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Phillips confirms quitting leadership contest

Jess Phillips has confirmed she has quit the Labour leadership contest. The Birmingham Yardley MP has issued a video telling supporters the country needs someone that can ‘unite all parts of our movement’ and ‘at this time, that person isn’t me’.

Speculation has been mounting today after she failed to attend the GMB union hustings, amid rumours that she had been unable to command enough support to reach the full ballot.

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    1. Not usually one for personal attacks but even visually she does seem to be considerably more jaw than brain.

  1. Glad to see Phillips off. She must have realised that despite mastering the support of 23 MPs, she stood not chance of getting 33 CLPs nominations and the Trade Unions weren’t keen on nominating her.
    It would be interesting to see if Emily Thornberry manages to get the 33 CLP’s nominations.
    My guess is that Starmer will help her get the CLPs nominations. I don’t believe he would enjoy much getting sandwiched between Nandy and Long-Bailey.

    1. Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn , OOOOOHHH JEREMY CORBYN

      ad lib and fade ….
      God how I just wish he was on the bloody ballot , streets ahead of ALL OF THEM .

  2. Great news but a word of caution – why does Jess say that she can’t unite the party ” at this time” .Clearly she is leaving the door open for a second go sometime in the future. Whoever wins would need to watch out for knives in the front..
    Any word on the GMB nomination yet?

  3. Rupert Murdoch won’t be happy that his chosen one has l ft the leadership race.

    1. Yes indeed, Christopher. The Times just loved Jess Phillips ! And Andrew Marr, who so recently described the empty windbag clown, Phillips, as ‘one of the most charismatic MPs currently at Westminster’, or some such tosh ! How quickly these ‘rent-a-gob’ media Labour MP favourites are exposed as craven bought creatures of the billionaire-owned mass media , without a real political idea beyond the neoliberal consensus, once exposed to the slightest scrutiny.

      Sadly , Long-Bailey, if elected, is too inexperienced, too shy, and too weak politically, to stand up to the media and Right Wing PLP majority, for even a month before becoming their catspaw, never mind the four years it took them to break Jeremy Corbyn (and that backstabbing poseur, McDonnell) . And let’s not kid ourselves, break Jeremy and his tiny inner circle they did eventually – assisted throughout by the traditional craven unwillingness of the Labour PLP ‘Left’ to ever confront the PLP Right in any concrete way.

      Even more tragically, that ghastly reactionary ex DPP , Kier Starmer, – with his wooden personality, and warmed-over Blairite Tory Lite politics (nowadays that is – let’s forget his brief earlier days of youth in the mid 1980’s as a keen young Trotskyist in a totally obscure tiny splinter Trot Group of the 58 varieties of the 4th International !), is actually more representative, with his uncritical love of the neoliberal EU and its Single Market rules forbidding any Left Wing economic policies, of our majority of Left Liberal members , than Long-Bailey. My guess is that Starmer will win the Leadership contest – and then it’s rapidly into the dustbin of history as a mass party with government potential , a la the French Socialist Party, and the Greek PASOK, and the German SPD, with our Labour Party !

      1. If only Jess had come to you for advise, with your vast experience of flogging a dead horse for over a ¼ of a century you would have been well placed to give her the benefit of your expertise.

      2. Rebecca Long Bailey didn’t inspire me with confidence at the start of the campaign but her hustings performance impressed me particularly how she ignored Jess Phillips off putting stares and wry glances both designed in my opinion to throw her off balance.
        She knows what Jeremy had to put up with and being a young confident working class person will know what’s coming her way, will be well be prepared for it and will take no nonsense from them.
        I hope she makes full use of the rule book and instigates disciplinary action against anybody who sets out to undermine the party by attacking the leader.

      3. The main problem with Jess is that it was all about her. No policies, no beliefs (other than her own narcissism) and that she had the backing of uncle Rupert and the Torygraph. Jess was the candidate that they knew would drop out so their man Keir can just romp to victory and make the establishment happy. Unlike many people below it seems that the last manifesto was too radical, even though in scandinavia and elsewhere the manifesto would be considered mainstream. Those who wanted David Milliband instead of his brother are still wed to the Blairite way of doing things that include invading countries that have not done us any harm. Bringing about terminal decline in our heartlands and of course not reversing Thatchers legacy. But hey, where is the harm in that?

        We need a woman to lead the party if we are at all serious about equality. Rebecca Long-Bailey is the woman who can bring about change. Will she be successful? She needs a Deputy Leader that will support her and put the boot about within the PLP. That person should be Richard Burgon who will stand no messing with the childish behaviour of the PLP. Perhaps, we might get Open Selection and scare the living daylights out of the PLP and bring them to heel. That was the left’s biggest mistake whilst we had the numbers. Change the rules as Blair did when he was elected leader. One thing is for certain, any further coup attempt should be put down mercilessly if it happens again, including suspension of MP’s and the CLP if they don’t act against those attempting another coup! Solidarity!

      4. Christopher Fox 21/01 at 6:01 pm
        “That was the left’s biggest mistake whilst we had the numbers. Change the rules as Blair did when he was elected leader.

        We (the members) did try but unfortunately the unions blocked the change.

      5. SteveH 21/01/2020 at 6:10 pm · ·

        Christopher Fox 21/01 at 6:01 pm
        “That was the left’s biggest mistake whilst we had the numbers. Change the rules as Blair did when he was elected leader.

        “We (the members) did try but unfortunately the unions blocked the change.”

        Dont forget that twat LANSMAN as well SteveH

      6. That’s actually very nearly half a century of flogging a dead horse (or is it just resting ?), Mr Mandelson’s paid pet troll, Steve H, if you don’t mind laddie !

        But throughout all that long period of almost continuous working class and socialist Left defeat (ever since the pure socialist joy at the 1974 Miners’ Strike victory over Heath and the deliberate sabotage of the then ever-rising tide off politico/industrial struggle by the new Wilson Labour Government and its ‘Social Contract’ con trick, in fact) I , and the entire non-Labour Party UK radical Left have been spot on about the impossibility of transforming the Labour Party into a vehicle for radical, even mildly social democratic, political and social change . We have certainly been vindicated on that over the last four years of utter cowardice and capitulation to the Labour Right by the Corbynistas.

      7. @jpenney

        Thank you, thank you, thank you:

        You have my undying gratitude. For years I’ve been trying who Starmer reminds me of. Then you say ‘wooden’ and it all falls into place:

        The Woodentops! ( for the younger generation,)

      8. SteveH 21/01/2020 at 6:10 pm Very true but I think even the unions now understand it was a mistake by them not to give us Open Selection. I still think it’s between Starmer, Long-Bailey & Nandy now. Birmingham Hodge Hill CLP have just confirmed Long-Bailey & Burgon as their choice. They voted for Yvette Cooper last time. In Edgbaston CLP we are having our meeting a week on Saturday. I know some favour Starmer in Edgbaston as does our MP Preet Gill but I will vote RLB & Burgon.

    1. I cannot believe this image from GMB! .It is a total insult to Angela and to all women as it completely sexualises her/them.
      Shame on GMB for this appalling image which brings our Trade Union movement into disrepute and which makes them appear complete knuckle draggers. Shame on Angela if she doesn’t repudiate it.

      1. The GMB is a deeply reactionary organisation which supports nuclear weapons and fracking.

  4. Steve H ….insults are not the answer to J Penny who proved to be correct in many predictions before the elections no matter how irritating it might be for you.The Labour party are in a very dangerous place with the moderate establishment candidates and a meltdown could happen although I hope the Labour party survives.Without a Socialist input and weak moderste leaders the future is not bright.for a large thriving membership and decent honest leaders.!

    1. Well Joseph if you choose to support jpenney who doesn’t support JC or Labour’s policies and who also mocks and insults his fellow CLP members that is entirely up to you. Incidently there were no insults in my reply to jpenney just facts with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

      1. Steve H Corbyns gone and the Labour party are facing an uphill battle for survival,your input and you veiws of more of the not help,Ridicule is not the best form of exploring the argument comrade.!I am sure that J Penny needs no help from me and can quote where you went off message.and helped in the defeat last year.

      2. Joseph – You are of course entitled to your views no matter how misguided they may be. By all means join jpenney and his Tooting Popular Front but be warned John has boasted about achieving precisely bugger all in the last 40+ years so I hope you’re prepared for the long, long haul.

      3. ” Achieving precisely bugger all in the last 40+ years”

        That would do as a splash campaign slogan for Wolfie’s Toytown Left 🙂

      4. It is of course quite true that socialists, whether inside the Labour Party , or outside on the extra Parliamentary radical Left, have utterly failed to effectively resist in any way the advance of privatising, tax-dodging, ever-rising inequality, neoliberalism in the UK over the entire period since the carefully planned Reagan/Thatcher led neoliberal offensive of the late 1970’s onwards – especially since the epic historic class defeat of the UK 1984 miners strike(and similar epic TU defeats in the USA) . Not a good 40 years for socialists in most of the countries that have fallen under the advance of deregulated, low taxing of the rich, neoliberalism , from the USA, to the UK, to most of Europe, to Australia and New Zealand.

        So the understandable gleeful mocking of the failure of the socialist Left by the pro neoliberal right wing Mandelson Trolls like RH and Steve H has a solid basis for their delight. But what has the Labour Party under Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Miliband, achieved ? Yes, yes, a few marginal though not insignificant temporary gains, like Sure Start, Tax Credits, and extra funding for our NHS (all mostly gone now of course). But based on a total adoption of neoliberal, privatising, low tax for the rich, deregulating the financial sector, economics, which maintained all Thatcher’s anti Trades Union laws, opened the doors yet further to privatising the NHS, Railways, and other public services, built hospitals etc with ruinously expensive PFI financing, started the vicious scapegoating of the most vulnerable via cruel ‘disability assessments’ (Yvette Cooper take a bow) , and of course killed around one MILLION Iraqis thanks to Tony Blair’s toadying loyalty to US imperialism . And then this deregulated financialised neoliberal ‘business model’, of Blairism , with it’s deregulation of the spiv banks, led directly to the 2008 financial crash, and the biggest bailout of the banks, and the superrich asset owners, in world history, and the subsequent austerity justification for all the massive cuts in public services since !

        And during that entire period, including a Labour government and Labour in opposition led by grovelling collaborators to capitalism like Kinnock and Miliband , there has been one of the greatest transfers of income and wealth to the richest 1% since the 19th century in the UK.

        A great ‘triumph’ of Labour under sundry Right Wing Leaders for those Mandelson-funded Trolls on here to boast about indeed ! Methinks it is better to have fought and campaigned for 40 years against all that , and failed, than to have collaborated willingly with it, as the Labour Right have gleefully done, whilst corruptly taking backhanders from Big Business for their willing support, as most of the PLP have done throughout that time.

  5. Cause 4 rejoicing !!! Quite odd that Miss “knife Jeremy in the front”, has so little self-awareness, that she thought herself leadership material. Less judgement than a bin-bag… then again, apologies to bin-bags. At least when rubbish needs dumping, bin-bags are useful. But, what use thuggish Phillips???
    Who speaks of “knifing” another person? Is knife crime not rampant already? Why normalise violence? Where is Phillip’s sense of social responsibility? No wonder Neil Coyle MP, endorsed her. Lets see who he endorses next. Let us hope Coil gives his kiss of dump to Starmer, Nandy, and Rayner next… Shows Neil Coyle’s poor judgement. Exactly like the rejected Chukka Ummuna. Selfregard at plus, worthwhile substance zero… NOUGHT zilch … Umm un a squatted as Labour in Streatham. The great oeople of City & Westminster were un dazzled by the tailoring. They may have learnt from his self-serving political history… Labour? Jump-ship. TIGs or TINGE? Jump. CUKs? Jump. Lib Dems? … Dump b4 the Umm umm uses then jumps again. GOOD!!! And Luciana Berger, DUMPED by Finchley or Hendon!!! The electorate loves “centrists so much, THEY DUMP THEM!!! GOOD. And they re elect so called “far left” Jeremy and Dianne Abbott with over 30,000 votes!!! The revolutionary socialist republics of Hackney and Islington…. fermenting their “far left” ideology in Fidel’s Putney!!! Any yet so many swallow the MSM script hook line and sinker!!! The Remainiac TOSH lost us this election. Almost EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our manifesto is SOUND & VITAL for our country’s success. Presented and sequenced and prioritised in manageable phases is perfectly achievable. Only the most gullible are hypnotised by MSM pundits who backed Jo Swinson, Berger, Ummuna, Smeeth, Soubrey and ALL the “PEOPLE’s VOTE” lot like Arstair Campbell & Tony Blair. The country rejected their unfounded twaddle.

    ps Has UK MSM spent any time RE: the electorate’s TOTAL REJECTION of “centrists” Liberal Democrats? Campbell & Iraq 45 minutes to destruction Tony W.M.D. Blair’s “centrist” “PEOPLE’s Vote”?

    I’m abroad + having a media detox since 23Dec. Only now easing back in… from afar… starting with of course our BRILLIANT SKWAWKBOX.ORG. Will dip into LBC and Talkradio soon…or maybe wait till I return to our green and pleasant land.😊😊😊

  6. “RE: the electorate’s TOTAL REJECTION of “centrists” Liberal Democrats?”

    You’re reading the wrong runes from this FPTP election. Wishful thinking and misinterpretation of the result

  7. What rotten luck. She didn’t even make it as far as the ice cream van.

  8. Theres a good chance Nandy will win this, Starmer is wooden, pale, male and stale. RBL sounds naive and damaged by appearing to be a none too bright acolyte of Jeremy who as leader when losing gets all the blame for the manifesto, campaign, policies etc.

    1. Plain citizen …I am glad you are with Nandy pandy,but you will not be coming out to play.Torys dont get to vote and I am surprised you’re still on the payroll

  9. So you voted to leave the European Union, yes? And in so doing ruined both your country and your “party”. Well done, Anglikki.

  10. Of course it wasn’t her. She was more likely to CAUSE division. Finally, her own ego has been ‘stabbed in the front’.

  11. Moving on from the now irrelevance of Phillips (irrelevant except her role of handing her votes to Nandy), and looking to the grim future, one of the Groan’s good articles spells out the consequences of Mr Toad and his Spivs in terms of the future of the laughingly called ‘Labour Heartlands’ :

    A good on-the-ground organisation is needed in these constituencies with their SunMail voters to harass the new Tory MPs continually when the economic consequences come home to roost.

    1. Good to know the pathetic name-calling continues from the same sources. Describing me; a Brexiteer who would have liked JC to have negotiated Brexit, as a Sun/Mail voter is particularly insulting for a working class football supporter who Jack Straw once described as a “troublesome Scouser from Bristol”. I was @ Hillsborough & have a reminder of Murdoch’s Truth headline nailed to a wall & yes, my favourite journalist (Peter Hitchens) writes for the Daily Mail & not the Guardian. The sneering bourgeois BS continues………….Mr.Blair, for you the class war is over!

      1. Steve Richards – ‘Working’ (or ‘Middle’ or ‘Upper’) is an socio-economic description (however defined), not a certificate of proof of virtue. Or otherwise.

        Watching football is a pastime, not a political act.

        Denying reality, in this case the complicity of both working and middle class individuals in the election of Mr Toad, and the influence of the SunMail nexus is ludicrous.

        Your class consciousness/snobbery isn’t rendered any less retrogressive and irrelevant to the argument by being an inverted version of Old Etonian gormlessness It srtill confuses description with automatic entitlement.

        The fact is, I don’t give a f. about your self-designated class identity – it’s not relevant to the unexceptional point I’m making – which is simply that a lot of people, immersed in Tory propaganda, made a foot-shooting, disastrous decision – both in the Brexit vote and in the election.

        Get some therapy if you see this outline of the bleedin’ obvious as ‘name calling’.

  12. In response to a couple of tweets on here
    Thatcher described Blair as her greatest creation, others from the left behind communities I’m from described Blair/Brown as the bastard offspring of Thatcher, Cameron/Osborne modelled themselves on the fiendish duo
    Cheap and nasty Tory mp’s newly elected in Durham are going to attend the Big Meet, miners gala this year, look forward to that,
    Will it be after popping into a food bank or after visiting a school to see how young women are coping with period poverty
    Will Uncle Festa be joining them, methinks not
    Red Tory, blue Tory, yellow Tory,

  13. Until Miliband the Labour Leader did not attend the Gala for 23 years. One year Blair even went to the Grand Prix at Silverstone rather than attend. What does that say to people?
    Around quarter of a million people from the Durham area attend the Gala each year. it only took a small proportion of them to become disillusioned with Labour for it to loose the seats in Durham. Of course the local Tories will go to it – unlike Labour they are not going to take the votes of these people for granted

  14. RH and SH We will hang together or hang apart but you will surely hang.If Chris Williamson can be hung out for saying we have been too apologetic.What Will you two comrades do when when the white flag man provides a list to the witchfinder of your postings of unapologetic support of Palestinian rights groups.ITs no good now hiding behind the white flag,or being a moderate…..Koshers ok but its not on message to demand equality whilst we bankroll the party,after all you were only telling the truth.about the LFI and JLM.But you forgot who the candidates support and its not you two.Whoever gets elected its not kosher to support a two state solution.and democracy now inside the Labour party…how dare you.!

    1. Oh dear, Joseph – you again show a tremendous capacity ….

      … for misunderstanding and missing the target.

      The point both SteveH and I are making is that using actual anti-semetic language and tropes plays straight into the hands of the devious members of the Lobby. Its nothing to do with ‘moderation’ about the fundamentals: it’s about being clear about the difference between supporting Palestine (and, conversely condemning Israel) and confusing that issue with language that is used by actual anti-semites against Jews in a generalised cultural prejudice.

      On a specific point – I think a two-state’ solution will continue to be supported – because it is meaningless blather that was ruled out long ago by Israeli actions in carving up Palestinian territory.

      The real danger for Israel is the plain necessity of abandoning the cultural-racist Nation State Law that enforces apartheid, and, by definition, the nonsense of a ‘Jewish State’, which is the root of the problem. And would be similarly problematic if it was a ‘Christian’, ‘Islamic’ or ‘Moonie’ state.

      *That* is the essential problem for Zionists : in the long run, a civilized multicultural state is the only one that can sustain peace.

      1. RH…. “Two state solution meaningless blather?.Well thats one in the eye for the hard fought for UN mandate.Well with friends like you Palestine is down to who has the biggest weapon.You might soon be promoted by the Israeli lobby as the voice of reason and compassion.!Witchfinder might remove you from the list now….check with white flag man?

      2. Still pig ignorant as to what a GENUINE Semite is rent ,,, ask your bf’s rabbi some i know are very honest , good luck in finding one without the GOD gave us dominion over ALL others propaganda gene , but its possible

  15. RH nastiness continues, using mental illness as an insult is again particularly disturbing. Having been born on a street that Sajid Javid describes as the most violent & criminal street in Britain provides experience & insight into how society is organised & the extent to which the working classes are the least guilty of opportunism & privilege, compared to the bourgeois ‘smugs’ who demand privilege as entitlement. Watching football is one criteria assessing social class & it is not just a pastime, nor a political act……… is more important than that.
    How football is organised is a micro-image of society, as the BBC only reports on Premier League elites & the poor are priced out of attending. Young working class kids have little or no chance of ever representing their ‘money-grabbing’ Premier clubs, nor their country. 80% Premier League players are not from GB. (oops Guardian speak for ‘little Englander being racist or HSBC advert ‘we are not an island). Good to know that the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bankster Corporation defines our international, globalist moral compass.
    Jeremy Corbyn, along with Tony Benn & Dennis Skinner, spent most of their political lives advocating leaving the ‘rich man’s club’. RH echoes Blair’s mantra of denying Socialism & ignoring the needs of the working classes in favour of the bourgeoisie aka middle England’s centre ground. ‘Socialism cannot work & the Labour Party is unelectable’, making the Labour Party more Tory Lite.

    1. Choosing to call it ‘mental illness’ is your choice. I’d just term it ‘self-delusion’ – quite amenable to addressing with simple rational thought. What’s this need for victimhood?

      Your rant is, once again, totally misplaced self-inflicted persecution, addressed, it seems, by an overdose of self-righteousness that blinds you too actually understanding what I actually wrote. Your generalised guff has no more grasp of the term ‘working class’ than my Aunt Fanny – who, like the family was of that ilk.

      Just chew on some simple facts before you invest the term ‘working class’ with some mystical quality that endorses your views:

      1. Working class voters who support Labour actually mainly voted for ‘Remain’.

      2. Only a minority of the working class vote Labour.

      3. The ‘Labour Heartlands’ are a delusion, as subject to Tory propaganda as any other areas.

      You last paragraph is a sequence of weird assumptions .But, of course, my main *socialist* point is that you don’t judge people according to their assumed socio-economic origins if you are actually interested in change in the social hierarchy and its manifestation in wealth. Your simplistic labelling by assumption is quite loopy.

      “the working classes are the least guilty of opportunism & privilege, compared to the bourgeois ‘smugs’ who demand privilege as entitlement.”

      That’s not ‘socialism’ – it’s old-fashioned bile and resentment. And the mirror image of Bullingdon Club attitudes.

      1. What utter baloney. The Troll technique – put forward complete bollocks with assurance, and some mugs will believe it . That tiresome Right Wing Mandelson-paid Troll , RH, desperately re-writing both history and class based voting analysis, now wants us to believe that , ‘ The ‘Labour Heartlands’ are a delusion … ‘ . Strange then that 56 of the 58 seats we lost were in what were quite clearly generations-long ‘Labour Heartlands ‘, ie, Labour seats since the year dot – and they all were constituencies that voted overwhelmingly to Leave. Now it may be that RH is defining ‘working class ‘ in some peculiar way, but these old ‘heartlands’ always Labour returning seats, are all areas in which the working class far outnumbers any subset of the ‘middle classes’. Strange that by adopting second referendum and Remain in 2019 we lost all the seats which, with a very similar otherwise Manifesto , we won in 2017.

        Right Labour Trolls seem to be pandering to the middle class, EU-loving majority of our activist membership with this ludicrous fantasy he paints of the ‘working class’ mostly being Tory voters, and the nice middle class, EU-loving, elements in these areas all being Labour voters. A strange position to argue with any credibility given the sheer scale of our seat losses in traditional, overwhelmingly working class, Labour seat areas .

        As ever, RH, Jack T, and Steve H, the other day-long, every-day, paid trolls, are just pushing out confusing nonsense to try and cover for the cataclysmic consequences for our party of adopting the very same second referendum and Remain position that they advocated ceaselessly for four years – claiming confidently, (with lots of Guardianista dodgy weaponised polling ‘evidence’ ) that such a position would secure us victory – ‘ because most Labour voters everywhere support Remain’ . No they don’t, clowns, and now we’ve lost millions of them, forever, and will next lose lots of the discredited generations-long Labour Councils in these Heartland areas too , in May.

      2. “Right Wing Mandelson-paid Troll , RH”

        Your fantasies are a constant amusement as your muffled shout emerges from under the duvet of political ignorance and irrelevance.

        Wolfie – Come Back! – you’ve met your match with this fantasist!

        Take a sabbatical, and.perhaps, get in touch with the real working class as opposed to your fantasy image of it.

        Come to that – just get in touch with reality instead of second or third-hand cod Marxism of the ‘Idiot’s Guide’ genre..

        THEN you *might* be able to argue instead of burbling meaningless second-hand Woodentop garbage.

      3. Advising therapy for anyone infers mental illness, but ‘your corrupt ways have finally made you blind’ The working classes are those people in Britain who never have been allowed to walk in the sun; never have doors opened for them & have always done the most dangerous or low paid labouring jobs that the smug bourgeoisie can’t or won’t do. Indeed, victims they are! EU membership ensures that even wiping the butts of the elderly is a job reserved for imported labour.
        Now you advocate a system of an endless supply of casual labour to flood a labour market of cheap labour, knowing the effect will expand the black market; the gig economy & further casualisation of labour.
        There is no social mobility @ the lower echelons of society as Liverpool University recently pointed out ‘we wish to expand our global reach & have international ambitions, especially attracting students from countries such as China’. The business of education is not for the likes of the poor in Great Britain & yes, I am an old fashioned Socialist that Blair says makes the Labour Party unelectable.

    2. Just try reading rather than assuming.

      I’ve written about generalised class labels and the falsity of the automatic application of this social group description to infer the character and attitudes of individuals.

      You have just written about poverty and exploitation. About which I have no argument at all, nor the correlation. But specific correlations at a group level do not determine individual circumstance or behaviour, or indeed, the nature of any other characteristics of a class as a group.

      It’s about clarity, and telling it as it is. In practical terms, pointing out that the Labour Party isn’t simply an idealised Party of an idealised monolithic ‘working class’ with radical instincts. It isn’t, and depends on a coalition across various classes.

      That’s all.

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