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Labour’s full guidelines for constituency leadership nomination meetings

Party has published guidelines for conduct of all-member meetings to nominate leader and deputy leader candidates – and CLP reps for the NEC election

The Labour Party has published guidelines for how the all-member constituency meetings to decide which leadership/deputy leadership candidates a local party (CLP) will nominate must be conducted.

The meetings, which must take place – and report their results – between 15 January and 15 February – are vital to the elections, as candidates who fail to obtain nomination from 5% of CLPs or 5% of affiliate groups (including two unions) will not be eligible for the full ballot.

The guidelines are as follows:

Guidelines for CLP Nomination Meetings

This is a procedural document for CLPs to make nominations for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. CLPs have also been asked to nominate for the NEC BAME representative and the two vacant NEC CLP representatives. This has been based on a timetable and procedures that have been agreed to by the NEC. CLPs can only nominate candidates who have received nominations from at least 10% of MPs and MEPs (22 nominations in total) and have consented to nomination, a list of such candidates will be provided to CLPs and published on the Labour Party website after the close of PLP/EPLP nominations

CLP nominations will open on Wednesday 15 January 2020, and close on Friday 15 February 2020, 23.59. Any nominations submitted to the national party outside of this time will not be accepted.


The NEC has agreed that normal CLP meetings and branch meetings can continue. Your nomination meeting will need to be separate from your normal meeting so that only those eligible to attend and vote can do so.
In line with Labour Party rules, your CLP nomination meeting must be an all members meeting.

Members should receive seven days written notice of the meeting, unless the Regional Director (this includes Scottish and Welsh General Secretaries for the purpose of this paper) determines otherwise due to exceptional circumstances.


As per Chapter 2; Clause II; 4 of the Labour Party Rule Book only those members who have passed their 8 week provisional period of membership at the relevant date shall have the right to attend and vote at CLP meetings. For these purposes, the relevant date agreed by the NEC is date on which the meeting is due to take place. Members who joined between 6 September and 12 December 2019 – and who are therefore subject to the NEC decision to extend the provisional membership period during the General Election – will be entitled to attend and vote, providing they have eight weeks continuous membership at the time of the meeting.

Those members who are showing as being in arrears from after the relevant date, will be able to participate in the meeting provided they pay the arrears at the commencement of the meeting, or provide proof that they have since paid the arrears to the national party.
Any dispute with regard to the eligibility of any member shall where practicable be referred by the CLP Secretary to the Regional Director, who will rule on the member’s eligibility. Where the issue is not clear cut, the Regional Director will consult with the Governance & Legal Unit before giving a ruling.


Proper arrangements will need to be in place at the CLP meeting to check the eligibility of members attending. CLPs holding nomination meetings should check the names of attendees against a membership list on arrival. If you need any further help with Member Centre, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Membership Team on 0345 092 2299 or by email

No registered or affiliated supporters or non-eligible members should be invited to attend or allowed entry to the meeting, unless they are also an eligible party member.


Leader & Deputy Leader

The statements of the candidates can be found along with this documentation. These statements should be emailed to eligible members in advance of the meeting with paper copies given out to those attending upon arrival.


Nominations for the CLP rep can be taken from the floor. To be eligible to stand for this position a candidate must:

 have 12 months continuous membership from the date of the relevant date set by the NEC meeting. Therefore only members who have been a member on or before 20th January 2020 will be eligible to stand for this position.

NEC BAME Representative

Nominations for the BAME NEC representative can be taken from the floor. To be eligible to stand for this position a candidate must:

 have 12 months continuous membership from the date of the relevant date set by the NEC meeting. Therefore only members who have been a member on or before 20th January 2020 will be eligible to stand for this position.
 have formally notified the party that they self-define as BAME.

Up to ten minutes may be required to allow members to read any nominees statements that have been provided by the candidates to the CLP. At the end of this period the door keeper will be asked to confirm the number of eligible members in the meeting. No members arriving after this point will be eligible to participate in the meeting or the ballot.

Prior to the ballot, a discussion will take place on the qualities of the nominees for each position in turn starting with the Leader. This should last for a maximum of 2 hours, with no member speaking more than once, and for not more than three minutes each. The Chair should ensure that the discussion is moved on if necessary, to ensure adequate time for discussion of nominations for all of the positions available.


Following the discussion of candidates’ qualities the meeting will move to the ballot. To begin the meeting must decide on tellers, who should be elected by a simple show of hands.

Leader & Deputy Leader

For the Leader and Deputy Leader ballot will be a preferential ballot. Each member must number the candidate they wish to nominate in order of preference. If no candidate has reached the 50% threshold after the first round then the candidate with the lowest number of 1st preference votes will be eliminated and their 2nd preferences will be distributed amongst the candidates. This process will continue until one candidate has over 50% of the votes cast.

NEC CLP Representatives

For the NEC CLP representative each person can vote to nominate a maximum of TWO people. Each member must write the name of each person they wish to nominate for the two positions clearly on the ballot paper.

The two candidates with the most votes will be declared the winner and nominated by the CLP.

NEC BAME Representative

There is also one NEC BAME representative position to be nominated. Each member must write the name of the person they wish to nominate on their ballot paper.

The candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner and nominated by the CLP.

All the ballots can be collected and counted at the same time if this is perceived to be more efficient.

The candidates with the most votes will receive the nominations.


CLPs Secretaries must submit the nomination using the democracy portal found by following the link

Nominations must be received by the nomination closing date of Friday 14th February, 23.59


The Procedures Committee wish to remind CLP Officers of their obligation in ensuring that all meetings and venues are inclusive and accessible to all members. They should consider accessibility for all forms of visible and invisible disabilities that may exclude the individual from participating, as well as being accessible to members with young children and those with caring responsibilities.

Version 1 – agreed by Procedures Committee 090120
Version 1.1 – typos corrected 130120

The original document can be found here. Take these guidelines with you to the meeting to ensure that it is conducted accordingly – and ensure that your CLP secretary submits the results before the deadline.

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  1. Hope the “democracy portal” works a lot better than the rest of the website. is a disgrace.

    1. so was team Labor who did SFA to help labor other than send out begging for money emails , i lost count of how many they spammed me with , was Watson running them ?

  2. I will no doubt & yet again be locked out of having my CLP vote due to the archaic voting system of CLP’s that doesn’t take into consideration disabled housebound.

    Accessibility paragraph is a complete farce !

  3. I know I attended the Jess Phillips school of maths but I don’t understand how in the conditions of eligibility for NEC CLP rep it states candidates must have 12 months continuous membership therefore only members who have been a member since the 20th January 2020 will be eligible.

  4. I am on the edge of my seat with all these exciting candidates the PLP have decided we are allowed to vote for.Democracy in action after the socialist revival and not one socialist candidate’ amongst them…Echoes of the french socialist party that produced offspring like macron and all the other effluent..And to think we have to contain our excitement till April showers….solidarity.

    1. You are quite correct, Joseph, there is not a single genuine socialist amongst the Leadership candidates. (and for the information of those trolls who like to claim that the term ‘socialist ‘ means everything and nothing – in fact a genuine socialist is very easy to spot amongst the dreck of the Leadership contest – only Burgon , for Deputy only unfortunately, ,fits the bill). The rest are just old school mealie-mouthed career politicians looking for the personally-rewarding main chance, but willing to spout whatever rhetoric is required to get elected. Remember the faux radical socialist verbiage from the last challenger, that supposed ‘Bevanite socialist’, Owen Smith ? It’ll be just the same from all the candidates this time round too. But NONE of em, other than Richard Burgon, have any intention of taking on the vested interests defended by our billionaire-owned mass media, or the corrupt self-interest as stooges of the rich and Big Business, that passes for the ‘moderate centrist’ ideology of the majority of the PLP.

      Sad to say, folks, but the constant failures of the Old Labour Left around Jeremy/McDonnell/Lansman/Abbott et al since 2015 to build a mass, politically educated, genuinely socialist cohort of activists within Labour , (particularly Lansman’s hijacking of Momentum), and take on the Labour Right in any way, has destroyed the potential of the post 2015 radical Left ‘Corbyn Insurgency’ forever. And ironically, despite the Labour Right hugging themselves today with delight that their long-running sabotage has ‘worked’ , and all the Leadership candidates are actually non-socialist opportunists, thinking they will soon ‘get their Party back’ , in fact Labour , on 12th December, has had its ‘PASOK Moment’ of collapse into permanent electoral decline . It was only via the hope for a better future , through a radicalised , rejuvenated Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn , after his win in 2015, that the previously fast declining membership numbers were massively boosted, and for four years, to the amazement of sister parties across Europe, Labour appeared to be avoiding their terminal collapse. Well, that last gasp of social democracy is over now, thanks to the timidity /cowardice of the Corbyn Circle Old Lefties, the political naivety of our overwhelming Left Liberal activist membership, and the endless cynical sabotage of the PLP and local government Right, in cahoots with the mass media. .

      If there is ever a future resurrection of radical socialism in party form in the UK it will not emerge within the electorally permanently broken, abandoned by much of our working class base, deeply corrupt, Labour Party, led from now on by some weak chancer who will be completely under the control of the vicious saboteurs of the PLP Right and Centre.

      1. jpenney – Perhaps you could highlight the specific policies that differentiate Richard Burgon from all the other candidates.

      2. Spot on mate but see my post under a different heading.
        Surely its worth a try. Make a grumpy old socialist git happy and give it a go.

  5. Given the nature of the current riders and runners *all* bowing down before the Board of Deputies, I have little interest in this process of the Party cutting its own throat.

    Perhaps a protest campaign of ‘writing in’ a candidate not approved by the PLP is the only response possible? Even if ultimately futile, it’s no more so than endorsing a candidate opposed to the beliefs of the membership as made clear at Conference.

  6. Now Labour Party Members have the opportunity to vote for what a person is & not who……or more specifically, what they define themselves to be & not who, or what they believe in. Democracy in action?

  7. I see that the BoD are already flexing their muscles using the power gifted to them by the leadership candidates. When will we (they) learn?

    Labour Party receives complaints against “Rachael Swindon”
    The account tweeted a list of demands of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, including several requiring the organisation to condemn and apologise for the actions of the Israeli state. Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel is one of the examples included in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. The tweet was later deleted.

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