Video: in 50 seconds, Lisa Nandy sets fire to left credentials – and to public credibility

Revealing comments during Newsnight leadership debate
Lisa Nandy during last night’s Newsnight debate

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy has managed to attract some support among Labour members as the candidate most vocal about standing up for her leave-voting constituents.

But in a less than a minute during last night’s Newsnight leadership debate, Nandy managed to set fire to her claim to any support among the party’s left-wing majority – and to any public appeal on her policy approach.

In one answer, Nandy claimed that Labour’s fully-costed manifesto – the most thoroughly-costed by far of any party at the general election – meant that it didn’t know how to pay for the policies it proposed.

And in claiming that the party should abandon its commitment to renationalising key industries and services, Ms Nandy managed to ignore the vast majority of voters, most of whom think that renationalising the rail, mail and utilities is a great and long-overdue idea:

Nandy has impressed with her performances so far in the leadership campaign – but last night’s revelation suggested that ‘performance’ is exactly what they have been. Given that she resigned during the 2016 ‘chicken coup’ and chaired Owen Smith’s leadership challenge, it’s not too surprising.

Nandy seemed to forget that she is asking for support from Labour members who overwhelmingly support renationalisation and are justly proud of the party’s thorough plans for bringing it about – and that if she won, she would be asking for support from voters who largely agree that it’s the right way forward, regardless of how they voted on the Brexit issue in December.

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  1. “Nandy has impressed with her performances so far in the leadership campaign ”

    Really? I must have missed something.

    1. Jack T I refer to the photo in your link.

      Is Jennie Formby saying “oooh Betty, they’ve done a woopsie on the party”?

    2. Oh indeed!
      How can I remain a member of a party in which all the leadership candidates claim to be Zionists? I truly don’t think I can.

    3. @Jack T: Great letter. How do we hear what the reception is to this letter & the JF’s response?

    1. Politically Lightweight Lisa.
      Labour’s Jo Swinson?
      Wonder if she’s ever heard of Neo-Liveralism?
      What with LN and KS who should be in the Lib Dems, is only RLB who would carry out the policies to beat Tory Neo-Liberal all power to the markets (rich and powerful) plus cheap labour, and will push for what needs doing economically in the UK and World.
      And Burgon would be a good bad cop to Becky’s good cop!

  2. Political lightweight Lisa.
    Is not the one for me.
    And Strarner should be in the Lib Dems.
    So Becky & Burgon it must be!

  3. What a complete and utter twunt , every word out of this liars mouth is a utter shite
    Joining Left Unity seems he best option for now for Lefties

    1. What a complete and utter twunt , every word out of this liars mouth is a utter shite

      Who are you talking about, again? Narrow it down, please?

    2. See the Right Wing political morons JLM have nominated the lightweight political moron Nandy.
      It’s time for Left Wing Democratic Socialists to take the gloves off.
      RLB is being a political idiot listening to Bourgeois Socialist Barbarian Lansman, now she calls for the shadow cabinet and alll Labour MPs to sign the Right Wing Tory BOD demands, well feck off Rebecca & Lansman- Conference decides policy!
      Translateral Commission Neo-Liberal Global think tank supporting Right Wing Starner is a political moron and a Lib Dem really’ Bomber Starmer will destroy Labour.
      Careerist, opportunist, Thornbury, Remainer fanatic, contributing to Labour’s defeat, shitter on the socialist Venezeula Govt and their working class poor, and aider of the US Neo-Cons can feck off too!
      ‘I hold my nose for Rebecca.
      But Burgon is better for me.
      Time to ditch Labour’s Barbarians..
      And free working humanity.’

  4. I live in Wigan and until watching that was considering ms Nandy for second preference. Not any longer. Total fish out of water

    1. Boatnumber six…..Someone on here said “they’d vote for a wheelie bin in wigan provided it was Red” .Knowing wigan well(pie eaters)in Bolton I don’t know if they should be flattered or insulted.I am pleased you are not voting for Nandy….and wigan athletic could teach the wanderers a trick or two.and also how not to vote for torys.

  5. The left is in the last chance saloon in Labour, RLB 2/3, Burgon 3/3.
    If you don’t vote for them the dream we had under JC is over?

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