Shocking video makes mockery of lock-down – while Tories chastise workers for using tube, Heathrow is a free-for-all

24 hours after ‘lock-down’, Heathrow has no measures in place – and arriving travellers are free, unchecked, to travel around capital and country

A day after Boris Johnson’s announcement of new restrictions on the movement of the public on Monday, shocking footage captured at Heathrow airport made a mockery of the Tories’ handling of the coronavirus crisis yet again.

Johnson, Hancock and other ministers have criticised ordinary people for crowding into the underground and onto trains – a bottleneck situation that the government has created by cutting train services and closing stations, leaving those who have to travel for work no choice but to pack together.

Yet last night in Heathrow, in a video tweeted by a London campaign to get people out of cars and off public transport, thousands of travellers are shown milling about with no checks, no controls, no social distancing:

And incoming travellers continue to arrive even from coronavirus hotspots in Italy, Spain and Iran – with the same lack of checks, allowing them to get straight onto the tube or into taxis for their onward travel around London and the rest of the country.

As so often, the Tories are attempting to create the illusion of action while shifting blame and in reality doing nothing about huge problems – and they are putting the people of this country under enormous stress while undermining their solidarity and forbearance.

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  1. Why is Covid 19 virus in London so far advanced, relative to the rest of the country? Perhaps New York can tell us; underground still running (restricted service) & airports still in operation, unchecked. Going to hell in a handcart………or perhaps a train or a plane? Keep washing your hands Boris.
    Spike necessary in London first to protect NHS?

  2. It’s all about herd immunity. Johnson’s reluctance and delay regarding restrictions were all about allowing the infection to spread. Now that he’s been forced to u-turn on that, having bought time for his plan by appearing to dither, the last thing he would want is for potential incoming ‘spreaders’ to be checked and prevented from doing just that. Johnson may be many things but he isn’t stupid. He is aware that people coming from abroad, especially from places like Italy and Spain should be subject to procedures when entering this country, IF he wishes to limit the spread of the virus. ALL the evidence is that he does not.

    1. “but he isn’t stupid” – err, yes he is.
      He’s a vapid little bimbo.
      Fired by the Times for making shit up, proven incompetent many times over at the Foreign Office.

      Cummings makes the decisions and he’s pure evil – a twisted little fuck inside Johnson’s head driving him like the tiny little alien in Men in Black.
      Johnson’s just a shell – without Cummings he’d be wearing a nappy.

  3. Exactly. Johnson’s phrases have been repeated over and over eg “slow the curve”, “put arms around” the people etc but every single action or neglect of action CLEARLY does the EXACT opposite. Eg this “free for all” at Heathrow throughout the time from the outbreak in Wuhan to today. Stop the spread … slow the curve etc yet hundreds of flights until today, with MANY THOUSANDS of passengers to and fro the worlds two busiest international air hubs, Dubai Int and Heathrow… WITHOUT SCREENING‼️

    While China and South Korea have succeeded in rigorous testing, screening, and isolation, Johnson and the Tories have said things but done NOTHING or the very OPPOSITE, of what they claim. Only when exposed they have pretended to act eg re construction sites operating with no fit for purpose regimes to prevent infection spreading between workers then to their families. … and throughout all of the country. Since Boris Johnson had the opportunity to observe China, S Korea, Italy, and Spain since January alerts and warnings, he is totally responsible for making this pandemic bring the UK to a standstill. It us his party that saw it fit to strip our NHS of resources, enable unscrupulous greedy capitalist to exploit the country’s resources and people. In exchange for millions of bungs to the Tory Party at black & white tie dinners, while some were chest deep in flooding, … in exchange for £millions Johnson guaranteed them the freedom to strip workers of even more protection and care. Now they are worried about providing for families, so they pack tubes and buses to toil for little money. The ravaging of Covid-19 is the ravaging of Boris Johnson & his Tories on the workers of our country.
    Only a TRUE Labour Party with a leader like Richard Burgon could turn things around. We need to keep the likes of Arsetair Campbellend & W.M.D Liar Tony Blair OUT‼️ Chris Williamson and George Galloway need apologies and a welcome back in. Ken Loach would be a super in a dynamic role of putting our message out clearly. We need people who will take no prisoners. Appease no liars. Demand clear substantiated evidence for accusations. Sue any vexatious accusers for everything they ever had and will ever have. Expel all their enablers. Any who feel there is another way, should present and explain their view.
    A lack of courage and determined focus, are bad habits. We can change those habits. Lets replace them with new bold positive focused operations. It has been done before. It can be done now. 🌹➕🌹➕🌹 ➕ …

  4. Ahhh all going to plan Dominic ?? , making sure we can get this spread thro society and they can “take in on the chin” , just like you told me to say , such a good one liner , by Jove jolly good what , now of to spaff with me new girlfriend , just don’t tell Carrie

  5. Just seeing the following –

    Some would have seen similar points boldly and clearly posted here on several days ago. On , our foresight and courage to think independently and post in ADVANCE of the herd is what the likes of the guardian can only dream of. With all their funds and access to the puppeteers of the Status Quo, the guardian and other MSM are way way waaay behind the curve. These are not times for hindsight. These never were. The guardian and BBC trumpeted and pumped up the empty jumped up WMD Tony Blair’s & Gordon Brown’s PFI and Blair and Campbellend’s invasion of Iraq. They condemned the George Galloway and Jeremy. Jeremy abd George had foresight. They were right then. They are right now. The guardian, BBC and other MSM, were wrong then and late now.
    We must think and express ourselves with clarity and courage. We will never be as late and as wrong as the guardian & other MSM. Be bold, expose the charlatans‼️‼️‼️

    1. We need a few high profile news readers and editors of the toilet papers to pop their clogs and a few mps(either party will do)and then watch the tap being turned on instead of deliberate mass murder of the population…And before anyone says disgusting,watch your elderly relatives and loved ones treated like cattle and dumped like rubbish in mass graves.ITs all entirely possible and it could have so much better,but for the media and the blatent lies we were exposed to even by our own PLP….!We should and could have saved thousands if we had won in 2017and it could have been so very different but for the intervention of the governance and the PLP in destroying our chances.And look at the dogs dinner we are asked to vote for?

  6. The “Let’s Get Walking” campaign is a nonsense – while we’re out walking wide pavements get narrow, traffic lights don’t just hold up cars at junctions they hold up pedestrians too, we turn a corner 2 metres apart and people walking towards us are 2 metres apart and suddenly we’re all only 1 metre apart and closing – bottlenecks of all kinds happen all the time and people bunch up.
    “Let’s Get Walking” sounds all green and fluffy and lovely and in normal circumstances it is – but it’s bollocks in this situation.
    We’ve seen on TV 2 metres not even being maintained on open grassland in parks for fuck’s sake.
    The ONLY safe way to travel is alone in your own vehicle with the doors locked and the windows closed.
    Pretending that 2 metres is a safe distance is also bollocks – it’s just a wild guess based on what feels comfortable – no scientific basis whatever.
    It makes me mad that everyone’s so easily bamboozled.

    1. “The ONLY safe way to travel is alone in your own vehicle with the doors locked and the windows closed.”

      I do take your point David but if you don’t have a car, which I don’t as I don’t drive, then there isn’t any choice when I need to get to the shops for supplies, which are about a half-mile or so into town from where I live,

      Fortunately there is a route to get to the supermarket that by-passes the main High Street and only has 1 pedestrian crossing.

      While I keep those trips to the minimum I possibly can, I have stopped going for the 5 mile walk I usually take most days along the river tow- path.

      1. Needs must, PW, and we all have to walk sometimes – but the ‘Let’s Get Walking’ people are trying to make a hobby and a virtue of it, apparently blind to potential dangers at this time.
        Some people are actually bad at walking, particularly on Saturday mornings when everyone on the planet of a certain gender suddenly needs new frocks and shoes.
        Oblivious to everyone around them, they stop or change direction unpredictably, without checking whether anyone will trip over them – as single-minded and blinkered as a toddler spying sweeties.
        For years I’ve shopped in the middle of the night whenever possible specifically to avoid them.
        Shelf fillers block aisles with cages and leave trash around everywhere but it doesn’t matter because they’re predictable.
        They’re fully aware of their surroundings and they’re doing what I do – getting the job done as quickly and economically as possible.

      2. – Oblivious to everyone around them, they stop or change direction unpredictably, without checking whether anyone will trip over them –

        Indeed, how true that is. Or they stop right in the middle of the doorway!

        Like you, I always try and shop when it’s the least busy, early morning in my case as we don’t have any 24hr shops handy; always work out what I want beforehand and get round and out as quickly as possible.

        The other thing that really gets my goat is people using their phones while they’re at the shop counter (at least you can usually avoid them with the self check-outs in most supermarkets), or getting on the bus, as if the whole world has to stop just for their convenience.

  7. It’s all bollocks anyway. I’m gettin quite pissed off with the incompetence of those meant to be in control, but more so with these scholars & academics being asked for their viewpoints on TV.

    Every last bastard one of them begin each and every bleedin’ sentence with: ‘So…’

    It’s as though they’re lowering themselves by trying to put the answer the simplest terms possible (for them) because they think us great unwashed might not get the message. As if everything they say is far too complicated for someone without their qualification to comprehend.

    I wish they’d just stop ffs. People aren’t stupid. These people are meant to be educated but they come across as feckin automatons with a recurring glitch.

    They’ll be saying ‘So… thank you’ at the end of the interviews next.

    1. Yeah, it’s a seriously annoying affectation – a claim to expertise – to membership of an academic clique – a signal to “listen up, Plebs, pearls are about to be imparted.”

      It can be corrected but you’ve got to be quick with the slap – it has to come instantly every time the word leaves their mouths or they won’t associate one with the other and the training won’t stick.

  8. Hypocritical callous bastards!! Thanks a million you shits who voted them in in December!!

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