Timings announced and applications open for Liverpool leader/deputy hustings

The Labour Party has opened applications for the first of its leader/deputy leader hustings, which will be held in Liverpool this Saturday.

Expected demand means that not all applicants will be successful. Those who are will receive details of the venue later this week:

Members and registered supporters can apply here, for either the leader or deputy leader sessions, or both. The hustings will also be broadcast online.

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    1. No – don’t ‘give ’em hell’. Or rage – or any such. It’ll just waste time.

      But some really pointed forensic questioning (not blanket questioning that will allow waffle) about detailed aspects and implications of what they’ve signed up to in grovelling to the BoD might be useful (if such questions can get through the expected blockade).

      Questions about support for Palestinian human rights might also be interesting.

      But – of course – in general those being questioned usually have a tactical advantage in performances such as this.

      1. By “hell” I mean “some really pointed forensic questioning” of the type you describe. Done well enough, it will be a hellish experience for them. Ya dig?

      2. Labour ‘Edits Code Of Conduct To Stop Leadership Hopefuls Criticising Staff’

        Labour Party chiefs have updated codes of conduct for leadership hopefuls to prevent criticism of staff,

        Insiders say general secretary Jennie Formby told employees the behavioural guidelines expected of MPs hoping to succeed Jeremy Corbyn had been amended by the party’s procedural committee.

        The new Code of Conduct, which is understood to have been put in place last week, applies to all Labour candidates standing for election to any position, including those vying for the top job.

        But one party insider said they believed the measures had been put in place to protect Corbyn’s closest aides, including Karie Murphy, the exiting leader’s chief of staff, and his communications boss Seumas Milne.

      3. Yes, timfrom – I get it. No problem – but I guess you’ll understand my concern about time being wasted on useless rants. It wasn’t aimed at you personally.

        I guess many of us outside Liverpool will be interested in events.

      4. I’m within the Merseyrail area and am awaiting the outcome of my ticket application…

        I’m sure any ranters will be put firmly in their place. I think we all know now that, as the occupiers of the moral high ground, we must beat them with clubs, I mean, politeness and civility! 😂

  1. dates approved by Labors boss’s…… those who must be obeyed….. BofDBJ ?

  2. Jess Phillips has appointed Wes Streeting as the parliamentary chair of her campaign and Melanie Onn as an ex-parliamentarian campaign chair.
    Alicia Kennedy, who was Tom Watson’s chief of staff will be JP’s’ campaign director.

    JP has also appointed Rachel Kinnock, Ruth Smeeth, Caroline Bradley, Matt Goddin, Steph Lloyd, Rania Ramli, Francis Grove-White, Blair McDougall and Will Straw to various posts on her campaign team

    1. Well you know the old sayings – birds of a feather flock together and you can judge a person by the company they keep. Seems both are true. Does Jess genuinely think appointing Wes will her enhance her chances of being elected – is she really that stupid? I don’t think so but her real motivation in appointing him is anybody’s guess

    2. Well – the inclusion of Rith Smeeth and Wes Streeting alone is enough to prove that we’re absolutely right in rubbishing her canditature. Two clear enemies of Labour; one an ex-employee of Israeli interests, the other also a constant manufacturer of false (or deranged – take your pick) allegations

    1. Steve, just after JC was elected Leader I remember John McDonnell saying we can now all feel comfortable describing ourselves as Socialists. I hope the day will come when we can also feel comfortable describing our selves as anti-Zionists without being told by J.Mc that we are anti-Semitic!

      1. Sticks and stones.

        The ignorant and the venal misuse the term – but that’s just confirmation of their ignorance or venality.

        Just stick with honesty, telling it as it is, and don’t be cowed. Aim at educating the ignorant and calling out the venal.

  3. Qu: Seeing’s it’s Liverpool and you remind of rock stars, what is your favourite hit?
    Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya? Syria?
    Qu: The radical socialist feminist network asked: Where is the progress when Right Wing Labour MPs like you “vote to bomb our Black and brown brothers and sisters?”
    Qu: Do you think some of you abstaining on Tory welfare cuts will help us win back the left behind areas?
    Qu: Emily, you like to swear, so why did you shit on the left Venezeula Govt and its working class and aid the USA Neo-Cons?

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