you’ve joined this other party!

      6. Whenever I post a link, the post doesn’t appear. My browser tells me that I cannot copy/paste the same message after posting, yet it never appears.

        Maybe you could try searching the workers party UK on twitter, instead of relying on me to do things you’re capable of.

        Unless you’re too busy moderating the thread elsewhere?

      7. …PS And I assume you won’t be posting on here any more once you’ve joined this other party!…

        Being a public forum, anyone can post here, for whatever reason.

        Even you…

  23. I agree with the original blog post and I am staying put. I did not agree with direction that Blair took the party but it was not as bad as what the Tories have done for the past few terms. This virus is being used by the Tories to hide their real policies. Jeremy will retire at some point and we need to support those who will follow in his footsteps.

    What is the Tories unpublished social care policy? The answer is unfolding in front of your eyes.

    It is worth reiterating that the key workers are the low paid workers.

    1. I did not agree with direction that Blair took the party but it was not as bad as what the Tories have done for the past few terms.

      Of course it wasn’t…bliarism is only slightly to the left of toeragism.

      The tory ‘wets’ under thatcher were further to the left than bliarites ffs.

    2. So happy with the illegal Iraq war then Heart12 … still lets settle for another dose of that shall we , when would could’ve had wine and roses .

      1. In fact I have not supported the policies in the Middle East for a considerable number of years. I also do not support trident. However, when the party decided to back trident neither Jeremy nor I left the party.

        Disagreement to any policy has to be communicated effectively and if done well sometimes change can happen. For example there have been many consultations in respect of the reconfiguration of hospital services (which effectively means possible closure of other services). It takes time to respond to consultations (for which you will not be paid) through official channels especially as the questions are often misleading, material is not always published alongside or constantly moved to new locations. I have had to write to NHS England because a strongly disagree box was missing from a consultation reply which would have had a major effect on the result. On another just a handful of charities, medical professionals and just four (yes just 4) members of the public had responded to one consultation I replied to. Point is I am not going away (unless in a coffin). Whether I am a lonely figure or one of a few I will stand up and set out my reasoned opinion whether it is to by NHS England, the Conservative government or the Labour leadership. If we work together more we can achieve more.

  24. I and many others left the party in the 90’s for all the usual reasons as some have outlined above. However, my mistake was to cede ground to the RW ers and as a consequence we had all of the party structures re arranged by them to suit their limited ideas. This was in part the reason we struggled with process so much with JC as leader and so many PLP members feeling it was THEIR RIGHT to tell the membership what to do.
    I , and others cannot afford to make the same mistake again for future socialists. I am staying put and going to continue to fight for open selection amongst other issues.

    Mr Starmer is already seeing what the right is about they have already started posting their “demands” online and I am sure elsewhere. He has spent his entire career climbing to the top of his department and then five years ago decided to move into politics and has now got to the top of our party. From where I am looking he is good at that sort of politics, not so hot at the real stuff for the wider community. Ceding to BoD, and then Watson over BREXIT, and all this after following the crowd to resign in the Chicken Coup.

    For me he has a very short leash, we will see when I think it needs a damn good yank backwards!!

    1. Yes Dave and imo on the end of the short leash doing the pulling is his unknown and undeclared financiers

  25. Meanwhile, the government is pursuing a social policy related to Covid-19 that in large part goes against the grain of what is known about the spread and ultimate elimination of viruses.

    It has several advantages for the Tories :

    (a) It makes them look as if they are acing tough and ‘doing something’.
    (b) They will never get blamed for the consequences of over-reacting..
    (c) It is a test-bed for control mechanisms.
    (d) A fearful public is a compliant public in political terms (see polling)

    (Of course it’s hard to distinguish intent from incompetence – but note the sudden ideological conversion that has evidently taken place – when it suits)

    Currently ‘Toughy’ Hancock is threatening to stop all outdoor exercise – precisely the opposite of sane science.

    There was a lot of blather about ‘herd immunity’ when Mr Toad – who is noted for his strict adherence to the truth – uttered the words.

    However, the basic undistorted fact is that natural herd immunity is the *only* general protection available, since a vaccine will not be ready within a workable time-frame. ‘Herd immunity’ is what effectively eliminates viruses, with or without the aid of a vaccine.

    So the question is ‘What is the best way of creating herd immunity’?

    Given the validity of (i) protecting vulnerable groups by justifiable isolation, (ii) lessening the peak load on the health services and (iii) instilling hygiene measures and rational physical distancing. there is strong evidence that the current extreme policies are actually counter-productive in being likely to extend the outbreak of this particular virus before a natural level of immunity is achieved.

    Result : More rather than fewer deaths.over a longer time period.

    It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy at the point where a second wave happens just as measures are relaxed – because the immunity (and elimination of the virus has not occurred).

    In this context, I guess I can’t get too worked up about Starmer at this present moment, because one thing’s for sure – he isn’t going to question the government on these basic scientific issues and press, for instance, for the re-opening of schools.

  26. Keir Starmer is allegedly keen on Proportional Representation, this opens the door providing it does not go down to the same route as previous attempt.
    Stay and reform outside the main table will not get change.

  27. There will be multiple waves, as per the Imperial College,’s original study, the collateral damage results in less deaths(regardless of whether with or from) and was projected up to Nov 2021. The NHS will not be therefore be overwhelmed by the shear numbers/demand ,which is where we are now, as a result of the unregulated implementation of a herd immunity policy.
    It was not risk assessed and there appears to be no application of to the Precautionary principle.

    1. What contextual data are you referring to that presently indicates a profile that is entirely different, quantitatively and qualitatively, than any other virus?

      Note that Imperial College has massively revised its original predictions as better data and analysis has emerged..

      ‘Herd immunity’ – a term that has been blown up as a policy issue is just a fact. You need it to dispose of any virus. The questions at the moment are about the fact that policy – beyond the common-sense measures of protecting the vulnerable groups and sensible distancing and hygiene may actually be working against its achievement.

  28. Has anyone read their history books?…Have you forgotten the struggle to form the Labour Party?..
    Just support the elected leader..Do you really think we’ll win a GE with all this back stabbing…Get on with it and forget this me,me, me…

    1. You’re asking people that were stabbed in the back to support the ‘me, me, me backstabbers’?

      Very strange request, that.

    2. You’d do VERY WELL Pat to address those sentiments to the RightWing Bast’ds in the PLP , more so why would we want a Starmer Party in power when ALREADY we can see he is a sycophant to Johnson’s murderous Govt

  29. Thinking about it, there is one thing Starmer could do to make me rejoin Labour.
    Not the only thing he needs to do, just the first – a gesture really – but it would convince me he plans to move in the right (ie the left) direction. SCOTCH THE ANTISEMITISM LIES.
    In his place I’d DEMAND the EHRC publish its findings in full TODAY.
    I’d be there with news cameras banging my fists on their desks.
    The EHRC has clearly been deliberately dragging its feet to avoid humiliating the BoD and Labour’s other accusers with the truth.
    Shout it from the rooftops and don’t fucking whimper, ROAR.
    The proof of our innocence is out there.

    1. You have a touching faith in the honesty and integrity of EHRC,not one a share I have to say.

      1. If “touching faith” is what you took from my excoriation of the EHRC you must be an idiot, a charlatan or still drunk from Saturday night.

        The reason I’d demand it publish now is that any evidence it might have will be seen for what it is – insignificant in scale, mostly false and in no way indicating a significant, much less an institutional problem.
        And then I’d demand it explain its reasons for dragging its feet – because there is no reason that could possibly justify it.
        Then I’d demand the resignations of Isaac and Hildenrath, an investigation into the EHRC itself, its possible subornation by “the lobby” and the prosecutions of any of our accusers found to have laid false information.
        “Touching faith?” Where?

    2. Yes, but he’s not going to, and as you probably know, one of the first things he said after being elected leader is that he ‘will tear out this poison by its roots’.

      What he is saying in effect is that he is completely devoid of integrity, the very opposite of Jeremy Corbyn.

      As for the EHRC, I have no faith in them whatsoever. I mean just the fact that they are happy to investigate something they undoubtedly know has been trumped up on the one hand, and have in effect refused to investigate Islamophobia in the Tory Party – as the Muslim Council of Britain urged them to do almost a year ago – on the other, says it all.

      And they did so again exactly a month ago:

      PS I can’t recall how long it was between the time a complaint about the LP was lodged with the EHRC and when they announced they were opening a formal investigation into the LP, but I’m pretty damn sure it was no-where near a year, and was more like half that time.

      1. A useful reference, Allan – but absolutely no essential difference between the appalling creepy style of Starmer and Long-Bailey.

        As some say ‘Not in my name’ when they try to co-opt the Labour Party to the BoD Tory schtick.

    3. Well, we’re in agreement on this one. I’m not sure that Corbyn was ever in a position where he could do so, and he wasn’t helped with a cluster of wallies who didn’t help him, but instead looked at their feet and uttered empty nothings whenever approached by the Thought Police.

      But I can’t believe that Starmer, with a legal background, is – whatever else – dim-witted enough not to be able to be able to evaluate the sham nature of the evidence in this sorry tale of political subversion.

      .. so it’s a case of growing a pair, encouraged by honesty and reality.

      1. “so it’s a case of growing a pair, encouraged by honesty and reality”

        NONE of which Starmer has vis a vie his immediate capitulation to the BOD 10 demands .
        I think the description of him as a quiffed slab of tofu , just about sums him up , bland do nothing Starmer and his barmy Party careering along to irrelevance and defeat .

        It would be an interesting exercise to contemplate the success or other wise if Corbyn and his loyal band of MPs ( counted on one hand ) were to breakaway and start a sub grp in Labour , rather like the Right Wing Progress grp , home for the Tories hiding in Labour .
        I’d stay and join that and from there build a movement that could undermine the Rwgrs and Starmer to oust them in short order .

      2. Of course it’s not a case of ‘growing a pair’……… Starmer is a fellow saboteur, only they kept him in the background in respect of the A/S smear campaign until AFTER he was elected leader.

      3. Starmer did NOT capitulate, and was more than happy to sign up to the BoDs ten demands.

      4. … as did all three. Starmer was no exception.

        See “Why I didn’t vote in the leadership contest”

      5. “Of course it’s not a case of ‘growing a pair’………”

        Well … that was just shorthand for the strong possibility that the motivation may be quite simple – namely that Starmer, like RBL and Nandy and …. (you name them) are actually just shit scared of the BoD/JLM nexus. I see nothing to distinguish between the motivations of the three of them. Which is the main problem – not ‘left’ or ‘right’ (or righteous) – just plain self-serving gutlessness and lack of moral compass.

  30. UBI
    Will take us economically back to the Stone Age
    Let’s start at the top, will queenie get it or jug ears
    £1200 month is the minimum wage and the least an individual needs to survive, do the maths
    Next time anyone mentions UBI please have the decency to tell us how much it will cost
    Forgot to mention Opportunity Cost, which is the argument against compensating all Waspi women (Theresa May would receive £30,000)
    £50 billion which could be spent on better things for those most in need
    You can compensate those who have suffered badly, but government is about making the hard choices
    Labour is about levelling up from the bottom, creating a clear path out of poverty and celebrating those who make it
    I care not a jot about those who dont need government help, that’s the cheap and nasty Tory party
    Its playing out in spades again, Socialism for billionaires, to big to fail, my arse

    1. >>£1200 month is the minimum wage and the least an individual needs to survive, do the maths

      OK I will a disabled man on near maximum benefits and a partner is expected to live on £860 so please false me to live on a decent amount of money. The people who complain about UBI never ever talk about benefits and how we are expected to live on a fraction of the so call Minimum wage. Pity there is no such thing if your disabled!

      So when disabled people are respected again I might listen but I see no interest in New Labour 2 as normal. The great leader who still hasten published who paid for him to get elected, I am asked to respect Nope.

      1. disabledgrandad
        Agree, benefits are not even remotely adequate, my argument is we can afford to uprate benefits
        We cannot afford to pay everyone a UBI, would rather see money ho to those who need it

  31. Lavery, Gardiner and Trickett gone.

    Who want to bet little laughing Jess Phillips makes it to the shadow cabinet?

    And how many of you can stay for another body blow afterwards?

    1. Nvla, when Tories red & blue suffered “body blows”, did they leave? May, Cameron, Hague, Major, Brown, WMD Liar Blair, Straw, Blunkett the ID card fanatic who had shares in a genetic ID firm… he tried to pass them on to one of his children if i remember correctly…. did they leave??? No they remain and infest and fight. We must learn from them … the staying and fighting bit then fill the space with good stuff. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. May. Still in the game. Considerably richer after her spell as PM.
      Cameron. Bought a van for his garden, talks lots for (lots of) money.
      Hague. Where is he?!?!
      Major. I’ll give you that one.
      Brown. Gibbers about world government. Bailed out the banks, shafted us.
      Bliar. Enough said.
      Straw. His enabler (or one of them)
      Blunkett. Not only visually impaired.

      All this lot teaches me is that nice people come last. Often stone dead. We can call Major the exception that proves the rule (skipping over how as PM he wasn’t a millionaire. He was within six months of leaving #10 though).

      What hope is copying this lot?

  32. Doug – “Labour is about levelling up from the bottom, creating a clear path out of poverty and celebrating those who make it.”
    Wrong. That sentence is about the fabled, discredited Tory/Blairite chant “Equal Opportunity!”
    In other words, “You all had the same opportunity as me but you didn’t get rich and I did. Tough shit.”

    Socialism is about equality of outcome not opportunity.

    I’ve been lucky. There are many people on the planet less lucky.
    Intellect is accident of birth – the luck of the draw.
    Success in a capitalist society depends partly on such accident of birth, whether by genetic or financial inheritance, but also on luck in the wider sense.
    Most successful people claim it’s hard work, but luck plays a huge part.
    Capitalism and neoliberalism being the natural enemies of socialism it’s obvious that, while we should utilise and honour the intellect, innovation, invention, administrative competence, artistic and sporting excellence of the more gifted among us with rewards …
    … those rewards should fall some way short of the 99% of the best of the planet those lucky people currently enjoy and demand – at the cost of our labour, our poverty and our oppression.

    1. REJOICE!!! Joy as radiant as the GLORIOUS sunshine today!!! Those who disagree on some things can agree in spirit and each letter on key fundamentals. signpostnotwindchimes agrees fully with McNiven above!!! Great day😀😀😀

    2. David
      At the moment the safety net is gone and people are dying, dont give a fuck what ism floats your boat

    3. David
      To be fair, I take it for granted that you never forget where you come from
      Those who turn their backs on there communities are called Conservatives

  33. I’ve just written out my departure note to my CLP in it I noted ‘I am and always will be Socialist in outlook and Labour is far more the party of Blair & Kinnock than Benn & Corbyn.Personally I think Chris Williamsons new movement offers far better prospects than New Labour v2.0 enjoy your neliberal democracy*

    I use this definition
    “That is neoliberal democracy in a nutshell: trivial debate over minor issues by parties that basically pursue the same pro-business policies regardless of formal differences and campaign debate. Democracy is permissible as long as the control of business is off-limits to popular deliberation or change; i.e. so long as it isn’t democracy.” 
    ― Noam Chomsky, Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order

    1. There’s not much wrong with Momentum that dumping Lansman wouldn’t fix.

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