Breaking: 17 deported to Jamaica this morning

Government’s action condemned as racist

In spite of ongoing legal attempts to prevent the deportation of people to Jamaica who have lived here since childhood, seventeen people were deported to Jamaica this morning. 170 MPs yesterday called for the deportations to be halted.

Others pointed out one elephant in the room:

The government has claimed that the seventeen were serious offenders, but opponents of the move have objected that white foreign offenders such as Australian Rolf Harris are not deported in spite of grave offences – and that this is a continuation of the Tories’ Windrush racism.

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  1. I thought Rolf Harris was a UK citizen with a UK passport ? For a traditional working class Labour voter the idea of deporting non UK citizens who have served a lengthy sentence for their crimes is not an issue. Other countries act in the same way and certainly don’t allow their taxpayers to fund the housing and healthcare costs of such people post incarceration. It is certainly not a racist policy. We deport Americans, Chinese, Russians etc etc.

    1. Britain is uniquely and deeply racist, the legacy of Empire. It’s flexible too, the targets are non-British or not white; look at the current kicking Asian or Chinese peoples are experiencing.

    2. Plain citizen….get off you high horse…lengthy sentencing for trying to get a better life for their family.Running away from war and terror.People of the wrong class and colour who have spent their lives here?deported?You tory boy are in the wrong party…or maybe l am?

      1. I am the only genuinely working class person on this forum, I’ve admitted I’ve been on Universal credit and been in debt and what a kicking I got from you middle class wine bar socialists I got for that. This country in its social trends is far from perfect but for those warped admirers of China, Russia, Iran etc I can say the UK is a lot better. The rest of you in your ‘woke’ bubbles are so far removed from working class reality it’s a disgrace you are in this party. I suppose you enjoy a chat denigrating the working classes at the golf club on Sunday afternoon.

    3. Plain citizen ….I am not condeming you for having suffered on universal credit,or for being working class,.You have my sympathy for having to suffer but its absolutely too easey to blame the foreigner when times are tough.Scapgoating is the solution for the torys and deporting people is just a photo shoot for the torys..I myself am no wine bar socialist just a working class lad from Bolton poorly educated kid born in Halliwell and went to st Joseph’s RC School in the middle of a slum clearance area in the 1950s.Bolton.The poor and thosr on social security will always be villified by the tory establishment and deporting people Will not in any way ease the contempt that the torys havr for all of us .apologies if I overstepped the accusing you of being a Tory

    4. Tax payers are funding this

      One of many flights, without Gove, Johnson, George and all Tories by association, on board.

      Are you happy spending almost HALF MILLION per chartered flight… EVEN when scramble to deport means the planes leave empty???

      Until we realise that kicking down is sad and futile re your own situation, the Tory bastards get away with every sordid doing. NB as Jeremy at last stuck it to Johnson… though alas with the disappointing scattergun approach like the manifesto… ie no sustained focus … Jeremy pointed out Johnson was born abroad… as foreign as they come. Johnson is on record as aiding and abetting the convicted fraudster with the address details of a journalist to have him physically assaulted… some broken ribs…

      Earlier i wrote that Johnson has allegations made against him of being a cocaine user… a CLASS A DRUG. On BBC 5Live Radio, the male guest said with no correction from Emma Barnet that Johnson HAS confessed to cocaine use. WHY has Boris Johnson AND Michael Gove not been convicted??? Why has Johnson not been deported??? Why has Johnson not been stripped of his British Citizenship? He only relinquished his US citizenship around 2017 i think, in prep for leadership bid.

      Are we equal under the law or not?

      Ps Even the guest on 5Live today agreed that Jeremy’s question left Johnson almost speechless.

      Still, WHY HAS JOHNSON NOT BEEN CONVICTED, JAIKED and DEPORTED, along with Rolf Harris STILL roams free here and allegedly has been waving at under age girls at school near his home. And Priti Patel, why not deport her to Uganda home of her parents. After all Shamina Begum is being dumped on Bangladesh because of her parents. I am no fan of the Begum woman. And the deportations are perverse. But the best reward of the perverse Tory creatures is to have them experience what they dispense to others. Convict, jail and deport Johnson, Gove coke heads and Patel for her D.I.Y. Foreign Policy with Israeli operatives. She was promptly dismissed by May. She should be dismissed now‼️‼️‼️ Then Johnson should dismiss himself.

      1. ps the convicted fraudster is Darius Guppy, on of Johnson’s chums from Eaton. Says much about the seriousness of the criminality when someone from Eaton is convicted and jailed. By association Johnson should too. Especially as the misdemeanours of sone of the deportees took place OVER a DECADE AGO… around the same time as SOME of Johnson’s.

  2. Sentences for criminals who are to be deported should surely be lower than the ‘going rate’ to take into account their sentence will have a far greater effect on them than their British Co-defendants. That breaches a fundamental principle of English justice. Judges are often asked by defence advocates to reduce a sentence from what is expected via the Guidelines for all sorts of reasons such as because they’ve spent a long time awaiting extradition through no fault of their own. In these cases a defendant will suffer a punishment far worse than if he didn’t happen to be born in an ex-colony. I wonder if any Judge dares anger TinPot Boris by taking deportation into account?

  3. 1- Why has Rolf Harris not been deported?

    2- How many criminals from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, India, LIBYA and UGANDA have been deported?

    3- It has been reported that several individuals INCLUDING the Manchester Bomber were “assisted” to come to Manchester FROM LIBYA by our authorities ie Jack Straw and Tony Blair. Is this correct? In any event, these people are here and have been allowed to travel freely in and out of this country. Have any of them ever been deported?

    4- Why has Piti Patel not been deported back to Uganda? Why was she not been convicted for conducting her own DIY foreign policy with Israeli operatives? Theresa May’s one distinction is that she dismissed Ms Patel for that SERIOUS deviation from proper ministerial conduct… not withstanding a very low bar… Why was Ms Patel reemployed by Mr Johnson?

    5- Some of the deportees have been convicted via the peculiar accusation of “JOINT ENTERPRISE” or “CRIME BY ASSOCIATION”. One of the deportees was convicted under that peculiarity, for knowing someone who stoke a mobile phone. He was imprisoned for more than 12 months for the “ASSOCIATION”. Why has Joint Enterprise and Crime by Association not been applied to Michael Give and his associates. Gove confessed to using Class A drugs “cocaine” on “SEVERAL” occasions. It is alleged that he indulged in company at dinner parties. How many of his dining associates have been convicted? When will Gove be convicted? How can some be convicted “by association” but not every single member of Johnson’s Government?

    6- Those responsible for the Grenfel deadly cladding CRIME, and the ENTIRE TORY PARTY by ASSOCIATION and JOINT enterprise are free to continue their activities and association with David Cameron. Why?

    7- Johnson recently invited the same self confessed cocaine user Michael Gove, AND Cameron to prance about at the upcoming Climate Farce. Yet in charity shops with space to spare, anyone can read Cameron’s admission in his Memoirs… call it Shed Works… without or within the heads of dead pigs… that he and Samantha were often or always “off their heads”. Why has he and Samantha not been convicted?

    8- Are we all equal under the law?

    9- Are our Labour MPs and candidates for Leader and Deputy asking these questions?

    10- Who is speaking for those with less means?

    11- Who of our leadership contenders and MPs are working hard to prevent the blight of families …deliberately wrecking families, caused by deporting parents? Who is committed to question WHY many are convicted for acts which leave not the slightest trace on Michael Gove, David and Samantha Cameron, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson and the ENTIRE HOSTILE TORY GOVERNMENT❓❓❓

    Our prospective Leader and Deputy MUST address these BASICS before their very eyes rather than using scarce time and energy advocating for John Bercow for eg. Bercow has the voice, means and money to speak and write for himself. Until our MPs get off of their disconnected, unconnected, trite connected little cushions, our country AND the world will remain as it is.

    No more abstract talk of aspiration! DO aspiration for the deportees and their families. No more obsession with what might happen elsewhere!! How can you fix elsewhere if you cannot even focus on the obvious here?!?!?! How can you fix a speculative future catastrophe while you step around homeless people sleeping on The Strand, Waterloo Station, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Hants, Leeds, Manchester, Burnley…???


    That, THAT would make you true Labour.

    Eradicating basic abominations is what our focus must be.

    1. Bit of a bastard but patel was unfortunately born here and wasn’t even charged with treason as it should’ve been..

      Had those two things been the opposite I’d have called to bring back hanging a lot louder than patel ever has. Hell, I’d even build the gallows

      1. just heard from around 17:25 LBC Eddie Mair chatting č Political correspondent. Think the pol corr repeated what i thought, ie that some of tge deportees WERE born here but parents not. Thus i believe they r being denied Citizenship. Seem to remember a few cases getting some fleeting mention over the last few years, EVEN in the MSM.

        This situation has more sinister stuff behind the face of it. Do everything to see and / or arrange a screening of “THE UNWANTED”. You will see what i mean. P.S. re Patel re her DIY Israeli policy, I say without hesitation, that in my opinion she is unfit for public office. I expect Theresa May still believe the same.

    2. And having a stuck up gob without a license. How did her expenses investigation go, well no doubt? Well we have lived under a kleptocracy for so long that they don’t even try and hide it. CSA, expenses, vocal death threats, Grenfell, floods, no social services, fire and police at a minimum and rigging. The Right will win again and again, whatever they call themselves. When we have posters here claiming to be the only member of the working class and receives skant disabuse I start to worry. P. S Who does one vote for as our golden, socialist leader? Good luck to all my friends who remain. I shall continue to sub but I will never doorstep or phone, the reactions were heartbreaking.

  4. Plain citizen, there are ‘socialists’ who believe it’s all about being better-off personally than they are now. They’ll vote for anyone who promises them that, like Farage or Johnson.
    Based only on your comments, you seem to be that kind of ‘socialist’.
    Socialism is about improving society.
    Oh yes – I was most recently a powder coater – is that working class enough for you?

    Has anyone heard whether this was a scheduled flight or chartered?
    I assume it was a chartered flight (organised for 80 was it?) and took off with only 17 – that means another transatlantic charter flight will be needed if the others (63?) are still to be deported – more still if the law decides the legal rights of the deported were flouted.
    The Tories would rather look incompetent for pissing money down the drain than look weak for delaying deportations until the law had run its course.

    1. David we are back to the days of blame game Any foreigner will do ,black face off white,wrong type of eyes,skin brown,the whole bloody shambles of hatred is returning with the Tory party and its going to get worse..We have been sold this one before and the economy hasnt even tanked yet.I am off to bed now its late here in Cambodia,kampot city and its early start to Phnom Penh.I hope my time post doesnt upset white flag man or the fact of R and B councillor sets him and his mate walshy off again….Still they can maybe look up joe Okeefe and lewes bonfire on the web,they can even see my picture on the BBC and no I am not a Robot,Allan white flag man but a real person you are beginning to piss off big time.Now youve even attracted the nutters with your twisted rambling..Sorry about the swearing its just being a working class lad from Bolton I don’t know any better?

      1. ps It was a chartered flight. Alas, despite none of our MPs have seen it as important enough for sustained comment, there have been SEVERAL more of these chartered flights. Some with even fewer than SEVENTEEN deportees due to Tory reckless careless rushing these deportations with Iain Duncan Smithian relish for such doings.

        If i’m not mistaken, even if all the rushed deportations are halted by law, the chartered flights have departed with just crew!!! Join the dots. See the crass obscene stupidity… oh, and deprive children of a parent and leave them with a sense of inequality under the law. ALL in a days fun for the party of Law and Order and the Family.

    2. chartered. at nearly £500,000. That is only one of many such… sane exorbitant cost, even if empty of deportees due to last minute court orders. The govt is just taking a chances. Some Europeans gave also been deported. Don’t know the cost but MUCH less as they are on National Express coaches. Could find out tomorrow. Bit tired now.
      Farage just attempted to diminish my points … he must read . His prologue incl that though Johnson admitted cocaine use, he has British Citizenship! My point is Shamima Begum was being dumped on Bangladesh so why can’t we dump Johnson in the worst bit of New York.

      Farage also incredibly tried to defend Johnson again saying , though Johnson was aiding Darius Guppy the convicted fraudster who spent time at HM’s pleasure, he has a Brit passport. METHINKS Farage is playing a clever game PRETENDING to defend Johnson from in Farage’s words that Johnson has admitted using CLASS A DRUGS & ARRANGING WITH A CONVICTED CRIMINAL to have a journalist beaten up. Farage just repeated the FACT on his LBC 18 – 1900hrs.

      BUT, to plain citizen & Toffee, strange times, I AGREE č D McNiv 😨😨😨 Let us not be content to walk over others less fortunate than ourselves. Don’t let the Tories entice u to turn on these deportees. They are NOT the authors if your misfortune. They are pawns in an odious bit of —– at least as old as post war times .. I’v seen, along with others, some of the microfiche opened under the 30 year rule. Shocking and heart breaking.

      Today however Johnson is pushing the deportations thinking it will boost his image with the Tories and people who are gullible. He cares not for you.

      1. Please excuse all my typos. Deff my phone but i should check… always rushing & multitasking. Also the phones deff makes typos. Others confirm. I few it is to get users to turn on spell check etc. DON’T.

        Patel prattling on now on LBC 1948. Special interview. ANTWAY this was to say re the National Express Coach charters to deport people back to Eastern Europe (with some cash i think, while the Jamaican deportees may not get a bean…and several have been murdered because where they are abandoned, people ASSUME they have LOTS of beans. But the Eastern European deportees return to the UK within weeks even days. So rhe European deportations are effectively more waste of tons of money giving European criminals a free trip home with some spending money thrown in.
        So plain citizen, if Patel and Johnson send a trillion criminals to other countries, you will not get a bean! Your life will not be enhanced even in the most minuscule way.

  5. Johnson just now: “…the last Labour government wrecked the economy…”

    When will someone on our side have the nous and the bottle to shout “THATCHER WASN’T A LABOUR PRIME MINISTER!!”
    If there are any of our MPs who DON’T know that Thatcher & Reagan’s deregulation caused the crash – educate the fuckers NOW.

  6. I’ve NO problem with deporting recidivists. Nor should anyone else.

    Small wonder there’s NO legal aid for welfare appeals/employment tribunals/ unfair evictions etc.

    1. Don’t fall for the Tory / MSM spin. They may come for you next. Kick up! Not across and worse yet down.

      1. WHAT ‘spin’?

        They’ve been convicted of serious crimes, not misdemeanours ffs.

        You’ll notice they’ve had legal aid galore at every stage of their processes, from trial to sentence and appeal(s) – but there was none for me for an employment tribunal I wanted to bring, (that’d I’d have won, too) there’s no legal aid for the poor law-abiding sod who’s had their dole stopped for so-all or law-abiding people who are getting evicted for no reason day after day.

        Not one of them are windrush generation, neither.

      2. The Toffee, no. Not all of them were convicted for “serious” crimes. Also if you follow sentencing, you will see even in the MSM, on a daily basis, others who are not convicted for same and the sentences are less than 12 mths. Even right wing MSM commentators are asking my question now. ie ROLF HARRIS.
        The Citizenship laws were deliberately changed more than a decade ago to DELIBERATELY discriminate against the non white Commonwealth. Please search out the BBC supported Documentary “THE UNWANTED”.

        There are sinister calculated long planned discriminatory legislation behind these flights. AND Toffee, leaving Windrush aside, Jamaica as all the other colonies were PLUNDERED to build this country. Every single stately home, ALL the grand architecture in Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow in particular, are built proof… TESTAMENT of the PLUNDER.

        Even the National Trust have done excellent work to reveal that fact. The people on the flight ARE decedents of the plundered countries which were recognised as BRITISH… until the law was soiled to promote colour discrimination.

        You describe your hardship. We do not help ourselves by kicking down and across. When every other vulnerable person is crushed, Toffee, you will be ext in line. And Jeremy is now making my point excellently!!! This very minute!!! TUNE IN 12:05 BBC 5 Live📻📻📻

      3. Not all of them were convicted for “serious” crimes.

        Oh so they were sent to the colonies for stealing mars bars, were they?


        Also if you follow sentencing, you will see even in the MSM, on a daily basis, others who are not convicted for same and the sentences are less than 12 mths.

        I’m well aware of ridiculous sentencing. Personally, I believe as soon as they’re convicted, foreign nationals ought to be given the boot.

        Why should they be allowed lleave to remain? Why should we pay for their upkeep?


        Even right wing MSM commentators are asking my question now. ie ROLF HARRIS.

        Does right wing comentators asking that very question make the question/view ‘right wing’?

        No, it doesn’t. Yes, I’d have harris punted too. I’d also tear up rule 43, better known as the segregation of sex offenders – particularly child sex offenders – from the rest of the cons. Same goes for corrupt plod, judiciary etc.

        I don’t give a flying one what colour your skin is, if you’ve committed a serious enough crime you’re out on your arse no if’s, no but’s – out.


        As for your off-topic babbling about ‘plunder’ trying to link these expulsions to racism & slavery. None of my ancestors profited from slavery. In fact, my ancestors were sent inside mill machinery for 20 hours a day. They went out and fought for the toff’s interests in many wars from the napoleonic to WWII. So don’t kid yourself that the indiginous had it easy, or do now.

        You know who else can’t get legal aid if they’re unfairly dismissed or evicted without reason?


        So, you were saying something about ‘kicking down and sideways’? They’ve already had their unwarranted pound of flesh from me, and unlike criminals who deservedly get deported, I haven’t broken the law.

        I haven’t robbed anyone, nor caused misery to my neighbourhood with my drug dealing, and all the associated (gang related) crime that bestows on the community that I’m part of.

        Those deported, DID.

        There is NO grey area about this AFAIC. I couldn’t give a shite about your colour or creed or nationality; as long as you obey the rules and DON’T ‘shit where you eat’ , you’re welcome to remain as long as you want.

        But see what happens when you decide you’re above the law.

      4. It comes down to valuing each and every one of us. To demonstrate that apply a ‘fairness’ test. One example given today was of a man who came to UK aged 5 I believe. He had one conviction for Abh and received a sentence of 15 months, more than the prescribed 1 year. It could never be described as a serious offence; in truth it was a minor one. Five years after his release with no further trouble he’s lifted from his wife and kids and held in a DC until put on the plane to Jamaica where he knows no one. It’s such a gross story you’d be forgiven if you thought it couldn’t possibly be true. Why was his one offence considered serious enough to chuck him out, to be exiled for life from his large family left here? What had he done to deserve the knock on the door 5 years after the prison door opened? Was he just SO black!! For sure somebody had it in for him.

    2. “Small wonder there’s NO legal aid for welfare appeals/employment tribunals/ unfair evictions etc.”

      And if there was nobody else in the dole queue there’d be more money for you, right?
      Don’t do Johnson’s job for him.

      1. And if there was nobody else in the dole queue there’d be more money for you, right?

        What are you implying, mcniven?

        ”Don’t do johnson’s job for him”??

        What are you doing, then? Seems to me you don’t give a fuck about those law-abiders who can’t get through NO FAULT of their own, but would happily stump up and exhaust the pot on proper fucking wrong-un’s who know EXACTLY how to play the system.

        You either want criminals who have no right to remain here to be given the right to remain, with NO guarantee they’ll not reoffend again (And again)

        …Or you don’t.

        Which is it?

      2. People are to a large extent moulded by environment and circumstance, be they victims or beneficiaries.
        It suits Tories to deny their elevated positions are the result of good fortune – to support the canard of entitlement they clearly also have to deny that poverty is the result of ill fortune.
        The unemployed, sick and disabled are not feckless but Tories must punish them as if they were or have their own positions questioned.
        Criminal behaviour is not attributable to innate criminality but Tories must do that to support the underlying lie that we make our own luck.
        If I’d been caught smoking weed I’d be a criminal.
        If I’d been caught drink-driving more than that one time I might well have spent time in jail, possibly longer than a year.

        I’m perfectly happy for ‘foreign’ criminals visiting specifically to commit crime or committing crime while working here or on holiday to be deported if the law allows it.
        As I understand it though, most of these deportees grew up in the environment created by the British Tory establishment – people who’ve ‘learned’ their criminality in the UK I see as our responsibility – like the Begum woman.

        Since the flights are to the Caribbean I assume the deportees are black.
        Deprivation, whilst not an excuse for crime, is mitigation in my view.
        Black prisoners, in common with most others, have usually grown up in deprived circumstances.
        Black prisoners have had the added burden of racism.

      3. The “Begum woman” you refer to was a 15 year old London school girl when she set off for Syria with two friends. On TV we saw them patiently waiting to get on a bus in Turkey that took them over the border into Syria. Did the British Government insist Turkey stop them? Like hell it did, they just watched like everybody else. The truth was that the UK Government was right behind the Turkish support of Jihadis as they promised to fight Assad and impose an Islamic State. In that sense ‘The Begum girl’ was an instrument of British foreign policy and its therefore doubly shameful that her passport has been withdrawn making her stateless.

      4. Paul, I think it’s likely that we saw the footage after the borders had been crossed – don’t you? Demanding action from Turkey to save the UK admitting our borders leaked like sieves wouldn’t have suited the Tories at all.
        I’ve no sympathy for the Begum woman or anyone else who sets off for war zones to fight for evil – at 15 I could tell the difference between the International Brigade and ISIL.
        Yes – 15 is still a child, but she knowingly joined a murderous cult whose nonsensical caricature of Islam a six year old should have seen through.
        Despite having no sympathy for her I don’t want to palm her sorry arse off on countries even less responsible for her idiotic actions than Britain.
        I don’t necessarily even want her in jail – but I do want her monitored until her apparently profoundly vapid little mind makes some passing acquaintance with reality.

  7. Number 10 steps up ‘revenge’ plan on judges after humiliating deportation blow

    Boris Johnson is set to step up his plan to ‘take revenge’ on judges after suffering another humiliating defeat at the hands of the courts.

    It comes after the Court of Appeal ruled against the government, preventing them from deporting 25 foreign offenders scheduled to be on a deportation flight this morning.

  8. The Tories are taking a huge risk trying to tie the Courts’ hands.
    We all know the corruption of the Tories knows no bounds – attack the judiciary and they’ll fight back.
    Johnson could probably be jailed for a few of his crimes, and there’ll be other Tories – and there must be plenty of judges with skeletons in the closet.
    A blood feud in the old boys’ network? Bring it on 🙂

    1. To have any influence LP must win a GE. We’ve just had one and they told us we were smashed. We’ll if you can’t trust Sniffer and his hounds, the who can you trust.?

  9. Corbyn brilliant on Tory racist Windrush deportations, in PMQs. Sadly thanks to the Right Wing of Labour (foisting a second public vote on Labour and electoral suicide) like Trilateral Commission Neo- Liberal supporting globak think tank member Starmer with JC we probably have the best PM we will have never had! Back Becky and Burgon at least to keep the dream alive!

    1. I’ve read it and its excellent . An eye opener. A compassionate system is needed to kick out the wrong uns and deal reasonably with the others. Merely saying as so many sqwawkers do that if they are none white they shouldn’t be deported is wrong.

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