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Narrow victory for Lansman as almost half reject Momentum leadership slate

Momentum members vote to back recommended leader/deputy ‘slate’ – just

Momentum’s recommended ‘slate’ for the Labour leader/deputy contest has scraped through a ballot of its membership.

The organisation has emailed its members to announce how ‘delighted’ it is at the result, having controversially offered members only a choice between accepting or rejecting its recommended candidate for each position.

But the recommended pairing of Rebecca Long-Bailey for leader and Angela Rayner for deputy was rejected by 48% of those voting.

Only 52% voted to support Angela Rayner for the deputy’s position, according to the SKWAWKBOX’s sources.

The news comes after Rayner was criticised for her endorsement of a 2019 interview by Tony Blair in which the former PM attacked the party’s left-wing leadership and praised the ‘Tinge’ quitters – and as rival Richard Burgon has shaken up the deputy contest with an announcement that the very popular Laura Pidcock is chairing his campaign.

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  1. IT doesn’t matter how he won the fact that his fiefdom managed to get the momentum activists to endorse another puppet for his kingdom.makes the continued power of his organisation a threat to the Labour party and the membership.

    1. Come on Skwawkbox, lets get some actual figures, like total membership, how many actually could be bothered to vote and take it from there. In a nutshell, if only 10K actually participated the endorsement and size of the Win is meaningless, never mind the fact that Momentum membership is only a fraction of the actual Party membership, which many Momentum groups actually ignoring the diktats of its owner, one Mr Lansman.

      1. Skwawkbox you missed a trick there bonnie lad
        It’s all about how you frame the story, learn from the divvils in the MSM and toilet papers
        Bet you a pound to a penny the numbers are terrible
        Your strapline should have been
        ‘Beginning of the end for Cockwomble ‘Jon Lansman ‘
        Pathetic endorsement from a tiny minority of members,
        Message is clear to momentum chief
        ‘Off you must fuck’
        Invoice in the post

      2. But is there an accurate figure for Momentum’s current membership?
        Bearing in mind, of course, that its members by definition, are all ‘activists’.

      3. If labrebisgalloise is correct and the Momentum vote turnout was a pitiful 7,000, how many members does (the once 40,000 strong) Momentum now have as paying subscribers (to Jon Lansman’s private company essentially) ? What a disgrace to socialism and the working class Lansman and his tiny claque bogussly concocted ‘Leadership’ of this once potentially huge, potentially internally democratic, activist , socialist politics-guided, mobilising ginger group within our Party, are.

        Hopefully most remaining members of Momentum, and the wider Labour ‘Left’ will view with contempt the Lansman claque’s engineered instruction to vote for the careerist opportunist , politics-less, puppet of the Blairites and Tory press, Angela Raynor, and vote for the only socialist candidate, Richard Burgon, instead.

      4. I made one donation to Momentum, when they first went public. Then I realised it was utterly undemocratic and have not since. I honestly cannot see why we need an external organisation telling Labour what to do. Don’t we have enough of them already?

  2. Momentum’s power is vastly overstated. Not only does the voting show that it’s internal structure is not as monolithic as the tabloids would have us believe, the group itself is less than 10% of the Labour membership.

    Yes, they are an influential lobby group, but they do not “control” the membership, far from it.

    1. Mark locket..You are correct,momentum do not control the membership But with no democracy inside the Labour party we are presented with fake candidates by those who do control the Labour party.Jon lansman is one of those that have influenced the NEC by his momentum approved candidates inside the NEC and now the leadership.Its a question of who controls and its definetly not the membership of either organisation…just look at the candidates we have been presented with and try not to despair.

  3. I suspect this result was a message neither to RLB nor AR. It was a message to Lansman.
    And it raises the question:
    “If Momentum isn’t for its members, and it isn’t for Labour, what is it for?”
    Answers on a postcard, please, to Lansman, J.

  4. I make that a 20% turnout, Some Parish Council by elections do better than this.

  5. I make the turnout 18% so those endorsing Rayner (52%) are under 10% of the momentum “membership” – or as Steely Dan might have said “Raise up your glass to good King Richard, we’ve seen the last of bad King Jon.”

    1. I have been a fully paid up member of Momentum for a couple of years. The last sub I paid was in November. No one balloted me on this issue. I am not impressed and I am growing increasingly disillusioned with Jon.

  6. MSM and toilet papers are all running with ‘trouble at mill’s stories inside the RLB camp
    Time for RLB to break free and assert herself in full view of members, if she does she will piss the leadership race
    Methinks its time to ditch Jon Lansman and make a clear break from apologists
    We are desperate for clear red water

  7. With no sleight on members, most of whom will have joined Momentum for the best of reasons, it should now be clear that an alternative organisation to Lansman’s Momentum is now required. We need a genuine ‘left’ organisation with a democratic constitution and who knows, it could grow into a genuine Labour Party!

    The forthcoming conference being organised by Chris Williamson could be the start of something exciting.

    1. Beware of Chapter 2 Clause 1 Labour Party Rules. Sadly Chris is no longer a member of the Labour Party

      1. Whatever the LP rules say is not going to prevent a new group sympathetic to Corbyn from starting up and it’s not going to stop the hundreds of thousands of people who joined Labour because of Corbyn from taking an interest in that group.

  8. If momentum did not exist then you would invent one, 2017 GE was textbook stuff
    Jon Lansman is pure poison so it was doomed to fail and it has
    Go down the Joseph Stalin route and get rid of the man then momentum will thrive and serve the party well

  9. Yes AR is no socialist and I found her weak on Education.
    Oh some of us are still waiting for the email from Momentum to reset our passwords so the dodgy vote set up by the bourgeois socialist top down leaders of Momentum could have been even closer as many of us are BACKING BURGON!
    At least Lansman should soon be history soon and should be kicked off the NEC.
    Shame about how Momentum has gone, lot of good young people too led by Donkeys!
    The Labour Representation Committee is good, left, and democratic (if not at times a bit of a JM fan club?) so why not leave Momentum on mass and join LRC?
    The left needs a grassroots led, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic organisation and this could be it?
    Just Google LRC.
    RBL (however imperfect) and genuine socialist Burgon are the Left’s last chance saloon.

    1. Bazza….unfortunately momentum have been hijacked by outside money,much the same as the Labour party .Momentum supporters and many like myself walked away when it became obvious that the organisation was not for the advancment of the ordinary people or socialism .The same can be said of the Labour party looking at the candidates that we have been dumped with.The membership of the Labour party have been subjected to harassment and insults by our rulers,and thats after 4years of a socialist revival and look at the party.No democratic choice for socialism and only burgon to show for all the years…totally disheartening and sad 😢.We were drinking in the last chance saloon before xmass.and we blew it mainly because of weaknesses and capitulation to the enemy within….and we knew it.!

  10. It’s RLB and Burgon or the Right.
    By the way great victory by workers in France re pensions against France’s Starmer!

    1. What we learn from this article is that out of all the candidates for the leadership and deputy leadership only 2 of them have shown any courage. The policy of capitulation was a spectacular failure for Jeremy, so what makes our leadership candidates (with 2 honourable exceptions) think it will be any different for them. I despair at the lack of courage and leadership on display.

      1. I’m becoming more and more convinced that candidates aren’t just making a ‘tactical’ mistake (otherwise known as the pole-climber’s fakery) – I reckon that they’re collectively genuinely too stupid to realise what they are doing and what the consequences are.

        I have not seen the slightest shred of evidence that there is any understanding of the situation in this moronic capitulation.

        I would urge members to stay in the Party, spread awareness and look to Conference to redress the balance, no matter what the blackmail, manipulation and threats.

        Bottom line – the Israel Lobby is the worst current threat to progressive politics and human rights.

  11. Follow the French example and the example of all true democracy.Hit the streets and fight for democracy its the only response that the right wing shambles are terrified of…and it works

    1. OK, Joseph. But remember that in this tin-pot Ruritania, the ‘Core’ (ha!ha! ROTFL) Labour vote couldn’t even hit the ballot box to turf out a bunch of spivs and liars and keep the NHS from the predation of the corporations.

      … and a lot of the ‘left’ is falling over itself making excuses for that performance because they assume that it was the ‘working class’ that consciously ‘rose up’ over the Tory press’s Brexit scam – and voted Tory.. My working class forbears, from the generations that gave us the post-war settlement will be looking down in amazement and disgust.

  12. RH….The French rising up against the tyreny of macron is nothing to do with class or socialism Its a revolt against the demolition of the Republic and the society that the French have fought for and will come together to protect the Republic thats under threat from little Napoleon Macron and his banker pals.The alliance of different sections of society to defend themselves is both inspiring and heartening for me personally and for many others who love the French way of life,pensions are just one example of this maggots neo liberal alliance both sides of the channel..All is familiar in the failed ideology of neo liberal vandalism Britain can now look to the destruction of public services and Society in the government they voted to rule.

  13. Apparently RLB’s campaign theme is apparently going to be socialism is aspiration, I prefer a much simpler message of Not me. Us.

  14. “Socialism is an aspiration” says Double barrel Bailey..I do hope she’s not developing a “Messia” complex,her boss lansman is still waiting for him to arrive? Bailey is starting to believe her own publicity and we all know the dangers of that.

    1. “Socialism is an aspiration”
      “Progressive patriotism”
      I am trying so hard to see RLB as our future leader, but by gum she makes it difficult.

  15. 90 Southwark & Lambeth Cllrs have signed this letter to London Labour region raising serious concerns over the GLA selection process. Apparently the selection panel which consisted of Jon Lansman, Jim Kelly (Unite) and Michelle Gordon (GMB) put forward one Momentum candidate, one from GMB and 3 weak candidates with little local support. (ignoring better qualified candidates with significant local support)

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