Breaking: NEC ‘set to suspend 2 candidates’ in NEC by-elections

The SKWAWKBOX understands that one and likely two candidates in Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) by-elections are about to be suspended by the party after complaints were made against them.

The identity of at least one of the candidates is likely to cause huge anger, especially after Momentum’s announcement of its ‘slate’ of two candidates this evening already provoked criticism.

The news appears to already be in circulation among well-informed Labour sources, as the SKWAWKBOX has received a stream of calls this evening asking whether it is true. It is.

The SKWAWKBOX is aware of the two names, but will not publish them until it can be sure that the candidates have been informed.

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  1. Just had a email from momentum,they are pushing like crazy for more money and puppets to be Elected!…maybe the embassy have run out of cash ?

  2. It’s is looking like RLB has a credibility problem.

    The new Ipsos MORI poll asks if each if each of the candidates ‘has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister’ and if they would make it more likely for them to vote Labour in the next election. It shows:

    As seen in our previous research, many people (between four and five in ten) say they don’t know or give a neutral opinion when asked to rate whether the candidates have what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.
    Sir Keir Starmer though has the most positive public profile at the moment. A third (32%) agree that he has what it takes to make a good PM – including 45% of Labour supporters. A quarter (25%) say he doesn’t not have what it takes with just 13% of Labour supporters thinking the same.
    Sir Keir is followed by Lisa Nandy with 23% saying she has what it takes to be a good PM (26% disagree), including a third (33%) of Labour voters (16% disagree)
    One in five (19%) think Emily Thornberry has what it takes (40%) disagree with 28% of Labour voters agreeing (28% disagree), while 14% say Rebecca Long-Bailey has what it takes (42% disagree) with 27% of Labour supporters agreeing (27% disagree).

    1. I think we need to treat such polls with agreat deal of caution.

      If you look a little further on, for example, it asks:

      If … was leader of the
      Labour Party, how likely or
      unlikely would you be to
      consider voting Labour at
      the next General Election?
      Would you be…

      Even Starmer has a rating of minus -51% which is hardly very good is it?

      1. 2 other statements from that poll that are interesting:

        “As seen in our previous research, many people (between four and five in ten) say they don’t know or give a neutral opinion when asked to rate whether the candidates have what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.”

        “Awareness of all the Labour leadership candidates is low, so there is time for them to build a better public profile. But while Keir Starmer starts in a stronger position (and also is more palatable to Liberal Democrat supporters), Rebecca Long-Bailey has more of a challenge to turn negative perceptions around. None of them, though, face an easy task persuading more voters to vote Labour”

        I think this proves that voting for Keir Starmer in order to make Labour more ‘electable’ is likely to lead to disappointment.

      2. Political betting odds has Starmer at 1/5. Then there the obvious fact he is the establishments man.

        All he needs to do now is admit to happily pushing the nuclear button (ever noticed how they never name who they want to incinerate?)

      3. “Even Starmer has a rating of minus -51% which is hardly very good is it?”

        Tony – I agree, it’s not brilliant, but given that Starmer has a positive rating of 35% on the same question giving him an overall rating of -17 it is still significantly better than RLB’s ratings of positive 28% and negative of -60% giving an overall rating of -32.

        The equivalent responses from non Labour voters give overall ratings of KS -51 compared to RLB -67

        The poll is remarkably consistent,in all cases KS is the most popular candidate and RLB is the least popular. This seems to hold for both Labour voters and non-Labour voters. The bookies also agree.

        I’m not claiming that popularity is the be all and end all but when it comes to winning elections it does help.

    1. Joseph – Propaganda? I’m simply reporting the latest polll results and offering my opinion on them. You are more than welcome to offer an alternative interpretation if you wish.
      As for me supporting Starmer for the leadership, I’ve never seen a need to hide it. Another interpretation of these polll results is that Keir Starmer is far more likely to attract votes from the other parties than any of the other candidates.

      1. Nice to see SteveH outing himself as a Labour right winger.

      2. Just piss off SteveH.You have gone from stupid to very unpleasant.

      3. Blairite logic. Become Tory Lite & you will attract the moderates; the centrists; the liberals……because Socialism is too extreme!

      4. Maybe the polls and the bookies have all got it wrong.

        The latest betting odds on Labour’s leadership contest.
        Keir Starmer 1/6
        Lisa Nandy 8/1
        Rebecca Long-Bailey 8/1
        Emily Thornberry 100/1

        Look who RLB is neck and neck with.

      5. I remember well the intelligent poll analysis and the response to it here before the election. *That* was all ‘propaganda’ and ‘conspiracy’, too.

        Pity it was also accurate. In fact, if anything, the information was too kind to Tooting-type delusions.

        Now we are in another age of exaggerated myth-making about a non-existent Labour membership and electorate.

        We have a Party totally stitched up by the Israel Lobby, and *no* desirable leadership candidate ,with the ‘left’ wing favourite trussed like a chicken and tied to a key manipulator of the same.

        Meanwhile the Toytown Tooting Branch [cl]ucks around like a bunch of pissed chickens fighting over the odd bit of stale corn.

        … And Starmer (who – incidentally before any poodle barks – I don’t give a toss about – becomes the devil incarnate of choice of today’s righteousness menu whilst the country goes to hell on a handcart.

        Meanwhile the real enemies hold their sides laughing and the average Labour member looks on with increasing disbelief.


  3. If KS is the winner then it be good bye labour supporter’s that would finish this party

    1. Haven’t you noticed it is finished. Time for a new spineless Dodo party. Bye all.

  4. It is because of Sir Keir Starmer that we lost the general election. He was pusher-in-chief of the disastrous switch from respecting the referendum result to the so-called people’s vote.

    Now he is being peddled as an electoral asset. I remember this “opinion poll evidence” being cited when people were singing the praises of Neil Kinnock to be LP leader.

    Why vote for the author of Labour’s electoral suicide? He will push economic conservatism and Lib Dem style constitutionalism which will go down like a barrowload of cold sick in Labour’s target and vulnerable seats especially the former “red wall”. Expect even fewer Labour seats when a Starmer-led Labour Party faces the polls.

    1. “It is because of Sir Keir Starmer that we lost the general election.”

      The fictions of the Tory-supporting ‘left’ (aka the Tooting Branch for Brexit) grow like Pinocchio’s nose.

      1. Back to showing us all,or so you imagine,how much cleverer you are than us stupid lefties RH.You are so clever you can’t even see how the change of policy on Brexit played a major part in the election defeat.

      2. john thatcher – you just need to get out more. There’s nothing ‘clever’ in stating the bleedin’ obvious – that it was alienating the majority of the Party supporters over Brexit that did the damage as far as that Tory policy was concerned.

    2. Yep, it is ironic to say the least that Sir Kier Starmer, ex Right Wing authoritarian DPP, key player in forcing Labour to adopt the suicidal 2nd Ref and Remain policy that stuffed us (probably forever) in our old heartlands, looks quite lkely to be Labour’s new Leader. The butterfly loyalty and crap liberal politics of so many of our members knows no bounds ! From four years of ‘Corbyn fanboy/girl -dom ‘ , to a shameless return to ‘middle of the road’ warmed over Tory-lite, neo Blairdom, without most of our members even noticing their own profound cognitive dissonance !

      And of course the sheer chutzpah of our small infestation of full-time paid Right Wing trolls like RH and Steve H (assuming the aren’t the same person with two identities – which is quite possible) , who supported the very 2nd ref and Remain policy for three years which lost us the election – and constantly quoted bogus polls supposedly guaranteeing that Labour voters even in our heartlands were mostly for Remain, are still posing as people whose views on anything should be taken seriously !

      Now they are reduced to making sad old 1970-era Daily Mail-style snide references to those few socialists on here who were correct all along about the suicidal folly of adopting Remain, as cover for their proven single aim posting all day – every day, on this site , ie, to sabotage our party , and drown out serious Left discussion with their Mandelson-sourced agenda of nonsense . Note to the Trolls, no-one under 50 even knows who ‘Wolfie Smith’ was , or the ‘Tooting Popular Front’. That just shows the elderly nature of the scriptmasters who supply each of you with your day’s agenda. Time to update , guys – at least to the new millennium’s popular media anti-Left caricatures .

      As Danny says, a Labour Party with Kier Starmer in charge, as seems very possible, is totally fucked as a potential governing party – reduced to being merely a ,slightly to their Liberal Left , competitor only with the Lib Dems and Tories in the South and the big cities of England and Wales.

      1. @JPenney

        Good post. I’ve just read that it seems that Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission. That’s invitation only for those who aren’t aware.

        So, your prognosis of Labour returning to Tory-lite is 100% accurate.

      2. And more re that charisma-free, wooden, new ideas-free, centrist politician, but deeply well-connected insider, Starmer , of more current significance for Labour is the openly available fact that the now quite possible new leader of the Labour Party , ex DPP, Sir Kier Starmer , since 2018, is the ONLY member (by invitation only) in the entire House of Commons of the European section of that uber sinister globalist ‘thinktank’ neoliberal capitalist promoting body, the Trilateral Commission ! See the downloadable membership lists of the various regional parts at the bottom of the online page here

        So Labour might well shift from being led briefly by a lifelong socialist, Jeremy, to being led by a creature of the globalist capitalist oligarchy in only four short years ! Beyond tragic ! Do the Membership grasp what a sinister pro capitalist creature Starmer is ?

      3. Apart from being even less likeable is RLB really any different

      4. @SteveH

        She isn’t a member of the T.C.🤦🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

        For a while I thought you were a troll. Now I believe you’re just stupid.

  5. I don’t like Starmer but it’s a fact that people tend to trust a middle-aged man with a neutral accent who not only wears a well-cut business suit but looks at home in it – people who feel uncomfortable in their clothes can seem shifty.
    Clothes and accents are probably worth fifty seats to the Tories.
    I switched jobs from banking to engineering as a kid and immediately noticed a huge difference in the way strangers responded to me.
    And as far as girls were concerned it was as if I’d gone from a seven to a five 🙁

      1. Methinks we are the last generation who had to cross the cruel sea to ask a girl to dance, then
        Do the walk of shame when she said No
        The lads used to shout
        Here comes Red Adair, he”s been blown out again
        So called mates were really a bunch of bastards

  6. I suppose our good Sir can feel easy talking to potty mouth etc. That should prove a winning formula for something or other. Who does “fight em on the beaches”, Lenny the lion support today. I ask because its all so important and relevant. My skwarky last post.

  7. Doug…..I used to wait for the girls to cross the cruel sea & come to me……………I’m still waiting!

    1. In a nightclub in 1975, just me and a couple from work cos I’d split up with my gf. Asked a girl to dance, got “I only dance to the Rolling Stones” in a nice Scandinavian-ish accent.
      Walked back to our table with a grin & a shrug, couple both found it hilarious that I’d been brushed off.
      In their defence I was an insufferably cocky git.
      A little while later she’s inexplicably wetting herself laughing again at something over my shoulder – I turn around and the cute foreign girl’s standing behind me waiting and I realise there’s a Stones number playing. Heh heh heh.
      Nice girl, working for Operation Babylift taking care of Vietnamese orphans.
      Smart though – saw through me right away.

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