Video: senior doctors – “healthcare is a fundamental human right – but NHS is in ICU”

Leading UK health campaigner Dr Kailash Chand met Dr KK Aggarwal in India to discuss the crisis in the NHS

Dr Kailash Chand is a leading health campaigner and honorary vice-president of the British Medical Association and a Fellow of the Royal College of GPs, who was named by Pulse magazine one of Britain’s fifty best doctors.

Dr KK Aggarwal is a leading Indian cardiologist, former president of the Indian Medical Association and current president of the Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania.

Recently, the two eminent medics met to discuss the crisis in the UK’s health service, which Dr Chand described as the ‘NHS in ICU’ – the intensive care unit:

Dr Chand told the SKWAWKBOX:

The NHS is withering away and if things carry on as they are, then in the future people will be denied the care they once had under the NHS and have to pay more for health services.

But the NHS made an error from the start: building services around treatment rather than prevention. We see the ramifications of this today. By seeking only to treat ill health rather than also tackling its causes, successive politicians have lost sight of the path to securing the NHS.

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  1. Oy Gevalt ..NO profit in curing disease only in treating symptoms screams BigPharma and its pushers

  2. The Tories couldn’t care less about the NHS withering away Indeed that would be their preferred option. Neither could the millions who voted Tory and that won’t change until they are in need of the NHS by which time it will be run for profit by United States companies.

    1. Smartboy, the Tories care very much about the NHS withering away – healthcare failing to deliver is essential to their privatisation plan.
      They need to make the people so dissatisfied with the service that they’ll demand, or at least accept, change – the NHS gets the blame for Tory cuts, Tories blame Labour for creating the NHS in the first place, claim privatisation (the only policy idea they’ve ever had or ever will have) is the solution, as always.
      Just like Brexit really – screw the country up, blame the EU, claim Tories Taking Back Control is the only way to fix Tory screw-ups.
      The 2005 policy book called “Direct Democracy: An Agenda For A New Model Party,” co-authored by Jeremy Hunt, spelled out Tory plans for the NHS.

  3. Has the NHS been taken off the table yet
    How many extra nurses GP’s do we have
    Capital expenditure YTD New hospital starts
    Social care how much are people left with after you sell their house
    Can the NHS survive without free movement

  4. Well, according to a supposedly ‘educated’ colleague of mine this very day, the state of the NHS today is entirely the fault of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The fact that tories have been in charge for the last ten years has completely by-passed him. He, like many others has been brainwashed by the tory run media. They have obviously been pushing this bilge down peoples throats AND its been believed.

    1. Rebuilding the NHS was one of the best thing Brown did- Blair said it had to be done without adding to govt borrowing leading to PFI. But by 2010 the NHS was running effectively with 94% approval rating. That was a long time ago.
      This weekend our local hospital was on Code Black with walk in A&E waiting times of 41 hours (yes forty one)

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