Tories vote down motions to thank flood workers, prevent flooding – and to stop the poor dying younger

Another day of Tory shame that exposes sham of claim to be the party of working people – or even their own ‘heartlands’

Yesterday was a day of shame and disgrace for the jeering Tories almost on a par with their decision in 2018 to deny free school meals to a million poor children, as Boris Johnson and his heartless party defeated two parliamentary motions that any right-thinking person would support in a heartbeat. Both were reported by the House of Commons social media feed.

The first was a motion to thank emergency workers and others who helped to respond to the recent devastating floods across the nation – and to learn lessons to reduce such disasters in future.

The Tories voted it down by 328 votes to 227. Those against were 321 Tories and 7 DUP:

The second was a motion to investigate why UK life expectancy has stopped rising – and is now falling for many of the poorest people in this country. 311 of Boris Johnson’s bandits voted against that, along with eight DUP MPS:

The scandalous display made an utter mockery of the Tories’ shameless claim to be the real party of working people – but it was also a slap in the face even for many of their own heartlands – though ‘heart’ is scarcely the right word when it comes to Tories – many of which were among the hardest-hit areas in the recent floods.

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  1. And they shriek they’re the victims when a labour MP gets killed for being inclusive.

    God stiffen each & every last one of them.

  2. This is just the beginning within the next few years the U.K. will become more authoritarian, more dysfunctional and poorer except of course for the hedge funds, billionaires ( both foreign and domestic) and the mysterious supporters of Sir Keir Starmer with his Trilateral connections. Let’s hope that all the people in the 55 former Labour seats reflect on what they have done, just like the “ moderates, centrists “ and Blairites who conspired with the ruling class to ensure a Labour defeat although it would require a conscience for the malcontents in the Labour Party to see the error of their ways. In their philosophy principles and integrity doesn’t line their pockets as Kinnock, Blair and Milburn know very well!

    1. Just a bit of additional fact in the rhetoric : it was the Lexiteers who loudly backed Tory policy and Tory rhetoric.about the inviolability of the Brexit non-result. This was contrary to Party policy and the wishes of the large majority of members.

      Just saying … because that was as stupid as the earlier behaviour of the PLP.

      1. Yeah, ok Mr Sagacious.

        Another fact into the rhetoric: YOU got a Labour MP elected in YOUR constituency, so you’re absolved and free to spout your utter bullshit about how right slimeball starmer was to undemocratically bulldoze through a 2nd ref/remain option as policy despite being warned repeatedly of the consequences.

        But, just like the toerags, you’ll blame anyone & everyone but yerself.

        The election defeat’s YOUR bastard. Own it.

  3. I find opposition motions purely to point out government failures less than thrilling when there’s no possibility of government MP’s rebelling.
    Has to be done, I suppose, so that the government can’t claim ‘no opposition’.
    I’d have preferred motions of more urgent relevance to people outside parliament though.
    Perhaps motions on providing fuller public information on COVID-19 preparations, projected effects on the economy, constraints on lenders and landlords in terms of unavoidable debt, resilience of food & medicine supplies, funeral costs… but then I know or care nothing about the niceties of parliamentary etiquette.

  4. The usual trick with these things is to include a section in the motion that the government can’t possibly support, but for sympathetic media to not talk about that section when reporting. It’s what Plaid do on a boringly regular basis in the Welsh Assembly. Are Labour MPs playing the same dirty tricks here?

  5. I stole this from @RagingLibNana on Twitter because it deserves to be more widely read, and because Johnson too deserves her scorn.

    In my life, I have watched John Kennedy talk on television about missiles in Cuba. I saw Lyndon Johnson look Richard Russell squarely in the eye and say, “And we shall overcome.” I saw Richard Nixon resign and Gerald Ford tell the Congress that our long national nightmare was over. I saw Jimmy Carter talk about malaise and Ronald Reagan talk about a shining city on a hill. I saw George H.W. Bush deliver the eulogy for the Soviet bloc, and Bill Clinton comfort the survivors of Timothy McVeigh’s madness in Oklahoma City. I saw George W. Bush struggle to make sense of it all on September 11, 2001, and I saw Barack Obama sing ‘Amazing Grace’ in the wounded sanctuary of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

    And comes now this hopeless, vicious buffoon, and the audience of equally hopeless and vicious buffoons who laughed and cheered when he made sport of a woman whose lasting memory of the trauma she suffered is the laughter of the perpetrators. Now he comes, a man swathed in scandal, with no interest beyond what he can put in his pocket and what he can put over on a universe of suckers, and he does something like this while occupying an office that we gave him, and while endowed with a public trust that he dishonors every day he wakes up in the White House.

    The scion of a multigenerational criminal enterprise, the parameters of which we are only now beginning to comprehend. A vessel for all the worst elements of the American condition. And a cheap, soulless bully besides. We never had such a cheap counterfeit of a president as currently occupies the office. We never have had a president so completely deserving of scorn and yet so small in the office that it almost seems a waste of time and energy to summon up the required contempt.

    These were the presidents of my lifetime. These were not perfect men.
    They were not perfect presidents, god knows. Not one of them was that.
    But they approached the job, and they took to the podium, with all the gravitas they could muster as appropriate to the job. They tried, at least, to reach for something in the presidency that was beyond their grasp as ordinary human beings. They were not all ennobled by the attempt, but they tried nonetheless.

    Hope you liked it as much as I did.

  6. BBC just said BloJob is still bleating about a bridge to Ireland – but his aides say that by ‘bridge’ he means ‘tunnel’.
    Quick Google of ferry sailings to Ireland and to France… 62 crossings on 10 routes to France PER DAY, and that’s in addition to an existing tunnel carrying another 60,000 people PER DAY.
    26 crossings PER WEEK to Ireland makes around 24,000 people PER WEEK.
    That means the trade to France is at least 25 TIMES the trade to Ireland and the stupid bugger wants to build a multi-billion pound tunnel.
    If he starts it hopefully some future government will see it’s a white elephant and cancel it before too much money’s wasted.

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