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Video: Phillips reaches nomination threshold – but confuses year of Labour’s last GE win

Yardley MP qualifies for next phase of contest but suffers another car-crash moment

Labour leadership hopeful Jess Phillips has reached the required number of nominations from MPs and MEPs to reach the next phase of the contest. She now needs support from either 5% of affiliate members – primarily unions – or 5% of constituency parties (CLPs) to make it to the full ballot.

However, Phillips also suffered yet another interview embarrassment when she told viewers that Labour had not won an election since 2015 – when her now 14-year-old son was born:

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  1. Your postings about this truly awful woman should carry a health warning because listening to her makes many of us feel physically sick.

  2. If this woman ever became leader that would be the end of my labour membership even though we are being encouraged to stay. I just couldn’t!

    1. Neither could I – It won’t happen though . She is greatly disliked among the membership although she is the darling of elements of the PLP and MSM,

  3. I am sick of white working class people being vilified when millions of us stuck by Labour and many of us opposed it when mainly white middle class male and female Right Wing Labour MPs voted to bomb our black and brown brothers and sisters in other countries.
    What we need to do is to put Blair and Bush on trial in The Hague to show that Western tyrants will get justice too which demonstrates to diverse working humanity that we are all equal – it could be a political global seismic moment.
    Starmer and Phillips – political dumb and dumber!
    Footnote- claims Iran shot down its own plane?
    Aviation expert says if hit by missile it would have blown up in mid air but apparently it tragically blew up on the ground.
    Truth will out.

  4. It tells you a lot that she is still in the PLP, from which Williamson was expelled. At least Ian Austin, her soulmate, resigned.
    It tells you more that she has won more than 20 nominations from her colleagues. .

    1. Probably the only thing that Austin got right was when he said that many Labour MPs agreed with him.

  5. Yes political morons on the gravy train making a good living out of diverse working people support support political morons.

  6. Perhaps real socialists in Labour have 60 Labour MPs, 5% of Labour Lords, 0% of ex-Leaders, and 66% of members plus some unions plus 10m voters but if we get RLB & Richard Burgon and get out amongst the left behind including in Leave areas offering political and practical support, imagine the Labour Party has just been formed then we can win working alongside the rest.
    All Starmer/Phillips et al offer is political oblivion!

  7. In a system were a separate Labour party chooses the candidates for the Labour party membership we are bound to have a tyreny from a dangerous and isolated PLP totally isolated from the membership and reflection of a loose groupings of separate political affiliations and politics.We have 2political partys operating on separate levels and something must go or destroy each other..After the leadership election we will have no effective opposition to the Torys and we will have been returned to the status quo of a unrepresentitive Labour party of the establishment.

  8. RLB&RB4ME yes indeed compare & contrast the above pathetic performance – requiring basic arithmetic lessons (if they would get anywhere at all) – with this brilliant performance from RLB last November:

    RLB overwhelms the interviewer.

    RLB is a major political discovery.

    Vote for her.

  9. FFS – Attack Phillips on substantive stuff – not this sort of trivial MSM-type chatter. Playground stuff just serves to make her look good to those beyond the politically engaged.

  10. Get a grip Skwawk! You campaign against a political non entity who doesn’t justify the editorial waste of space, and you campaign for a couple of people who have no real intention of standing and couldn’t come third in a two horse race.
    Does it occur to you that by faffing around you could damage RLB’s chances badly enough to let Starmer through?

    1. I had an interesting conversation today with an old comrade – once a member of the CPGB – with an impeccable record of political activity on the left, backed up by extensive community work and a personal morality and support for individuals that is beyond reproach.

      We disagree on some things, but I would prefer him to have my back than most. Certainly a socialist by any real definition (in deeds rather than just rhetoric) and certainly not of the right by any stretch of the imagination – but not of the Tooting variety

      Interestingly – given the field – he backs Starmer, despite reservations, and on pragmatic grounds. He didn’t convince me – but forget simplistic left/centrist/right name calling when winning elections is the issue.

      1. Oh, so he was once a member of the CPGB, but now he’s a socialist Blairite! Yes, very interesting!

        But pray, do tell, why didn’t your old comrade convince you?

      2. The Blairite ‘Siren Song’. “We have to win the middle ground; we have to become Tory Lite if we are going to win elections. MSM will never allow ‘real Socialism’ to flourish, even in the Labour Party.”

      3. “Oh, so he was once a member of the CPGB, but now he’s a socialist Blairite!”

        I had a small bet that my comment would provoke some latter-day Wolfie to come up with a simple-minded playground chant. It was a bit of an illustrative trap – a claptrap trap.

        No – he’s a brilliant socialist in principle and practise, as anyone with a bit of nous would have recognised from my description. The one quality he doesn’t have is a moronic tendency to believe that just chanting ‘Socialism!’ and ‘Down with x,y.z” is the same as doing something practical to make others’ lives better.

  11. Clive Lewis gave a speech this morning.

    Lewis told supporters and the press in attendance that he wanted to “completely transform and democratise” Labour’s culture and organisation in line with socialist values and “the fast-changing context of the 21st century”.

    We “slaughtered” Jeremy Corbyn, says Israel lobbyist Joe Glasman

    The Electronic Intifada
    “Campaign Against Antisemitism” leader Joe Glasman claims they “defeated” Jeremy Corbyn in December 2019’s general election. This video is posted here for news reporting purposes.

    1. Well spotted, Steve. Proof positive of the bad faith of many masquerading under the ‘antisemitism’ banner.

      Interesting that it’s Asa Winstanley(author of the EI news piece) who’s been kicked out of the Party. For telling the truth.

    2. JC……..a rancid Tony Benn revivalist? It appears that Socialism is the main target. Strange……..EHRC has accepted submissions ref ‘AS from selected organisations & politicians, but not others, Adoption of IHRA definition will be devastating; guilt by definition, a self imposed disaster. EHRC/IHRA making AS a classic moral panic.

  13. The fact that Margaret Hodge has nominated Jess Philips for the leadership tells you all you need to know.

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