‘Eugenicist’ Sabisky resigns on Twitter then deletes account. But National reveals ‘rewire wife to sl*t’ advice

Adviser condemned for comments about black people having lower IQ and for association with eugenics has quit – and deleted Twitter account

Andrew Sabisky, the Downing Street adviser appointed as part of Dominic Cummings’ ‘misfits and weirdos’ recruitment drive, has quit after condemnation of his association with right-wing ‘eugenics’ – an interest he shares with his former boss – and his comments suggesting black people have lower IQs than whites.

Sabisky announced his resignation on Twitter, calling the reaction to his interests and comments ‘mad’ and ‘hysterical’ – but now seems to have deleted his account on the social media platform:

However, while a number of archives of his Twitter account are still available, Sabisky’s comments on Reddit, according to the National newspaper, include ‘advice’ given to a correspondent on ‘rewiring’ his Mormon wife into “39 flavours of slut on command”:

Under the username thedovelamenting, Sabisky responds by urging him to try to “rewire” her brain “to the point where she no longer, consciously or subconsciously sees a conflict between a good Christian woman and serving you up 39 flavours of slut on command”

The National reports that Sabisky deleted the posts after being contacted for comment.

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  1. From the BBC:
    “In a comment on a 2014 blog post on Mr Cummings’ website, made by a user called “Andrew Sabisky”, it is suggested that compulsory contraception could be used to stop a “permanent underclass”.
    “One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty, says the post.”
    “Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue.”

    There may be an up-side to this though – maybe those who agree to be neutered will get an extra bowl of gruel a couple of times a week?
    The 1% aren’t 100% bad after all.

  2. Utterly disgusting. Sabisky clearly shares not only his vile beliefs but also his disgusting and juvenile attitude to sex/ women with Toby Young who Boris Johnson backed to the hilt when similar tweets were uncovered.

    1. Bet you a pound to a penny another complete fuckwit public school boy, a cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
      Be under no illusions they really do believe they are the elite despite overwhelming evidence they are as thick as prison porridge
      You cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, money can not buy intelligence , see Uncle Festa, Harry Plotter and Wavy Davy Cameron

  3. As with so many other opportunities Labour MPs, Leader and Dep candidates AND McD & JC should be touring the radio stations and writing articles erasing MYTHS and underlining FACT that Tories are AGAINST aspiration for the 99%. That is eugenics. Everything for the Tory 1%, NOTHING for the rest. Little by little or ASAP deprive the 99%. Exterminate the 99% or keep them down until they can be exterminated. That is why the Tory party was and remains the natural home of anti semites, Nazi costume dressers, playing out their fantasies…. as if their cruel policies are not enough. Meanwhile our MPs are obsessed with every fringe & niche issue that can be swiftly ameliorated by GOOD clear legislation. Virtue signalling and dividing the 99% into ever more microcosmic groups to “champion” … to make a “pet”, seems more attractive.

    Eg Instead of rigorous SUSTAINED focus on ERADICATING poverty, we have an MP choosing to devide the poor and make “Period Poverty” their “Pet”. Yet the number of homeless people in the constituency is an afterthought… when compelled to think of the number.

    Last Wednesday at PMQs, Jeremy was EXCELLENT with one question re one law for the 99% and no law for the 1% like Johnson. After three years, the team around Jeremy have FAILED to instil in him that a scatter gun approach does not cut it. The other PMQ questions were all over the place, thus letting Johnson off the hook… GIFTING him the LUXURY to recover. Worse yet, i have not heard a single peep from ANY Jeremy spokesperson reiterating his point. As over the last FOUR years SILENCE. Nothing. As if nothing has been reflected on and learnt. And our candidates for leadership sideline themselves desperate to adopt a “pet” they hope the electorate will stoop to pet too … and coo and ask a question or two… all safe and unchallenging … EVERY one loves a tidy nicely groomed pet better yet a “rescue” pet … more kudos for rescuer… so no need to get down to basic universal causes of anything. I get the distinct impression that even in CLPs many are not focused on solving the fundamental problems of the country. Some are focused on personal ambition. Others on their own social needs … camaraderie. Lovely people, brilliant, well read etc etc but somewhere along the line something has been lost that’s crucial. The URGENCY of WE CAN WIN AND CHANGE THIS COUNTRY seems absent in too many who actually hold the positions / roles of influence. Every protest or issue to advertise virtue is prioritised over the basics like getting an effective NEC, getting rid of a ghastly MP, getting rid of the other ghastly monstrous creatures like Hodge out of the party. And if anyone tried perhaps Jeremy and the NEC will be roused into action to save Hodge, Watson, Blair, Berger, Smeethe, Campbell but not Chris Williamson, Livingstone, Walker, and THOUSANDS of others.
    I now feel if we had won the election, we would gave caved in and compromised at every slightest pressure. More of the best people would have been picked off one by one and allowed to feed the insatiable unappeasable vile nasties.
    We blame the “system” and the MSM but i see UNNECESSARY wetness … limpness or absence from the field of play. We need to start again.

    1. Go easy with the caps signpost, or you’ll have Stark on to you for SHOUTING! Funny how he picked up on ME doing so, but not yourself, or anyone else for that matter. Hmm, very odd that!

      But then again, some posters have an agenda!

      1. Apologies 4 the caps. It is not meant as a shout. Years ago, when i first started to read alt, ie proper media, i found many worthwhile sound thoughts could be easier … more digestible with divisions … or mimic emphases as in speech, poss č diff fonts etc. Anyway the caps r meant to be accents… rather than a shout.

      2. signpostnotwindchimes – You could try using bold textinstead.

      3. prob is, tend to post in the hop. hence the many typos. will try the bold. thought of it. will try next time… AH! Just as i thought this telephonic apparatus does not allow. Will try another way.

      4. You will find that using HTML commands will work in any browser and on any device.

        If you want to make something bold simply enclose the desired text as follows but substitute the brackets for the greater than symbols.
        eg (b)This text is bold(/b) will give you this This text is bold please note the difference between the opening and closing commands italics can be achieved by substituting the “b” for an “i”

      5. That should have read

        for the greater than and less than symbols.

      6. ps, and my only agenda is to stop the bastards “getting away with it”. Realise now, tis extremely difficult.

        Not giving up, but what i have observed since getting involved in my CLP, a deep suffocating defeatist culture eg people saying they want to leave the party rather than stay and fight. After Jeremy inspired over half a million peeps to make Labour the largest party in Europe, despite all the assaults from without and within, that people can even think of running away and gifting the party resources to the sulphurous Tories in poor disguise… that defeatist nature puzzles and to be honest, brings me close to tears. It is incomprehensible to me. Also incomprehensible is Jeremy and team wanting the MSM to be polite and gentle. The nastiness of the MSM and wicked slanderers was and is a springboard to robustly present the opposite. In a different way Eg that is exactly what the liar Johnson planned and used with his people against the establishment.

        We failed to demolish with fact and logic the lies of the MSM.

        We allowed a narrative of lies to take hold without challenge then a diarrhoea of apologies. Instead of defending we made people believe the lies were true. Think about it, what hope for any success of any of our forest of policies, when we ran away from rebutting downright obvious lies? What hope if after four years of pathetic appeasement the candidates now sign up to the most extraordinary undemocratic, unwise, surrender to bullying anyone could have ever imagined. If appeasement wetness failed over the last four years, then what exactly is the change the candidates hope to achieve signing defeat as a condition of pretending to lead?

        The solution is not the pipe dream of forming another party like the LimpDems with ship jumpers like laughable Berger creature who was shat on in Finchley because they did not believe its wicked lies…or Umumm. They were not fooled by the shiny one’s balderdash either… nor Smeege nor Sourtry nor the Swineson joker. Yet i’v not heard a single Jeremy supporting MP nor him, make any attempt to present these facts.

        All i’v heard is silence … in the main, relieved by an excellent ex MP from the north giving it straight to Iain Dale on LBC this morning. We desperately need more of him. Assertive. Clear. Not allowing himself to be pushed around by the presenter. It can be done!!! I’v never head George, nor Ken Loach nor Ken McCluskey being pushed around. IT CAN BE DONE‼️‼️‼️ Someone needs to drill into Jeremy & Co that allowing yourself to be pushed around is neither virtuous nor responsible when you are representing others… when the hopes and welfare of others depends on you demanding that the case for their welfare MUST be heard. IT CAN BE DONE‼️‼️‼️

        Anyway this was only meant to be a short ps with no caps…, but to close, it must be said, a key problem amongst my Jeremy supporting groups… (not uplifting forthrightness here … disagreements yes, but gloriously refreshing frankness! BRILLIANT …Jeremy should start posting here… put your views forward. Practise rebuttals, analysis, reflection… Rx – RUN AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO ALREADY AGREE WITH YOU JEREMY!!! )

        I diagnose in Jeremy & co a lifetime’s growth of unrealistic expectation of a world where everyone agrees and is sweet and overtly gentle. IE embarrassingly resistant to what is seen as conflict. What J & clique see as conflict are just alternative views and THAT is politics. Put your view. Do not be reduced to the bizarre aim of “bringing people together” with ambiguity. How that ever got adopted will remain a mystery to me. Surely look at the rest of life. Are we ambiguous in surgery? Building a bridge? Planning a route from John O Groats to Lands End? … or even Islington to Holborn???

        The tendency to keep quiet and or hide from those with opposing views is one of the reasons why a fog was allowed develop. The MSM & Tories were allowed to do their light show of lies and myths on our fog of “Constructive ambiguity” and “Bring the country together” “cliff edge” laughable, embarrassing twaddle.

        Instead of presenting clear long held views, we got an absence, a vacuum, missing in action, silence, timid mouse, hide… the cat will disappear, peep out … hide again, cat still there… sacrifice your most devoted and honourable defenders … one by one , until none left. How did that work??? We must not repeat that. It did not work. Appeasement never works. It will never work.

        In essence appeasement, one has to admit is irresponsible to the half a million whose hopes were rightly raised.

        We need to practise presenting honestly held views that may be challenging. We should not treat the Labour Party as a passionate but pointless polite social group. Nor should we expect anyone to give us an easy ride at interviews. We are not Raphael nor Ariel nor Gabriel. We are in this world with people as they always have been eg some prepared to sink to the most horrid swamp of lies like UmmunaBergerSmeetheBlairWMDCampbellIraqSwinsonJohnson etc
        Any new Leader and Dep have to accept that from the get go. And in any case, whats to lose??? I still feel that as the candidates have disqualified themselves from being taken seriously by signing a declaration of further disgusting appeasement, we need to start the contest again. Or even better, make Jeremy accept that the passive aggressive suppressed anger and spirit sapping mumbling i heard yet again when he visited the flood victims is unacceptable and drains the spirit of members…That can be changed. It is never too late to grow… to learn. And there is no good reason not to grow, to learn to change to save us from candidates who have capitulated before they have even begun.

        Oh and CRUSH the abject effluent of Blair and its encrusted anal parasites. If “centrist” and the creature in particular, are what the electorate wanted, why is Jo Swinson not PM, Ummuna not chancellor, Berger not Minster of Shameless Slander, Soubrey not Secretary of Sucking Sick, and why has Tony Blair’s and Arstair Campbell’s own PEOPLE’s VOTE den of vipers lost at ever turn??? Despite their multi millions, why if Iraq Blair was such a winner, why did the party haemorrhage membership during his infestation of the party??? Why did we lose Scotland BEFORE Jeremy became leader??? Why did centrist Brown lose??? and all the other same old same old spaffers??? That us another myth that i’ve yet to hear Jeremy or any of the MPs come out of hiding to present BOLDLY and DAILY. Instead we get whining about the MSM but not a finger lifted by any of the MPs to claim even a centimetre of the script. We cannot complain about the MSM without even being present in battle. Oh and no point being present if spokespeople allow themselves to be pushed around. You are NOT children. Prepare! Speak up! You have a right not to be interrupted. interrupt the presenter if they interrupt.

        And drop the extraordinary obsession with the ever sprouting genders. Yes we can all self declare / identify as anything and at the same time that identification must not trample over the rights others. So eg, surely no one should discriminated against re the basic needs of shelter, jobs etc but surely we should be able to distinguish what is a basic right and what is not. And surely we can manage rights with fair boundaries. Our rights should not be at the expense of others. Matters like these call for deliberation and judgement. They are in my opinion nano fringe issues. Were they not, humanity would not have progressed as far as it has, with such only now coming to the fore. So in my opinion, such matters should NEVER involve candidates or ANYONE in our party signing up to and wishes of a niche group. Groups should have their ding dongs, THEN make submissions to MPs to bring to parliament. The idea of signing up to commitments on niche issues without party wide discussion is amateurish virtue signalling stupidity. The same applies to promising any unelected group that they would have the last say on discipline un the party, AGAIN with no discussion amongst the members. This in my opinion is perverse, obscene, obviously inconsistent with autonomy, inconsistent with leadership and should have no place in ANY democratic country, let alone ours, and let alone our Labour Party. If we fail to demand respect, who would respect us???

  4. I wonder how much misdirected rage, psychopathology and misogyny is created by sending little boys away from home, to live in a male dominated environment, surrounded by archaic ideas, strict discipline and invited to see themselves as special and entitled.

    Significant when those 7% of privately educated dominate our politics, judiciary and media … 66% of the current cabinet and 45% of Oxbridge graduates.

    1. syzygysue, I agree, public schools are indefensible for many reasons.
      Even my all-boys local day school of the 1960’s was very similar in outlook.
      Six formative years spent in an all-male environment required some attitude adjustment, which took me longer than I care to admit.
      In our defence though, the archaic ideas on gender we all, boys and girls, learned and took for granted – unjust, outdated, unreasonable and indefensible as they certainly are, were the norm at the time and had been for many millennia.

      Without the invention of the contraceptive pill who knows how long we men might have taken to learn how evil we’ve been?
      Sorry, got to go, my maid’s almost finished ironing my fireproof suit 🙂

  5. Sabisky himself isn’t the point – a stupid, wet and not very bright inadequate.

    The point is what it reflects about the extraordinary jaw-dropping level of incompetent weirdness in this government. Cummings and his tribe are the exposed underbelly of this parade of morons pretending to ‘intelligence’.

    It’s be a satire if it was funny – but letting the monkeys take over the zoo is not amusing. It has consequences, as seen in the dire effects of Cummings and his sibling, Gove, in the field of education.

    Even less amusing is the willingness of a significant part of the the manufactured idiocracy to vote for them. Now that is *really* stupid.

  6. Opposition parties rarely win General Elections, governments lose them
    This administration is rotting from the head and at some stage they will keel over and the stench will sweep Labour into power
    Now for the small matter of the heart and soul of our party,
    Give it till the end of the year, then if we are going backwards stage a coup and bring younguns through,
    Would be good to get Laura Pidcock back into the fold

  7. I saw that ‘Hidden Figures’ film recently about the 3 African American women who were crucial to the work of NASA.

    Really good.

  8. I very much doubt sabisky’s ever even had his end away – let alone be in any way qualified to advise others on their sex lives. The utter weirdo makes (nouveau media-whore) ed balls look positively normal.

    Seriously, it’d have to be a blind, deaf masochist that’d allow sabisky to f**k them.

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