As MSM launch another attack on The Canary, here’s the response media probably won’t publish in full

Story has been regurgitated for last four years – and now being treated as ‘news’ again

The so-called ‘mainstream’ media are today launching yet another attack on the ‘new left media’, in the form of a regurgitated attack on The Canary that has been in circulation for the last four years.

The ‘hook’ for the latest attack is an a site’s decision to blacklist the news site, presumably in response to lobbying by an unaccountable campaign site.

The Canary’s Jewish co-founder Nancy Mendoza has issued a statement on the renewed assault. As none of the media outlets are likely to include it in full, here it is:

As a Jewish co-founder of The Canary, I find the continued recycling of this smear campaign both personally offensive and transparently cynical.

One key goal of our anti-racism work is to show that people can change their minds. Steve Topple did exactly that. He made antisemitic comments before learning more and apologising at length. Critically, Steve’s views are forever changed and he remains committed to fighting racism of any kind.

The facts were the same when the likes of Riley and Oberman promoted this long-dead story in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and today. That both continue to target a left-wing media outlet co-founded by Jewish people, and led by an LGBT woman of colour I believe speaks more to their values than ours.

The fact this witch hunt has been forced to regurgitate the same long-settled story repeatedly is further evidence of its baselessness. We are proud that through our journalism, we tackle racism, bullying and all forms of bigotry on a daily basis – rather than simply weaponising it for political ends.

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  1. That’s the MSM for you. Boringly consistent.
    I have to say it’s hard to sympathise with the Canary, which was launched amid so much optimism, but has adopted a tabloid and clickbait approach to journalism worry of the worst of the right wing media, just with a left twist.
    I find it pretty much unreadable.

      1. So according to heenan, the following is just left-wing black propaganda lies. I would suggest that it’s Heenan who’s disseminating the black propaganda lies. And it ain’t left-wing!

        One of Boris Johnson’s key donors is under fire for being ‘complicit in potential war crimes’

        PS The above comment – ie ‘malcolm colemann’ was posted by me.

      2. I’m afraid I can’t give examples as I stopped reading it yonks ago, in despair. Especially as, like so many others, I had donated to it.
        Of course they even the MSM publish some correct and calm stories; I never suggested that everything in it is false.
        Are you really suggesting it DOESN’T use a tabloid and clickbait approach? Seriously?

      3. Interesting, that your reply uses no fewer than three tabloid tricks.
        You take a banal uncontroversial comment, twist my words, claim I did things that I didn’t say, and then make s personal attack on me.
        Simple disagreement clearly not enough for you?
        No wonder you see no problem with the Canary.

      4. Oh I see…. so telling the truth is an attack, is it? Reminds me of the sort of rhetoric the right-wing media use on a regular basis.

        When someone spouts complete and utter B/S then one can only wonder why they would do that. The very fact that the Establishment’s propaganda machine is attacking the Canary yet again is precisely because they enlighten people, and the PTB really don’t like people doing that. As with Skwawkbox……

      5. Calm down, you’ll have a stroke.
        Maybe reread what I wrote – then the frothing at the mouth you wrote.
        The daily Mirror occasionally has a great story; so, even does the Guardian. The times despite their Murdoch rag status, has been known to publish great stuff.
        I was writing about style. And If – as you say – their Assange coverage is good, well kudos to them.
        But I’m not the only one who has tried it, and finds it just too much like hard work.
        I never said ” just left-wing black propaganda lies” – you made that up.
        Which is the kind of tabloid nonsense the canary has done, as well as the right wing rags.
        Journalism is serious stuff, and it deserves better than hysteria – from its journos and it’s fans.
        Tho’ some fans will always deny any imperfections, as do many S*N readers. Go figure.
        Finally, if it was more readable, maybe their Assange stuff would have a wider audience, and be taken seriously.
        The Left can’t blame people for not trusting them, when they play the same games as the right.

  2. Can’t say I’m fussed on the canary, they’re a bit TOO ‘hardcore’ especially on lgbt issues; but give me their version of event over rile-me & dobermann’s anytime.

    IIRC around the same time Mike Sivier over at voxpolitical had a libel action brought against him by rile-me & obermann, the canary had just smashed a fundraising target (I think it was to go ad-free or keep the site going because of overheads or something like that).

    I said at the time (To Mike) that it’d be a grand gesture of solidarity if the canary (Also having been on the shit end of R&D’s bullshit) were to donate a bit of their windfall to his defence. I can’t remember if he published the comment or not, but I haven’t heard or read anything to that effect since – Then again, I haven’t asked!

  3. The Armoured Glass Box is an Instrument of Torture

    I believe that the Hannibal Lecter style confinement of Assange, this intellectual computer geek, which has no rational basis at all, is a deliberate attempt to drive Julian to suicide…..

    They are relentlessly enforcing the systematic denial of any basic human comfort, like the touch of a friend’s fingertips or the blocking of the relief that he might get just from being alongside somebody friendly. They are ensuring the continuation of the extreme psychological effects from isolation of a year of virtual solitary confinement……

    1. Thanks for this Allan. This country is supposed to set the standard for fairplay decency & integrity. The treatment of Julian Assage is like something one might expect from a 3rd world dictatorship.
      Worse still we have to look to RT to hear it properly reported.
      The BBC ITV MDM so called journalists should hang their heads in shame.

      1. Paul Byrne, “This country…fair play, decency & integrity” doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.
        “Fair play, decency and integrity” has always been claimed by the privileged classes as justifying the existence of their privilege, ie without them to control the Plebs the country would descend into anarchy, murder and cannibalism.
        The Tories believe the public school system to be the essence of civilisation and themselves to be the very best of the best.
        That whole crock of shit was used to justify the murderous British Empire ffs.

        If this generation of Tories’ ancestors could see their pathetically weak and effete descendants they’d lock them in a room with a Webley .45.

  4. The Canary stands for a left wing veiw and that is increasingly needed in a society dominated by the right wing toilet papers and media outlets.The Assange coverage has been good,and shines a beacon of light on a sham trial.Like Squawk box they will be a target for the right and without them freedom of information will be driven underground and any pretence of democracy will disappear.The total control of the thought police is knocking on the door.

  5. Just when are we going to do something about the disgusting antisemitism that socialist Jews have to endure. A week or so ago Jo Bird was the target, now its Nancy Mendoza who is being got at via her new left media – the Canary. We have got to put our foot down on this – the abuse of Jewish people is wrong whether they be arch Conservatives or “hard left” socialists. Yet we as a party seem to sit back and twiddle out thumbs when our Jewish comrades like Jo and Nancy are attacked and vilified.
    In relation to Nancy’s point about redemption I could not agree more.People make mistakes and do or say things they shouldn’t. If they are genuinely sorry apologise and don’t repeat the offence why should they not be given a second chance?

    1. “When are we going to do something?”
      Labour members aren’t even allowed to say that this whole storm in a Kiddush cup was blown up by Labour Friends of the Tories – the LFT – and the Board of Dupes.
      Defending the accused and acquitting the innocent has been abandoned in favour of trying to appease enemies who are sworn to destroy Socialia and drive every Socialist into the sea.

      I’m an ex-member so I’ll say whatever the fuck I want that SW doesn’t moderate 🙂

  6. Canary accused of anti-Semitism? Whose definition? When the idiot NEC adopted the IHRA definition they invited this cancer into ‘the MSM’ debate & guilt by definition……it will never stop!

    1. We need to protect all Jews including Socialist Jews from antisemitism. If the use of the IHRA definition is inhibiting our ability to protect Socialist Jews then we need to look at it again.
      I have always had serious reservations about the IHRA given that Jewish Concentration camp survivor and peace activist Hajo Mayer had his reputation trashed and was branded an “antisemite” a few years after his death- nobody would have dared accuse him of this while he was alive and able to defend himself – under the IHRA definition. If a man of the standing of Hajo Mayer can be vilified and demonised under IHRA then what chance for the rest of us?

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